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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While the people are still stuck in the wreckage, Kendall tells Ryan that maybe they should consider getting married. But he tells her that would not be practical because he knows she does not love him anymore. Lily and Jonathan hear Erin and Aiden calling them and ready to save them but they conclude that maybe they don't want to be rescued because her dad and others will prevent them from being together. Dixie is still silent although Tad and JR know there's still a person stuck down there. Tad remembers the mysterious woman who refused to remove her mask and concludes she must be the silent one. Ethan is in shock. Zach and Simone are afraid they might lose him. Dr. Joe admits to Josh that he's very impressed by his medical expertise in saving Erica. But Josh is still baffled and gets no answers from his father or from Erica about her mumbling to him that he could be her son. While nobody can find Babe, Jamie tells JR he bets JR hopes she will die so that she cannot take little A. JR tells Jamie he resents that. Babe looks to not be badly injured but she's all alone and scared. She hears a voice and it looks like somebody is there to rescue her. But, unfortunately, it's Janet from another planet. Adam goes to the hospital and demands to know where Krystal is. And they give him the shocking news that she did not make it. Erica and Jack both get treated in the hospital. Lily, Jonathan, Kendall and Ryan all get rescued. Di returns home and is surprised to be greeted by Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Maddie set out to clear Gwen of the charges against her and discover that Jennifer had a nannycam in her room that could prove Gwen's innocence. Margo finds Gwen and Will and arrests Gwen. Jennifer finally accepts Paul's death when Dusty tells her Meg paid Madam Lecost to lie to her. Emily finally finds Paul at the wagon wheel motel but is heartbroken when she looks in the window to his room and sees him kissing Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie tells Eric about the mysterious blood work Felicia had. Dante offers to watch Dominick when Felicia goes to the service. She accepts but asks him to come back in 10 mins. Taylor runs into Dante and gets him to promise to be quiet on the day of the memorial. Bridget and Nick show up at the Forrester's. Bridget expresses how glad she is to still have Dominick.

Stephanie goes out to the guest house to ask Felicia about the blood work. Felicia admits to Stephanie that Dante is the father. Stephanie is livid. Bridget feels Dominick should be at his sister's memorial. Nick goes to get him and is met by Dante who won't allow Dominick to leave with Nick. He tells Nick Dominick isn't his baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie and Lucas stop by the Java Café and Carrie overhears Kate remarking that Austin and Carrie belong together. Kate tries to convince Carrie to give Austin a second chance. Lucas overhears the plea and confronts Kate. Kate lets it slip that she did something to interfere in Philip and Belle’s relationship but explains it away. Lucas threatens to keep Will from Kate if she continues to push Carrie into Austin’s arms. Sami refuses to let Austin shut down his company when she overhears him vent to his friend. Austin assures her that he isn’t planning to shut down the company. Sami prepares a romantic dinner for Austin while Austin seeks out Kate’s help in his quest for Carrie. Sami mistakes Lucas for Austin when he walks through the door and kisses him. Mimi continues to eavesdrop as Belle admits that she’s only telling the truth now because it would prevent Shawn from marrying Mimi. Belle kisses Shawn. Shawn turns Belle down in order to honor the family he believes consists of Belle, Philip, and Claire. Mimi decides that she can now never tell Shawn the truth.

Billie urges Bo to go home to Hope but Bo feels that he deserves to be alone. Billie promises to always stand by him. Bo takes off on his bike while Billie is inside the bar. Marlena stands by Alex’s claim of innocence. Lois points at John to say that he was helpful when Alex hurt her but since she is unable to speak the truth, everyone assumes that Lois is pointing at him to say that John hurt her. Lois gets so agitated at not being understood that her heart stops and she dies. The cops arrive to question John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily collapses from exhaustion and is sent home. Lucky calls and lets Liz know he is okay. Sonny and the boys go home. Patrick gets Dillon to donate blood to help make serum. Courtney gets ready for her C-section. Sonny returns to the hospital after hearing of Em's collapse, and is on the verge of attacking a guard to get in when she comes out. Sonny takes her home with him. Carly injects herself with something that proves to be the antidote. Before they can escape, thugs come in on the attack, but Jason overpowers them. They learn that 40 vials of something are on the way to Port Charles. Tracy plans to annul Dillon's marriage. Nik collapses and Patrick has to give him the antidote ASAP. Courtney delivers a son, but he does not cry. Emily asks Sonny to take her to bed.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Tess informs Josh that they are on a date, but after she gets a bit weird on him, Cassie comes in and saves him, pretending to be "Angelina" a girlfriend of Joshís. Josh tells her that he wants someone stable and calm and she tells him that that is not his type of woman. He asks how she is now that she called off the search about Jeffrey and Cassie tells him that she is happy. Jeffrey helps out Harley when Zach brings up Gus again and later talks to Mel about what he said when he was under medication. After a nightmare about Mallet, Dinah starts to worry about her relationship. Meeting Blake in the hallway she admits that she is in love with him but is afraid of ruining things the way she always does. She later offers Mallet an out. He tells her that he doesnít want to take it and even offers her a toothbrush and closet space at his apartment. Later when Harley calls him he leaves to go and see her and she says she wants to come back to the Police Department as his partner. Alan and Gus find a receipt that lets them know Beth has been lying. Beth tells them that they are right and she is now in charge.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd begs for Johnís help in getting evidence that Spencer framed him. John will not listen to Todd. He is sure that Todd did it. Todd begs to be returned to Llanview. That just might happen. The pilot is having trouble with the flight plan. First the fog and now an ice storm. They get ice on the wings and have to be rerouted. Officer Wallace who is supposed to be helping John watch Todd keeps drifting off or not paying attention and John warns him about that. David goes to the bar and meets with Joyce who is the DAís secretary. He chats wit her about the trial. She soon picks up on the fact that he is drilling her for information. He admits to it. He is a friend of Blairís, he says. They then share a cab to hang out privately. Nash is dancing as fast as he can but Tess will not leave with him. She is afraid that she will not survive if she returns to Jessicaís family and they keep pressuring her to tell her secret. Nash wants to know it as well, but she will not tell him either. Soon he tells her that he is going to toss her over his shoulder and take her home, but she still refuses to budge. Cristian is upset that he is being compared to John r. Finally he tells Natalie that he doesn't want this. "I think you are here about me and not JohnÖ" She denies that. Cristian gets a call from Lindsay. Someone is interested in his art. Nat set this up and thanks Lindsay for her help. She hopes this will show Cristian that he doesn't need to box. Cristian overhears them talking and gets angry. He had a feeling that this was too good to be true. Todd gets control away from Officer Wallace. A gunshot goes off. The pilot is hurt. John has to figure out a way to fly this plane. He goes back to the prisoner and sees him brandishing a gun. "Donít do this Manning!" John warns. Todd canít stop. "I canít go to death row!" John says that doesn't matter right now as no one is flying this plane.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Chris are blissfully enjoying themselves and all the sights and sounds of Hawaii. The only thing marring their day is not finding Marty. The two thugs from the mob show up and tell Sheridan they have found her son, and she is thrilled she could have him back today. Tabitha, watching, wonders when Sheridan will ever learn and be careful what she asks for. Fancy is ranting about wanting the truth from Noah, but he doesn't want to tell her everything. He finally tells her about her eye, at least part of it, and she goes crazy, trying to rip the bandages off. They give her a sedative and Noah talks to Maya, who tells him again not to tell Fancy anything since it would be too dangerous for her. She's been in touch with the mystery woman, who wants her to hurry up and do what she's supposed to.

Julian and Liz have a heart-to-heart talk in Alistair's room as he tries to keep her from finishing her job of killing Alistair. He tells her it's not worth it, even when she admits she lied about him raping her, saying it was really Alistair who did it. She also admits that she is the one who's been trying to kill the old man all along, and she also tried to kill Julian. She finally decides Al's punishment should be rotting in his useless body and runs out. Julian considers pulling the plug as Alistair's mind is busy silently degrading his son for his "weakness", but decides against it. Tabitha is watching it all, and remarking on how he curse she put on the Cranes all those years ago is still working and will continue to cause problems for everyone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie is getting ready to tell JT about the baby, but she learns about the Abbots and worries about Kevin. JT gets angry. “What about Colleen and her family? I think Kevin should not go near Colleen at this time.” Mackenzie shoots back, “She should stay away from the coffeehouse.” Mackenzie rushes out to work slamming the door behind her. JT shouts after her, “What was it you wanted to tell me?" She is gone. Lily and Colleen are at the coffeehouse with their heads together. Lily is going to help her friend win JT back from Mackenzie. Colleen has been doodling on a napkin. Just hearts, and love notes and her initials with JT’s. Later the napkin falls to the floor and Mackenzie is nearby. She offers to pick it up and when she does, she sees what is written on the napkin. Victoria is at work when Brad comes in from his trip. She gives him the news that Ashley didn’t kill Tom. “Well this changes everything," he says. “We can get engaged”. She doesn't think so. She won’t do it again. Even if she gets engaged, he can’t tell her when she will be getting married. He tries to kiss her anyway, but she won’t allow it and wants to focus on work from now on. Kevin is at the Abbots’. Jack has been calling lawyers to get his father a good one. John wants Michael, but Jack won’t allow it. He even finds Michael partly responsible for this. Jill drops by and tells that a major department store has dropped Jabot’s products and will be partnering up with Newman now. Kevin takes his mother aside and tells her that she had better watch out for her future as Jack can’t be trusted. Nick makes contact with Phyllis. They smooth things over. They say goodnight. At Nick’s house, Sharon notices that Nick has forgotten his phone. She opens it up and sees the options at that point. “Blocked calls” and “Recent calls”. Sharon just stares at the phone. Phyllis is smiling to herself now that she and Nick are back on track. She reaches for her cell phone. She picks it up and opens it, smiling at the monitor.

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