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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The cops take Janet away to jail. But Tad and JR are very puzzled as to why she'd tell them that Dixie is alive. Babe is taken to the hospital and is ok. So is little A. But Krystal does not want JR near her daughter or grandson. Zach is helping Dixie recover from the gunshot wound and keeping her secret for her. Kendall and Ryan are helping Erica get out of the hospital. Julia still wants to adopt Kendall's baby. Ryan has the dilemma of which of the two women to have a relationship with. Many people in the hospital have their reservations about having Josh Madden on staff.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden questions Jade about Kevin’s quick turn around from hanging with Luke to now being interested in her; Jade assures him Kevin and Luke were simply best friends and not gay. Lily heads to the orphanage to question Sister Elizabeth about Jade. Emily is shocked to find out from Susan that Paul confessed to killing Dusty, even though she was definite he would implicate Meg after she told him about her having the bloody wallet. Nancy fronts the bail money for Nick, as Katie apologizes and promises her the deed to her house, but assures her that Nick is innocent and has been set up. Carly visits Nick in jail; Nick thinks she was in on his set up, but she convinces him she would never get involved in drugs and sending him to jail. Jack is not happy to catch Carly there with Nick, and he orders her to leave. Meg and Holden discuss her newfound bond with Paul. Holden hopes she cuts her losses when it comes to him, but Meg continues to defend him. Emily calls Henry to tell him about Paul’s confession, and he insinuates that Paul is protecting Meg by confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. This angers Emily and she calls Hal and asks him to come over because she and Henry have something to tell him; later, she tells Hal they found Dusty’s bloody wallet in Meg’s room. Katie bails Nick out and is aggravated when she finds out Nick didn’t tell Jack about Carly’s role in his supposed set up. Jade worries when Luke tells her that Lily went on a day trip by plane in search of some truth. At the orphanage, a shocked Lily finds out Jade is not who she says she is. She learns Rose’s daughters name was Theresa and Jade was another child similar in age who lived at the orphanage. The nun describes Jade as breaking their trust because she was a bit of a con artist. Carly goes looking for Chardonnay, but Butch claims he has never employed or heard of her. Katie, tired of Nick protecting Carly, decides to take matters into her own hands when they get home, and picks up the phone to clue Jack into Carly’s extra curricular activities.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke is shocked to find Nick and Taylor drunk together on the Marlin. Both Taylor and Nick tell her nothing happened. After Taylor leaves Nick tells Brooke how he ran into Taylor at Chuck's and they both drown their sorrows together.

Stephanie visits with Dominick and is pleased Dante and Bridget will raise him. Dante promises Stephanie, he will take good care of the baby. Ridge demands to know where Brooke went. Jackie tells Ridge Nick saw them on the bed and Brooke went to find Nick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope blames herself for letting Zack go on the sleepover that night and Patrick has Hope accompany him to an island orphanage where he volunteers. Hope imagines that Zack is one of the little boys she meets and the boy falls through a fence while trying to catch a football. Hope reaches out to help the boy and starts to slip over the cliff. Abby shows Chelsea how she is now front-page news on this morning’s Intruder. Bo and Billie spot the cover when Bo’s copy of the Intruder comes in the morning mail and it fuels their argument over Chelsea’s fate. Abby and Chelsea rush to Bo’s house in an attempt to keep them from seeing the cover but they arrive too late and Bo lays into Chelsea for her actions. Chelsea tells Billie to “put out” for Bo so he’ll be on her side and Billie slaps Chelsea.

Calliope gathers Mimi, Shawn, Belle, Philip, and Bonnie at St. Luke’s for the wedding rehearsal. Mimi and Bonnie argue over Mimi’s desire to tell Shawn the truth and Shawn, Belle and Philip overhear Mimi declare that she has to confess but Calliope assumes Mimi is referring to the sacrament of confession. Bo arrives at the church to pray for Zack and argues with Shawn over not being invited to the wedding rehearsal. Belle confesses to Father Jansen that she loves Shawn more than Philip and Father Jansen advises Belle to stay with Philip. Mimi confesses the truth about Claire’s paternity to Father Jansen and Father Jansen refuses to marry Shawn and Mimi until she tells Shawn the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Tracy can't annul Dillon's marriage, she kicks out the newlyweds. Diego is released from prison. Sam's lead on her mother turns into a dead-end; the alleged mother gave birth to a son. Alexis suffers through self recrimination over her daughter's death. Sonny has nightmares and shuts Emily out of them. Later, he apologizes. Luke and Tracy imagine what if they had met once upon a time. Jason learns that Alexis Davidovitch is Sam's mother.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Mr. Reston visits Nash. "I see you have come back alone and this time you don’t have the Buchanans to back you up. I want you to pay in kind for what you have done to my daughter. How would you feel if something happened to that girlfriend of yours?" Nash fakes that he cares about her, and points out that hurting her would be pointless as her baby probably isn’t even his. "So you wouldn't mind if she had a little accident then?" Nash says that he hates it when anyone has a little accident. Evangeline takes Todd to a hideout. She gets him blankets and goes to the homeless shelter to get him clothes. She tosses his old clothes in the garbage near the shelter and returns to Todd who is in the process of making a call with her cellphone. She grabs the phone and talks to Starr pretending that she dialed the wrong number. When she gets off the phone she decides that she needs allies. "I can use Rex and I will have to talk to John" John finds Leila at Roxy’s trying to get a room. She says that she is giving her sister privacy by staying her. She lets on that she knows that John and her sister have gotten back together but John isn’t the one. Leila realizes that she has said too much and suddenly clams up. A homeless man comes over to them asking for change. "Where did you get that jacket?" John asks. "Someone dumped it in the garbage by the homeless shelter." John waves money in the man’s face and ends up getting the jacket from him. Evangeline talks to her sister and learns that she let on to John that she has been spending time with a man. "But then this homeless guy came by wearing a Marshall’s jacket and John freaked out and had to have it." Evangeline sees that things are spinning out of control. She goes to the station. Starr is there and she is sad when Evangeline has no news for her. "He might be hurt," Starr says. "He isn’t hurt honey, Vangie says. "If he were, we would have found him by now." Evangeline is in the station and she sees John a ways off. She comes over to him. "Hi John." John says ‘hello’. "I need to talk to you for a minute," John says. Evangeline asks if there is any new about Todd’s whereabouts. "You already know where Todd is," John says quietly.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Chris keep having near-misses with seeing who the mystery man is, but once he is through being examined and back in his room, things might be different. Katherine continues to push Martin to forget about re-marrying Pilar and live his life with her, but he tells her he won't do that. Pilar talks with Theresa about what's going on, and Theresa tells her to ignore what Katherine said, believe Martin really loves her, and go on with their life together. She tells her even if Katherine did seduce Martin, Pilar can simply forget about it and be happy, as Theresa will be able to do when she and Ethan get back together. Pilar goes to claim her man, and hears him tell Katherine it's his obligation to re-marry Pilar and make up for all the pain he's caused her. She's not thrilled to hear she's an obligation to him.

Kay tries to tell Miguel she's marrying Fox, but he wants to say something first, then thanks her for doing such a great job with Maria. When Maria calls to her daddy, he turns to go to her, but sees her reaching for Fox, who goes to her and lifts her up, speaking lovingly to her. Miguel is hurt, but says once she gets used to him again, she won't see Kay's boss as her daddy any more. Fox wonders why Kay doesn't tell him the truth. Ivy is thrilled, and Tabitha is wondering if this is the result of her accepting his proposal too soon. Noah and Maya talk about what the woman told him, and he decides to call the police. He gets a call from the woman telling him not to tell the police, and he realizes she knows everything he talks about. He finds a bug in Maya's necklace, realizes she's working with them, and destroys it. This upsets the woman, who vows to stop him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria gets corporate advice. Nikki is giving tips, when Gloria shows they were inexperienced once too. “Everyone knows that you bought your way into Jabot Nikki. And you didn’t first own your company Katherine. You married into it… I want you to know that you two are my role models.” JT arrives home and says he will have his things out in a short while. Mackenzie tells him to stay. She will move out. JT tries to say more but she will not let him. She goes to take the pictures of them off the fridge but he wants them, and so she leaves them before walking out. Victoria and Brad are starting fresh. “I slept with a man.” Brad wants to know who but Victoria says that is not important. Later he goes home and talks to Lily and Colleen about teenage love reminiscing about Colleen’s love for JT. “You know I think of JT as a friend now," he says. Lily is trying to find a place to stay. Daniel asks his mother but she won’t allow it. Drucilla shows up there freaking out and threatening, but Daniel will not tell her where Lily is. Drucilla leaves to check for the girl elsewhere. Dru goes to Colleen’s. Colleen denies Lily’s there. Dru shouts at Colleen. Lily comes out and the gloves are off! “Get in that car!" “No!" Lily shouts. “You are not too big you know!" Dru starts dragging her to the door that stops when Brad comes in shouting, “What the hell is going on?"

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