Tuesday 2/14/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/14/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After the explosion, all the people are lucky to be alive. They all look to find their family and friends. After Amanda has gone in to attempt to save all the people and it looks like she might be dead, Janet tells them all that they are going to pay for what they have done to her baby. Jamie asks Amanda what she knows about the explosion. Once again, she does not implicate her mother. Erica and Josh are stuck together. She doesn't want anything to do with him but is forced to wonder if he is really her son. Kendall and Ryan are stuck together. She tells him if they get out of there alive, she will have nothing more to do with him. But right then, she feels her baby kicking.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie continues to lie to Casey about her ongoing relationship with Nate, when she is really spending time with Will and Gwen. Casey and Nate bump into each other and Casey’s realizes Maddie lied about spending Valentine’s Day with Nate. Casey dreams about kissing Maddie. Katie and Mike share a romantic Valentine’s Day together before he leaves for a couple of weeks. Carly seduces Jack at work, which is witnessed by Nick. Nick generously offers to do Jack’s work so he can go home with Carly, but later dreams about kissing Carly. Gwen serenades Will. Jen dreams of Paul. She admits to Dusty that she thinks Paul may be alive. Dusty promises to stand by her no matter what she feels and believes about Paul. Paul and Meg dance around what they are starting to feel for one another. Paul thinks it is best for her to leave, but is happy when she decides to stay by his side. Lily takes a pregnancy test after Jade’s feeling. She happily tells Holden he is going to be a daddy again. After the initial shock wears off, Holden and Lily warm to the idea and joyously plan to make an appointment for an ultra sound. Holden still wants Lily to consider asking Jade to have a blood test done. Lily agrees to think about it.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tries to woo Brooke back to him with a bag full of Valentine cards. He asks her if there is a small chance she can forgive him. She thinks about it. Felicia is concerned that Nick and Bridget's baby dying may cause them not to be able to raise Dominick. Nick assures her they will be fine.

Dante goes to Taylor for help with what to do about baby Dominick. Taylor thinks a paternity test is the way to go. Dante asks her to come see Felicia with him. Felicia is furious when they show up. Taylor tries to calmly talk Felicia into seeing how important it is to find out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Alex confronts Lois once John leaves but secretly claims that he really wants to stay with Marlena. John finds Marlena at the hospital and tells her what Lois said but Marlena doesn’t believe him. John takes Marlena to Lois so she can hear it from Lois. Alex slips back into the secret observation room moments before Marlena and John walk in to find Lois hanging from the ceiling. Philip’s gift of a locket on their dinner date leads Belle seeing Shawn in Philip’s place. Philip surprises Belle with his renewed ability to dance. Bonnie sends Mimi and Shawn out to Chez Rouge for a romantic dinner. Belle at first hides her disappointment at seeing Shawn arrive with Mimi. Shawn surprises Mimi with a real engagement ring containing the Horton family diamond. The finality of the ring makes Belle show her true feelings to Shawn.

Bo brings Chelsea to the police station for booking but is able to use his reputation to get Chelsea released on bail. Chelsea sees keeping Bo and Hope apart her only way of staying out of jail. Patrick accompanies Hope home and they find a box had been delivered of Zack’s school things. In it, Hope finds a valentine Zack made for her, the baseball cards Shawn gave to Zack, and the miniature version of the Fancy Face that Bo carved for Zack. Bo returns home in time to see Patrick consoling Hope and lashes out at him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Georgie and Dillon are married. Dillon collapses and becomes unresponsive as his fever climbs. Georgie makes an impassioned plea for him to live. A feverish Carly believes she and Jason are still lovers but later becomes more lucid. Jason explains to Carly why they are better off just being friends. Jason and Carly set out for the island.

Sonny's condition continues to improve. Sonny tells Emily he staged the kiss with Carly. Emily and Sonny admit they love each other. Kelly tells Jax that the safest thing for Courtney would be to risk the baby being stillborn. Jax informs Courtney of her options. Courtney is determined to have a c-section to try and save her baby despite the risk to her own life. Maxie collapses while stuck on the elevator with Nikolas. Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother Adella. Ric angrily confronts "Adella" about abandoning him as a child.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!!

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie tries to get Coop to believe her and she tells him that he promised never to leave her. He reminds her of all of the promises that she broke to him. Ava tells Coop that it is for the best that Lizzie is out of his life. Olivia invites Josh along to visit the cabin also, explaining that she thinks it may be a good place for Lewis to buy. Buzz also invites Ava to join them. Alan-Michael and Marina go to the cabin to be alone, but find it is closed down. Alan-Michael breaks down the door and they start to kiss and undress. Once Olivia and company get to the cabin, Frank seeing the smoke coming from the fireplace breaks in to find Alan-Michael and Marina half dressed on the floor. After everyone calms down, Olivia starts to hand out room assignments, putting Marina and Alan-Michael on opposite sides of the cabin, to Frank’s delight. Josh arrives as the rooms are being handed out and Buzz comments to Olivia that she is using Frank and Josh to make each other jealous. Olivia comments that he knows her so well. Harley goes to the house to say goodbye to Gus and she imagines he is there with her. Beth finds an unconscious Gus outside of where she is holding him and Alan and drags him back inside, telling him that she isn’t ready for him to leave just yet.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess hitchhikes, and is found by Nash. After a brief argument over his feelings for Jessica, they kiss. Antonio, searching for Jessica falls into a bear trap, but with the help of Jessica talking to him, he manages to get free. Natalie receives a bunch of red roses from Clint. John gets the assignment of transporting Todd to the death row prison. John happily accepts. Asa and Matthew have dinner at the Palace so Asa can spend some time with Renee. Michael wants to propose to Marcie, but gets sidetracked. He receives helpful advice from Roxie, and negative advice from David.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Valentine's Day finds love busting out all over, especially in Ethan's office. He and Theresa are almost devouring each other in their lustfu grappling. Lost in his desire for her, he is ready to give in to his deep love and desire for her, but manages to pull himself out of the nosedive and get back on solid ground. He says he can't take her as his mistress because he has too much respect for her, he is married to Gwen and can't lie to her, and he want's to keep his own self-respect. Sheridan re-thinks Chris' proposal, and seems to be drawing closer to accepting it, especially when another couple at the romantic restaurant Chris took her too become engaged. She's still afraid to try it, tho.

Alistair fights for his life, as Eve and the nurses work to stabilize him. Sam, Ivy, and Julian watch, hoping it will be the end of him. Liz hides behind some machinery and gloats when it seems her plan to kill the old lizard is actually working. The others wonder who could be trying so hard to kill him, not knowing Liz is there with them. Fox (the new one) takes Kay to dinner and surprises her with an astrologer, to read their future. Tabitha, first worried that he might be getting ready to propose to Kay and ruin their chances forever, becomes upset that they are consulting a fake, which all astrologers are, in her mind. Once the woman begins her act, Kay wonders what's going on, too, but she's willing to listen, especially when the woman seems to tell them all is well in the universe and the time is right for them to get engaged.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria doesn't like the way that Jack is handling the business. She reads in the paper about the injunction being denied and tells Jack that he gave up a great opportunity and now the family is embarrassed. “Who is watching the store Jack? We didn’t need this. Now John has one more thing to worry about!" Neil and Drucilla have gotten permission from the court to have their daughter stay home. The conditions are that she get in no trouble and that she enroll in school. Drucilla is skeptical about Lily going to Daniel’s school, but soon agrees that it is alright. Lily assures her that Daniel isn’t an issue. Devon offers to watch her as well. Daniel goes to the Club and asks Gina if she could arrange for he and Lily to meet there from time to time. She doesn't want to get involved but then agrees to give them a private area where they can meet. Daniel gets Colleen to call Lily and ask her to breakfast. Lily gets permission to go but meets Daniel at the club where Daniel is waiting for her in secret. Phyllis and Nick make a date. Sharon sees Phyllis buying lingerie and assumes that it is for Jack. Phyllis says they are being adults. Later, Sharon tells Nick of her chat. “I think they are getting back together. When alone, Nick gets a message from Phyllis canceling lunch. She has something else to do. Nick wonders if she is busy with someone else. Gloria is pissed! She learns that John has confessed and that now there is blood as evidence as well. She unleashes her anger on Ashley and then when alone makes a call to get her hands on the clothes that are being tested for evidence. She heads to the door, vowing that she will protect John if it means burning that lab to the ground.

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