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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica awakens in the hospital to see both Greg and Josh and is still trying to figure out whether or not to tell Josh he's her biological son. Tad tells her that's solely her decision whether to tell him. They are both in agreement that neither Josh nor his father can be trusted. But Joe feels differently and is very impressed by Josh saving Erica's life. Knowing that Josh is his biological grandson, with "doctor blood" in him, he wants to offer Josh a job on the medical staff at his hospital.

Janet has Babe and little A stuck in the cabin with terrible intentions. After she's left a text message for JR on Babe's cell phone, telling him that she's taken the baby away and he will never see them again, JR assumes that Babe has betrayed him He makes a call and tells his contact he wants her found and doesn't care what happens to her. Amanda is trying and failing to reach both of her parents by phone and knows her mother is sick and dangerous. But again, when Jamie and Aidan confront her about what has happened, and suspect Janet, she tells them that she refuses to give them any information about her mother.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg gets fake passports for her and Paul to leave the country with, but later wonders if they should go their separate ways? Trouble seems to find her always, plus she will also miss her family. Paul convinces her they would both be happiest if they took this adventure together. He would miss her if she weren’t around. Meg agrees, and tells Paul she is going to say her good byes and will be back in an hour. Emily tells Dusty that Paul is alive, and also having an affair with Meg. Dusty is skeptical at first, but when he hears the evidence she has, he starts to believe her. He is even more convinced when Emily is forced to incriminate herself to prove she knows about Paul’s ‘death’. Emily convinces him that Paul is going to go after Jen because of the strong bond they share. Emily wants Paul to pay for the misery he left in his wake, and Dusty vows to make it happen. Maddie breaks things off with Nate; Casey misinterprets what he sees between them and gets jealous, but Maddie set him straight. Margo interrupts their close moment by calling Casey and demanding he and Maddie meet her at the station. Margo lights into them for helping Will and Gwen. They committed numerous crimes that could have landed them in jail. She is now wary of Maddie and explains that she wants them to keep their distance from one another if Maddie wants to continue living with them. Maddie is really upset, but Casey assures her that his mom is blowing off steam and if they play it safe for a while, his mom will forget all about this. Finally they share a kiss. Will and Gwen ask Hal if they can stay with him? Hal explains while Gwen is always welcome, he thinks they need to focus on their education right now. Will feels Barbara used her influence again over his dad, and they storm out. Will spontaneously asks Gwen to marry him? They vow no one will keep them apart, and this is how they will be taken seriously. Carly invites Henry over wondering if he could convince Katie that nothing is going on with her and Nick. Henry doesn’t want to get involved, but Carly stops him from leaving by mentioning his gambling. Henry wonders if Jack put her up to this? She promises he didn’t, but when Carly mention Anatoli’s name, Henry gets freaked out. He is even more concerned when she mentions the Galaxy Club. How would she know about any of this? She pleads with him to not say a word; it will be over soon. Henry assures her Anatoli is a dangerous man who enjoys eliminating the ‘problems’ in his life personally, because he enjoys it, and Carly should watch out for him. Both Henry and Carly are now concerned.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia makes Bridget promise no matter what happens she will be in Dominick's life. Brooke is at the beach house when Nick arrives home. She senses something is wrong and Nick tells her that Dominick isn't his baby.

Stephanie goes out to the guest house to speak to Dante. Dante tries to enlist her help in getting her to help him get Bridget. He knows Nick loves Brooke and believes Bridget belongs with him and the baby. Bridget brings Dominick home with her and puts him down to sleep. Nick begins to try to explain about Dominick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi tells Bonnie and Kate about Belle and Shawn’s rooftop chat. Caroline brings Mimi her wedding dress to try on. Belle refuses to accept that she and Shawn are over. Belle forces herself to help Mimi with wedding plans but runs out when she sees Mimi in Caroline’s dress. Caroline follows Belle to the roof and advises her to accept that she and Shawn are over. Kate comes to see John in jail and John is anxious to get out especially after seeing Marlena and Alex’s vow renewal announcement in the paper. Frankie gets John released on the condition that he stays away from Marlena and Alex. Alex fosters Marlena’s belief that John killed Lois and surprises Marlena with the renewal announcement and her old wedding dress. John arrives at the penthouse to find Marlena wearing what turns out to be the same dress she wore at their wedding thanks to Alex’s plotting.

Billie has brought Bo to a motel to get some sleep. Jennifer has allowed Chelsea to stay in her house because Chelsea does not want to be around Patrick. Chelsea talks with Frankie about her case and urges Billie to go after Bo so he’ll stand up for her in court. Hope stops by to tell Jennifer about throwing Bo out. Chelsea eavesdrops as a fellow officer calls Hope because she thought Hope was the one who took Bo home from the bar fight. Hope learns that Bo is at the motel and Jennifer takes her there in an attempt to prove that Bo is not with Billie. Chelsea calls Billie with the heads up about Hope and urges her to consider using it to her advantage. Billie strips and climbs into bed with a sleeping Bo. Hope opens the door and sees them in bed together.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Alexis takes the antidote, but feels worse. Jax resists letting Baby John undergo tests to determine DNA anomalies. Jason does not want to work with Scorpio on outsmarting the blackmailer, but agrees reluctantly. Danny sees angels right before he dies. Alexis has a nightmare about losing a baby girl. Her health also improves. Jax asks Nik to be part of the baby's life. Patrick tests Carly's blood to find a cure. After railing at Alexis, Sam collapses. The blackmailer shoots at Luke and Robert, then does not take the money.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Reva is asked to talk to the girls at her old high school in Tulsa. She tells Billy that she has turned them down. She tells Jonathan about it and he wonders why anyone would want to hear her tell about how to live life but tells her that she should go. Billy convinces her to go, and tells her that he is going with her. She asks Olivia to the keys to Cross Creek and after turning her down at first, Olivia quickly hands over the keys when Reva says it means she won’t be around Josh for the whole weekend. On the way up, Billy and Reva get a flat tire and while waiting for the Auto club to show up start to reminisce. Once back on the road, Reva dreams on what it would be if she and Billy had stayed married all of these years. She dreams of a wealthy life, but one where she and Josh have had basically no contact and Billy sneaks off to meet Vanessa, the other woman. She also dreams that when Josh came to visit, all of the old feelings resurfaced and they realized that they never were truly parted in their hearts. Reaching the school for her speech, Josh shows up having been told by Jonathan where she was. Bringing Reva flowers and finding Josh there, he tells him that he is going to ruin everything. Giving her speech, Reva tells the girls that although she has had a bumpy life she never regretted following her heart. Billy and Josh are both moved by her speech. On the way home, Reva tells Billy that the experience taught her that she is going to do anything to get Josh back. Billy tells her that their kiss and all the time they have been spending together means more to him that he has let on. Reva starts to digest this as she finds a half-empty bottle of alcohol. She asks Billy if he has been drinking as lights come towards them and Billy hits the brakes.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Nash sits by the bedside of Tess. Tess mumbles that she doesn’t want Antonio to be the father of her baby. Niki arrives at the Hot Spot, and encounters Sam. John and Todd have survived the plane crash. John finds a radio in the wreckage, and begins to work on it. Todd begs him to cut him loose. Asa suffers a major heart attack, and is rushed to the hospital. Rex and Adriana claim each other as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay gives Theresa an idea that will break Gwen and Ethan apart, and Theresa quickly sets it in motion. Gwen gets an appointment for a very good job, which makes Ethan start feeling jealous and useless. Fox almost catches Valerie talking to Ivy, but they are able to elude him. Sheridan and Chris marry, with the two mob buddies as their witnesses, and start their life together with Otto looking on. Miguel calls, telling Theresa he will not be able to make it home for Pilar and Martin's marriage renewal, but Ivy vows to get him home any way she can so he can break up Kay and Fox before they get married.

Rachel tries to talk Martin into dumping Pilar and reuniting with Katherine, while Pilar faces Katherine down in the other room, telling her in no uncertain terms to stay away from her husband. Later, Theresa tells the two troublemaking sisters to leave her parents alone or they will pay for it dearly. She sends her father home for the night, while her mother stays at the mansion with her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis wakes and comes downstairs to Jack in the living room. He spent the night fully-dressed with her, tossing and turning all night, worrying about his father’s case. He can’t believe that he didn’t lay a hand on her the whole night. She wishes him luck and then heads out to start her day. Drucilla is checking things out. She questions Lily on what she did the night before with Sierra, what their homework was about and what project they are working on. Lily fools her mother well, but Sierra warns her that if she wants to sneak off again, she will have to do better, instead of calling a friend at the last minute to make up good lies. Nick calls Phyllis’s house to tell Daniel about the ball game that night that he has to coach. He will be there. He asks for Phyllis and learns that she isn’t there and has in fact been at the Abbots all night. Daniel and Lily are holding hands under the table. Daniel pulls his away. “I don’t want to make Colleen uncomfortable by doing that.” Lily tells that Colleen has eyes for JT and doesn't care what they do. Daniel can’t see what the big deal is about JT. “What does she see in him anyway?" Phyllis shows up looking for Nikki. She learns that Nikki is busy and can’t attend the important meeting with her. Nick has been asked to go instead. They get in the car and end up in a motel room. Nick calls Sharon to let her know that he might not be able to make the anniversary dinner or Noah’s ball game that night. Then he turns smiling to Phyllis.

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