Thursday 3/2/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/2/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While Janet holds Babe hostage in the cabin, leaving text messages to JR that Babe does not care what happens to her mother and that she will keep his son away from him no matter what he does, JR holds Krystal hostage and shows her the "proof" that Babe could care less if she lives or dies. At this point, Janet knows that her daughter will no longer cover for her. Amanda spies on Ethan's funeral and goes to confess to Simone and Kendall that her mother caused the explosion. Tad and Adam argue about how they have both failed in their raising JR and have caused him to become a nasty person. Dixie is silently listening to their conversation. Babe urges Janet to prevent JR from killing Krystal. Janet is hopeless because she's lost her daughter. And when JR believes he will never see his son again, he is equally hopeless. And he holds a gun on Krystal.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden loses his cool with Kevin in front of Jack. Holden admits to Jack he thinks Luke might be gay, which Jade overhears. Kevin tells Luke he can’t hang out with him anymore. During her horse ride with Luke, Jade broaches the subject of Kevin. She stuns him when she suggests he is in love with Kevin. Emily pretends to want to discuss Paul with Meg; all the while Henry is searching her room for clues that may point to her having fallen in love with Paul. Henry finds Dusty’s wallet covered in blood. Meg figures out Emily’s plan and rushes back to her room, only to find Henry there holding Dusty’s wallet. Jen confronts Paul about where Dusty is, but Paul claims he doesn’t know. Lily goes through some of Rose’s belongings and considers giving some of them to Jade. During this, she daydreams of Rose, who apologizes for not telling her about having a child. Emily sneaks into see Paul and tells him about her and Henry finding Dusty’s bloody wallet in Meg’s room.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick tries to convince Brooke that Bridget wants them together. Brooke isn't buying it till Bridget comes over to try. Brooke thinks Bridget is just confused and traumatized. Bridget assures her she's not. She's realized the truth. She loves Nick but it just won't work. Dante daydreams about Bridget.

Ridge explains to his guests the wedding will be back on shortly. Jackie and Stephanie argue about Brooke. Jackie finds out that Stephanie went to Bridget and convinced her to dump Nick. Jackie tells the room what Stephanie did. Ridge goes upstairs to get Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie treats Jennifer to a surprise dinner in one of Chez Rouge’s private rooms. A slow dance leads to a kiss. Alice’s hosts Mimi’s bridal shower and Shawn’s bachelor pool party. Caroline advises Belle to let Shawn go but Belle refuses despite putting on a happy face for Mimi. A rival classmate rudely taunts Mimi about being Shawn’s second choice. Mimi decides she needs to tell the truth now. Philip overhears Kate warn Victor about breaking Philip’s heart. Bonnie hires a stripper to liven the party. Calliope gets back at Bonnie by smashing cake in her face. Bonnie retaliates by smashing another piece in Calliope’s face. Lexie imagines that the stripper is Tek and then allows Tek to take her to the car to make love. Abe follows them.

Bo takes Billie back to his campfire and tends to her wounded arm. Billie admits that she was the reason Hope left but Bo doesn’t realize the true extent of that statement. When Billie can’t find her car keys or get a cell phone signal, she and Bo are stuck spending the night together in the woods. Billie dreams that Bo chooses Hope over her. Hope has rented Patrick’s beach house. Patrick hears Hope in the bedroom and prepares to attack whom he thinks is an intruder. Hope fends him off and both are surprised to see each other. Patrick tells Hope that he left town so as not to come between Bo and Hope. Hope, on the belief that Bo has moved on with Billie, decides that there is no marriage to come between.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Family and friends gather for Courtney's memorial service. A drunken Nikolas disrupts the service. Sonny and Carly deliver moving eulogies. Sonny notices the newfound dynamic in Jax and Carly's friendship. Emily and Sonny keep their distance in public.

Alexis tells Ric about the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was sixteen. She decides to search for her daughter after telling Ric she had another child years ago. Sam is surprised by what she learns. Skye gets some unexpected news and later makes a painful confession.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Billy is released from the hospital and he confronts Josh about Reva. Josh reminds him that she wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for him since he had to do mouth to mouth since Billy was incapacitated. Billy tries to tell Reva how he feels about her but she tells him that she wants to be with Josh and that they can only be friends. Billy says he understands and Josh informs Reva that the doctors don’t want her by herself. He asks her to come stay at the Beacon so he can keep an eye on her. Billy turns himself into Frank, telling him that he was drinking at the time of the accident. Sandy confronts Jonathan about trashing his room and Jonathan says that he is more dangerous than ever now that he has Tammy and Sandy doesn’t. Tammy and Cassie meet up and discuss how this is the anniversary of when Cassie got Tammy back from the foster homes. They celebrate until Jonathan comes in and after Cassie makes a couple of comments to Jonathan, Tammy decides to leave. Dinah fantasizes that she is in charge of Spaulding and that she has everything that she wants. Mallet comforts Harley and then takes dinner to Dinah, where they wind up making out on her desk. Harley has girl time with Blake and Cassie. They discuss her and Mallet and Harley says that nothing will happen since Gus is the only guy for her. She later confesses that Mallet asked her if there was a chance for the two of them before he committed to Dinah. Unbeknownst to her, Alan-Michael is listening in on their conversation.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John and Natalie arrive home from the hospital. She gives him his antibiotic, and he lies back on the bed. She goes through the closet, and finds a dress that she had worn when they had gone to dinner, and to play pool. John has dreams of a kiss they had shared. John and Natalie kiss. Hugh shoots Todd in the hand. Todd manages to escape from Hugh. Todd manages to catch a ride with a woman to Llanview. Rex awaits Todd’s arrival at Rodi’s, but he never shows. Dorian and Adriana argue when Dorian finds out that Adriana is going away with Rex for a couple of days. Layla and Duke are at Rodi’s and he is gulping down the drinks. Layla finally calls Kelly for help. When Kelly arrives, Kelly wants to take Duke home but Duke has doubts. Duke insists that he not only wants a woman like Kelly, but she wants Kelly. Todd sneaks up behind Paige, and claps his hand over her mouth.,

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Martin got away from Katherine without giving in to her seduction tactics, leaving her whining about losing him. Rachel insisted she not give up, however, and told her just how to run an end run around him. Pilar continues to feel nothing but joy as she waits for the renewal ceremony to begin, blissfully unaware of what's going on in her bedroom at home. Fancy had enough of Noah's refusal to come clean about him and Maya, and she told him it is over between them. Maya, listening in, was thrilled to hear it, as was the mystery woman when Maya told her.

Sheridan and Chris are still running around the Crane compound, searching for Marty, but they end up being caught by Otto and crew. Chris managed to escape, but Sheridan was captured and tied up. Otto will end her life once he gets Chris captured, too. Ivy and Valerie are still scheming to get Miguel to come home and break up Fox and Kay, but Ivy may have come to the end of the road, since she hides from Fox out on the ledge outside his office window and ends up slipping off when Val tries to help her back inside.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon goes to get dessert at the club. She finds Brad there and they chat. She learns that he and Victoria have broken up. Sharon decides to go and when they get up, Brad’s hand touches hers. The sparks fly, and both pause for a beat or two. Then she rushes out of there to get home. Phyllis feels bad that she might have hurt Lily. Jack tells her that she shouldn’t take things so hard. She tried to talk to Nick before but he was busy. Jack kisses her now, and Phyllis decides that she will kiss him back. Soon they are upstairs. Afterwards, she comes downstairs alone, and she just cries. JT is upset when he learns that Katherine and Kevin knew about the pregnancy. He calls Mackenzie a hypocrite for treating him this way while demanding that she tell him everything. Kevin comes home and JT addresses him. “You want her man? You can have her?" JT and Victor are at the club. They do shots and moan about their ended relationship, and then end up at her place very tipsy. She gets up to get snacks and falls. He catches her. “I’m sorry," she says. “I’m not," he says. Suddenly they are kissing like there is not tomorrow. When Drucilla gets home, Lily confronts her about Malcolm. Drucilla says she lied to protect the family but Lily feels her mother did things to benefit herself. Drucilla begs Lily to see things her way. Neil arrives asking why he can hear them arguing all the way down the hall.

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