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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/16/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad, JR, Jamie and Aiden are still helping the rescue workers dig thought he debris to find the missing people who are trapped underneath, after the explosion. Josh rescues Erica, with his medical expertise. She appears delirious and asks him if he is her son. Hearing that, he is stunned. Kendall and Ryan have a serious talk about their history together and what their fate is if they die like this. Ethan, Simone and Zach are stuck together and Ethan becomes delirious believing Simone is his mother. Adam and Krystal are arguing and messing around while trapped underneath the rubble. Jonathan asks Lily to marry him. David motivates Palmer to get the hospital board to reinstate his medical license if he saves Palmer's life by administering his heart medication.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily is determined to find Paul because she is convinced Paul stayed in Oakdale because he loves her. Jennifer feels like Paul is alive while Dusty thinks the psychic is a con artist and sets out to prove that to Jennifer. Dusty sees Meg giving money to the physic who convinced Jennifer Paul is alive. Will and Gwen pack their things and run away from Oakdale once again. Casey figures out that Maddie has been helping Will and Gwen hide so Maddie tries to go warn Will and Gwen but before she can leave Margo arrives home.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget calls Stephanie and asks her to arrange a memorial service at her home for Nicole. The baby, Taylor announces is Dante's. Felicia falls apart. Stephanie pays Taylor a visit and notices Felicia's file. Taylor tells her she cannot show her what's inside. Stephanie says she'll go ask Felicia if she's having a new cancer treatment. Taylor asks her not to bother Felicia.

Bridget breaks down over her baby again but quickly sees a photo of her, Nick and Dominick and tells herself this is her family. Dante begs to see and hold the baby. Felicia calls Nick in the middle of the night to bring Dominick to her. Nick brings him to her and after he leaves Dante comes out to hold him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi dreams that she tells Philip, Shawn, and Belle the truth about Claire’s paternity and it results in Shawn and Belle deciding to form their own family. Mimi climbs onto the roof and overhears Belle tell Shawn that she loves him. Bo isn’t happy to see Billie arrive at the Cheatin’ Heart to break up the fight. Billie tries to talk Bo into trying to mend things with Hope. When the cops arrive, the patrons Bo was fighting with decide to press charges but Billie convinces the cops not to press charges against Bo. Bo tries to get more to drink but when he’s refused service, Billie watches him fall to his knees in tears over losing Hope.

Alex denies having been involved in Lois’ near death but Abe and John want him arrested anyway. Marlena tries to stop the arrest. Alex tries to pin Lois’ near death on John administering the truth serum. Alex uses a receipt and a piece of jewelry from the Salem Place jewelry store that he found in a discarded bag to claim that he was the one making the purchase from the store as an alibi. Lexie insists Abe return to his room to rest and while there admits that she also doubted Alex’s intentions but blames it on a difference of opinion in how best to treat Marlena. Lexie wants to be intimate but Abe turns her down. Just as Alex and Marlena are about to leave, Lexie returns to announce that Lois is awake and ready to talk.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Carly search for Lucky, whose condition improves. Emily collapses after saying goodbye to Sonny as he leaves the hospital with Michael, Kristina and Molly. Courtney refuses to entertain the possibility that she'll lose the baby. Lulu pleads with Luke to try and help Nikolas. Robert is surprised by Elizabeth's news. Luke challenges Robert to rescue Lucky. Alexis has trouble with a past situation.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Reva finds out that Josh spent Valentines Day with Olivia after all after she catches him writing a note to accompany the roses he was sending her to apologize for what happened at the cabin. He asks her who he should be sending flowers too, and then when Olivia shows up, blows up at both of them and tells that that although he wants both of them in his life, at the same time wants neither of them. Reva goes to Outskirts and tells Billy about the conversation and then later is taken back when an old co-worker asks Reva if she would mind if she asked Josh on a date. Marina decides that she should be the one to tell Harley that she messed up and that Alan-Michael should take over for her for a while. Harley considers selling the house, she was building with Gus, but Dinah changes her mind. When Alan-Michael and Marina show up with the news, Harley agrees to turn over control for a while, to Dinah. Although Frank asks Olivia out and won’t take no for an answer, Buzz tells Olivia that he can’t stop thinking about what happened at the cabin between them. Olivia tells him that she really enjoyed herself but she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that they have. Buzz agrees to help Frank with Olivia, and while talking to himself, says that although he really wants to be with her, he loves Frank more. Beth reveals herself to Gus and Alan, but tells them that she is stuck up in the cabin with them and that they are just all going to have to make the best of the situation. Alan tries to convince Beth to leave Gus there and the two of them can try and get back home, and after Alan tells her that she is making a mistake when she refuses, Beth cracks and starts to break things.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Michael once again proposes to Marcie and she accepts. Natalie has a talk with Bo about replacing John on this mission, but Bo refuses. Bo confronts Paige about visiting Todd, and what is this all about . Todd fills John in on what Paige had told him, and how that Spencer was trying to steal Blair. John doesn’t buy any of it. Nash and Tess reconcile again. Chris and Natalie reminisce about when he proposed to her. Blair and Starr argue over Todd which results in Blair slapping Starr for a remark that she had made. Jack seeks comfort in Blair’s arms.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan checks on Theresa after hitting her with his car, then tells her it is over for good, and leaves. She gets in her car and starts driving, but she's distracted by crying and thinking about all Ethan said and never seeing him again and almost wrecks. Somehow she managed to get ahead of him on the same road, and he watches her almost hit another car, then sees she's headed for a cliff. He gets ahead of her and blocks her way, causing her to stop. She assumes he's chased her down to say he's changed his mind, but he tells her he didn't want her going over the cliff, but he's still not going to ever be with her again. He drives away and goes to meet Gwen at the Seascape. Theresa ends up there, too, and has to watch Ethan and Gwen dancing. When Gwen spots her, she puts on a very lovey-dovey show, making sure Theresa is watching, and gloating at her discomfort. Ivy tells Eve that Kay knew what she did to get rid of Grace and has said nothing, but Eve warns her that Kay may very well tell Fox the truth since she is very much in love with him and basically a good girl. Ivy tells Valerie to find Miguel so she can get rid of the girl, but Sam overhears and she tells him she's planning a surprise shower for her. Sam is grateful and hopes their kids will be happy together.

Fox and Kay arrive home at Tabby's house and Fox gets into a row with Mother Goose. Tabitha explains away the goose costume, but is very upset when the babysitter starts saying bad things about her darling Endora. She makes her vanish, which makes Fox wonder what's going on when he comes back to the room. Kay quickly takes his mind off all that but kissing him and dragging him to bed. Later, Endora treats them to a beautiful, starry sky on the ceiling, and then a fireworks display. Fox is impressed with Kay's "machine", but wonders how it could only have cost $49. More kissing, etc, shuts him up, however. Julian protects Liz from Sam and Eve, causing her to wonder why. They have a talk about the fact she is the one who's been trying to kill Alistair and Julian, too.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Jill meet at the Athletic Club. Jack tells that his father will not be back to work. “From now on, I will be the face of Jabot!" Jill likes this idea. “I just wish that Gloria didn’t do this to our family in the first place.” Lily gets around her mother’s snooping, but hears from her how Colleen and Daniel was sharing spit just now. When Lily sees Colleen she asks if it is necessary for her to come on so strong in front of her mother. “Are you trying to make JT jealous?" Colleen admits that is what she was doing. “I want JT back!" Mackenzie is alone when Katherine comes to see her with soup. “Are you alright dear?" she asks. “No," Mackenzie answers. “I am pregnant!" Mackenzie gets very upset and Katherine gets the vibe that Mackenzie is afraid to tell JT the truth. Katherine tells Mackenzie that JT has a right to know the truth. Nick returns to Phyllis’s office. He explains that he acted funny before because of she and Jack and now he has to admit to her that he has fallen for her. She doesn't want to hear that. Too late. “Please get out of my office," she begs. He will not. She rushes out herself then. Gloria’s trick didn’t work. The clothes had the test done before she stole them. Paul arrives with the results of the test. Tom’s blood was on John’s clothes. Ashley isn’t off the hook though. She is charged with Obstruction of Justice and Accessory After the Fact, and her father is charged with Tom’s killing.

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