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The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Amanda comes to see Babe at the hospital and apologizes for what her mother has done. Babe is very sensitive to Amanda, hugs her and lets her cry on her shoulder. JR asks her why she'd care about Amanda. Although he's managed to forgive Tad, David, Krystal and Di, he does not owe Amanda anything because she is not family. But Babe tells him that she's concerned about his inability to forgive and that he must realize what Amanda has gone through in her life with Janet's "love" for her daughter. Dixie goes to the hospital, wearing a disguise to look like a doctor so that she can visit little A. She tells her grandson she loves him and wishes she could be in his life. But she's still unseen and unknown. David tells Di he demands to know where Dixie is. Tad similarly grills Del. But they don't get any answers. Jack is ready to get out of the hospital. Kendall runs into Zach and tells him she doesn't know what to do with the baby but she still has not forgiven him for what he's done. Erica makes nice to Greg, offers him some tea, but looks like she might have drugged his tea.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Dusty continues to try to struggle to get lose from the chains he is wrapped in. Hal tells Paul about another life he ruined – Will’s. He tells him about how he and Gwen ran off and got married. Later, Paul asks them to come see him. Will begrudgingly agrees. Paul wants to give them a wedding gift; he is going to cash in his assets and give it all to them. At first, Will coldly turns him down, but then he takes it and tells Paul he will set up a trust fund for Johnny. Gwen asks Paul if he killed Dusty? He nonchalantly answers yes. A stunned Lily finds Jade and Luke together naked in bed. She orders Jade out of her house after telling her she found out about her life at the orphanage and how she faked being Rose’s daughter. A shocked but noticeably relieved Holden finds Lily with Luke and Jade. Luke sticks up for Jade, and later when Lily wants Jade out, Luke tells her he is going too then. Emily asks Henry to kill someone and then she will give him BJ’s money back. Maddie overhears part of their conversation and wonders what Emily is getting Henry into? Emily leaves promising to take care of what she asked Henry to do. Emma begs Meg to talk to a lawyer when the tests come back showing Dusty’s blood was on her gloves. Meg won’t turn on Paul and Emma wonders why she won’t save herself, but rather protect Paul? Meg goes out for a while. Dusty hears someone with high-heeled shoes enter into the cabin he is tied up in.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie talks to drug induced coma ridden Felicia and explains that soon she'll be back to her baby. Stephanie talks to Felicia's doctor and he explains all the procedures and how Felicia's treatments will go. Nick and Taylor discuss their drunken night.

Dante tells Bridget that Dominick is half hers and he will never take him away. He also laments that he hopes she'll learn to love him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie and Kate make Mimi keep Belle from wrecking the wedding by giving her a photo album of Belle’s family in an attempt to guilt her into staying with Philip. John talks with Belle about her feelings about the wedding and advises Belle to stay with Philip and let Shawn move on. Austin and Lucas return to visit Carrie and compete to win her affection. Sami eavesdrops as Lexie encourages Carrie to choose with her heart. Sami sneaks into Lexie’s office and confronts her about Tek in order to get what she wants in Austin.

Alex slips into Marlena’s room and overhears Marlena say, still unconscious, that she remembers her love with John. Alex wakes Marlena but Marlena thinks it’s John standing there. Marlena tells Lexie about remembering her past but Lexie gives her a sedative without letting her talk. Abe follows Alex, who has broken into Lexie’s office and stolen her keys, and confronts him. Alex shakes off Abe and slips back into Marlena’s room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily comes up with a rather feeble excuse that she and Morgan were playing Sleeping Beauty when Jason hears her ask someone to wake her with a kiss. Nik goes off on Jax and Carly for their disloyalty to Courtney's memory, and gets himself kicked out of Carly's house. Patrick is not amused by Robin's offer of immediate sex so he can win a bet, since he has no idea what she's talking about. Later, she overhears him claiming the rewards from a bet, that had nothing to do with sex. Jax has a restraining order in place so that Nik can't see the baby. Sonny and Sam agree that Alexis should never know the truth, but Sam asks him not to say for "Kristina's sake", since that's Alexis' favorite excuse for anything. Sam does promise she would never hurt her little sister, Kristina. Jason figures out that Sonny and Emily are lying to him. Carly thinks Emily should do something about Nik. Luke plans to reopen the Haunted Star, and hung a nude of Helena in it. Sonny tells Emily he loves her. Sam tries to tell Jason that Sonny and Em might be in love, but he is feeling too homicidal and protective of Emily to hear her.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Alan-Michael gets a phone call from Alan and jumps out of bed with Marina to go to the hospital. Alan and A-M have an awkward reunion. Dinah jumps to A-M’s defense for how things have been going at Spaulding. Harley and Mallet are stuck at the cabin where they must get out of their wet clothes. Harley finally finds the G carved into the wall. Jonathan admits to Tammy that he did know that Sandy was still married and that he was the one who set him up to be arrested at the wedding. Tammy is upset and tells Jonathan that although she does love him she isn’t leaving with him. Instead she goes home to Cassie and the farm. Tammy tells Cassie that she was right about Jonathan. Josh finds Jonathan and physically assaults him and tells him to stay away from Tammy. Jonathan refuses.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie fills out an application for a forensics assistant position. John and Dr. Crosby discuss John’s father’s death, and how that his father would not blame him. John seeks comfort from Natalie. Paige and David clean up the warehouse where Margaret had been hid out.  Spencer writes a prescription for Blair for Jack’s earache. She fills him in that they are going to the cabin that they had once shared with Todd. Todd listens to their conversation. Bo visits Spencer, and warns him that if he ever hurts Paige. Vangie bursts in on their conversation.

Spencer leaves to go to his awards banquet. Bo leaves. Vangie goes back into Spencer’s office to talk to Todd. Todd shows her the information that he has found in Spencer’s files. Blair has a breakdown on their way to the cabin. She calls for roadside assistance, but Starr calls Spencer. Kevin completely makes a fool of himself at the awards banquet. He confronts Kelly as to what she is keeping from him. Paige and David discuss how David had killed a man, and when he had been wheeled into an emergency room, Paige was blind drunk, and let him bleed to death. John vows to find the man, who shot his father, and the doctor, who had let him die.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Chris is hurt. He listens outside Luis’s room as nurses talk about the magical love that Luis and Sheridan has always had. They can even see the love in the couple’s eyes as they look at each other. “They have such a connection and they always find their way back to each other," one nurse remarks. Chris hears what the women say, but is determined not to lose Sheridan to Luis. Miguel listens to Theresa talk about how she plans to get her hands on Ethan this time. She finds that they have a lot in common. They both love people that they can’t have. Miguel isn’t sure that he can’t have Charity, only that he keeps missing her as he chases her from place to place. Theresa wants Miguel to stay in town and she even offers to help him search for Charity with the Crane fortune. Theresa tries to make Miguel see that he has more feelings for Kay than he is willing to admit to. He denies that, saying that he is okay with Kay dating Fox and that he hasn’t got deep feelings for Kay. Miguel decides that he wants to say goodnight to Maria. He makes his way to Tabitha’s and finds the door open. He enters and finds Fox and Kay kissing on the couch. He can’t help but stare. Chad goes to Ethan as Theresa had instructed him to and he tries to make Ethan see that he belongs with Theresa. Gwen overhears them and gets angry. Chad and Ethan start fighting over their disagreement. Ethan and Gwen refuse to take love advice from someone in love with his sister. Theresa arrives and Gwen blames her for the two ‘friends’ fighting over something that she started. Luis is slowly reviving. All through the day he dreams of Sheridan and she and Chris stand over his bed waiting to see what he can tell him about Marty and what has been happening to him all this time. Chris is upset that Sheridan’s boyfriend before him is still alive and he watches as she stares into his face, and he can feel their connection.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael finds his mother with Victor. When alone with Victor, Michael asks Victor what coaching Gloria does to benefit him. “I used to work for you Victor, so I know you. All I ask of you Victor, is that my mother is not destroyed at the end of whatever it is that you are doing. Victor gets Gloria in an interview at Jabot. Jack, Jill and Ashley freeze her out, but when all refuse to talk about John, she speaks. She gives a speech about John and the company. All are impressed. When alone, Gloria calls Victor. “It was like you wrote the script yourself!" Sharon finds Nick’s figurine. He says he doesn't know where it came from. He says that he has website trouble when found in Phyllis’s office. Phyllis has a figurine like the one Sharon found. Later, Sharon calls IT and learns that there isn’t anything wrong with the website. Drucilla gets Neil to try one more thing before sending Lily away. They call Paul and decide to get him on the case to find Lily. That will be her last chance to avoid going before a judge. If that doesn't work, then Neil will send her away for breaking probation. Lily returns to Daniel and tells him that Neil is about to send her to jail. “If I had gone into the house, I would be in jail right now," she says. “How can we be together and not interfere?" Daniel wonders. “I know," Lily says. “Let’s get married!"

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