Monday 3/13/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/13/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall finds out that Julia has considered adopting hers' and Ryan's baby. She tells Ryan that since he did not discuss this with her, she cannot trust him and she's going to take away his paternal rights. Janet is in jail and getting lots of visitors. First David tells her he can strike a deal for her if she can tell him the truth about whether Dixie is alive and how he can find her. Jonathan goes to see Janet and asks her how she could try to ruin his life when she doesn't know him and he's never done anything to her. She shares with him that all she's ever wanted is to be accepted and to be normal. Babe tells JR that she will never trust him again or forgive him after what he did. When she was fighting for hers' and her son's life at the hands of Janet, she was hoping he'd come and save her. And what he was doing was plotting a plan to hunt her down and assume she kidnapped their son. Krystal is backing her daughter with that, remembering that JR held her hostage. But JR brings Tad, Di and Jamie into Babe's hospital room and tells them all he forgives them for their wrong-doings along with Krystal and Babe. And he tells Babe he is only asking her forgiveness. She then agrees to forgive and remarry him. Krystal tells her daughter she cannot be serious to trust that man or take him back again. In Jack's hospital room, he tells Erica that she needs to prevent Lily from seeing Jonathan. But she is more concerned about Dr. Greg Madden working in the hospital and looking after Kendall during her pregnancy. She tells Joe that he cannot trust Josh nor believe it will benefit him to find out he's her biological son. Joe promises Erica he will not tell Josh that he's her son. But he also does not intend to turn his back on his grandson nor prevent him from working in the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly tries to persuade Butch into helping her fix the situation with Nick; he angrily tells her to butt out or she may wind up hurt. Carly realizes her actions caused Anatoli to realize Nick was a cop, subsequently framing him with the drugs. She dejectedly returns home, and when she sees a mug Parker and Jack ordered for her saying, “Worlds greatest wife and mom”, she breaks down. Nick is determined to get to the bottom of being framed for drugs, all the while protecting Carly still. A frustrated Katie secretly calls Jack and asks him to meet her. She tells Jack about the whole story with Carly working at the Galaxy as a waitress and how she set up Nick so she could get Jack’s job back. Jack refuses to believe her at first, but when a few things Katie says rings true, he realizes she may be right. He angrily heads home to confront Carly about what she has done. Emily tells Hal about her and Henry’s find at Meg’s. He wonders why Emily continues to protect a man that hurt her? Is she casting suspicion on Meg because she is afraid that Meg is replacing her in Paul’s life? Emily assures him what they found is on the up and up, and Hal finally heads over to search Meg’s room, with Emily hot on his tail. The police search Meg’s room and find nothing; Emily is convinced she threw the wallet away once she knew they saw it. When Meg comes home, Hal asks to searcher purse? Meg nervously agrees. Hal finds her leather gloves covered in what seems to be dried blood. He brings her into the station for questioning. Jen demands answers from Paul about where Dusty is buried? Paul cannot give her an answer claiming he was confused and suffering from a concussion when he buried Dusty. Jen doesn’t buy it; he is protecting someone. She then realizes Meg had just a good enough reason to want Dusty gone as much as he does. Paul pleads with her to leave Meg out of it, but Jen refuses and then even wonders if Paul’s valiant efforts to protect her mean he has fallen in love with her? Gwen and Will arrive at Hal’s to share the news of their marriage with him, only to find the place in a pigpen state. After they clean up, Hal comes home and is stunned to hear their news. Meg arrives at the jail cell and a stunned Paul finds out she is there in connection to Dusty’s murder.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke they can let what happened tonight tear them apart or they can come together. Pick one!
Ridge is at Brooke's and bemoans to Bridget that Brooke has left him high and dry and he needs to go after her. Though nothing bad happened, Taylor recalls her earlier drunken night with Nick. She confides in a shocked Stephanie, who still considers Taylor her angel so nothing she can say will turn her against her. She thinks Taylor and Ridge are free now and get back together and she'll help her.

Nick tells Brooke they don't have to be in denial anymore; she can be honest with him. She still waffles; it's been a long day and she's confused. Before they can settle anything, Ridge walks onto The Marlin, assuming Brooke has chosen him but is only wanting to let Nick down easy. Bridget tells Dante she feels sort of numb. She made her decision to free Nick and now Brooke hasn't. Ridge states he is tired of these games and pretty much commands Brooke they need to get out of there. However, she doesn't follow.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie tries to run from Tek by hiding in the park but Tek finds her and makes her give in to their desires. Sami, angered by the news that Lucas is planning a hot date for Carrie, eavesdrops on Lexie telling Carrie to be with Austin as her true love and then spots Lexie with Tek. Sami also watches as Carrie doubles over in pain with no one else around to help. Austin also plans a romantic picnic for Carrie. Mimi convinces Shawn to forgive Bo and tries to tell him the truth about Claire but allows Shawn to interrupt. The truth almost comes out when Father Jansen assumes that Mimi has already told Shawn the truth. Hope survives the fall and with the help of a rope from Patrick, is able to send James up to safety before being pulled up herself. Once on solid ground, it is discovered that Hope’s back is badly injured and though she refuses to take the call Patrick places to Bo, she allows Patrick to be her caretaker. Caroline urges Bo to go after Hope before he loses her forever.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason researches Alexis, who Sam can NOT believe could be her mother, until she gets proof. Sam is not happy. Alexis tells Nik her secret. Skye and Lorenzo go to get a test to see if her pregnancy is viable. The news is good. Emily and Sonny continue to talk out things and promise to love each other. Tracy enlists Lulu to help her convince Dillon and Georgie to move home to the Q manor. They succeed. Jesse tries to rescue Georgie from Diego, who got out on an early parole after snitching, and came over to thank her for writing. Jason is not sure Sam should tell Alexis the truth. To avert a brawl that might upset Skye, Lorenzo blurts out the joyous news in front of Luke, Tracy, Lulu, Diego, Dillon, and Georgie.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Marina tries to kid around about it after she impulsively says that she loves Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael gets scared though and breaks it off, claiming that he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. Marina is heartbroken but later goes to Spaulding where she tells Alan-Michael that she is the one breaking up with him and tells him everything he is missing out on. She starts to leave but he grabs her in a kiss and they start to undress each other, then have sex on his desk. Reva has some tests done for a headache that won’t go away, and Billy finds her and Josh at the hospital. Josh tries to keep Billy from seeing Reva but she tells him that she will see whom she wants. When Josh says that she shouldn’t be living at home by herself, she invites Billy to move in with her. Telling her that that isn’t a good idea, Josh says he is moving in also. Harley hears Beth and Alan talking inside the cabin and she pushes her way in, only to find that Gus isn’t here. Alan tells her that Gus fell after some ice broke underneath him and Beth has been helping him until they could figure out what to do. Harley and Mallet can’t find any signs of Gus and miss the G he carved into the wood in the cabin and decide to leave. Frank questions Tammy about Jonathan’s whereabouts at the time of Sandy’s call, and she lies to him that Jonathan was with her all night. She goes to the cliff to look for Sandy, and finds him there alive. Trying to protect Jonathan she tells Sandy that they should run away together, which he believes until Jonathan shows up and Sandy figures out that Tammy is protecting Jonathan. Sandy grabs Tammy and threatens to pull her over the cliff with him to save her from Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Dorian speaks with a man, who has submitted his resume for employment at Craze. Dorian will not accept his resume because his name is the same as hers, Dorian. She orders him to change his name. She vows to protect her daughter from being ruined by Rex. Kevin comes home, and catches Kelly burning something in the fireplace. When Kelly leaves the room, Kevin finds part of the letter still unburned in the fireplace. He reads a part of it in which Kelly has told Duke not to say anything to Kevin. Lindsay finds out Todd’s hiding place, and reveals it to R.J. R.J. takes the information directly to Hugh, who immediately acts upon it. John calls Evangeline and warns her that the police know where she is, and they are on their way.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pilar, Martin, and Katherine have a showdown as to who he will be with. Pilar gives Katherine some of what she deserves, but ends by telling Martin she wants nothing more to do with him. She even questions his manhood since he can't find the cajones to say which woman he really wants to spend his life with. Katherine, of course, can't wait to get her hooks into him again. Fancy finally decides what she wants from Noah, and shows him as soon as she gets the chance. Sheridan continues to wonder about the mystery man, but never gets a good look at him. He continues to remember their good times together as he lies semi-conscious.

Theresa asks Ethan for more help, but he can't find it in himself to do it, fearing the wrath of Gwen and/or God, whichever. Theresa isn't phased, tho, since she knows it's only a matter of time until he is not only helping her at work but living as her significant other, too. However, when Mr. Collier calls and sends her a photo via his camera phone, she sees a possible fly in the ointment - he made his way to Gwen's job and they are kissing. Miguel is happy to be home, and those he's seen so far are happy about it too, except for Fox and Tabitha. They can't help wonder if he will cause problems for Fox and Kay's romance and future marriage.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley gives Gloria an assignment. “Here are sales figures for sunscreen. Analyze them and get back to me.” Gloria later meets with Victor at the Athletic Club. He tells her how he is the reason that she got the proxy. She is grateful. “Gloria, you have to understand that you will not get help from anyone at Jabot when it comes to work. You can always come to me with any questions or problems that you have. I can see that this is going to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Good day!" Neil goes to get Lily at Brad’s house. She isn't there. She left earlier that morning. Neil returns home to tell Drucilla and is angry when she again acts as if this isn’t a big deal and tries to get him to let her stay in town. “Why are you so afraid of her?" he asks. Devon is in his room, and comes out asking when Lily is to leave. He learns that she is slotted to go that night. “That’s funny," he says. “Her suitcase is already gone!" Daniel and Lily meet at the Athletic Club. She wants them to run off like they did last summer. Daniel doesn't want to do that again. “I can’t let you stay at my mom’s house. She won’t allow it.” Daniel then gets an idea. “Maybe we can get a place together. We will have to deal with your parents at some point.” They know that if they are going to do this, they will have to do it today. They hug to seal the deal. Victoria calls Brad’s house looking for him. He isn’t there. Colleen is and she is being rather cool to Victoria. “Oh I heard that you got back together with my father.” Victoria asks if Colleen disapproves of that. “Well," Colleen says. “Let’s just say that you have a lot to prove.” Nick goes to Phyllis’s house to drop off a playbook for Daniel who isn’t there. The two share idle talk. She senses that he is about to talk about their relationship and she stops it. As she is seeing him out, she puts her hand on the knob to open the door but Nick stops her. They fall into the madness once again in the living room. When it is over, they decide they have been lucky and will not do this again. In the hall, Daniel is returning and stops in front of the door to dig out his keys.

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