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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan awakens on Kendall's couch to overhear Dr. Madden informing her about prospective adoptive parents to her baby and finds out she's considering that option. He asks her how she could give up on what they'd discussed the night before of having them both in the baby's life. She tells him that she needs a back-up plan in case she cannot do the maternal thing. He goes to tell Erica that they must prevent Dr. Madden from whatever he's doing to cause Kendall to give up her baby. They seem to be on the same page.Erica is is out for blood from Greg Madden and urges Tad to get some dirt from his past. But Tad tells her no matter what he digs up, Dr. Madden has a glowing reputation and no soil on his record. He tells her the only way to expose Dr. Madden is to go public and file criminal charges with Derek. Josh sounds like he is in love with Babe and wants to take her away from JR. But Babe only wants JR. JR asks Joe why he'd even consider hiring Josh on the hospital staff after his track record and what he did to Erica. Joe has no answer for JR on that. David tells Dell that he needs to find Dixie and knows that Del knows she's around although Del denies it. Di goes to see Dixie and is surprised that she's been staying with Zach. She assumes that Dixie is ready to go and reveal herself to the family.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Victor overhears Belle admit to Caroline after downing a pitcher of green beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, that she plans on stopping Shawn and Mimi’s wedding because she can’t be without Shawn. Caroline tries to convince Belle to stay with Philip but Belle throws it back in Caroline’s face by questioning her decision to stay with Shawn Sr. instead of Victor. Bo spends the evening outside of the Pub so as not to be bothered with questions about Zack and Hope. Shawn spots him and they talk of Hope and of Shawn’s feelings for both Mimi and Belle.

Lexie tells Carrie privately that during the surgery it was discovered that it might be tough for her to conceive. Sami eavesdrops as Carrie tells Lexie of her hopes for a family. Lexie declares that Marlena’s injuries are not life threatening but Lexie turns down both John and Alex’s request to see Marlena. Abe believes Alex’s claim that Lois rigged the cabin to explode. Abe and John make Alex come with them to the cabin to discover what set off the explosion. The fire inspector declares that the cause of the fire was faulty wiring but that they also found a wrench near the water heater despite the inability to use that to prove the cause was arson. Marlena has flashes of being with John. Sami pleads with an unconscious Marlena for her to regain her memory of their life together.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Noah, Patrick, and Robin again argue about whether or not Noah should be on the transplant list. Sam yells at Alexis when the lawyer expresses doubts as to Sam being suitable for law school. Maxie tries to make Nik understand Jax's side of things. Jax's doubts about Carly's motives curtail their blooming passion. Then, he gets Alexis to draw up papers naming Carly the boy's legal guardian. Carly goes to see Jax again as he's talking to John, telling him why he switched the DNA results. However, she says nothing and they begin making out until Nik arrives. Jason breaks the news about Sam's mother to Sonny. Bobbi yells at Noah over his apathy towards his own life. Sonny kind of melts down over having slept with both a mother and daughter. Patrick comes to dinner at Robin's, but she offers him sex instead so he can win a bet she believes he has. Emily comes to see Sonny and says something about him kissing her when she hears someone enter the room, thinking it is Sonny, but it's Jason.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana vows to find out who was responsible for injecting Rex with heroin. Kelly has lunch with Dorian, and they discuss Duke and his love life. Todd sneaks into Spencer’s office, and rummages through his files. He finds a pix of Blair, and becomes angry. He finds some valuable information that will aid him in his case. Vangie is released from jail. Todd calls Vangie and gives her the news that he has found. Spencer meets Blair outside his office door, and offers to write her a prescription for Jack’s earache, unbeknownst that Todd is in his office. Michael and Marcie argue their wedding preparations. John talks to Dr. Croley about the death of his father, and how he hadn’t done anything about it. Roxie gives Natalie some helpful advice that she needs to make a decision between John and Chris.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Miguel talk about him giving up his search for Charity, their parent's vow renewal ceremony being cancelled, and Fox and Kay's engagement. He's happy for them, and is happy to finally be back with Maria. Theresa's question of whether he wants Fox to be the father-figure in Maria's life gives him pause, however. Theresa also tells him about Gwen and the fact that eThan will eventually leave her and come back to Theresa. Kay and Simone try to come up with wording for the announcement of Kay and Fox's engagement, but can't figure out how to mention the parents on both sides, or whether to simply not mention them at all. Tabitha watches all the goings on with Endora and assures her that Kay will mess the whole thing up and her marriage to Fox will never happen. Sheridan is happy to have Luis back, but Chris keeps trying to convince her it's not really him. She knows it is, tho, and he is left wishing he'd never saved him from the explosion.

Ivy, knowing Fox is standing within ear-shot, urges Sam to talk about how much Kay loved Miguel all her life. Sam does so without realizing fox is listening and becoming more upset with each word. Ivy is thrilled, tho. Rebecca continues to warn Gwen to be wary of Ethan where Theresa is concerned, but Gwen can't believe he'd leave her for her rival. Meanwhile, Chad tries to get Ethan to go talk Whitney out of becoming a nun, but Ethan smells a rat. Chad finally admits he really wants to talk about why Ethan is still with Gwen when he really loves Theresa and should be with her. Whitney watches Miles' babysitter and becomes upset at the way she treats him, but when she picks the boy up the babysitter freaks out, and then lets her know she's a rotten mother for deserting her son. Whitney finds a "sign from God" that upsets her and sends her to the whip again.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen demands to know who JT slept with but Brad won’t tell. He finds JT and makes him promise not to either. Colleen tries to find out later but JT keeps his mouth shut. He can see that she is upset and hugs her promising to be there for her whenever she needs him. Victoria shouts at Sharon to mind her own business. She then finds Brad at work. “I find it a betrayal when you go to Sharon about things before I even know about it.” Brad laughs at her. “Betrayal? You are the one that had sex with someone else," he says while walking out of the office. Phyllis asks if Lily can stay with her. Drucilla says “no, besides, she has her passport, and is leaving the country!" Neil comes in angry and orders Phyllis out. he threatens to charge her. Phyllis drops that Lily has her passport. Neil turns on Drucilla. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?!?!" Gloria seems to be cooperating but she is really digging for dirt on the siblings. She kisses up when she goes to the lab, and purposely drops a page of paper. Later, Gloria gets a janitor to let her in the lab. Gloria finds ‘info’ in there that she can use. She uses her cellphone to start taking pictures of the ‘info’. Daniel convinces Lily to go home and wait to turn eighteen. She arrives home and hears her parents arguing through the door. Her mother fights for her but her father is determined to get her to the boarding school or in front of a judge.

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