Thursday 2/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

With Babe and little Adam gone, JR and Adam are ready to get her in trouble for kidnapping. But Jamie and Tad believe that it's possible she's in danger and Janet from another planet has kidnapped her and little A. David hopes his daughter has split town with the baby and will never let JR see his son again. But Krystal tells him that she does not want that to be the case. Janet is holding Babe and little A captive and behaving like a crazy person. Dixie is spying upon all the people who are dealing with JR's loss of his son and is almost ready to make her presence known. Di reveals to Del that Dixie is alive and in town. Kendall does not know whether to get back with Zach or marry Ryan. Ryan also has a dilemma with that. Zach is ready to give up and live in solitude.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Its a day of shockers today as Jennifer finally discovers that Paul is alive and since Madam Lecoste gave her his phone number she calls Paul and agrees to meet him at the wagon Wheel motel. Emily also tells Dusty that Paul is alive and sends him to the Wagon Wheel motel and a few minutes later she follows Dusty because she feels guilty she told him Paul was alive. Luke lies to Holden and leaves for a concert in Chicago with Jade and Kevin. Holden discovers Luke's lie when he finds a receipt for the concert tickets that shows Kevin paid for them. Jack arrives at the Galaxy strip club and is shocked to see Carly there as well.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick tells Bridget that Dominick isn't his son, but he is Dante's son. Bridget runs off to talk to Dante. Bridget talks to Dante about Dominick. Bridget tells him her and Nick want to adopt the baby. Dante tells her he wants them to raise him together.

Stephanie tries to convince Brooke to encourage Bridget to go with Dante. Stephanie feels its best for everyone. Bridget gets a man and a child that loves her and Brooke gets the love of her life.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn imagines seeing Belle in Mimi’s place when he remarks that she looks beautiful in Caroline’s wedding gown and Mimi assumes he’s talking to her. Mimi fears that Shawn seeing her in the dress spells disaster for their wedding. Bonnie eavesdrops as Shawn admits to Belle that he was really thinking of her in the dress. Belle wants Shawn to admit that he still loves her and though he does, he still insists on marrying Mimi. Alex smiles as he eavesdrops on John getting Marlena to remember wearing the same dress at their wedding. When Marlena rejects John again, Alex adds to the ill feelings by taunting John about his love for Kate. Alex claims that the dress replica was only a mix-up but his attempt to throw John out results in John punching him. Marlena throws John out.

Chelsea returns home to get her things and Patrick informs her that he’s leaving Salem. Chelsea tries to use this to her advantage by plotting to get Patrick to take Hope with him. Bonnie urges Patrick to go after Hope too. Billie pretends that she and Bo have already made love while Hope is there. Once Bo wakes up, Billie evades telling him what she had just done to Hope and allows him to leave in search of Hope. Hope proclaims to Jennifer that she can now never take Bo back since he slept with Billie. Chelsea continues to guilt Billie into breaking up Bo and Hope. Bo arrives at Jennifer’s house to see Hope but Hope slips out the back.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly takes off on a mission after encountering Robert and Luke. Carly contacts Jason with valuable information. Luke makes a realization about the "mystery woman." Sam, Ric and baby John grow weaker and their conditions are very grave.

Nikolas allows himself to break down in Maxie's arms. Ric and Sonny make peace with each other.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

After the car crashes, Billy is trapped inside by the airbag and Reva is unconscious. Josh arrives to the scene and gets Reva out, but has to perform mouth to mouth when Reva isn’t breathing. The cops arrive and talk to Billy after taking Reva to the hospital, and Josh finds the bottle of alcohol and hides it. Alan-Michael sends Dinah flowers for her first day and even lets her take a meeting solo. He explains to Alex that he is going to let Dinah self-destruct and then get her to turn on Harley since absolute power corrupts. He tells Alex that he will be in the top seat in no time. After Dinah orders dinner for her and Mallet, Alan-Michael tries to put doubts about Mallet in her head. Harley and Mallet prepare for a stakeout and Mallet correctly guesses that Harley is only back on the force so that she can continue to look for Gus. Beth tricks Alan into thinking she is on his side and he ties Gus to the bed for her. When he turns his back on her, she hits his bad arm causing him to fall in pain. After she goes to lock him back up he tells Beth he knows what is going on and then introduces Gus to Lorelei, Beth’s other personality.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess has dreams of the night at The Hot Spot where she met the man that she can’t remember his face. Niki confronts Sam about the man, and what his name is. Sam tells her that he will give her what she wants in exchange for what he wants. Tess opens up to Clint, and tells him about the Hot Spot. Blair

Visits Spencer in his hotel room, and wants to move on with his help. She receives a phone call from Starr informing her of the plane crash, and that Todd may be dead. Starr hurries to the police station to be with Starr. Starr realizes that Blair still loves Todd. Renee finds the woman’s pix in Asa’s pocket. She wonders if that was the reason for his heart attack. Spencer fills Asa in on his plans for the entire Buchanan family, and their domino downfall. David wonders why Asa has gotten a pix of their Mother in his possession. Rex fills Paige in on the fact that he is getting closer to finding her son. Paige realizes that she doesn’t want to find her son because she doesn’t want to ruin his life too. Clint arrives at “The Hot Spot” just in time for Sam to remark that he knew that Niki couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Clint questions him as to who he was expecting. Tess has a pain in her abdomen, and is worried that something is wrong with the baby.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Tabitha keeps watch in her magic water bowl, Miguel phones Kay to tell her he won't be coming to Harmony for his parent's marriage renewal. Kay wonders why he keeps searching for Charity when she so obviously wants nothing to do with him, and then has a racy dream about him coming back for her. She calls his name and Fox's out loud as she dreams, and Fox overhears. Luckily, he only heard his own name, however. Theresa laid the law down to Katherine and Rachel, telling them to stay away from her parents and not to cause problems for them, or she will gladly send them back to Boston in matching pine boxes. It seems to do no good, however, since Rachel pushes Katherine to go after Martin anyway, which she does. She begs him to make love to her, and as he is giving in to her, Pilar shows up and seems to find them together.

Theresa is happy to learn Gwen has accepted the invitation to interview for the job Theresa set up for her, believing it will be the way to get Ethan away from her. She orders the CEO of the company to hire her, promising a lucrative business deal if he does, and it's all set. Gwen is thrilled, too, making plans of what to wear, etc. Ethan isn't happy at all, beginning to feel like less of a man since she'll be working while he won't. He puts on a show of support, but secretly resents her good luck.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria and Sharon are chatting in the office. Victoria points out some fancy keys with a big ‘10’ on the key chain. Sharon’s face lights up. “That is how many years I have been married," she exclaims. Victoria gives her the keys. “What you should do," Victoria tells, “is take that vehicle and go out to rescue Nick and Phyllis. They are probably freezing and stranded somewhere.” Nick and Phyllis tried to be good but ended up naked and under the sheets in the motel. They still try to hold up the façade that they have things under control, but it all comes out in the end. She tells him that when she was a girl, she was fat. “I just want you to know that I feel comfortable with you Nick.” He sees that they are in deep. “We are going to have to do something about this he tells her as they sit naked. All talk on John’s behalf. Daniel is there when Colleen comes out crying after testifying. He takes her out of the courtroom. Gloria, Jill, Katherine and Victor take their turns as well. Ashley has a meltdown when on the stand and again shouts that she is responsible for this, not him. Will isn’t looking cocky anymore, and lowers his eyes to the table. The judge sentences John finally to 7 years in the Wisconsin ‘pen’.

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