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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jonathan goes to talk to Jack while he's is in his hospital room, heavily sedated, and attempts to convince him that he's better now, he loves Lily and Jack can trust him. Jack seems very upset and untrusting of Jonathan as always. Julia comes into Jack's room and tells Jonathan he needs to leave Jack alone. She also informs him she's passed her nursing certification and is now officially on staff at the hospital. Lily asks Livia for legal representation so that Lily can "divorce" her father. Livia tells Lily she cannot do that for her, however. Jack is a good father and she understands his concerns about Lily seeing Jonathan under the present circumstances. Kendall is still torn between whether to get back with Zach or forget him and equally torn about what to do with Ryan. Babe attempts to negotiate with Krystal, telling her that as long as they can save Krystal, that's all she cares about. She doesn't care about JR. Adam now believes Tad, that JR has gone off the deep end, he has no cause to blame Krystal and Janet is the one to blame. JR does not listen, however, and fires a shot at Krystal. It misses her but seems to have wounded Dixie who is standing outside, listening unseen.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Butch fires Carly, thanks to Nick.  Chardonnay and Carly discuss Nick; Chardonnay tells Carly that it is obvious Nick has feelings for her.  Carly decides to use this to her benefit.  Luke finally decides to come clean with Jade about his feelings for Kevin.  He also wonders if his dad would feel the same about him if he found out the truth?   Jade assures him his family would love him all the same.  Jade even suggests to Luke he share his feelings with Kevin, but Luke is adamant that he see no point to that because nothing good could come out of that.  Jade talks to Holden about Luke, which prompts him to apologize to Luke about not trusting him.  After Emily tells Paul about finding Dustyís bloody wallet, Paul defends Megís reason for having it.  He also subtly convinces Emily it would be in her best interest not to say anything to Hal about her find.  Jen tries to guilt Emily into telling her what Paul did to Dusty, but instead she points the finger elsewhere.  Emily tells Henry she told Paul about Meg having Dustyís wallet, in hopes he does whatever he has to to get out of this situation of being accused of hurting Dusty.  Translation Ė throw Meg to the wolves.  Emma sees Meg throw something in the river; Meg pleads with her to never tell anyone she saw her doing that.  Emma doesnít want to lie, but Meg asks her to simply not say anything.  The request is tested when Jack shows up and asks them what they are doing there?   Paul confesses to Jen that he killed Dusty, as Meg watches from afar. 

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge is trying to get Brooke to tell Nick she wants to be with Ridge. Stephanie calls Taylor and fills her in on what's happening at the house. Bridget tells Ridge she sent Nick to stop the wedding. Ridge blames Nick for everything.

Thomas is hopeful Taylor and his dad will reunite. Taylor isn't. Stephanie tells Bridget she is brave. Nick asks for a moment alone with Brooke. Ridge tells Brooke to tell Nick who she loves...RIDGE. Brooke remains silent.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie and Tek miss being spotted because Abe credits the rocking car to his lousy night vision. Lexie regrets having been with Tek tonight but Tek gets Lexie to admit her feelings for him. Lexie allows Abe to blame his night vision when he thinks he sees her with someone else. Alex has brought Marlena to Chez Rouge but Marlena is too preoccupied with how John hurt Alex again. Marlena overhears John tell Abe that he will kill Alex if necessary. Abe has to hold John back from attacking Alex again. Marlena recalls a past anniversary with John. John sneaks into the penthouse and hides in the bedroom closet when Marlena and Alex return home. John watches Marlena’s emotional reaction to a picture of them. Marlena stops John when he tries to leave and professes that she still loves him.

Philip makes a heartfelt speech and toast to Shawn and Mimi. Belle asks to speak to Shawn privately but Philip interrupts assuming that Belle was going to say that she is happy for Shawn and Mimi. Mimi decides to write Shawn the truth in a letter. Belle, unknowing that Philip is the man who has joined her on the roof and not Shawn, talks of being honest with their feelings. Mimi hides in her bedroom as Shawn reads the letter.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam is freaked to discover she's not Danny's sister, and refuses to try and find her mother until Jason begins to change her mind. Alexis tells Ric about her first pregnancy. He helps her figure out where to begin looking for her child, and tries to assure her she did the right thing in taking the antidote. Robin warns Jax about getting tangled up with Carly. After Nik runs his car off the road, Maxie brings him to the hospital, just as Sonny arrives and immediately after Carly spends several minutes fuming about Emily's time with Sonny and her kids. However, she does seem to believe Sonny and Emily are over after seeing Emily tend Nik's wound. Patrick asks Robin to help him help Noah. Noah is not happy. Danny is buried. Sonny and Emily have a rendezvous and vow to come into the open with their love once things settle down. Sam accuses Alexis of killing Danny when the lawyer approaches her after the funeral. Michael and Morgan stand ready to walk in and catch Emily and Sonny in bed unwittingly.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Josh takes Reva back to the Beacon and she asks when Billy is going to come and visit her. Josh has to tell her about Billy being in jail and Reva remembers about him drinking. Josh goes to visit Billy in jail and finds out he intends to represent himself. He later tells Frank that he is going to pay for his bail. Ava gets dressed up for her date with Brian, who Lizzie offers more money to if he keeps her out all night. Coop is not happy. Jonathan tells Tammy he has a surprise for her and then goes and invites Cassie, who turns him down, and Reva to a special event. He has Ava question Tammy for her dress size and vacation preference, which leads Lizzie to guess that he is planning their wedding. Cassie comes to ask Tammy what is going on and incorrectly guesses that Tammy is pregnant. Tammy says that she and Jonathan havenít had sex since the first time and then invites her mom to her wedding.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer has appeared again. Blair canít deal with this right now. She was going to call him anyway. "I canít have a relationship right now," she says. He says that he will give her space then. After he leaves, he gets on the phone. "Yeah Denton! Manning is screwing things up for me. I need you to deal with him." Kevin finds a drunk Duke with Kelly and learns that he is interested in someone new. Kelly tries to do damage control by talking for Duke who is bent on getting with Kelly at any cost. Kevin wants to know who this new woman is that has his sonís eye, but Kelly tells this isnít the time for that. She and Kevin get Duke home and Kevin walks him to his room. Bo comes over and finds George there with henchmen threatening Nash. He kicks them out of the house. Later, George calls Nash warning him that Bo may have saved him but this isnít over. Nash wonders what the man is going to try to do to him next. "Kill me?" George tells that he should take care of that pregnant girlfriend of his. "Are you threatening to hurt a pregnant woman?" Nash asks. Tess is upset that Viki didnít take better care of her when she was younger. Viki really has no idea what she is talking about. Tess feels that Viki only wants Jessica out of her. Viki tells that she cares about Tess as well. She is a part of her daughter. Natalie gets angry when she hears Tess going off on her mother and orders her to stop. Viki is fine and wants to hear more about Tessís feelings. Todd is with Paige and he demands that she give him information on how to save his skin. She denies that she knows anything but he refuses to leave. She warns him that Bo is on his way home but Todd wonít give up. Soon he threatens Paige. "I donít know what I am going to do to get the information out of you Paige, but I am going to do something."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Pilar is getting ready for her big day, thrilled that she will finally have everything she ever wanted, Rachel encourages Katherine to go talk to her and convince her that Martin doesn't really love her any more. At the same time, Martin is talking with Father Lonigan, who questions his sincerity in renewing his marriage vows with Pilar. He keeps asking if Martin still loves Katherine, but gets no satisfactory answer. Katherine goes to Pilar and tells her that she and Martin were naked in bed the night before, and that he doesn't want Pilar any longer. Pilar refuses to believe it could be true. Simone and Rae have a heart-to-heart about love and life, and realize they both still love each other and they both want to try again to make their relationship work. Fancy dumps Noah because he won't tell her the truth, then spends the rest of the day crying, while he demands that Maya tell him about the people who are after them. Chris and Sheridan escape Otto and his thugs, then search the compound for Marty. They think they've found him several times, but he's never there.

Theresa consults with Ethan about the project she wants to pursue, the one he wanted to get started years ago. She tells him she has so many problems with it that it will never get done, but he finds answers to each problem, becoming more and more involved as he goes. At first he refuses to come back to work so he can oversee the project, but seems to waver as she applies pressure in the way of telling him he's the only one who can make sure it gets done, and he should do it for his daughter. Meanwhile, Gwen slaves away at Colliers, and every time she thinks she has it all done and can leave, Mr. Collier comes up with another pile of files she needs to deal with. Ivy works on Fox, making him believe Kay still has feelings for Miguel, while Valerie tries to get Miguel to agree to come home on a Crane jet. Kay can only think of Fox, and won't listen to Tabitha tell her things can't work out between them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen takes her father to the coffeehouse. She thinks that he needs cheering up after having his engagement broken. Brad says that he is holding up okay and tells that Victoria is the one that is home really sorry that they are not together anymore. Katherine goes to the coffeehouse to thank Kevin for helping Mackenzie when she had the support of no one. She will not forget this. Colleen comes into the coffeehouse and hears that JT and Mackenzie had a fight and that JT walked out and can’t be found. Katherine is searching for JT now. She is angry that he ran out on Mackenzie like he did. Drucilla won’t tell Neil the truth. “Figures," Lily says stomping off. “She’s just being a teenager Neil”. Neil knows that’s not it. Lily returns to speak to her mother alone. Neil leaves. “I was coming to your office to tell you that I have been lying and Daniel and I are still close. You are going to help daddy accept him or I will tell him your secret!"

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