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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Ryan are getting along and ready to happily have the baby. But she wants to make love to him and he knows that she's just using him to get over Zach. So they resolve to just be together as friends. Zach is letting Dixie stay with him after her gunshot injury. After hearing her say that she has to get back with Tad, when she's delirious, he goes to Tad's home, when Tad is with Di, ready to tell Tad that Dixie is alive. But Dixie calls him to tell him he cannot reveal that to Tad. So Zach agrees to keep Dixie's secret for her. Meanwhile Tad is having intimacy with Di and realizing that Dixie is gone. Erin admits to Aidan that she is a 26-year-old virgin. But she decides that the time is right to make love to him. Babe tells JR that she has her reservations about getting back with him. But they agree that they want to make it work and remarry. When Di is with Tad, she gets a call from Dixie, telling her that she(Dixie) is ready to make her presence known to Tad and her family. But after Di's encounter with Tad, she's not about to "help" Dixie take him from her. So she hangs up on her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi has called Kate to come help and they head up to the roof to talk. Belle dreams that she and Shawn decide to be together. Inspired by her dream, Belle uses the fire escape to ask Shawn to meet her on the roof. Mimi and Kate duck out of sight as Belle and Shawn climb onto the roof and Belle begs Shawn to call off the wedding. Shawn refuses to call off the wedding so Belle vows to prevent Shawn from marrying Mimi. Shawn and Belle overhear Mimi scoff at Shawn using Claire as an excuse for Belle to stay with Philip but Mimi and Kate rush back inside before being spotted. Kate promises Mimi that she’ll take care of everything. Chelsea tries to leave when Derek mentions having her meet “the other girls.” Bo and Billie save Chelsea from Derek’s more forceful advances. Bo fights with Derek and Derek gets away but leaves behind the drugs and his PDA’s memory stick. Bo makes Chelsea view the pictures but Billie plays on Bo’s guilt to keep him from prosecuting Derek because it would hurt Chelsea’s case. Bo deletes Chelsea’s pictures from Derek’s memory stick so he can use the other girls’ pictures to prosecute Derek. Chelsea eavesdrops and secretly delights in Billie following her plan to stay out of jail. Patrick arranges an outdoor warm water bath for Hope. Patrick imagines that Hope seduces him.

Sami spots Lexie coming out of the private room and sends her over to Carrie’s aide. Lexie has the group rush Carrie to the hospital with a diagnosis of appendicitis. Lucas insists on being the first to see Carrie post surgery and while she is still unconscious, he pleads his case. Carrie calls out Austin’s name. John carries an unconscious Marlena out of the cabin and Alex nearly misses being spotted by Abe as he waits to make sure that Marlena is rescued. John confronts Alex when he arrives at the hospital but Alex claims it was Lois setting him up to die. Sami overhears the staff talking about Marlena’s grim prognosis and lashes out at John. Abe asks Austin to help console Sami. Lexie rejoins the group to declare that she has bad news.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny and Emily can't stay away from each other. Carly hides the truth from Jason. Sam calls Ric and Alexis on their hypocrisy where Manny is concerned. Alexis fears Manny's anger. Manny comes to Diego and Georgie's "rescue."

Jax refuses to allow Nikolas to see John. Nikolas confesses to Emily that he feels as though his life is spiraling out of control. Jax admits he is attracted to Carly.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess and Nash share a happy reunion. John and Chris visit Vangie in jail. Todd gives Augie a message to take to John at the police station. Todd goes on the run, again. Spencer is awarded a very prestigious award. Paige fills David in on what Spencer had been doing to her. Margaret is on a tropical island, sipping on a cool tropical drink.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Miguel meet up, and she's surprised to see him and to learn that her "assistant" sent the Crane jet for him. They are both upset that their parent's vow renewal ceremony didn't take place, but Miguel had no idea his father was to blame for it. Kay and Fox arrive home at Tabitha's house, happy as can be. Tabby gets Kay alone and asks about her and Miguel, but Kay continues to swear she and Fox are going to be married and they will be happy together. Fox headed toward Sam's house to get something from there, while Ivy and Sam discuss their future. Rebecca tells Gwen not to trust Ethan, especially around Theresa, but Gwen wants to believe he'd never hurt her.

Sheridan is shocked to see Luis lying in the hospital bed, but Chris arrives and convinces her it couldn't possibly be him. She finally believes the man is one of Alistair's imposters, until he grabs her arm and says her name. Whitney continues to be guilt-ridden by what happened between her and Chad, but can't sleep without dreaming of being with him. She begs God to forgive her, then goes for a walk. She ended up outside Chad's home in time to see the babysitter taking Miles out for a late-night walk, and she followed them. Simone visited Kay and talked about her regret that she'll never have a wedding like Kay is going to have.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

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