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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The rescue workers attempt to save more people who are stuck inside, after the explosion. Tad, Aiden, JR and Jamie help them. The people still stuck have their conversations. Jonathan and Lily are together. He tells her that she can make this nightmare go away if she wants to by thinking about tulip fields. Kendall tells Ryan that they need to have some plan about their future regarding the baby. Ethan, Simone and Zach are trapped together. Ethan tells his father he will never forgive him. But Simone tells them they need to make up. Knowing that Josh may be her son, Erica asks him what he knows about his conception, birth and childhood. He informs her that his mother was very depressed and suicidal because she could not have a baby. Lucky for her, she was married to the fertility doctor. And when Josh was born, he was their miracle baby. And he asks Erica why the sudden interest in his family. Only Dixie refuses to make her presence known.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will tells Gwen they have to leave their hideout at Metro that night because the place was bought and a construction crew will be there in the morning to start renovating again. They decide to head to LA. Maddie brings Will and Gwen some warm clothes for the road. Casey starts to put together the pieces as to why Maddie is pretending to be with Nate when he knows she isn’t, when he snoops into her bag. He follows her to the Metro and is close to coming face to face with Maddie, Will and Gwen. Paul wants to toy with Emily by letting her know he is alive, but Meg convinces him to change his plan and let her handle Emily. Henry and Emily argue about how far she is willing to go to find out if Paul is in fact alive. When he can’t convince her that Paul is probably in another country, and he isn’t sure Emily isn’t doing this to get Paul back, he tells her he is out. Meg turns up the heat with Emily when she tells her she knows that she shot Paul and has been trying to cover it up ever since. Jen calls Madame Lacoste again to talk about Paul, and then lies to Dusty about why she needs to cancel their lunch plans. Madame Lacoste tells Jen she is now sure Paul is still alive, just as Dusty shows back up. They try to cover for why she is there, but he calls her on it, and finally Jen starts to explain what she has been hiding because now everything has changed for her. Madame Lacoste tells Paul that Jen is hooked and he needs to reveal himself, but Paul wants her to lead Jen to him. Madame Lacoste tells Paul she wants a lot more money then.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge continues in his quest to try to bring Brooke around back to him. She is hesitant but seems to be bending slightly. Bridget is unsure if she can take care of Dominick now.

Dante, Felicia and Taylor go do the paternity tests. Felicia thinks Dante wants Dominick to be his because he thinks he can raise him with Bridget. Taylor comes back with the results.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle imagines marrying Shawn and runs out of the restaurant in tears. Belle admits to Shawn that she still loves him. Mimi and Philip join them outside but Philip assumes Belle is crying because of the recent tragedies in her life. Belle and Shawn each sneak up to the roof to talk about Belle’s feelings. Billie refuses to help Chelsea keep Bo and Hope apart. Bo begs Hope to be with him again but Hope is furious that Bo pulled strings to keep Chelsea out of jail. Hope throws Bo out of the house. Bo gets into a fight at the Cheatin’ Heart. The bartender calls Billie to come break up the fight and Chelsea sees it as an opportunity to get her wish.

Quick medical assistance leaves Lois barely clinging to life. Abe, John, and Tek agree based on how high off the ground Lois was that she had to have been helped up there and lock down the hospital in hopes of catching Alex but Marlena refuses to believe it. Lexie’s regret for recommending Alex to Marlena prompts Marlena to call Alex’s cell phone but Alex pretends to be at Salem Place. Abe confronts Lexie and Tek when he finds them talking about Tek’s earlier request to be with Lexie. Lexie claims Tek was asking about Alex and tells Tek that his answer is no. Alex eavesdrops on John trying to convince Marlena that Alex is going to kill her. John finds the secret room and Abe is able to bring catch Alex trying to leave.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Lucky calls Liz just to hear her voice and tell her she has made him happy. Courtney insists on having the C-section over Jax's wishes. Emily calls down instructions to Nik on how to breathe for Maxie while rescue efforts continue. He saves her life. Tracy bargains with God for Dillon's life. Carly wants to follow a monkey to Lucky. Dillon wakes up after a dream about Georgie. Nik tells Emily he let Sonny have the serum for her sake. Courtney's fever is too high for surgery.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

At the Cabin, Olivia sneaks out of a room and goes downstairs to find coffee. Both Frank and Josh find her and although Frank is very affectionate towards her, Olivia is cold towards Josh. Ava hides a mark on her neck with a scarf. Everyone comes downstairs and discusses how there was a lot of alcohol consumed and there is tension everywhere. Marina finds Lizzie hiding outside, and Lizzie is not happy to find that Ava is up at the cabin. Roxie has an accident on the sidewalk and when Lizzie cleans it up and goes to throw it away, she finds an open condom wrapper in the trash. She goes in and questions everyone to find out if it belongs to Coop and Ava. While she is asking questions, everyone flashes back to what has happened. Marina explains that she and Alan-Michael snuck off for some alone time, but a phone call from the office cut that short. She tells Alan-Michael to take care of business and she is going to take a cold shower. As A-M leaves her room, we find out that it was actually Frank who called him and told him to get out of his daughter’s room. A-M runs into Olivia in the hallway and flirts with her, they share a drink, but she runs off to Josh’s room. Frank interrupts her there, with an excuse the he has no lights in his room, and when Olivia goes with him, says it was just a ploy to get her there. He tells her that he wants to be the guy who tells her how special she is every day, and they kiss. A fire alarm going off breaks them up and they go to see what is going on. Ava and Coop have accidentally set off the fire alarm with a problem with the fireplace. Ava and Coop sit down to talk and she tells him that if things are over with Lizzie she would be glad for him to give her a chance. They start to kiss but Coop pulls away saying that he can’t do this right now. An ember jumps out of the fire and lands on Ava’s neck and although Coop tries to help, Ava says she just wants to take a shower and get away. While in the shower, Alan-Michael comes in; thinking it is Marina inside. Ava thinking Coop has come after her is shocked to find a naked Alan-Michael outside the shower. After the initial shock, they get dressed and compliment each other’s physiques. Olivia goes back to Josh’s room, and after they kiss Josh tells her that he doesn’t appreciate being part of her games. Olivia gets upset and goes to her room to cry. Back in Springfield, Buzz notices Frank’s good mood and Frank tells him that things changed for him and Olivia the night before. After Frank leaves, Buzz remembers going to Olivia’s room after hearing her crying and the two of them having passionate sex, ergo the condom that was found.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Everyone gathers at Ultraviolet to hear Life House. Michael finally manages to propose to Marcie. Spence and Blair vow to be just friends or so Blair thinks. Paige calls Spencer and tells him that she will not allow Todd to die. Bo gives her a present of a necklace. .Kevin and Kelly do some remodeling in the cottage. The officer plus John take Todd to the plane to transport him to death row. Natalie meets them at the plane, and tries to talk John out of going. John refuses. Denton confronts Blair at Ultraviolet about his job which she refuses. He then asks her for money. Spencer grabs him and pushes him away from Blair. He calls Denton and orders him out of town.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan fights his feelings and rejects Theresa's offer of a job and her services as his mistress. He tells her he refuses to honor his contract, too, and swears he'll let Gwen earn the money to support them until the term of his contract is over. He leaves the building, gets in his car, and starts to drive away when Theresa runs in front of the car and gets hit. She falls, motionless, to the ground. Sheridan tells Chris to propose to her again, and he does. She accepts, and they spend the rest of the time kissing, etc. Tabitha leaves the girls under the begrudging care of Mother Goose and goes to the Seascape to save Kay from herself. She shows up the supposed astrologer, then turns her into a fly-eating toad as Fox searces the restaurant for her. Once Kay agrees not to accept Fox's proposal yet, Tabby brings the woman back to herself, and she runs out, happy to be away from all the weirdness.

Eve finally gets Alistair stable, but she's not sure how much damage was done to him, or whether she'll be able to save him if it happens again. She, Julian, Sam, and Ivy wonder again who could have pulled the plug on the breathing machine, and whether the person will come after him again, or possibly Julian. Liz hides, and listens. She determines to do whatever she has to in order to kill Alistair. After everyone leaves, Julian is alone with Al, then discovers Liz hiding behind the machinery. Sam has set up a late Valentine's celebration for Ivy, but has to leave her to take care of the business with Alistair. He leaves her in Eve's care, but Eve immediately reminds the woman that she's the reason Sam's wife left town, and once he finds out, they won't be so happy any more.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

JT doesn't believe that Colleen is being straight with him. He doesn't want to talk to her. Colleen tells JT that he is so different now. “Where is the JT who would look at every girl who walked by? Now you are committed to one woman?" JT says that he is with Mackenzie but he isn’t married. Colleen feels that the marriage can’t be far behind in his relationship. Drucilla finds Lily and Colleen nowhere. Colleen enters and waits to walk Daniel out of there. Drucilla asks about Lily and Colleen says she is in the bathroom. Daniel comes out of the hidden area. Drucilla demands to know what he’s doing there. Drucilla starts walking to the hidden room, but Colleen grabs Daniel and starts kissing him to get Drucilla’s attention. It does and Drucilla stops to watch them. Mackenzie is home feeling sick. Kevin tries to feed her but she goes running to the bathroom feeling sick. Kevin stays and tries to make her feel better. She knows that the girl that he ends up with is going to be a lucky one. Later, after she convinces Kevin to go back to work, she heads to the drug store and returns home with a pregnancy kit. Neil is walking the halls to Phyllis’s office. He hears her talking to someone. “You know… you really shouldn’t screw with a good thing if it works.” She is about to kiss Nick when Neil knocks on the door. She gets behind her desk and then calls for the visitor to come in. Neil comes in with files for Phyllis from Victor, and is surprised to find Nick there. Gloria is upset that John is waiting for test results proving that he is a killer. He goes to have lunch with Ashley in the kitchen. When he comes out, Gloria is happy. “I told you I would take care of everything.” She looks over at the fire. John learns that his clothes from the shooting in the fireplace. He fishes the clothing out and holds it up. Ashley comes running to see what the shouting is about.

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