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The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

It looks like everybody has been rescued from the explosion. Right when Adam and the doctors assume that Krystal has died, she awakens in the morgue to reveal that some incompetent intern mistakenly declared her dead. Instantly, she blames Adam and accuses him of trying to kill her. Ethan, however, does not make it. They take him to surgery and try to save him. But Dr. Joe declares him dead. Simone is distraught. Ryan, Kendall and Zach are there and very upset to have lost him. Babe is all alone until she runs into Janet. At first, she's very happy to see her and believes Janet can save her. But Janet starts rambling and asks Babe to go with her many places and do things Babe doesn't want to do. Babe protests that she just wants to make sure that her family is ok. But Janet "motivates" Babe by telling her that she knows how much Babe's son means to her. Dixie meets with Di and reveals that she is jealous of Di "stealing" her life, and most importantly stealing Tad. But Dixie tells Di that Dixie gave up her life and broke the hearts of all the people she loved when they thought she'd died.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie and Casey let themselves into Barbara’s room to search for evidence that Gwen is innocent, thanks to a nanny cam, but seem to come up empty handed when the tape seems to have looped over any evidence. Will and Gwen continue to try to cover for one another. Margo demands to know who was helping them after she shows them items from her house. Gwen claims they believed Casey should help them because he owed them, and when he was not home, they let themselves in and took the stuff. Margo doesn’t believe any of their statements. Barbara tries to guilt and blackmail Will into leaving Gwen. He seems to take the bait, but then stuns Barbara when he tells her he is pleading guilty to the charges against him and will get Gwen a public attorney. Barbara is infuriated; she storms out of the police station only to be confronted by Casey and Maddie claiming they have proof from her nanny cam that shows Gwen didn’t lay a hand on her. Katie and Jack discuss Nick’s blatant flirting with Carly. Katie thinks he is harmless, but Jack isn’t convinced. Carly lies to Jack, as she heads to the Galaxy strip club, to quit. Butch doesn’t allow her to because a big player named Anatoli is coming in, and she is the only blond waitress in that night, so she needs to stick around. When Carly realizes this man is involved in Jack and Nick’s case, she decides to warm up to Anatoli. The big wig takes the bait. Later, when Carly goes to meet Jack, she subtly starts to talk about the Anatoli case to push him in the right direction, but all Jack sees is she is not wearing her wedding ring. Why is that? Emily sees Paul and Meg kissing. She runs back and cries on Henry’s shoulder about why every man she loves leaves her. Henry tries to comfort her and in the process gives Emily an idea on how to get on with her life. She calls Dusty and tells him that she has something he and Jen will want to hear. Meg thinks a bond developed between them because she nursed him back to health. She wants to focus on getting far away from Oakdale. Paul has a change of heart. He thinks he is better off dead. He has an idea; he thinks they should run away together. Meg is shocked, but soon she is talked into it, as Paul and she consider their future together.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Dante explains to Nick how Dominick is his son. Nick is devastated but even more concerned how to tell Bridget. Bridget comes to the guest house and takes Dominick to the service. The family rallies around Nick and Bridget with small gifts and thoughts on how they will remember Nicole.

Nick confronts Felicia on the news of Dominick's paternity. Felicia still wants Nick and Bridget to raise him but Nick is pretty sure that won't work. Bridget returns Dominick to the guest house. Dante tells her he will always care about her and be her friend.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

no show today

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam goes delirious, and Alexis tries to comfort her. Like Ric, Sam thinks Alexis is her mother. Courtney's son is alive, but has poor breathing ability. Carly wants to be Jason's partner. He's not amenable to the idea. Sonny insists on taking things slowly so as not to hurt Emily or bring up bad memories. After they are together, he vows never to lose her. No matter what he has to do or give up. Courtney names her son for Jax's father, but he confesses that Nik is the real father. Robin collapses. When Carly comes home to Sonny's she's not thrilled to put two and two together and realize Sonny and Emily slept together. Courtney flatlines before she can tell Nik the truth.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Josh tells Jeffrey that he is going to tell Cassie what he heard, but changes his mind when Cassie interrupts. When she leaves, Josh tells Jeffrey and later Reva and Billy that he is done being everyone’s moral compass. Billy kisses Reva after he calls her over when he falls off the wagon again. She threatens to slap him but he reminds her that she kissed him first recently. They reminisce about the old times and after Josh’s proclamation, she does admit to Billy that she doesn’t need Josh anymore. Frank tells Dinah that she needs to help him convince Mallet that he needs a partner before he gets himself killed. Later at Company when Harley tells Frank that she wants to be Mallet’s new partner, Dinah puts any jealousy aside and tells Frank that she thinks it is a good idea. Frank grudgingly agrees to it and Mallet tells Dinah that he is happy to have her in his life. Tammy and Jonathan have no luck finding a place and Tammy tells both Cassie and Jonathan that they are going to move into the back room of Outskirts. Cassie tries to talk her daughter out of it, but Tammy is adamant that this is what she wants to do. While the girls are talking, Jonathan finds Sandy who has been calling him to brag that he is the one who is keeping them from finding a place. Jonathan threatens Sandy again until Reva breaks them up. Jonathan goes back to Tammy and overhears her telling Cassie that she forgives Jonathan. Cassie tells Jeffrey that although she still doesn’t agree with Tammy she does respect her for what she is doing. Jeffrey tells her that they need to talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John becomes unconscious to lack of air pressure in the cabin of the airplane. Todd unlocks his handcuffs, and gets John an air mask .John comes to. John orders him back in his seat, and to lock his handcuffs. Tess and Nash arrive back at Llanfair. Clint immediately calls Dr. Jamison. Hugh fixes Rex up with one of his girlfriends’ friends. Adriana watches in horror. Kelly comes in, and immediately attracts the attention of Hugh. Adriana confronts Rex about his feelings for her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

no show today

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Katherine and Jill are at the club with Jack, when John and Gloria arrive fighting off paparazzi! John knows that his case is killing the company slowly, and he hates that as he was the one to build that company. He announces now that he will be resigning as Chairman of the Board of Jabot. Ashley tells Brad the truth about the shooting. He is angry that she didn’t tell him what she was doing as he could have helped. Now his plans with Victoria are dashed. He knows that Ashley still faces charges and so he decides to remain married to her. Ashley thanks him for that. All vote for the companies to merge but Phyllis. Nick sees that she is worried the Newmans will take over, but gets her to agree with them when he says she has nothing to worry about. Victor and Nikki talk about her later. Victor decides to find out what is going on with her. Mack is home alone. Kevin shows up to see how Mack is. She tells that she is pregnant JT might be unhappy. She is just concerned that he will feel obligated. Kevin offers to take her to the doctor to get her vitamins, as she was there for him when he needed to see a shrink. Michael meets with John. He that John to just plead guilty. He can get him probation or a suspended sentence. John likes the idea, but Gloria and Jack hate it. While alone, Michael calls the DA regarding a deal, but Will won’t hear of it. He is still going for Murder One!

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