Tuesday 2/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica and Tad witness Joe offering Josh a job at the hospital. Erica tells Joe he cannot do this. It's not in Josh's interest to be in Pine Valley where he can find out that she's his biological mother. He doesn't even want to be a doctor. And she cannot deal with it. Tad agrees that it's not a good idea. Greg is not happy with his son becoming and intern in Pine Valley, knowing he might be found out and get into trouble for his secret that way. But Joe tells Erica that he's not going to abandon his grandson any more than she'd want to abandon Miranda. Aiden is able to record Janet's voice. HE tells JR, Jamie and Jonathan he seriously suspects her for all the recent crimes. Jonathan identifies her voice and knows she's the same woman who's been harassing him. And Jamie is sold that Janet has done all the crimes and set Jonathan up for them. He goes to Amanda's to find out what is going on right when Janet is ready to go out the door and escape. Zach meets the real Dixie and they both discuss their respective dilemmas with staging their death and whether to come back to their respective families.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Nick demands to know the truth about the phone number she has. When he threatens to call it, Carly admits she will do anything she can to get Jack his job back. Nick’s pride is hurt, when he realizes this has been all about Jack and not him. He wants Jack thrown off the case, but Carly pleads his case. He tells her that the only way to save Jack’s job is to do as he says. He wants her to stay away from him, the Galaxy Club and Anatoli. He is going to solve the case on his own. Katie sadly cancels her wedding vendors, and can’t help herself from falling apart when Nancy shows up. She later learns the real reason Jack got fired because of Carly. She rushes to tell Nick, who has already sworn Carly off. Jen finds Paul, who is seriously injured. They have a heart to heart, but can she learn to forgive him? Hal, who has shown up to arrest him, interrupts them. Paul is taken to the hospital after he collapses. Hal is keeping an eye on him to make sure it is not part of his elaborate plan to escape. Barbara and Jen stand vigil at his hospital bedside. Jack finds out Paul is alive and Hal sends him to talk to Meg, who has supposedly been aiding him. Meg denies it at first, but then hints at it being true. Jack wants her to reach out to her family because she is now a material witness and could be in a lot of hot water. Later, when she removes her leather gloves, we see her hands are covered in dried blood. Jack tells an elated Carly that Paul is alive. She thinks Nick’s public mistake in declaring Paul dead will result in his losing his job. Jack thinks she is celebrating prematurely. Unless Nick doe something unethical or illegal, then he is here for the long run. A sinister smiling Carly mutters to herself that she can work with that.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie vows to Victor to do whatever it takes to prove herself in this new job. Carrie finds a personal note from Lucas in one of the files but Lucas claims it was meant for Sami on their wedding night. Lucas asks Carrie out on a dinner date. Kate comes to Victor for help with the Marlena/Alex/John situation but Victor advises her to stay out of it. Kate and Victor argue over telling Shawn the truth. Sami blames Kate for Austin not coming home in time to partake of Sami’s romantic dinner. Sami becomes alarmed when Austin reveals Kate’s concerns about Philip and Belle’s relationship but Austin tells her not to be so nosy. Sami plays on Austin’s desire for Carrie by gloating about how close Carrie and Lucas are getting. Abe helps John nurse his sorrows at the Brady Pub. Abe suggests that Alex has been lying all along to play John. Alex’s plot to make Marlena pay for John’s physical attack of him is delayed when he returns home to find Marlena with Belle. Belle is offended that Marlena suggested leaving Philip to be with Shawn. Alex enjoys overhearing Marlena tell Belle that when she gets her memory back, she’ll still choose Alex. Alex claims to Marlena that John attacked him for no reason.

Shawn returns home with the news that Hope won’t be in town for their wedding. Mimi is angry with Bonnie for not including Belle and Philip on the guest list. Belle stops by and Calliope gushes about how Belle and Shawn were thought to end up together. Bo tries to find out if Hope is on a certain flight by using his police status but the clerk won’t release the information without a warrant. Bo enlists the help of the airport security police to search the airport for Hope. Patrick and Hope narrowly miss each other as they both board the plane for Morgan Island. Bo gets clearance to board any departing plane to search for Hope but Hope’s plane leaves the gate while Bo is searching a different plane. Bo rushes out of the airport in anger.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam has a hard time accepting Danny's death and feels nothing but hatred for Alexis. Ric encourages Alexis to search for the daughter she gave up for adoption but Alexis doesn't think she should. Jax accuses Carly of having a hidden agenda where John is concerned but later apologizes. Sonny assures Jax he would never try to come between him and John. Carly convinces Jax to move into the house next to hers. Nikolas grieves for Courtney and the future they lost out on.

Sonny and Emily decide to keep their romance a secret. Luke and Robert refuse to help Holly. Holly tells Robert she will always love him before she is extradited back to the islands. Robin refuses to forgive Robert. Luke and Robert end up drinking at the Metro Court. Patrick advises Robin to make amends with Robert.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie runs into a frazzled Beth outside of Company, she tells Lizzie that freezing her bank accounts was just done out of love for her. Coop and Ava discuss how uncomfortable she is seeing him still in love with Lizzie. When Lizzie comes into Company, Ava starts to flirt with a customer that has shown her some interest. What she doesn’t realize is that Lizzie has hired him from an escort service to keep her away from Coop. Cassie goes to tell Sandy to stay away from Tammy, but when he offers to bring her in on his plan to get Jonathan away from Tammy, she considers it. She tells Sandy that Tammy better not get caught in the middle. Jonathan and Tammy get called to the hospital, along with Cassie with news about Reva. Josh lays into Billy about his drinking and what it has done to Reva. Billy turns it around to Josh and his inability to decide what he wants when it comes to Reva and Josh realizes that Billy is interested in Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie sits by John’s bedside until he falls asleep. She wonders what she is going to do about him. Todd, stealing a police car, heads for Llanview. Kevin and Kelly reconcile. Nash and Tess go to Rodi’s for a bacon cheeseburger. When Tess goes to the bathroom, Nash is confronted by Claudia. After a brief conversation, he orders her to go back to the sanitarium. She runs out crying. John talks to Michael about what Todd had told him about him being framed for Margaret’s murder. Paige comes in. When Michael leaves to take a call, John questions Paige as to why she had gone to Todd with this information instead of to Bo. Paige doesn’t know what to say. Blair sees Todd’s picture on television, and realizes that he is alive. She becomes upset with Spencer when he wants her to go back to bed. She informs him that no one tells her what to think or feel when it comes to her children. She leaves. Spencer, becoming angry, hits holes in the hotel room wall. Kelly finds out that Hugh is joining the hunt for Todd. Claudia calls her Father, and informs him that he won’t believe what Nash had done to her. Adriana and Rex realize that something is happening between them. They kiss.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Martin is falling under Katherine's spell, almost making love to her in Pilar's bed, but he manages to pull himself away. He swears she will marry Pilar and make her happy, and will never be with Katherine again. She tells him he won't be able to help himself, so he needs to dump Pilar and go back to her. Pilar is happily preparing to renew their vows at the mansion, all the while complaining to Theresa about her scheme to get Ethan and Jane back. Gwen is working while Ethan tries to take care of Jane at home, having very little luck, and Theresa is sure this will bring him back to her.

Sheridan and Chris close in on Beth and Marty, but she gets shot before they can find them. An errant shot opens a door for them to get into the compound, however, and they soon find proof the woman and Sheridan's son are still there. Otto learns they are in the house and has his men go after them with a vengeance. Kay and Fox practice dancing. He gets a business call and takes that, while Kay and Tabitha chat about whether Kay would choose Fox or Miguel, given the chance. Ivy pressures Valerie to find Miguel or else, and she manages to track him down at a cantina in Mexico. Getting him to the phone may be a problem, however, due to the language barrier.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis shows up at the hospital. Noah is hurt and that changes everything as Phyllis stays and watches everything. “I guess that this is over right?" Phyllis says. Nick has to agree. “We knew that it wouldn't last anyway," he says. “Didn’t we?" she asks? Daniel is uncomfortable hanging out in Lily’s house. He suggests they go skating. She agrees to that. Her mother suddenly shows up while Daniel is out of the apartment. Lily says that she is going skating with friends. Someone knocks. Lily rushes to the door. It is Daniel. Drucilla grabs him and drags him into the house. “I you don’t leave my daughter alone, I will get a restraining order and send her back to boarding school!" Gloria and Jack have it out at the Athletic Club. One doesn't trust the other. They don’t realize it but Victor is watching from a table and smiling. Later Victor comes to see John privately. He says that he has some concerns about what is going to happen to Gloria and Ashley after he is gone. Later John gives Gloria an envelope and tells her not to open it until after he is gone. Kevin is with Mackenzie when she has a bad reaction and doubles over. She says that she is okay but she still can’t stop crying out in pain. Kevin makes a decision, telling her that they are going to the ER right now. Mackenzie loses the baby at the hospital. They return home and JT isn’t there. They state trooper comes to get John. He is gone. Gloria turns now and finds Jack glaring at the back of her. She too puts on a scary look for him.

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