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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad, Aidan, JR, Jamie and David go to find the cabin where Janet is holding Babe and little A. Adam, Krystal and Di decide they must go also. Amanda and Brooke go there together. Derek and the cops attempt to negotiate with Janet that she gives up Babe and little A. She doesn't listen until Amanda comes and tells her mother she has never abandoned her and will always love her mother. At that point, Janet hands little Adam over to his family. But they discover that Janet his put Babe in the freezer as well as Trevor. Derek arrests her for the attempted murder of Babe Carey and the murder of Trevor Dillon. Zach and Dixie stay behind while she tells him he's a coward if he intends to kill himself. They talk about their respective situations with having their families believe they are dead. They later find out that Babe, little A and JR will not have to live in fear of Janet anymore. Dixie is very emotionally grateful to know that her son and grandson are ok.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily asks Jade about her time in the orphanage? Jade admits to taking the bracelet but claims she was only getting her a charm. Later, when Jade tells Lily that the nuns named her Jade, Lily becomes suspicious again and after she leaves Lily makes a phone call. Kevin doesn’t want to talk to Luke, and takes off when Holden comes in and sees them. Holden stops short from asking Luke if he is gay. Luke thinks quickly on his feet and claims he was telling Kevin to stay away from Jade, and when Jade sees them she backs up his story. Margo calls Casey and Maddie and tells them to meet her at the police station to talk. Carly asks Chardonnay for the pictures of her and Nick; she ominously tells Carly that he will never bother her again. The more Chardonnay stalls about the pictures the more Carly worries. Finally they set up a time to meet, but when Carly gets home she realizes Chardonnay gave her a different memory card. Jack finds heroin on Nick and tries to question him, but Nick is acting belligerent so Jack knocks him out and throws him over his shoulder to take him into the station. The preliminary tests show heroin in his system; it doesn’t look good for Nick especially when Maddie and Casey see him there and explain they saw him at the Lakeview earlier partying with some men. Hal suspends Nick pending an investigation. Luke wants to know the real reason Jade had the bracelet? Jade covers saying she wants to be part of a real family and got caught up in the fantasy. Later, Jade is concerned when they see a Catholic priest (even though the family isn’t Catholic) leaving the house after having talked to Lily. Holden daydreams of two scenarios after he confronts Luke about being gay neither end well. Hal decides to arrest Nick after the evidence mounts against him even more, but when a gleeful Jack informs Carly of the latest Nick saga, Carly is noticeably shaken. Margo tells Casey and Maddie she saw them kissing at the Lakeview. Lily decides to go visit Sister Elizabeth at the orphanage where Jade came from.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick runs out of Brookes devastated. Jackie scolds Massimo for letting him go up there. Hector takes a drunken Taylor's keys away. He is called away. She stays at Chuck's and sees Nick come in. Nick drinks several shots and tells Taylor he doesn't want company.

Brooke goes after Nick. Jackie and Ridge spar over whether Ridge and Brooke will get married. A drunken Taylor finds her way to the Marlin where she and Nick accidentally tumble into bed drunk. Brooke walks in and sees them on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami claims that Carrie was pretending to be claustrophobic to get back with Austin but Austin doesn’t want to discuss Carrie with Sami. Austin regrets having kissed Sami last night. Victor advises Austin not to come between Lucas and Carrie while Carrie seeks Caroline’s advice about her life. Will eavesdrops as Lucas talks with Philip about how he loves Carrie and Sami pumps him for information. Shawn Sr. stops by to see Will and urges Sami to fight for her man not knowing that the man is Austin.

Hope accidentally walks in on a naked Patrick. Patrick gets a quick glimpse of a naked Hope when she steps out of the shower. Hope decides that she should leave because of Patrick but Patrick admits that he doesn’t want Hope to leave. Bo fears that Patrick and Hope left town together. Billie is able to convince a hesitant Bo to return to Salem with her. Bo discovers a message from Hope on his PDA that tells him to choose between Chelsea and their marriage.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alexis revisits the ghosts of her past and is consumed with guilt over giving her baby away. Sam gets closer to finding her birth mother. Carly and Robin push each other's buttons and almost come to blows before Jax and Patrick can intervene. Patrick kisses Robin to distract her from obsessing about Carly. Max has his hands full when Jason orders him to keep an eye on Carly. Sonny and Emily enjoy their romantic vacation in Spain. Emily witnesses Sonny's inner torment. Frank attacks Guy, who intends on reporting the hate crime to the police. Lucas realizes the errors of his ways.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Alan and Gus argue in the cabin over everything from Alan as a father to whether or not Gus is going to take a pill to make him feel better. When Gus doesn’t think that Alan is looking, takes the pill. Harley questions Beth about the key she found and when her heart rate spikes at the questions tells Mallet that she knows something about Gus. Dinah tells Beth that she will have a place at the Spaulding mansion for as long as she is in charge. As Beth “escapes” from the hospital, Dinah, Harley, and Mallet all follow her. Cassie runs into Josh and Reva at Company and blames Reva for the fact that Jonathan and Tammy may be married and that they are missing. Reva points out that Cassie was the one who pushed Tammy away. When Cassie admits that she and Jeffrey are “taking a break”, Josh admits he had something to do with their problems. He later tells Reva that her little speech on destiny before her accident may be true since the day of her accident he took a different way home which is how he came upon the crash site to save her. Jonathan comes back to find out that Tammy left the room where he made her promise to stay. He is disheveled and Tammy worries about what he has done. He tells her that he just ran to get his anger over seeing her in a wedding dress with Sandy out of his mind. They pledge their own private vows to each other and then make love.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

David visits Paige, and informs her about his conversation with Spencer about Margaret. Vangie arrives at the park to throw away Todd’s clothes that he had stolen from a federal marshall.

Kelly comes to visit Duke, and finds him reading the note that she had left him. They discuss how ashamed that he is of the things that he had said to her, and the fact that he had made a pass at his father’s fiancee. Paige and David argue over the fact that David had talked to Spence about Margaret. Paige gets a call from Bo to meet him in his office. Bo confronts Vangie about what she is throwing away. Vangie lies to him, and tells him that they are John’s clothes. Todd continues to watch Blair with Spencer and his children. He makes a noise which gets Blair’s and Spencer’s attention. Spencer investigates. Bo fills Paige in that Todd had been on the patio outside their apartment. He confronts her as to why she hadn’t told him about it. Paige once again denies knowing anything. Bo informs her that they can’t go like this with her not telling him anything. Paige wants to know if he is breaking up with her. He informs her, no. They confess their love for each other . Paige kises him, and leaves. Bo makes a list of who could be Todd’s allies. Vangie helps Todd to get to a safe haven until they can prove his innocence. Duke realizes that he has it bad for his father’s fiancee. Kevin makes an appointment with Dr. Truman about himself.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

At the wharf, Noah waits to see who will show up, and finds a woman there. He warns her to leave Fancy and Maya alone, but she tells him he has no say in it. He tries to show he does, even pulling his gun on her, but she gets the best of him and tells him he has to find the person who killed her partner and the thing they stole if he wants her to leave them alone. If not, she will do whatever she wants to and he won't be able to stop her. Theresa aches to have Jane back, and misses feeding her and all the other things a mother does. She feels Gwen is good to her daughter, but she's not her mother, Theresa is, and she wants her family back together. Little Ethan asks Ethan why he's not around any more, and when the man says he needs to be with his own family, the boy is hurt because he thought he was part of his family, too. Fox still feels threatened by Miguel's return, especially when Kay doesn't tell him about their engagement right away. Ivy is thrilled.

Pilar sees the scratches on Martin's back and says he must have gotten them while making love to Katherine, just as she said. He swears he didn't, that she tried to seduce him and that was when she scratched him but he resisted her and only wants Pilar. She doesn't believe him and runs away, finding Father Lonigan in the kitchen and telling him the service is off. When she explains why, he assures her that Martin never cheated on her with Katherine, he's been totally faithful, and she decides to give him another chance. Besides, she doesn't want to just hand him to Katherine. Martin tried to follow her, but Katherine stopped him and began trying to talk him into leaving with her again. He told her again he will not do that, and he will re-marry Pilar. She forces him into a kiss, and Pilar walks in at that moment. Sheridan and Chris wait at the hospital for the mystery man - Luis - to wake up so they can find out if he knows where Marty is.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Phyllis have a knock down drag out. “I have this great kid that we have been raising and now she is getting involved with this kid who didn’t have a good upbringing.” Phyllis gets it. He thinks that Lily is too good for her son. Neil has no idea why he thought that he could reason with Phyllis. “No wonder he is the way that he is. He is like you," Neil says. “No one finds Daniel to be causing trouble but you. This is all because you can handle your daughter growing up. Why don’t you get over yourself," Phyllis spits! Victoria isn’t ready to let Brad go from the company, or in fact from her life. He says that he will only stay if she takes him back in the office as well as in her heart. “I can’t work her if you don’t want me all the way Victoria.” She gives in. They get back together, but she doesn't want to be engaged this time and isn’t sure if and when she will be ready to be engaged. He will accept that…for now. “Don’t push Brad," she cautions. Gloria is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. Michael gives her some advice. “You have to work on making allies as a minority shareholder. Make bridges, don’t burn them.” Gloria returns to the boardroom to talk to Katherine, asking for another chance. Katherine says that Gloria is outspoken and that can be deadly in their business. “I promise to behave and if I don’t, I will leave Jabot forever!" Katherine decides then to take a chance on the old girl. “Don’t you let me down Gloria!" Lily is getting shipped off to New Hampshire. She argues with her mother one last time but it will not work. Drucilla can’t make Neil do this her way this time. “Get packing! I have to go pick up your dress from the cleaners.” When she returns, Lily has disappeared. Lily goes to the coffeehouse and finds Daniel. “I left home. I can’t stay there anymore. Help me with my suitcase. I have to find a place to say. Will you help me Daniel?" Nikki comes into the office as JT is finished visiting with Victoria. “Well…Hello JT," she says. He smiles and leaves. “Well Victoria! I was wondering when you were going to tell me that you were entertaining boy toys at your house," Nikki says. Victoria turns on her mother. “Does everyone in town know that I slept with JT?" Brad is about to walk in the office but stops dead in his tracks instead. Nikki’s eyes get large due to her daughter’s words.

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