Wednesday 3/1/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/1/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David tells Amanda and Jamie that he knows Janet has Babe and little A and the only way to get her to negotiate is to use Amanda as hostage. Jamie agrees that Janet is responsible for all the crimes and she has Babe and little A but does not believe David knows how to handle the situation. Babe is ready to escape while Janet is out. Aidan and Erin are finding romance. She reveals to him that she thought his anger toward Janet for framing Jonathan was heroic. Jonathan find a tree house where he can meet Lily secretly. Adam and Krystal are arguing about how to find Babe and little A.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will gives Gwen a plastic ring as an engagement ring, as they try to put their heads together to find a way they can get married without them being 18. Nancy interrupts Casey and Maddie having some alone time on the couch in Katie’s house. Later they bump into Will and Gwen trying to figure out how to get married, and the ever romantic Maddie pleads for Casey to talk to his dad, claiming he has a school project, and find out if there are ways around getting married before you are 18. At first Casey turns them down, but then asks his dad the questions and gets the information he needs. He relays the information to Will, Gwen and Maddie about a judge in Chicago that could help them out. Since Will and Gwen don’t have a car, Casey offers to give them a ride. The four of them are off on a mini road trip it seems. Emily goes to see Paul in the hospital, and he wonders if she is there to finish the job? They finally talk about what happened the night he called off the wedding. Emily hopes to try their relationship again, but Paul thinks there is too much water under the bridge to go back. Emily accuses him of being in love with Meg, but Paul covers saying she helped him only for the money. When Jess comes to take Paul’s statement, Paul covers for Emily as well as Meg. Jen grows increasingly worried when she can’t find Dusty. Hal finds a cane covered in blood, and it isn’t Paul’s. Hal learns Dusty’s car has been sitting at the Wagon Wheel motel for a day now. Jen is told about the new information they have. She is in disbelief, but as the evidence mounts that Dusty was involved in an altercation with Paul, Jen provides Hal with some of his toiletries in order for them to run a comparative DNA test on the blood they found at the scene. Emily tells Henry she saw Paul, but she has deluded herself into believing there is still a chance with him even though he told her there was not. Henry doesn’t want to get involved but Emily holds BJ’s money over his head, and tells him he has to help her make sure Meg is truly not a threat to her reconciliation with Paul. A distraught Jen finds out the blood they found in Paul’s room was Dusty’s. She angrily confronts Paul about what he has done with Dusty?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget tells Nick he has to stop her mother's wedding. She knows they are in love and even though she loves him she has to let Nick go. Nick leaves to stop the wedding. Dante stops over and Bridget explains it was her own decision to stop the marriage.

Brooke and Ridge exchange vows in a simple ceremony. They are about to be pronounced man and wife when Nick bursts through the door, grabs Brooke and carries her upstairs. Ridge tries to stop him but Stephanie holds him back as long as she can. Nick locks the door and he kisses Brooke. Ridge is shouting to be let in.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami learns about Lucas' dinner date with Carrie at Chez Rouge by listening to Will's messages. Sami insists that she and Austin now have to go out for dinner and tricks Austin into suggesting Chez Rouge. Austin and Carrie insist on staying to their respective dates when they spot each other. Billie has Roman put out an APB on Bo. Chelsea baits Billie to go after Bo but Billie finally tells her off. Bo speeds down the road despite the fog and swerves to avoid hitting a deer. Billie learns of Bo's location thanks to the cops and goes after him. Bo shoots at beer bottles and accidentally shoots Billie. Hope and Patrick, still unaware they are on the same flight, spend the time recalling past moments with their significant others. Hope books an isolated beach house while Patrick heads to his beach house with an old friend. Hope is escorted to the beach house and told tales of native flowers bringing love.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Mac and Tracy refuse to let the newlyweds live together. Lorenzo reminds Manny that if he does not obey, Lorenzo will reveal to the DA that his goodness is an act. Robert and Robin argue over her attending Tony's memorial service. Patrick winds up escorting her. Luke and Carly comfort Bobbi. Liz and Lorenzo argue, but she consents to not reveal that he switched Skye and Lulu's charts. Luke eulogizes Tony. Robert says goodbye to Robin. Dillon and Georgie intend to stay together. Manny overhears Lorenzo's conversation with Liz and turns the blackmail tables on him. Skye faints.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Through a series of flashbacks, Alan-Michael remembers how Alan never had time for him as a child and always planned on Phillip taking over. At the reading of Alan’s will, Alex, Beth, and even the maid and butler get their shares of the Spaulding estate. When it comes to Alan-Michael’s turn though, all he is left is a dime that is instructed to be given to him heads up. Alan-Michael remembers back to the night of the blackout when Alan called him and asked him to come back to Springfield to help and he flipped a dime to decide. Since it landed heads up, Alan-Michael decided to come home. Although Alan-Michael laughs it off during the will reading, later he opens up to Marina that Alan pushed him off from the grave. Marina gives him a toy car that she says reminds her of the night they met and lists off the things that she likes about him. Later Harley turns over sole control of the company to Dinah, telling Alan-Michael it is a present and now he can leave the company for good.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Bo questions Paige about what she knows about Todd and his being framed, but she refuses to tell him anything .Even when they get home, she still refuses to tell him anything .John insists on leaving the hospital, but Michael slips an antibiotic into his I.V. so that he will be drowsy. Michael enlists Natalie’s help to see that John gets home safe. Hugh goes after Todd. Todd wanders into a diner. The waitress starts to ask him a lot of questions. One of the other customers recognizes Todd, and confronts him. Todd pulls a gun on them, and tells them to wait ten minutes before they call the police. Just as Todd starts to leave, Hugh comes in, and holds a gun on Todd. David confronts Spencer about his talk with Paige. David wonders how long it will take before someone else realizes that the wrong man has been sent to death row. David also wonders why Spencer hates the Buchanan's so much that he wants to bring them down.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Katherine poured on the pressure in her quest to get Martin to make love to her so he'd dump Pilar and stay with Katherine. Martin almost gave in, but finally managed to get away from her and go to renew his vows with Pilar. Sheridan and Chris wander around the Crane compound, looking for Marty and trying to elude Otto and this thugs. Kay and Tabitha have a conversation about whether Kay would choose Fox or Miguel, given the chance. Kay swears she'd stay with Fox.

Gwen is working hard, thanks to Theresa demanding her boss keep her too busy to get home to Ethan and Jane. However, Gwen manages to make it home for lunch, just in time to help Ethan deal with a baby who didn't want to eat. Fancy and Noah continue to spar over whether he will tell her the truth about him and Maya or not.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis finds Jack at the Athletic Club nursing a drink. “I heard about John.” She is very friendly and sympathetic but backs off quickly when Jack says that he wants her to come over and have a drink with him that night to talk. “I know that you will be fine Jack. You will do a good job filling your father’s shoes at the office," she says before walking out. Nick is a changed man. He prepares lunch for the family and announces that he has planned a trip to Paris for them. Daniel calls asking about Noah and while on speakerphone, Sharon tells Daniel that she wants he and Phyllis over for dinner real soon. Nick then jumps up and ends the all quickly. JT answers the phone and it is the doctor’s office. JT has questions but they are not answered. He knows that doctor as Brittany used to use him. He asks Mackenzie why she has been lying to him. “If you only have the flue, then why did you go see an OB-GYN?" She finally tells that she was pregnant and that she lost the baby the night before. Jack addresses Gloria. “I can’t kick you out but I will make you miserable," he promises. “Go ahead," she says. “I have more power today than yesterday.” She shows him the paper. “John has given me his proxy. I will be his eyes and ears at the office.” “Oh please," Jack smirks. “You couldn’t even handle Tom so I know that you won’t last a minute with me!" Daniel tells his mother everything. She understands and will keep his secret. Lily decides that she will slowly bring her parents around as well. She heads to her mother’s office to see her. She hears Phyllis and her mother arguing. “You should lay off my son, especially with the dirty secret that you have about Malcolm really being Lily’s father.”

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