Friday 2/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While in the hospital, Erica tells an unconscious Jack that she wishes she could talk to him about her major shock in finding out that the person who's been trying to ruin her is her own son. Josh still does not know that Erica is his biological mother nor that Dr. Joe is his biological grandfather but is very proud that he's impressed Joe with his medical skill in treating Erica. Kendall does not know what to do with Zach nor whether he wants to get back with her or not and still has the dilemma about whether to marry Ryan. Di does not know whether to let anybody know that Dixie is still alive. Babe tries to "negotiate" with Janet but Janet still does not trust her and wants her to suffer for what she did to Amanda. JR is privately talking to his (so he believes) deceased mother, crying and telling her he needs her now. And the real Dixie is standing outside overhearing him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Nick helps Carly leave the Galaxy club before Jack can see that she works there. Jade covers for Luke with Lily and Holden and also tells Luke she will cover for him anytime he wants to see Kevin. Dusty and Paul fight because Dusty wants to keep Paul from seeing Jennifer. Jennifer arrives at the wagon Wheel and sees the mess caused by the fight but can't find Paul or Dusty. Casey and Maddie agree to keep their romantic relationship a secret from Tom and Margo. Dusty waits outside the Wagon Wheel with a gun ready to kill Paul but is surprised when he sees someone else instead of Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Mimi argue over the hassles of wedding preparation so Bonnie offers to handle everything with Kate’s checkbook and Calliope as Mimi and Shawn’s wedding planner. Patrick stops by to say goodbye. Belle urges John to stop Marlena and Alex’s vow renewal. John shares his fears that Alex will try to kill Marlena and his plans to be patient until he can prove Alex’s intentions. John seeks Bo’s help in clearing his name and getting Alex away from Marlena but Bo turns him down. Belle insists to Marlena that her wedding to Alex can’t happen. John plans to use Lois’ autopsy report to prove that she didn’t commit suicide. Calliope returns to Salem at Alex’s call to be Marlena and Alex’s wedding planner. Calliope is shocked to discover that Alex is Marlena’s husband and not John. Alex gloats to Lois’ corpse about how well his plan for Marlena is working.

Hope sobs as she listens to Bo plea to talk with her via the answering machine. Chelsea, spurred by her plot to get Hope to go away with Patrick, uses Abby to help portray a goodwill gesture of bringing Hope flowers. Hope throws the flowers in the trash when she learns they are from Chelsea. Abby, still unaware why Chelsea really wants Hope to leave town, pitches Chelsea’s idea of going away to Morgan Island as her own idea. When Chelsea learns that Hope liked the idea, she asks Abby not to say anything so Bo won’t try to stop Hope from leaving.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Holly kidnaps Carly. Luke and Jason come to her rescue, but find themselves held at gunpoint. They get in a gunfight, but Holly escapes. Maxie, Sam, and Ric continue to worsen. Alexis dreams of when she gave up her child. Robert and Holly come face to face; she threatens to dump the virus into the P.C. water supply. Jason, Carly, and Luke think they have found the antidote on a plane. Alexis tells Ric about her baby. Sam flat lines.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Jonathan leaves to meet with a liquor distributor and Sandy shows up at Outskirts. Tammy tells him that she wants him to leave her alone and he threatens Jonathan. Jonathan runs into Cassie and Jeffrey at Company and tells them about Sandy. Cassie just tells Jonathan that it is yet another reason why he is bad for Tammy but Jonathan points out that Jeffrey has done pretty much all the same things he did. Jeffrey wants to know why she can think about forgiving him when she can’t forgive Jonathan. Tammy shows up at Company and ask for Cassie and Jeffrey’s help with Sandy. Sandy later shows up in the backseat of Jonathan’s car and plays with his mind. Although at first she plays along, Beth informs Alan that she is not Lorelei and doesn’t need her to get what she wants anymore. Beth tells Gus that the reason she did all of this was that on the day he was released Alan left her divorce papers on her bedside table. She also tells Gus that the thinks that Alan-Michael is in on something with his father since when he came back to town is when Alan started changing with her. Gus tells her that her problems with Alan don’t have anything to do with him, but she hits him on his leg and reminds him about how he and Harley tricked her and threw her out of the company. She leaves the room and comes back with champagne and a birthday cake for Gus. Alan and Gus try to drug Beth but she turns it around on them and Alan realizes that she drugged the champagne. Beth leaves again and Alan is able to untie Gus before he passes out. Harley and Mallet wind up making a drug bust posing as a married couple, but when they go to sign the papers, Harley realizes the date. She goes to the site of the limo crash and wishes Gus a Happy Birthday. Mallet shows up with her and as they are leaving, see a person coming out of a house in the distance. Harley gasps that it is Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adrianna figures out that Dorian has signed her name to a modeling contract. Rex shows up. Adrianna realizes that Dorian is trying to separate Adrianna and Rex by promoting the modeling. Adrianna is about to rip up the modeling contract, but Rex tells her not to. "Are you siding with her Rex?" Adrianna asks. "I guess I am," he says. Tess starts having an episode. "Antonio?" she calls out. Nash get the doctor out of the room and goes to Tess. "Antonio?" the voice calls out again. Nash starts talking to Tess, calling her to come back, telling her that he needs her and that she can’t go. Suddenly, Tess is back. "You brought me back," she realizes. "You really do love me!" Niki pulls a knife on Clint when he will not leave. He starts talking to Viki as if she were Viki. Niki gets mesmerized and listens quietly. She suddenly falls forward on Clint’s chest unconscious. He puts her in a chair and she comes to. "Viki…Is that you? Viki?" The woman stares at him groggily. Hugh couldn’t care less if Todd is dead or not. He was adopted and he had parents that cared about him. Todd killing a child sickens him. Spencer tells him that he should do his job and find that killer. After Spencer leaves, Hugh goes to his desk and opens a drawer. He pulls a gun out and just stares at it. Todd and John are tied together by handcuffs with a chain in the middle. Todd sees that John will not believe that he is innocent. They go into the plane to see if they can find something to burn. While in there, Todd hits John over the head with a metal pipe. While Todd works to break the chain, he hears dogs coming in the distance.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Katherine continues to pressure Martin to leave Pilar and go back to Mexico with her. He tries to resist, not wanting to hurt his wife any more, but to woman simply won't be giving up any time soon. Pilar almost caught her in Martin's room, and she still won't leave him alone. Meanwhile, Pilar tries to talk Theresa out of her latest plan, getting Gwen a job that will keep her so busy she won't have time for Ethan and Jane, and it seems to have worked, until she finally went to bed. Theresa retrieved the contract from the waste basket where she'd dumped it to impress her mother, and faxed it to the CEO who is hiring Gwen.

Noah tells Fancy, who is sleeping, about how he met Maya and things that went on, but before he can tell her what happened that put the three of them in trouble now and her in the hospital, Maya arrives and begs him not to. After an argument about it in the hallway, Noah decides to go ahead and tell Fancy anyway, wanting to be totally honest with his true love, but when he gets back into her room, the rose he left on her pillow is gone, replaced by a bullet. Gwen is thrilled to be heading off to New York for her big interview, but Ethan is still pouting, feeling jealous of her success and upset that she's actually going. He offers her his briefcase, though, which she turns down because his initials are on it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack pounces on Michael for losing the case. Michael talks to the judge and gets minimum-security for John instead. That is not good enough. Jack makes Michael completely responsible for this happening. Michael gets defensive. “I did the best that I could for him!" Later, Lauren makes him feel better by reminding Michael that John was the one that pulled the trigger. Nick comes home but peeks in the window first. “I have to figure out a way to tell her," he tells himself. He enters the house and Sharon is all over him. He starts talking but then his mother comes out of the kitchen. Later, he thinks about how he would like to tell her the truth and then he tries to put it in action. Sharon feels that he is being open with her and encourages him to get it all out. Daniel and Lily are alone She sees Devon coming and starts shouting at Daniel to leave her alone. Daniel figures things out and the three teens start arguing. Neil and Drucilla are nearby and come over too. Lily shouts at Devon that he doesn't have to save her from Daniel. “I am not afraid of him!" Drucilla has had enough and goes to see Daniel. He apologizes for going near Lily and says he won’t do it again. Victor tells Nikki that Ashley was wondering if there were something that he could do for John, but Victor has no idea what she meant. Nikki begs him not to get involved with Ashley as she always makes bad decisions. “Think about your own family instead," she cautions. Jack and Ashley see that they have to go to plan B. They make a call and when things are set, they tell their father that he is to put on a hat and get in the back of the car, hunching down. “We are sending you to Toronto, and from there you will go to Ireland. They have no extradition treaty there, so you will be safe. Gloria you will have more time with him later, but for now, our father has to go!"

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