Tuesday 2/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR, Jamie and Krystal are frantically looking for Babe but she's nowhere to be found. Janet is still up to no good. She has taken little A to an abandoned cabin and is driving Babe to see him in Trevor's abandoned fishing cabin. Babe does not want to be with Janet or negotiate but has no choice because of her son. She promises Janet she will be nice to Amanda from now on, see if she can help her get back with Jamie and give her a job at Fusion. But in order to do that, she has to get back to Pine Valley. But Janet is not going to let her do that. And she sends an anonymous text message to JR that his son gone and he will never see him again. Kendall is distraught that this explosion has occurred that she cannot be with her family, that she's broken up with Zach and Ethan has died. Ryan comforts her. Julia comforts Simone over the loss of Ethan. Tad comes to see Di and confesses to her that he almost feels like Dixie is in the same room with him. Little does he know that she is and she's overhearing their conversation. But he tells Di that he wants to have a relationship with her. At that point, Dixie disappears.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Barbara has a change of heart, and drops the charges against Gwen after Maddie and Casey bluff claiming they have evidence on a tape proving Gwen did not lay a hand on her. In Barbara fashion though, she worked it to her advantage playing it up to Will claiming she did it because her love for him is so strong. Will might have believed her until he hears from Maddie and Casey about the how the convinced Barbara to drop the charges. Casey admits to Maddie he went through this for her. Their moment is interrupted when Margo assures them they have a lot of explaining to do. Jade continues to bond with Lily, as Lucinda and Holden continue to be skeptical. A letter arrives from Rose for Jade at a very convenient time. Holden and Lucinda want Lily to ask Jade for a blood test, but Lily won’t hear of it, and wants Holden to back her up. Katie calls Nick on the fact she found Carly’s wedding ring in his stuff. He bluffs saying she lost it in his car when he gave her a ride. Katie doesn’t believe it. She later confronts Carly who professes from the housetops her disdain for Nick. She demands Katie give her ring back, and when a fight ensues, Jack walks into it, and they have some fast-talking to do. Katie doesn’t want Nick to see Carly again.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Dante very cryptically tells Bridget things will be ok and he will make sure of it. Bridget is confused by what he says. He tells her some news may seem bad but it doesn't have to be. Nick is furious with Felicia and asks her how he's supposed to tell Bridget after she's been through so much.

Taylor asks Stephanie how she's holding up. They discuss Nick, Bridget, Dante, Dominick and Felicia. Taylor takes a rest by the pool where Ridge finds her and wants to know how she's doing without him. She assures him she's fine. Stephanie walks in on Nick calling Felicia out and steps in to help figure out how to handle this. Bridget walks in with the baby and Nick begins to tell her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin asks for Kate’s help in winning Carrie back. Kate, torn between helping Austin and honoring Lucas’ wishes, encourages Austin to focus solely on his company and forget about Carrie. Sami and Lucas both claim to be disgusted by the kiss but Carrie tries to make them see it as a sign of them still being in love. Lucas leaves but then eavesdrops as Carrie tries to convince Sami to get back together with Lucas. Sami adamantly claims that she only wants Austin.

Belle wants to be with Shawn and tell Philip the truth. Shawn insists that there is no future for him and Belle. Philip stops by Mimi’s loft looking for Belle. Mimi lies about having seen Belle. Mimi lies about Shawn being in his bed and keeps Philip from heading for the roof until Belle comes down alone. Belle and Shawn both pretend they were never together tonight. Bo, still drowning his sorrows in alcohol, visits Zack’s grave and Billie finds him there. Billie encourages Bo to let go and grieve for Zack. Bo allows Billie to be there for him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Tammy leaves to go and visit Cassie at Company; unbeknownst to her that Sandy is following her. Sandy calls Jonathan from Company and describes what Tammy is wearing. Jonathan rushes over and tells Tammy what is going on, telling her to go to the bar and wait for him. Tammy instead goes to Sandy’s where he reveals the tape of Jonathan threatening his life. Tammy tells him that the best thing would be for Sandy to leave town. He agrees and gives Tammy the tape, but after she leaves, says that things are not over between them. Lizzie taunts Ava that she missed her chance with Coop and tells her to move out since she is moving back in. Coop interrupts and says that Ava isn’t going anywhere and Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t have any place to go since Quinn kicked her out. Coop agrees to help but after he leaves Beth shows up and tells Lizzie that she has reactivated all of her accounts and she wants the two of them to be close again. Lizzie hugs her mom and runs off to buy Quinn’s apartment. Lizzie goes to Outskirts and tells Jonathan that if he rehires Ava she will pay her salary, Jonathan who is already in a bad mood since Tammy isn’t back yet, kicks her out. Inside Company, Coop tells Ava he doesn’t want things to be awkward between them anymore and admits that he does have feelings for her. Ava tells him what happened with Alan-Michael and the shower and Coop says he wouldn’t have had as much restraint. Jeffrey tells Cassie that they slept together while he was posing as Richard. Cassie is shocked and tells Jeffrey she doesn’t think she can forgive him. When he goes to pack his stuff though, Cassie tells him to stop since they always said that they wouldn’t run away from their problems. She asks for some time to work things out.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Asa has a heart attack after finding out that the woman in the pix has had two sons. Adriana and Rex discuss what had went on at Craze, and what Adriana thought she had seen going on between him and FiFi. They seem to resolve everything. Rex informs her about the roses that he had brought her. She later finds them in the garbage, and she reads the card. Kevin comes to Ultraviolet, and catches Duke and Kelly in an embrace. The plane crashes carrying John and Todd. They escape right before it explodes. Spencer visits Blair, and she informs him that she still loves Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa talked Martin and Pilar into having their renewal ceremony at the Crane mansion, saying Pilar always wanted a big, fancy wedding but couldn't afford it, and she wants to give her one now. Martin, against the idea, finally gives in. Katherine and Rachel walk in, and Pilar takes Katherine aside to warn her to stay away from her husband. Katherine refuses, and the battle for Martin's heart is on. Meanwhile, Rachel takes Martin into the kitchen and plays a game with him, asking him to imagine himself as an old man, happy with his life, and then picture who it is he has beside him. He is shocked when he sees the person's face.

Sheridan and Chris finally find the compound where Otto is holding Marty, or so they believe. They hear men talking about moving their "guests", and Sheridan gets anxious to get Marty. Chris refuses to help, however, because there is no one to take care of James if he dies, and ends up talking Sheridan into marrying him right away so they will both have rights over the other's son. Uh-oh. Ivy and Valerie search for Miguel. Ivy wants him to come back and break Kay and Fox up before they get married. Fox almost catches them together twice. Kay finally hears about Fancy and goes to tell Fox, then has a chat with Theresa about how to get Ethan to leave Gwen. Tabitha worries about her witchy powers weakening, and Kay suggests witchy vitamins, which Tabby takes. She seems to improve somewhat, getting her sight back so she can see what Sheridan is up to.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The Winters are having dinner. Lily takes a cell phone call privately and then asks to leave and meet Colleen at the coffeehouse. She gets permission to go. Devon offers to go with her. Neil and Drucilla suggests that he stay with them. “But I would rather go with Lily," he says. Neil and Drucilla insists and so Lily runs off by herself. Neil and Drucilla glance quickly at each other realizing that Devon really is smitten with his foster sister. Phyllis goes to visit Jack. He tells when he was 10 and his father took him to the naval base to look at the carriers. There was an important man there and John told him that when you can take care of something like that, it means that you have made no mistakes in your career. Jack says that his father was like that important man and now he has lost it all because of one mistake. Neil sees something in Devon’s eyes when he talks to Lily. He has a talk with Devon later telling him that this isn’t a good idea and that he should squash this crush. Devon will not do it. If this is about him living in the same house with her, he will move out. “Is this because you don’t want Lily to grow up? I will not hide my feelings for her," Devon says. “First you don’t like Daniel, and now you don’t like me!" Colleen and JT can’t find the stalker. Then Colleen sees him. JT talks to the guy who gets his back up when JT reaches for his camera. JT understands. He and Colleen go to the Club. The guy arrives. He takes pictures of Colleen.. JT takes his camera as he is going to make money with the pictures. The kid leaves. Colleen calls JT her hero and offers to buy him dinner. Later, Colleen goes downstairs and pays off the camera guy. Michael tries to fight for a deal for John. John wants a deal where Ashley’s freedom will be guaranteed. Will can’t do that. Not if they want Involuntary Manslaughter. John offers to take Voluntary Manslaughter if that will free Ashley. It is a deal! Will will go along with that. “Be aware that this charge could give you a sentence of nine years. Michael says that since John is taking that, he wants will try for a lighter sentence.

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