Tuesday 3/14/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/14/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall wants Ryan out of her life and does not trust his friendship with Julia or Julia's interest in adopting their baby. But she trusts Greg Madden and admits to him that she doesn't know what to do with her pregnancy. Erica does not trust Greg. She tells Josh that he is not cut out for medicine. She knows, all too well, from being married to Dr. Jeff Martin, just what kinds of people are doctor material and what kinds are not. She tells him she knows that he has no reason to stay in Pine Valley. He's too ambitious. He asks her why she'd have such a strong opinion about him or know what is right for him. Little does he know what she knows. Babe and JR are ready to remarry. Krystal admits to Adam that she loves him as much as he loves her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Gwen tell Hal they are married; he is frustrated at first, but then warms up to the idea after seeing them interact. Will finds out Paul is alive and Dusty is possibly dead when Jen comes barreling in hysterical about Hal needing to arrest Meg. Margo finds out that Will and Gwen are married and puts two and two together and figures out Casey and Maddie were involved. She heads home to confront them only to find them in a compromising position. She tells Maddie she has to move out. Paul meets his new cellmate, Meg. Jen demands answers from Meg when she shows up later. She knows Meg killed Dusty. Did she do it because Dusty chose her over Meg? Did Meg feel good realizing she finally gets to touch him again as she was ending his life? Was she pleased her face was the last Dusty saw? Meg won’t help her with any information. A stunned and furious Jen stomps out promising that she will have a long time in prison to think about what she has done. Paul continues to promise to protect Meg; she wants to know why he confessed? He wonders why she would ask? He had to do it for her. Katie admits to Nick she called Jack. He wants her to call Jack and explain she was wrong about Carly. She refuses telling him if he won’t protect himself, then she will. Jack angrily confronts Carly about what she did for him in order to get his job back. She admits to a furious Jack most of all she did, leaving out the part about the note. He isn’t sure where their marriage stands. He does know that they couldn’t survive if she set Nick up with the drugs. He leaves and later asks Hal to be assigned to Nick’s case; he is convinced now he was set up and it is an inside job. Hal gives him a week. Nick asks Carly if she told Jack about the note? Carly tells him they have no reason to talk anymore. He promises that he won’t stop until he finds out who sent him the note because they were part of the set up against him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge presses 'Logan' for an answer; why isn't she following him and going back home? Nick states she is not going home with him tonight. Brooke explains to Ridge that none of this should have happened. She wanted to comfort him, but it went too far. Ridge takes out his frustration on Nick by accusing him of drooling over both mother and daughter. Brooke says she can't take any more of this. This has been a long day, and she just needs some time alone to think. She will drive herself, thank you very much. However, when she gets there, up pops Ridge talking about they should be making love til the sun comes up. She tells him she does not believe in their destiny anymore. But, he pours out his heart to her and thinks she truly feels that way too otherwise she would not have agreed to marry him. Now he wants her to elope with him right now tonight! She declines, saying all she wants to do is go upstairs, kiss her babies and crawl in bed. She wants him to please go. She's confused and she can't cope with all of this tonight. And he lost his sister, and he needs to be home with his family. She tells him she loves him, but gives him back his rings....til she is ready. He says he will leave, but he will be back. She IS his wife and when she is ready, she will feel it too.

Taylor continues confiding in Stephanie about her encounter with Nick. Stephanie insists it does not have to change anything; Ridge will understand and come around. Then the ladies pay a little visit to Nick on The Marlin. He tells them Brooke won't say anything about Taylor being there earlier. Stephanie tells him that she knows her son. He will not give Brooke any space. He's probably there now trying to convince her that she belongs with him. Nick states that he respects Brooke's feelings and he's going to give her space she asked for. Stephanie accuses him of underestimating her son.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Alex negates any attempt Lexie makes to find out if Alex is harming Marlena and then quickly escorts Lexie out. Alex shows Marlena the brochure for the isolated honeymoon place he has picked out. Alex shows Marlena that he was named executor of Lois’ estate and Marlena urges him to do it unknowing that Alex used to spend romantic moments with Lois in that cabin. Marlena wonders why she can’t stop thinking about John. Lexie later joins John, Tek, and Abe to describe her failed attempts at examining Marlena for proof of drugging but estimates that Marlena truly thought John was Alex last night. Lexie and Tek decide to meet up again. Alex sneaks up to the cabin to search for Lois’ love letters and photos of their time together. When he can’t find any, Alex decides to rig the furnace to explode and burn the cabin down. As Alex is leaving the cabin, he runs into John and Abe.

Mimi allows Father Jansen to assume that she has told Shawn the truth about Claire. Shawn plots with Philip, Belle, Bonnie, and Calliope to surprise Mimi with a romantic gathering in a gazebo. Belle asks Shawn to consider calling off the wedding. Shawn refuses and tells Belle not to come to the wedding if she can’t accept that he’s marrying Mimi. Belle refuses to give up on Shawn and plans to stop the wedding. Austin and Lucas argue over who is getting to have dinner with Carrie tonight. Sami tries to leave when Carrie’s pain subsides but when Carrie hears her; Sami pretends to have just arrived. Carrie tries to be honest about her feelings for Austin but Sami won’t let her get a word in. Carrie and Sami return and both Lucas and Austin plead their cases to Carrie. Sami suggests that they eat as a foursome and Carrie agrees.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason tells Sam he'll support whatever decision she makes regarding Alexis. Sam decides she doesn't want to tell Alexis that she is her daughter. Sam can't help but be hurt when she sees how loving Alexis is towards Kristina. Carly confronts Jason and demands that he and Sonny stay out of her personal life. Carly realizes Jason's anger isn't really directed at her. Jax defends Carly to Robin. Carly makes it clear to Jax that if she kisses him again it will lead to much more.

Patrick bars a drunken Nikolas from visiting baby John. Jax states Nikolas should honor Courtney by staying away from her baby. Luke realizes that he's lost Skye. Skye tells Alcazar being with him feels right. Alcazar is furious when Diego explains he got released from prison by snitching on another inmate.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie and Brian talk about payment for him pretending to take Ava out. Coop is impressed by how Ava looks for her date, but later finds the ad for “Heavenly Hotties” after Lizzie drops it. He goes to warn Ava about her date. Lizzie sees him at Towers and thinks that he is there for her but before he can tell her off, Beth and Alan walk in and Lizzie faints at the site of her “dead” Grandfather. Coop tells Ava the truth about Brian and she slaps him then tries to go after Lizzie. Coop gets her to hold off for a while. Frank calls Buzz and asks him to step in on his date with Olivia until he can get there since he has to finish up some police work. Buzz happily helps out, and he an Olivia share a kiss that ends right before Frank shows up. Cassie gets jealous when she sees Jeffrey with another woman where his band is playing but Jeffrey says that they should move on if she can’t admit she wants to be with him. Sandy threatens to throw Jonathan off the cliff just as Reva shows up. She almost talks Sandy out of it until Jonathan opens his mouth and taunts Sandy that Tammy will never love him. As Tammy tries to save Jonathan, Sandy loses his footing and falls to his death at the bottom of the cliff. Tammy starts to freak out that she didn’t mean for Sandy to fall as Frank shows up and says that he saw everything and he knows that Tammy was just trying to protect Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd escapes from the warehouse just in time before the police arrive. The police officers and Hugh search the warehouse, but the only person they find is Vangie. After questioning her, and getting no results, Hugh arrests Vangie. Todd hides in the Victor Lord crypt. He has a visitor in no other than Tess/Jess.

John has a run-in with Dr. Croley over his wanting to be on the scene when Todd is found and arrested. Dr. Croley makes the assumption that this all goes back to the death of John’s father. Dr. Croley gives him the ultimatum either cooperate or face the possibility of never getting back on the police force. Natalie listens to the conversation.

Clint and Viki once again the, “Hot Spot” but meets with resistance from Sam. A girl, who they later learn is Sam’s daughter, tells them that she may be able to give them the information that they seek.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan begins to feel something strange about the man in the bandages, but as much as she wants to see who he is, she can't lift his bandages. He begins to have problems, causing Otto to feel relieved he may not have to kill him after all, but he gets better, and Otto resorts to the old pillow-over-the-face manuever. He has to get rid of him before Sheridan learns it's Luis and he has to kill her, too. Sheridan and Chris make their way back to Luis' room as he fights for his life. Theresa and Chad meet up and decide to visit Whitney. She is far from happy to see them, however, and demands they leave. An eavesdropping nun runs to the Mother Superior, fearing for Whitney's well-being, but on checking on her, they find she is calm and assures them she is well. When they leave, however, the marks on the back of her nightgown show she isn't telling the truth, and once she shuts the door on them, she grabs the cat-o'-nine-tails and begins working her back over even more.

Kay and Miguel have a nice visit, during which she tries repeatedly to tell him about her engagement. Fox worries about why she hasn't done it yet, and Ivy is only too happy to stir up the muddy waters by making him think it's because she still cares for Miguel. Later, however, Fox breaks the news to his "rival", and Miguel couldn't be happier. However, his decision to stay in town only cheers up Ivy. Noah and Fancy reunite, and spend the afternoon making love. Fancy hears something outside her door, but when Noah looks, no one is there, so they continue with their endeavors.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria tells Kevin that Victor is her new best friend. Kevin worries that Victor is up to something. Gloria is sure that he isn’t. Meanwhile, Victor is with Jack at the club, telling him that he was the one that convinced John to give Gloria his proxy. After that, Victor goes to see Ashley to tell her the same thing. Ashley is furious! Neil can’t deal. He goes to Christine and asks for his options. She tries to talk him out of taking steps, but he is determined to save his daughter. “She is reckless and does spontaneous things. I am worried about her.” Later he returns home to tell Drucilla that he has taken the steps to see about boarding school and juvenile detention. Gloria runs to Ashley asking if she has read her report yet. Ashley’s busy but will get to it. She leaves the lab before a delivery arrives. Gloria looks at it…Ashley has made her project sound like a big deal, but then gave it to someone else to handle. Gloria decides that she will dig up dirt on Jack and Ashley Abbot and what she can’t find out, she will make up! Daniel walks in on his mother naked on the couch with Nick. He leaves. Nick follows and finds him at the coffeehouse with Sharon. Daniel quits coaching and refuses to answer his phone. Daniel ends up returning home, telling his mother that what his dad and Christine used to say about her was true. “You ruin lives!" JT comes for Colleen. Brad won’t let her out. “I am uncomfortable with you sleeping with my fiancée, and taking my daughter out.” JT says, “It wasn’t like that," but Brad doesn't care. JT tells Colleen that he is busy, and leaves. She learns that her father was the reason Brad left without her. “I know for a fact that he was cheating on Mackenzie.”

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