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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh goes to see Erica, aware that she has some sort of "secret" she's not telling him. She tells him that she does not trust him and wants no relationship with him but she refuses to hurt him or get him into trouble for drugging her. Hearing that, he knows something is up although she does not reveal that she's found out he's her biological son. She tells Tad she wants Josh to leave town and forget he's ever met her. But she witnesses Joe Martin hiring Josh to work on staff at the hospital. The real Dixie runs into Zach in the park. He reveals to her that he lost his son in the explosion and it's too late to make up for lost time with Ethan, the way it's not for her and JR. He shares with her that he let his son believe he'd died, just like she did with JR. JR goes to Kendall's and shares with her that he believed in Babe, only to be betrayed. She tells him the same thing happened with Zach. Babe tries, unsuccessfully to negotiate with Janet in the cabin. Janet is tempted to let her go but her alter tells her that Babe will get her in trouble for all of her crimes if she does that. Tad goes to talk to Amanda in an attempt to get the truth from her about her mother. Unknown to them, David has slipped the truth potion in Amanda's drink. He asks her the same questions as Tad about her history with her mother and the belief that Janet, not herself did all the recent crimes. But right when he's ready to get the goods on her mom, Janet appears out of nowhere and knocks him over the head with a skillet.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

When Jack comes home fed up and ready to quit the force because of another run in with Nick, Carly decides it is time to let him in on her extra curricular activities. They are interrupted though by Hal calling Jack to the Wagon Wheel Motel pronto. Could this be what he needs to get his job back? With Parker’s help, Carly uses the reverse directory online to secure an address for the phone number she has of Anatoli’s. Meg and Emma have a heart to heart, but she can’t bring herself to admit to her all she has done. Katie confronts Nick about his undercover work with Carly? He continues to defend the fact nothing is going on with him and Carly, but Katie thinks it is strange they both are at the same seedy strip club. Nick lets Katie in on the fact that Carly told him she had to work there to make ends meet because of Jack’s demotion. Katie laughs as she explains that Carly was a big time fashion designer who could get a job anywhere. Nick realizes there is something wrong and he confronts Carly later. Did Jack send her to spy on him? When he realizes he didn’t, he pushes his way into her house and searches through a few papers; Carly tries to hide Anatoli’s phone number, but he grabs it out of her hand. Jen tries to explain to Hal how Paul is alive. She is very concerned though to find his motel room in shambles with blood on the floor. Jen is sure he wouldn’t leave her again, but Hal thinks he is on the run again. Barbara, who has since arrived, is sure James is involved, but Hal doesn’t believe that either. Jack arrives at the motel to find out that Paul may be alive and Jen came there to see him; Hal apologizes, but Jack tells him not to worry. What can he do for him now? He can go bring in his cousin, Meg because she was supposedly helping Paul all along. Mike calls Katie, who is at her wits end with Nick and Carly, among other things. Can he come home earlier then he thought? Mike explains there was an accident and his brother was hurt badly. He can’t abandon him when he is in the hospital, plus he needs someone to run the project now. Katie hides her disappointment, but tells him to stay as long as he needs. Henry worries that Emily has sent Dusty to Paul’s doorstep. Paul could be singing about her attempted murder of him by now. Emily decides she is going to stick around and see how this plays out, much to Henry’s surprise. Jack catches up with Meg, as she is about to leave and tells her he wants to discuss Paul with her.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge purposes to Brooke. Brooke poses some conditions to her accepting his proposal. He agrees to her conditions as Stephanie looks on in horror. Brooke and Ridge are engaged and plan to re-re-re-re-re-(oh you get my point) marry. They set "tomorrow" as a date.

Bridget decides to let Nick go to her mother. Nick pleads with her that he loves her and he doesn't want to end their marriage. Bridget asks him to spend the night on the Marlan. Stephanie shows up and tells Bridget that Brooke and Ridge are getting married tomorrow. She tells Bridget to let Nick go. Bridget tells her she won't be a pawn in her game. Brooke and Ridge look in on RJ and Brooke tells him he represents her life and she wouldn't have traded one moment or mistake with him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tek eavesdrops as Abe turns down Lexie’s attempt at romance. Tek waits till Abe leaves and then seduces Lexie. Lexie pushes Tek away and slaps him. Tek persists and Lexie gives in. Patrick warns Billie and Chelsea about trying to come between Bo and Hope. Chelsea lets it slip that she knows Patrick’s trip location and Patrick becomes skeptical of Chelsea’s intentions. Billie defends Chelsea at first but then considers whether Patrick could be right. Hope turns down Shawn’s offer to join her on the trip and has him promise not to tell Bo of her plans. Caroline tries to instill hope in Bo that his marriage will survive. Shawn finds Chelsea talking with Bo and lets it slip that Hope is leaving town. Bo rushes off to stop Hope but arrives at home after Hope has gone. Bo rushes to the airport but misses seeing both Hope and Patrick in the crowd of people.

Belle mistakenly refers to Alex and Marlena’s wedding as wanting to stop Shawn and Mimi’s wedding which makes Marlena call her on her true feelings for Shawn. Marlena tells Belle to decide whether to stop Shawn from marrying Mimi or face the rest of her life without him. John watches from outside the morgue’s door as Alex talks to Lois’ corpse. John bursts into the morgue and confronts Alex. Alex confesses his true intentions to John. Abe arrives in time to pull John off of Alex as John is beating him up. Alex now denies ever having confessed.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Monica fears Sam has given up. Maxie wants to die not in a hospital room. Lucas takes her to BJ's grave. Baby John continues to worsen, as does Robin. Jason manages to get the antidote into the hospital. The doctors gamble and administer all the patients with antidote. Holly confronts Robert and Luke. She claims to still love Robert and wants to run away with him. He arrests her. Everyone gets better.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Frank stops by Spaulding and pretty much tells Alan-Michael to stop calling Marina. Alan-Michael tells Frank not to make it personal and tells him he cares about Marina. Frank tells him that if he really cares he will leave her alone. Dinah finds Alan-Michael writing up some press releases about Dinah and he taking over Spaulding in Harley’s absence. Dinah is against them at first but then decides that if something is going to be written she should be the one to do it. When she decides to leave, Alan-Michael shreds hers and leaves the one that he wrote for her where Harley can find it. He gets upset when Harley isn’t as upset as he would like her to be about it. In the woods, Harley thinks that the person coming towards them is Gus, but it turns out to be Beth. She says that she was thinking of Harley and was bringing her birthday candles to celebrate Gus’s birthday. She says that she misses the guys also and runs off. After they return to town, Mallet finds Dinah and they both admit that they are glad to see each other. Mallet is distracted and tells Dinah about Beth showing up thinking it was odd. Olivia stops by Company to complain to Buzz about Josh going to Cross Creek after all, Buzz has had enough and lays into Olivia and tells her that she shouldn’t see Frank anymore, Frank overhears this and asks his dad to let him make his own mistakes. Olivia offers to stop seeing him, but Buzz listens to Frank and asks her just not to hurt him. Gus can’t escape and goes back to the cabin to get Alan, Beth returns and ties them back up. She takes great pleasure in telling Gus about Mallet helping Harley through her grief.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd escapes from the plane wreckage. Bo and other officers find John, and transport him to Llanview Hospital. Natalie and Vangie await his arrival. Paige finds out that Hugh is her son. Hugh holds John responsible for Todd’s escape. Blair seeks solace in Spencer’s arms. Viki emerges, and Clint fills her in on everything that has been happening. Tess begs Viki to let this drop. Viki and Clint decide to do as she asks for the moment.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The day is beautiful for Pilar's renewal ceremony, and she couldn't be happier. Martin, however, seems a bit reluctant. He assures her he's happy, and really wants to renew their vows, but when he goes home for his tux and finds a nude Katherine begging him to make love to her, he gives in. Pilar has a run-in with Theresa after finding her watching Gwen's job interview on TV. She accuses her of stealing another woman's husband, and tells her it's sinful, but Theresa says she's only getting back what Gwen stole from her. Before Katherine showed up in Martin's room, she visited Alistair in the hospital, telling him he's the reason she's so unhappy and that she's going to take Martin from Pilar no matter what. He laughs to himself, realizing that she's not the refined lady she seems to be, but a cheap home wrecker, no better than a common trollop.

Gwen interviews with Mr. Collier, and he offers her the job, as Theresa told him to. Ethan waited for her with Jane, and tried to be supportive. The receptionist's well-meant remarks about "Mr. Mom" and other things begins to bother him, though. Gwen is hired to start immediately, throwing a monkey wrench into Ethan's plans for the day. Theresa plans to keep her so busy she never gets to see Ethan and Jane, hoping it will break them up. Sheridan and Chris head for the compound to get Marty back before Otto can move him, after Sheridan escapes from the bathroom he had locked her in to keep her from going. He said he didn't want her getting hurt, but she wanted to be there when he found Marty. Otto was getting his guests ready to leave and then planning to blow up the whole compound, as Alistair had ordered him to, but the Boothe's arrived before he could.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen overhears Jack, Ashley and Gloria trying to convince her grandfather to take off and avoid prison. Gloria says that they can be together in Ireland and it will be a whole new adventure for the both of them. Soon Colleen comes downstairs and tells her granddad that she agrees that he should run. “We don’t want to lose you granddad.” doesn't matter. John will not do it. Lily finds Daniel alone. He is upset that Noah has been hurt. “Devon is out of town and my parents are working late, so why don’t you come to my place?" she offers. She leaves first and he is to follow her a few minutes later so no one sees them together. Kevin shows up, and Jack wonders why. “This is a time for family to be alone Kevin.” “He is family!" Gloria pipes in angry. John talks to Kevin alone. He has concerns. “I want you to be sure to let me know anything that is going on, that you think that I should know about. As far as Gloria’s wellbeing goes, I only trust you.” Kevin will do as he is asked. Kevin finds JT and Mackenzie home. He tells that Colleen is all upset over her grandfather. Mackenzie sees that JT worries for Colleen, so she sends him over there. When he is gone, she turns on Kevin. “You practically sent him over there!" Suddenly she suffers to her stomach. “It isn’t nausea, but something else. She doubles over holding her tummy. Nick is about to spill all, when Daniel calls saying that Noah is in the hospital. He was playing basketball and fell. They took him out in a neck brace. Sharon feels strange at the hospital. “It was like we were going to have our lives ruined again.” Then Nick sees Phyllis over Sharon’s shoulder. “Nick…what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

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