Tuesday 3/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Myrtle comes to see Erica and reveals that she knows Erica is doing something she's not telling anybody about, that's very serious and that gives Myrtle great cause for worry. Erica does not admit what she's done to Dr. Madden. But when she's alone in the house, she gets on the phone and confirms that the good doctor is "not feeling well" and not working today. David is ready to be a doctor on staff again. Joe tells him no way will he allow that. But Palmer tells Joe he will force his hand. JR even agrees to support his former and future father-in-law's goal to be reinstated at the hospital. But Palmer does reveal to JR that David blackmailed him. And JR is not going to let him get away with that. Amanda is afraid that nobody wants her around and will not forgive her for what her mother did. But Jamie and Brooke tell her they care about her and will be there for her. Dixie is spying upon little A unseen. David however, looks like he has spotted her. Tad and Di are hooking up. And so are Aidan and Erin.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily and Holden are shocked to hear Luke knew about Jade’s deceit for months. Luke tells them that if they kick Jade out he will be going with her. Later, Jade plays on Holden’s previous belief that Luke was gay. Lily doesn’t believe that Luke is truly in love with Jade, and begs him to talk to her and tell her what he has been hiding for months. Luke seems to consider this, but in the end balks when Jade comes back. Lily wants to call Jack to have Jade escorted out of the house, but Holden stops her. Casey sneaks out to visit Maddie at the Lakeview, where Tom and Margo are having their date night. They ask Lisa to take in Maddie to keep an eye on her so Casey and she can’t have too much alone time. Lisa visits Maddie and Casey is forced to hide under the bed, but Lisa catches him. She offers Maddie a place to live and Casey a job at the new club she is opening. She agrees to help sneak Casey out of the hotel so he can beat his parents back home. When Meg goes to visit Paul in jail they realize that neither one of them killed Dusty. Paul admits he confessed because he wanted to protect her. They are confused where Dusty is then. Emily is the one holding Dusty. He tries to convince her to let him go because they want the same thing – Paul in jail. He promises to say he was on a business trip and his cell phone wasn’t working. He is shocked to find out though that Paul confessed to supposedly killing him. Emily is distraught; she had a plan and then Paul chose to hurt her again so it is up to her to make him pay. She has to give them a body now – as she pulls out a gun and aims it at Dusty. Meg and Paul soon come to the realization of who is behind the mysterious disappearance of Dusty – Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tells Stephanie she has to let Felicia go so she can be at peace. Nick and Taylor decide out of all this they are friends. Brooke goes to Bridget and they discuss Brooke going to be with Nick.

Brooke is still unsure but Bridget re-assures her it's ok. Brooke says she won't make love to Nick until the divorce is final. Brooke goes to see Nick and they decide it's now or never they will give it a shot. Nick is slightly taken aback when Brooke tells him they can't make love till the divorce is final.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami taunts Lexie with the knowledge of her affair with Tek. Lexie gives in and Sami insists that Lexie follow her plan to get Austin. Lucas stops Carrie from announcing her choice so that he and Austin can each have a private moment to plead their case. Chelsea eavesdrops as Billie convinces Bo to use his emotional connection to contact Hope. Once Bo leaves, Chelsea and Billie argue over keeping Bo on Chelsea’s side. Hope misses her family and Patrick suggests she check in with them. Hope calls home but ends up talking to Chelsea. Billie reenters the room to hear Chelsea gloating about Bo and Billie spending time together to Hope.

Shawn starts to mention to Philip how Belle feels about the wedding only to realize that Belle never told Philip about it. Mimi continues the guilt trip, as she and Belle get dressed. Mimi decides that she must tell Shawn the truth before the wedding but Bonnie talks her out of it again. Belle tells Caroline that she’ll speak up when Father Jansen asks for objections but Caroline convinces Belle to at least tell Philip of her feelings first. Kate stops Belle from telling Philip the truth and the wedding begins.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny, Sam and Jason agree that Alexis should never be told that she is Sam's mother. Sonny tells Emily he loves her. Jason fears he would have to kill Sonny if he ever did anything to hurt Emily. Carly and Jax put the brakes on their passion after Nikolas interrupts and causes them to start feeling guilty about Courtney.

Alexis warns Jax not to get involved with Carly. Jax refuses to call off the restraining order barring Nikolas from seeing John. Robin realizes she jumped to the wrong conclusion about Patrick when she insulted him. Robin later seeks out Patrick and sees him dancing with Carly at Jake's.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Jonathan finds Ava and breaks the news about Sandy. Ignoring her distress he tells her that he needs her help to get Tammy back. Ava tells him that he used her and tells him that she won’t help him. Coop tells Lizzie it is over and she accuses him of sleeping with Ava. When Ava comes back inside Lizzie tells Ava to go back to Sandy and Ava dumps a milkshake over her head. Coop and Ava get closer. Reva prepares a memorial service for Sandy and Josh brings her a box of his things, including a letter. Josh badmouths Jonathan for Sandy’s demise and Billy stands up for Jonathan, which causes Reva to leave. Josh accuses Billy of using this to get closer to Reva. Reva goes to the farm where Cassie happily tells her that Tammy is back home and fills her in on what Jonathan did. Jonathan goes to Tammy’s school and breaks in on a lecture to convince Tammy to go home with him. Tammy tells him that she will probably always love him but she can’t be with him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Rex confronts Dorian over the fact that she was the one behind him being injected with heroin. Dorian acts as though she doesn’t know a thing about it. Spencer arrives to aid Blair and the children. Viki and Clint continue to search for clues that will help Tess become Jessica again. Vangie tries to hide Todd in the old warehouse where Spencer had Margaret hid out, but he escapes.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Theresa stops the fighting between Chad and Ethan. She didn’t mean for this to happen. Ethan is furious that Theresa has stooped this low. He and Gwen order Chad and Theresa out of the house. Chad leaves willingly, but Theresa hangs back. In front of Gwen she turns to Ethan. “Leave with me now Ethan…” He will not. “I have told you repeatedly that I will not leave Gwen for you," he says. Theresa leaves alone. Whitney is in the confession room of the convent. She wants desperately to rid herself of the feelings that she has had over her brother. She wants to confess, but no one is there to hear her. She turns to leave. “Whitney! Wait!" The wall opens up and a great bright light shines on her, so that she can’t see. A cloaked 'Figure' talks to her, telling that ‘it’ knows her heart and that it can help her get forgiveness for her sins. Whitney smiles. Kay and Miguel meet up in Maria’s room by accident. She was crying and the parents headed there to see to her and make sure that she is fine. They end up talking about old times and spend quite a while in Maria’s room. Fox wakes and finds that Kay is gone. Fox goes down the hall to check on Maria. He looks through the open door and finds Kay inside with her head on Miguel’s shoulder as he holds Maria. Fox is hurt. Tabitha is hell-bent. She knows that Endora loves Fox but that has to be overlooked. Tabitha wants to hit a home run for the dark side and she hates hurting Fox but will do it if it means keeping herself and Endora safe. “All we need sweet pea, is to have Miguel and Kay couple and that will end things with Fox, and keep Charity from getting together with Miguel which would be a terrible thing for the forces of evil…” Luis is slowly recuperating. He can see fine now, and has spent his time talking to Sheridan and catching up. Now he realizes that Chris played a great part in his rescue, but he really doesn't understand where this man came from or who he is. He turns away from Sheridan now and looks over at Chris curiously. “Who are you exactly?" he asks. Sheridan turns to Chris fearfully. “Yes Sheridan," Chris says. “Why don’t you tell him exactly who I am?"

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is on the phone with Paul. “So as far as you know, there was no trouble with the website?" she asks. Paul says there was nothing. After getting him to promise not to tell about this call to anyone, she gets off the phone. “Okay Nick. Why are you lying to me about this," she asks herself quietly. Sharon wants to know whose number is on the bill. She calls it but hangs up. She calls the phone company but they can’t give details due to confidentiality laws. She searches the home phone book, and basketball roster. The number remains a mystery. Finally, she decides to call the number and see who answers. She calls and Phyllis answers. Sharon slowly lowers the receiver from her ear, saying nothing. Daniel and Lily go to Jack’s to stay for a while. Lily heads to the computer and has a brief, “chat” with her father but he won’t consider letting Daniel be a part of her life. The kids research the laws for getting married and go to make it happen. They get into an office and create fake documents that infer that their parents have given permission for them to marry. They then run off to get married by morning. Gloria asks Jack if she can be spokesperson for Ashley’s product. Jack says she has a way to go before doing a job like that. “Your report was unacceptable. Learn how to do that and I will let you do something higher profile. Gloria meets a strange young man later. He gives her a small bottle, assuring her that it is the component in cleaning fluids she wanted. She puts it in her purse. “This will do the job!"

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