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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/8/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad runs into Zach who is hiding Dixie but he does not catch her. It looks like Zach and Dixie might be getting closer as they believe they have a lot in common, in their both feeling unwelcome in Pine Valley. Amanda tells Jamie, JR and David that she's willing to let David hypnotize her so that she can remember the cabin where she believes her mother is keeping Babe and little Adam. Janet gets into an argument with Babe about who is the better mother. She then knocks Babe out. It looks like the search party is ready to find them. Kendall is having fears that Zach is intending to kill himself because of what happened to Ethan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey and Maddie help to make Will and Gwen’s wedding night as romantic as possible by borrowing some of the Lakeview’s flower arrangements and raiding the kitchen. Luke confronts Jade after he suspects her of trying to steal his mother’s bracelet. Lily suspects Jade’s motives after hearing about her claims to Holden of learning how to knit in the orphanage and then especially after Emma comes to them with tales of finding Jade with her bracelet in the barn and Luke trying to cover for her. Anatoli uses a drug to wake Nick up so they can walk him out of the Lakeview, but also wipe his memory out. Carly continues to defend herself to Katie regarding Nick, and it gets heated just as Jack arrives. Jack is able to cool things down, but after he is called by Margo to go to the Galaxy Club, Carly again staunchly defends her dislike for Nick and her undying love for Jack, but she will not really explain what she is doing. Jade tries to explain to Luke that she only took Lily’s bracelet to look at it and to imagine herself in a fantasy with a real family. Luke tries to understand, so Jade shows how he can trust her when she calls Kevin and sets up a secret meeting for them. Margo catches Maddie and Casey at the Lakeview, but Casey explains they were there to meet Lisa. He later worries to Maddie that he will be grounded for life after his parents find out what he did for Will and Gwen… but it was worth it to make up for how he treated Gwen. For the first time in a long while, he feels good about himself. Maddie and Casey see Nick being led out of the Lakeview, but the men he is with act as if he is drunk. Lily questions Jade about if she left the orphanage at such a young age, how she could have learned to knit? An unknowing Kevin meets Luke, but when he finds out it was a set up, he is not pleased. Carly calls Chardonnay to ask about the pictures, and she ominously tells her that she no longer has to worry about Nick. Jack sees Nick being beaten by Anatoli’s goons and tries to help, which leads Nick and Jack into the middle of a gun fight.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia's death leaves Taylor drunk at Chuck's with Hector. She wants Ridge back. Hector doesn't think she does. Massimo takes Ridge to Brookes. Nick shows up to see Brooke. Massimo won't allow it.

Ridge tells Brooke he needs her. They kiss and end up scantily clad on top of the bed. Nick busts free of Massimo and runs upstairs to see Brooke and Ridge in a passionate embrace on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Patrick allows Hope to use the bedroom while he sleeps outside on the hammock. When Hope can’t sleep, she asks Patrick to tell her the full legend of the flower. Patrick imagines that he and Hope are the couple in the legend. Billie vows to keep Chelsea out of prison but Bo thinks that Chelsea going to prison would be good for her. Max spots Chelsea, who is doing so in hopes of being bought a drink, kissing another guy. Max tries to take Chelsea home but Chelsea refuses to leave. The older guy turns out to a photographer from the Intruder and plans to put the photo of Chelsea drinking on tomorrow’s cover. Max struggles with the photographer enough to get Chelsea the camera so she can remove the film. The photographer secretly delights in having backed up the photos on a memory stick.

Carrie becomes frantic and clings to Austin tighter as the elevator shakes. Austin pleads for another chance as they wait to be rescued. Sami takes Lucas’ comfort as a sign that he wants to get back together. Sami finds the note Lucas had meant to give her on their wedding night. Sami overhears Lucas telling Will that his relationship with Sami is over and runs out where she ends up eavesdropping on Carrie and Austin. Sami then explains the way to reset the system enabling Carrie to get off the elevator while Austin heads back out to the pharmacy alone.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Alexis and Ric run into brick walls in their quest, and Ric runs into an old lady friend, much to his wife's chagrin. Jason plans a romantic evening for himself and Sam. Robin tries to warn Patrick about Carly, he thinks she's jealous, and they wind up kissing. Jax is not happy when Carly wants him to sign a legal agreement, but it turns out to be nothing but a work order. Ric's friend offers help to find Alexis' daughter and does find the file. Lulu's work at the diner goes badly. Michael is upset when Jax takes his mom out, and tries to get Max to call Sonny. Carly and Jax and Robin and Patrick all have their dates in the same room.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Beth starts to frantically wipe down all fingerprints at the cabin and tells Gus that she is sorry that he got drug into this but since he will let Alan go he has to die with him. She leaves with all intentions to leave them at the cabin and heads home, although she hears a clock ticking letting her know that time for Gus and Alan is running out. She goes to Company where she runs into Harley and tells her that she needs to move on. She remembers back to the night before Alan’s hearing when she slept with him to make him think that she was truly on his side, just to get served with divorce papers. She also remembers back to getting pills from Rick, which is how she kept Alan and Gus sedated. Beth passes out at Company, and Rick takes her to Cedars. Harley follows grabbing Beth’s things and finds the key to the cabin. Lillian, Harley, and Rick try to calm Beth, who is running a high fever; down as she keeps saying that she has to get “back there”. Rick comes back with Beth’s tests and tells her that she is pregnant. Beth gets Lizzie to help her out of the hospital and goes to Spaulding where she runs into Mallet, who tells her that he knows Alan was going to divorce her. She breaks down and starts to tell Mallet about Gus and Alan but Rick shows up and takes her back to the hospital. Harley comes back to see how she is doing and Beth tells her that she needs to tell her something. Seeing Harley’s badge she changes her mind and then just tells everyone about her pregnancy. Mallet gets a mysterious call and leaves with Beth yelling out to stop him. Harley goes out to the hall and calls Mallet to tell him that something is up with Beth, looking at the key. Beth pictures Alan and Gus freezing to death and hearing the clock ticking, goes to sleep.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis  

John tells Michael that he will be looking into the cold case of their fatherís death. Michael worries but John has to do this. "Maybe after I solve the case, I will have peace." Michael can understand that but worries that John will fall off his rails by making himself crazy about the case if he canít solve it. John promises to listen to his brother and take everything into consideration that he has said while working on the case. Cristian gives Natalie boxing lessons. She likes it. She is having fun. "Itís not that scary!" While they are working out, John arrives but stays hidden watching them and listening. After Cristian leaves to go to the office, John reveals himself to her. She talks to him and suddenly starts trying to explain why she was with Cristian. John tells her that she neednít explain, but she canít help it. "I feel like I am cheating on you when you find me with him!" Spencer talks with Blair again about getting together but she still wonít do it. He gets mildly upset. "Is that sarcasm that I hear in your voice?" she asks. She leaves and he gets on the horn, ordering Denton to find Todd like he is being paid to do. Denton comes to see Spencer who orders the man to follow Evangeline for a while. "If I know Todd that is where he will go first." Kelly is there to talk about the night before with Duke. He remembers nothing. She lies then saying that he told her that she was overweight. He doesn't believe that he said that but apologizes. After she leaves, the maid brings the note that Kelly left about the night before. Kelly is on her way out of the house when she remembers the note. She hustles back but is too late. She finds Duke reading about what he said to her the night before. Vange wakes Todd as Leila walks in. Todd hides but Leila finds a T-shirt thinking that Vangie has a man. "Who is it?" Vange says nada. Leila showers, and Cris arrives. He wants Vangie at his contract. Sheíll do that but later. Leila thinks Cristian is the love interest and tells him to take his T-shirt when leaving. Vangie orders her to work. Evangeline takes Todd out the back of her building and goes to her car. He peeks around and sees Blair coming.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pilar is still reeling from Katherine's hateful words, wondering if she's really lying or if she and Martin really slept together last night. She goes to Martin's room where he's getting dressed for the ceremony, and they talk. He tells her he loves her and wants to make up for all the years of pain he gave her. She gives him her father's cufflinks that he left for Martin when he died, and he's very touched. As they hug, Pilar still wonders about what Katherine said, and when Martin changes his undershirt, she sees the scratches on his back that Katherine left. She runs from the room, devastated. Ivy can't wait to let Kay know Miguel is back, but can't find her. Later, Kay finds him with Maria, and as they talk, Fox sees them, feeling worried about what this might mean.

Noah hears from the woman Maya has been dealing with, and agrees to meet at the dock. He takes a gun, just in case. Sam wanted to help him earlier, but he told his father he'd handle it himself. Sam warned his son to take care of it and not let it affect his relationship with Fancy. He then goes to talk to Fancy, and tells her his son loves her, even if he hasn't been totally truthful about what's going on. Katherine tells her to fight for her man. Sheridan and Chris manage to get out of the exploding compound unharmed, and as she goes for their car, he takes a look at the man he saved, who turns out to be Luis!

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Neil is furious. “Pack your bags Lily. You’re going back to boarding school.” “Tell him mom! Tell him I’m not going !" Neil doesn't care about Drucilla. He leaves for fresh air. Drucilla is really surprised at her daughter. “I can’t change his mind! Would you really hurt your father like this just to get what you want? Are you really that selfish?" Colleen plays with Mackenzie for a while and then she denies that she was with JT the night before. Mackenzie doesn't believe her. Kevin feels that JT was up to something for sure. Later, JT tells Mackenzie that he didn’t sleep with Colleen. “I am so relieved," Mackenzie says. “Well…maybe you shouldn’t be," JT says. Gloria gets to speak in the boardroom. “John wanted me to be a part of the company. I deserve to be on the board. I know what it is like to have no money and so I can relate to people who need products but can’t afford it.” Jack, Ashley and Katherine vote and it is unanimous that Gloria will not be allowed a seat on the board. Brad has had enough. He goes to Victoria’s house to see her but she is not there. He returns to the office and hands her his resignation. She will not accept it. He is sorry but he can’t look at her everyday and not love her. He is about to walk out when Victoria calls to stop him.

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