Tuesday 3/7/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/7/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe is trying and failing to get herself and little A away from Janet. JR reveals to Jamie that he is very afraid that his son and the woman he loves are out there, alone and he hasn't a clue what has happened to them. Jamie tells JR he must put his trust in the people who care about him and let them help. Krystal reveals to Adam that she does not trust him or his son. The only reason she married him in the first place was so that she could help her daughter get full custody of her son. He tells her that regardless of that, he's in love with her. Amanda finally reveals to JR and Jamie that she knows where he mother could be and possibly where he father has gone. She seems to know about the fishing cabin. Dixie is keeping her presence a secret with Zach's help. Tad goes looking for Janet and does not realize that Dixie is nearby him in the woods.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Gwen’s wedding almost doesn’t happen when the judge does some research and finds out they were fugitives from the law, but thanks to some heartfelt pleas, he is convinced their plight was due to some extenuating circumstances. Will and Gwen are wed and again thank Casey and Maddie for their help and support. Casey and Maddie plan another surprise for the happy new couple; they have the bridal suite at the Lakeview for their wedding night, thanks to Lisa. Jade takes one of Lily’s bracelets, but almost gets caught by Holden, but claims she was getting Lily’s sweater that was unraveling in order to fix it for her. She later goes to hide the bracelet out in the barn, and is found by Emma. Jade drops the bracelet on her way out and Emma recognizes it and wonders what she is doing with it? Luke comes in and covers for her by claiming he asked her to sneak the bracelet out of the house so they could put a baby charm on it. After Emma leaves, Luke confronts her about why she had the bracelet because he saw his mom put it in her jewelry box. Who is she really? Carly puts her plan in motion to ruin Nick’s career, but Katie who had intercepted the letter, follows Nick when he takes off thinking he is going to meet Carly at the Lakeview. Lily sees Carly there; Carly tries to make an excuse to leave so she doesn’t run into Nick, but Lily persists. Carly is forced to tell Lily part of her plan when she is forced to hide from Nick. Katie confronts them and demands to know what Carly is planning? Lily begrudgingly provides her with an alibi. Katie leaves unconvinced of Carly’s innocence, as does Lily, who warns her to stop this plan now. Chardonnay drugs Nick while pretending to be Carly, and then phones Carly to say she did as she requested. Anatoli and his men show up to take an unconscious Nick away, thanks to a heads up from Chardonnay. The camera is destroyed in the process. Katie again confronts Carly at home, as Carly screams for her to get off her property or she will throw her off herself. Lily returns home to Holden, happy to be back with her family, after seeing Carly taking desperate measures to hold her family together in her eyes. Holden surprises her by again supporting Jade now. However, when Lily hears Jade was in their bedroom under the pretense of wanting to fix Lily’s sweater, her look becomes concerned.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

The argument over who Brooke will be with continues. Massimo and Eric argue about meddling in their children's lives. Dante sits at Felicia's bedside. He wants to call an ambulance but she says no.

Stephanie tells Brooke to let Ridge go. Dante calls the house to tell the family Felicia has taken a turn for the worst. Eric tells everyone to go to Felicia's. Stephanie tells Brooke to stay behind. FAMILY ONLY! Massimo tells Brooke to raise RJ with his father and he will keep Stephanie away from her. The family champagne toasts Felicia as they all say goodbye. Stephanie begs her to fight.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Talk of marriage and an attempt at lovemaking between Carrie and Lucas is interrupted when Will returns home with a sprained ankle. Austin stops the lovemaking with Sami. Lucas and Sami tend to Will together. Lucas and Sami’s veto of Austin’s offer to accompany Carrie to pick up Will’s prescription fails. Sami and Lucas note the other’s disheveled appearance and guess what they had been doing. Lucas comforts Sami after she gets upset at the thought of almost losing Will. Carrie and Austin get stuck in the elevator and Carrie has Austin hold her to help ease her claustrophobia. Mimi insists that Shawn read the full letter out loud so Belle and Philip can hear it too. Philip assumes that the letter only contains Mimi’s hopes for the future. Shawn puts off reading the letter because he’s convinced Mimi cannot be as bad as she claims. Back at their loft, Philip and Belle’s talk of the letter gets interrupted when they can hear Mimi and Shawn making love.

Marlena calls out Alex’s name while in bed with John and Alex, passing by her door, thinks that she was calling for him. Marlena sends Alex away without letting it be known that John is there. When John talks of getting Marlena away from Alex, Marlena doesn’t see why that needs to happen and claims that she knew she was with John when she called Alex’s name. John calls Lexie in fear that Alex has been drugging Marlena and causing her confusion. John offers to bring Marlena to the hospital but Lexie warns against it. John’s attempt to leave via Marlena’s bedroom door is stopped by Alex coming back to check on her.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jax confronts Nikolas about stealing Courtney's ashes. Carly intervenes and convinces Jax to allow Nikolas to scatter the ashes in the ocean. Alone, Jax vows to be a good father to John and believes he made the right decision about claiming to be the baby's father. Nikolas scatters Courtney's ashes. Monica intuits that Emily is going away with Sonny.

Emily witnesses Sonny's rage when Janine blackmails him for money. Emily assures Sonny that she isn't scared of him. Sonny wants to take Emily somewhere where they can make their own memories. Max is uncomfortable lying to Carly about Sonny and Emily. Ric and Alexis head to the clinic where Alexis gave birth. Although sympathetic, the clinic's director refuses to release any information about the adoption to Alexis. A clever Ric manages to find out the name of the law firm that handled the adoption.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Beth comes back to the cabin and tells Gus and Alan that things are going to change. At first, Alan tries to charm Beth but after she hits him again in his injured arm he starts to taunt her instead. She screams at Alan for what she what he put into his will for her and threatens to leave them up at the cabin. After reading the letter, Harley tries to kiss Mallet, but he tells her that they can’t do this. She starts to tell Mallet that when she told him that there was no chance for them that she wasn’t being truthful, but Dinah walks in on them. Although she tells Alan-Michael and Marina that she isn’t worried about Harley and Mallet, she goes to the Foxwood Lodge where she finds the two of them together. Harley shows her the note and Dinah comforts her. After Cassie can’t make love with him, Jeffrey says the he needs to move out before he drives her away for good. Jonathan wonders where Tammy is and goes to look for her. Sandy starts to talk about how he and Tammy are going to be married and that he is so happy. She reminds him about the restraining order, but he tells her that was what she ripped up when she thought she was ripping up the invitation. She tries to leave but he stops her, ripping her dress in the process. Jonathan shows up and threatens to harm Sandy, but tells Sandy he isn’t going to give him what he wants. He and Tammy leave and Jonathan takes her back to the room he got for them. He admits he wasn’t going to propose but to try and pull the family back together. He asks Tammy to stay while he takes care of something and leaves. Sandy runs to Cassie and tells her that Jonathan threatened him again. Cassie tells him that she wants him to stay away from Tammy and tells him that she will do anything she can to protect Tammy and she will make Sandy sorry he ever met her family. Sandy says he isn’t scared neither of her nor of anyone else in Springfield. Sandy tells her that he is going to handle things in his own way, she won’t like how he does it. Tammy gets tired of waiting and leaves the hotel room. Sandy, who is back at the fishing shack looking over his ruined “wedding”, someone comes up to the door and Sandy looks up.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis 

John tells that he believes that Todd may be innocent. He says that if Todd were guilty, he wouldn't return to town where he knows people will be looking for him. John wants to work on the case, but Bo warns him that he canít get involved because of his suspension. "You hear anything, you bring it to me and I will investigate it okay John?" Nash is leaving town. It is the only way. He loves Tess and he feels that if he stays, Tess will be forced to go away, but with him gone, she can live. Viki tries to make him stay but he will not. He goes to see Clint. He has a note for Tess and Clint agrees to pass it on to her for him. Nash then starts heading to California. Tess cries but quickly makes herself stop. Clint tells her to ask Jessica to help her with her emotions. Tess wonít do that. When alone, Jessica tells Tess that she is so tough that she canít even cry. "Let it out!" Jessica instructs. CRASH! The mirror before Tess breaks. Cristian will give up boxing if Natalie will give him a chance with her. No! If he gets hurt because she didnít take him back, then she feel guilty. A priest sees Cristian, and comes over to tell him that he boxes great. Natalie is shocked that a priest likes that. "It is an art," Cristian tells. He invites her to come see him box and she agrees to go. Todd shows up at Evangelineís. She isnít happy. She could be disbarred if she hides him. He begs her to help. The cops are ordered to kill on sight now. She has a plan but needs some help. Todd hides in the closet while Evangeline talks with John about what he would do if Todd turned himself in. "I canít do anything. I am under suspension."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa makes a full-out push to get Ethan to take the job overseeing his pet projects, but he refuses to do any more. He leaves, telling her he has to stay away from her and honor his family. Theresa tries to stop him, but Ivy comes in and tells her to leave her son alone, he obviously doesn't want her. Theresa has her wedding to Ethan in her own mind, and feels it will one day really happen. Fox is worried about Kay "hiding" pictures of her, Miguel, and Maria at Sam's house. Ivy twists the knife even further, making him feel Kay refuses to accept his proposal because she still loves Miguel. Later, he asks Kay if the only reason she won't accept his proposal is because of the planets, or if there's something else going on. Even tho Tabitha and Endora realize accepting the proposal will mean the end of things for Kay and Fox, Kay tells him to ask her again, and she accepts. She's tired of being afraid of the Evil Side. However, Ivy and Valerie have managed to get Miguel back to town, and he could be the dark cloud of Tabby's warning.

Sheridan and Chris search the Crane compound and Chris trips over someone. As he tries to figure out who it is, Otto reluctantly sets the destruct mode in operation and leaves before the whole place blows to smithereens. Chris and Sheridan hear the warning sirens and voice messages go off and run to get themselves and the unconcious person out before it's too late. Sheridan can't leave, however, until she knows Marty is safe. Katherine continues to persecute Pilar, telling her she and Martin made love, that he doesn't really want to re-marry Pilar and is only doing it out of pity and a since of duty. Pilar is badly hurt, but refuses to believe her enemy. Katherine tells her to look at Martin's back to find proof they were in bed together. Martin talks to Father Lonigan about his feelings, but never says he's over Katherine. He does, however, tell him he plans to be the husband Pilar always deserved and never had.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon tries to tell Brad that his relationship with Victoria isn’t worth his trouble. “Brad…Victoria…” Victoria walks up behind Sharon. “Victoria what?" Sharon turns to see her sister-in-law behind her. “I was just going to tell Brad that you changed the print ads for the campaign," Sharon says. Victoria looks relieved and says that she will be working from home that day. She walks off. Mackenzie is worried. JT left angry and now that Mackenzie thinks about it. She is sure that JT was with Colleen. He didn’t offer to tell her where he was when he was at the coffeehouse and that has her thinking. Colleen comes into the coffeehouse, and she asks Mackenzie how JT is doing. Mackenzie ignores her question but has one of her own. “Colleen…Were you with JT last night?" Neil tells Drucilla that they have to send Lily back to New Hampshire. Drucilla jumps up, “No!" She says that maybe they should give the girl some space and she will be eighteen very soon anyway. Neil is confused about his wife’s about face on this issue. “I know that something is up. You tell me what it is right now, or I swear I will put that kid on the first plane back to boarding school!" The board meeting is canceled. Gloria knows that this was done to stop her from being a part of things. She goes to Katherine and tells her that things are going at Jabot. “Jack is trying to shut me out. I want to be a member of the board. John would want that.” Katherine gets on the horn and calls Jack, letting him know that the meeting is to go on as scheduled. Lily tells Daniel what has happened with her mother and how she is going to use the situation to her advantage by getting her mother to get her father to accept her relationship with Daniel. Daniel is a little surprised. The Lily that he knows wouldn’t do such a thing. “You may regret this Lily. Do you really want to hurt your father by telling him the truth if you don’t get what you want?"

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