Wednesday 3/15/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/15/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad and Di are getting closer. Aidan and Erin are getting closer. But while Dixie is feverish, she keeps thinking and talking about Tad. She tells Zach that he should not give up on Kendall. But Ryan has actually encouraged Kendall to consider getting back together and raising the baby together. Jonathan wants to celebrate his freedom with Lily and is grateful to her for believing in him and helping him. She tells him she hates Janet Dillon. He tells her he does not and feels sorry for Janet knowing she is sick. Lily tells Jonathan that she's afraid that if they disagree, then they cannot continue their relationship. She knows that her disagreements with her father have caused too many problems. But he tells her it doesn't have to prevent them from being girlfriend/boyfriend. And she sees to agree to that.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily tells Lucinda about what she found out at the orphanage, as Jade secretly listens to their conversation. Lucinda wants Lily to call the police so Jade is punished for fraud and stealing, but Lily wants to wait so she can find out why Jade lied to them by impersonating Rose’s daughter. After that she ominously promises to make Jade pay. Jade concocts a plan and is forced to tell Luke the truth so they can help each other out. They certainly do, when Lily later catches Luke and Jade in bed. Casey doesn’t react well when Margo tells Maddie she has to live somewhere else. He vows that she can’t stop him from seeing her, and that when he is 18 he will be out of her house for good. Maddie pleads with Henry to take her in, which of course he does, knowing full well what he is in the middle of with Emily. Seeing Paul and Meg’s continued closeness only angers Emily more. She breaks down asking Paul why he always put some woman ahead of her and why he couldn’t give her his love? Paul remains distant from her angry she turned Meg in. He continues to protect Meg, and when Emily finds out they are releasing Meg on a technicality thanks to her, Emily goes ballistic, promising to do everything in her power to make sure Meg pays. A family emergency for Johnny’s babysitter leaves Gwen and Will caring for Johnny. Will and Gwen share their good news with Jen, who tells them to always appreciate love, because it can be taken away from you instantly. Gwen urges Jen to trust her instincts about Dusty being alive. Emily promises Henry he can have all of his money back if he does one more thing for her – kill someone! Jen’s instincts are right on when we later see Dusty alive chained up and blindfolded lying unconscious on the ground in a deserted cabin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie keeps Eric in the dark without giving him details about Felicia's body, no memorial or funeral. He tells her he understands her loss, but she has to accept she's gone now. She says to hell she does. Nick calls Brooke and tells her she can have all the time and space she needs but remember that he loves her. Taylor pays Brooke a visit which Brooke views as damage control. Taylor doesn't want her to say anything to make things worse between the two brothers, Nick and Ridge, and the children. Brooke sees it as Taylor wanting her to pick Nick so that will leave Ridge for Taylor. She will do this for Bridget, to protect her memory of Nick, but not for Taylor or anybody else. Taylor then pays Nick another visit and apologizes for any trouble she caused. No grudges, he accepts her apology. He's to blame too; misery does love company. She even confesses her dependency on alcohol and he hugs her in comfort.

Jackie shows up at Eric's and comforts him about Felicia. He confides about Stephanie. It's like if she doesn't acknowledge Felicia's death, it never happened. Stephanie meets with a mysterious stranger and then he shows her in to a comatose Felicia, hooked up to tubes. Stephanie asks for time alone in which she explains to Felicia how they found a faint pulse and brought her here. Maybe they can buy some time, time for her to be with the baby. The man said they would have to get her cancer under control before having a liver transplant.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn spends the night with Philip and Claire while Belle spends the night with Mimi at her loft. Shawn turns down Belle’s request to meet on the roof later. Mimi hears Belle talk in her sleep about stopping the wedding. Patrick has Hope swim with him in the water by the beach famous from the island legend to help ease her back pain. Hope is surprised when a school of lantern fish surrounds her. Patrick urges her to find her own light by going back to Bo but Hope isn’t ready to face Bo yet. Chelsea sneaks out to visit Club Dune and flirts with an older man to get a drink. Max spots her and confronts her but Chelsea refuses to leave with him. Unknown to Chelsea, her new date Derek, spikes Chelsea’s drink. Chelsea allows Derek to take her someplace more private. Bo and Billie discuss how to get through to Chelsea until they realize she is gone. Max calls Bo with the news of Chelsea’s whereabouts.

Lucas, Sami, Carrie, and Austin visit Club Dune but Carrie still feels ill. Sami thinks that Carrie is only pretending to get the sympathy of both guys so she vows to make sure Carrie’s plan doesn’t work. Eugenia corners Lucas at the club to complain about how he is letting Carrie spend too much time with Austin. Carrie collapses. Tek brings Lexie to Club Dune but Lexie tries to fight her desires. Lexie becomes frantic when she spots Sami and Carrie. Marlena decides to head to Lois’ cabin when she can’t reach Alex by phone. Marlena, believing that Alex is not around, searches the cabin for Lois’ burial clothes. John and Abe confront Alex as he is leaving Lois’ cabin. Alex uses the excuse of handling Lois’ estate but denies John’s claims that he planned it that way. Alex watches from the bushes as John and Abe spot Marlena inside the cabin moments before the cabin bursts into flames.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Dillon is not happy to hear that Georgi does not intend to go to college and that she spent time with Diego. Ric is freaked to see Manny talking to Christina. Lorenzo tells Manny their plan to hurt Sonny will have to wait until Diego gets settled. Jason has doubts about Sam becoming a lawyer, but thinks she'd be a good one. Emily and Sonny continue to enjoy Spain while Carly tries to find out where they are from Max. When he won't talk, she threatens him with blackmail. Sonny tells Emily that he is beginning to trust her more than Jason. Dillon tries to beat Diego up, but pulls back when the other boy tells him Georgi told him to leave her alone. Ric wants Jason to kill Manny, and he'll back off of Jason forever in exchange. Sonny and Emily decide to return home to see the kids. Diego writes that he loves Georgi. Sonny promises Em they will return to Spain. Carly goes to Jason planning to tell him her suspicions, but he's already upset that he can not find Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Cassie is relived to find out that Jonathan and Tammy aren’t married but blames Jonathan for what happened at the cliff with Sandy. She “kidnaps” Tammy and leaves Jonathan at the cliff with Josh. Cassie takes Tammy to the dump that they lived in when Tammy was first born and tries to show her what she thinks will happen to her if she stays with Jonathan. Cassie then takes her back to the farm where she has done Tammy’s room up like it was when she was a kid. Tammy tells her mom that she sees where she is coming from about Jonathan and that she knows she needs to change her life. Jonathan figures out what Cassie is up to and realizes that Josh is keeping him busy while Cassie talks to Tammy. He leaves to find Tammy. Once Cassie leaves her alone in her room, Tammy escapes out the window but when Cassie, who is waiting outside for her surprises her, falls and hurts her ankle. Cassie takes her to the hospital, but instead of taking her to the emergency room, locks her in the morgue with Sandy’s body. Jonathan finds her and as Tammy freaks out about how Sandy’s death was her fault, Jonathan opens up that he was the one who kept Ava and Sandy from getting a divorce and had Sandy arrested at Tammy and Sandy’s wedding.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Rex is beaten up, and injected with heroin. Adriana comes to his rescue. Layla finds out from John the trouble that Vangie is in concerning Todd. R.J. confesses to Chris that the charges against him have been dropped .Viki and Clint has a breakthrough with Rose about the days that Jessica was brought to the Hot Spot. Lindsay confesses to Dorian that she knows where Todd has been hiding. Tess is on an airplane to Napa Valley to see Nash .Nash meets with a real estate broker to sell the winery, and then he is going to disappear.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox, Kay, and Miguel discuss Miguel's desire to stay in Harmony and be a part of his daughter's life. Ivy listens from outside the room, happy as a clam that her plan is working, but Fox and Kay aren't sure whether it will be a good thing or a bad one. Tabitha and Endora watch from their water bowl, and while Tabby feels it means trouble because Kay accepted Fox's proposal, Endora won't believe anything will go wrong. Gwen and Ethan discuss their separate situations with each other, with her being happy she has a job, and him feeling less masculine because of it.

Sheridan and Chris walk into the mystery man's hospital room in time to keep Otto from smothering him with a pillow. He jumps out the window and Chris follows, while Sheridan stays to watch the doctors work to save the man's life. She begs them not to let him die since he is the clue to where Marty is, but later finds out there is a greater reason. She removes his bandages and realizes that she's looking at Luis, the "love of her life." Whitney keeps whipping herself to rid herself of the sin she's committed and the lewd thoughts about her half-brother Chad, while he and Theresa try to figure out a way to get through to her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

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