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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe freaks to discover that Janet has Trevor's frozen corpse in her freezer. Janet protests that she did not kill him. She's just temporarily frozen him. Babe tries to play the role of Janet's new daughter but she is secretly plotting a plan. Tad, Krystal and Adam tell JR that he must realize that Janet has kidnapped Babe and little A. But he still believes that Babe took his son from him and Krystal is covering for her daughter. Unknown to all of them, however, the shot he has fired has gotten Dixie. She is wounded and goes to Zach's office. He tells her he will get her medical care and protect her anonymity. Ryan and Kendall are still wondering what to do in their relationship. Lily and Jonathan discuss what their options will be in regard to whether to get married and what it will mean when she turns 18 and no longer needs her father's permission to make her own decisions.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie is desperate to reach Mike because she has news to share with him. Nick takes Jack off the Anatoli case, but Jack vows to fight him. Carly and Chardonnay plot to set up Nick by Chardonnay pretending to be Carly and inviting him to the Lakeview in one of the suites. Carly provides the typed note, which she sprays with her perfume, and Chardonnay delivers it to the cottage. Katie picks the envelope up instead. She smells the envelope when Nick asks what she has? Will and Gwen persuade the judge in Chicago to marry them even though they are not 18. Will asks Casey to be his best man, while Gwen asks Maddie to be her maid of honor. The ever-romantic Maddie convinces Gwen to throw together an impromptu wedding, complete with something old, new borrowed and blue. Paul confesses to a destroyed Jen that he killed Dusty and buried him in the woods. When he can’t recall where he buried him supposedly, a sobbing Jen runs off to find Dusty. Meg overhears Paul’s confession and is distraught. Jack wants to know what she is hiding? Jen tries to come to grip with the reality of what Paul supposedly did. Meg and Paul come face to face.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Both men try to sway Brooke. She is still unsure. Stephanie pulls her aside and tells her to go with Nick. Bridget announces there will be no wedding and Mass storms upstairs to fix it. He demands Nick leaves and let's Ridge marry Brooke.

Felicia is dying and calls for Dante to go over some final arrangements.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas brings Carrie home to a surprise birthday celebration for two. Both Sami and Lucas’ separate attempts to dance with their dates lead to sadness when the song on the stereo ends up being their song. Carrie’s birthday makes her realize that time is waning on her desire to have a baby. Lucas admits that he loves Carrie and wishes to have a family with her but agrees to Carrie’s request to take things slow. Austin feels bad about forgetting Carrie’s birthday but Sami convinces him not to go see Carrie. Austin spends the evening consoling Sami. Austin and Sami kiss while Carrie and Lucas kiss.

Alex gloats about having won Marlena and flashes back to being truly abusive to Marlena but meanwhile Marlena asks John to stay the night with her. Alex listens at the door as Marlena and John start to make love. Belle is shocked to find Philip standing there instead of Shawn but explains it away. Philip thinks Belle isn’t happy because he doesn’t have both his legs. Shawn stops reading the letter when he sees Mimi crying. Mimi is so upset she can’t get out the truth. Belle and Philip stop by to say goodnight and Mimi insists that they stay for the truth affects them all.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason and Sam have a set to with Ric and Alexis at the cemetery. Sonny and Emily narrowly avoid being caught by his kids, but still manage to find a bright side to their secret love. Nik wants to scatter Courtney's ashes at sea, but needs Jax's permission. He does not get it. Ric finds that there is no record of Alexis' baby's birth in the 80's. Carly is grateful for the chance to experience with Baby John what she missed with her kids. Sam recollects her early years. Emily decides to cancel plans with Monica to get away with Sonny. Nik kidnaps Courtney's ashes.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Vanessa visits with Dinah and tells her she is proud of how her daughter had turned her life around. They find Alan-Michael in her office and Vanessa warns her that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Vanessa hears about how Dinah pushed Mallet and Harley to work together and warns her that may have been a mistake. When Dinah gets upset, Vanessa just says she is an overprotective mother. Harley and Mallet get a call from the Foxwood Lodge saying that a note from Gus has been found. They go to check it out and Harley says that although the handwriting is shaky it is Gus’s. Harley reads the note, which says goodbye to Harley and Mallet comforts her. Alan-Michael tips Dinah off to where Mallet and Harley are and when she calls, the owner says that they are “behind closed doors”. Sandy calls Jeffrey and tells him he is leaving town. Jeffrey sees his suitcase and later gets a phone call that Sandy boarded a plane. He and Cassie start to make love but she pulls away remembering the time in San Cristobel. Thinking that Jonathan is going to propose, Tammy tells Cassie that if she has to chose between the two of them she will pick her husband, Jonathan. Cassie tells her that she is in for a life of everyone pointing and staring and Marina steps in and asks Tammy if this is what she really wants. Once Tammy says she wants to marry Jonathan, Marina steps in and tells her to call her if she needs a bridesmaid, and pulls Cassie away. Tammy goes to the fish shack where she finds candles, a wedding dress, and a note to tear up her invitation to her wedding with Sandy. She complies and when she hears someone she tells Jonathan that everything is perfect, only it’s not Jonathan, it is Sandy dressed in a tux with a bouquet of flowers. Jonathan shows up at the hotel where he has set up his surprise and is surprised that Tammy isn’t there.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd still has Paige held captive. Bo comes home only to find the latch on the door. Todd escapes through a window. Nash and Natalie have a run in at Asaís over Jessica/Tess. Chris is busy sparring with his opponent at the gym when John comes in. John and Vangie have a chat at the police station. Tess, along with Clint, comes to Asaís. Upon seeing Nash, Tess slaps him. Tess and Nash argue over the fact that he hadnít told her about Mr. Reston and his goons being at Asaís mansion. Nash gives in, and tells her about Claudia following them to Rodiís. He also tells her that when she had gone to the bathroom that Claudia had joined him at their table. Todd pays Viki a visit at Llanfair.

BONUS RECAP Written by Suzanne

Tess gets mad when she overhears Clint telling Viki about Claudia Reston's father being at Asa's place. She is furious at everyone, especially Nash, for not telling her about it. Natalie goes to Asa's and tries to get Nash to leave town. Tess goes there and thinks she hears Nash saying he is leaving town, so she yells at him for that and for not telling her about the Restons. She gets even angry when she learns that Claudia was at Rodi's and he didn't tell her. Later, Clint hugs Tess when she's upset. Nash is headed out of town when he runs into Viki, who asks him not to leave. Todd tries to get info from Paige, but Bo comes home, so Todd has to leave out the back. Todd tries to get Viki to help him, but she won't, so he leaves before she can turn him in (so he won't get shot). Todd ends up at Evangeline's place, asking for her help. Bo is suspicious still about Paige, who keeps lying to him. John goes to the gym to ask Cris' advice about finding out if Todd is innocent or not. Cris advises him to trust his gut. Carlotta also visits Cris and chats with him about Antonio and Natalie. Cris visits Nat and tells her that if there's any chance she will ever forgive him and give him another chance, he will give up boxing now. Hugh holds a press conference about Todd's escape and orders the police to shoot to kill. He and Evangeline keep arguing about Todd. John gets the Cochran file on the sly so he can try to figure out about Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Rae and Simone met up again, with Simone telling her old friend about how her childhood dreams will never be, since she's a lesbian. Rae tries to give her hope, and then tells her she still loves her and wants to try again. Simone is more than willing, and they kiss and make up. Theresa continues to try to get Ethan back into Crane Industries, but he continues to resist, even though helping get his dream plans in motion is very tempting. Sheridan and Chris continue to search the compound for Marty, and find a hidden room. Otto finds out about their discovery and begins preparations for blowing up the compound and everyone in it, just as Alistair ordered.

Katherine continued to push Pilar to forget about renewing their vows. She says that Martin doesn't really love her, only feels guilty about all the years he was away, and that he really loves Katherine and wants to be with her. She tells his wife that she was in bed with Martin the night before, but Pilar refuses to believe her. She seems to be afraid it could be true, though. Martin is still talking with Father Lonigan, who urges him not to renew his vows if he doesn't truly love Pilar. Martin continues to insist he will do what it takes to make Pilar happy, which doesn't make Lonigan feel any better about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis are in his dining room. She wears a red, silky robe as she dishes out breakfast. She feeds pancakes to Nick. “No Noah! You can’t have whipped cream on your pancakes. That’s too much sugar!" Nick is shaken out of his dream. Noah remembers that he has to brings something for the bake sale but they have nothing. Nick takes him to the club where he bumps into Jack and Phyllis. Jack announces that they are back together again. JT and Victoria talk about the night before. He fell asleep on her couch and he looked so comfortable that she couldn’t bring herself to wake him. She found it therapeutic. He hopes that she is okay with what happened. They discuss how this has to stay a secret. She hopes that he doesn't feel as if she used him. He is just looking forward now. “What is done is done and now we just have to deal with it.” Gloria is dressed to kill. She was reading the newspaper and sees that Newman is off and running with their project. At the board meeting, Gloria plans to show everyone just how incompetent Jack is, and how he has been running Jabot into the ground. She arrives before everyone else and she practices what she is going to say to the other members when they arrive. Jack and Ashley arrive. “We have canceled the meeting," Jack says. Drucilla tries to smooth things over in the morning but Lily isn’t interested in what she wants. “Talk to daddy about Daniel… Or else…” Later, Lily confesses all to her dad. “Daniel and I have been seeing each other all along.” He can’t allow her to be with him, and will not entertain the idea of getting to know him. “Talk to mom about it," Lily suggests. Neil finds that will be a waste of time. Lily gets her books smiling as she leaves for class. Brad calls asking if Sharon has seen Victoria. “Could you go check on her at her house?" Sharon heads over there and as she is about to knock on the door, it opens. JT tries to act as if he came there that morning but then Victoria comes down the stairs shouting that JT can have a shower if he wants. Victoria clams up when she sees Sharon. Sharon goes to work and bumps into Brad. He is optimistic but Sharon tells him not to be after what she has just seen.

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