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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Janet from another planet is ready to blow up the entire building where the ball is held and kill everybody there. At the ball, Jack and Ryan tell Lily and Jonathan that they cannot continue seeing each other and their relationship cannot be. But neither Jonathan nor Lily want to listen and are determined to keep seeing each other no matter what. Erica attempts to get Greg to admit to doing what Tad revealed to her that he did, in extracting her eggs all those years ago so that Josh could be born. She doesn't have a chance to tell them however. Kendall goes and tells JR he cannot allow himself to trust Babe and make the same mistake she made in failing to see the no good person that Zach is. Kendall then makes a speech asking everybody at the ball to remove their masks and reveal who they are. Everybody does except for the mysterious woman (the real Dixie). Simone approaches her and attempts to get her to remove her mask and reveal herself. Amanda awakens after her mother knocked her out and finds out that her mother plans to blow up the ball. She tries to stop her but it's too late. The entire place is blown apart and it looks like everybody there is either dead or fatally injured. Only Tad awakens, looking badly injured. And he asks if anybody there is alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jack wants to know what is going on between Nick and Carly when he finds them together when Carly says she was going to be home alone? Jack and Carly argue about her lying. His trust has been broken, but Carly thinks Jack is simply mad because Nick brought her home. She covers by trying to explain she felt obligated to look for Will and Gwen and didn’t want to involve him because he is a cop. Either way, Jack leaves angrily and Carly decides going undercover at the strip club isn’t worth her marriage. Katie is worried if Mike leaves, their wedding will go up in smoke. He promises that they will be fine. She needs to stay in Oakdale and plan their wedding so when he gets home they can tie the knot. Mike is glad Nick is going to stay at the cottage for a while longer to look after Katie when he is gone. Katie continues to notice Nick’s subtle comments about Carly. When he looks longingly at the handkerchief he wiped Carly’s lipstick on, we have to ask what kind of feelings does he have for her? Lucinda meets Jade, and is skeptical. She thinks her accident with Luke might have been too coincidental. She pleads with Holden to get a DNA test. Jade asks Lily a personal question – is she pregnant? Meg arrives back in Oakdale expecting a message from Paul (thanks to Henry’s phony message), and is surprised to hear there is no message. Paul disguises himself as the French man as he eavesdrops on Jen’s conversation with Madame Lacoste, who now changes her tune, and tells a shocked Jen she thinks Paul is in fact alive. A disguised Paul comes face to face with Jen, who doesn’t recognize him. He later slips Meg a matchbook with a message on it and she realizes who the strange man was.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dante brings up a very touchy subject to Felicia. Their drunken night in Nice, in which he picked her up and they made love. She thanks him, but it was only sex, nothing more. She thought they had been very responsible and used protection and he conveyed they did......the first time. It had been an all night marathon and they weren't as careful subsequent times. She is in deep denial though and won't hear of any suggestion that he might be Dominick's father when Dante wants to do the right thing and insists on medical tests. Later Dante tries to tell Nick the truth, but Felicia manages to stop him in time.

Bridget and Taylor share in their sorrow of losing the baby and Ridge. She tells Taylor she even told Nick he was free to be with her mother now, but he wanted to be with her. She's not sure her life will ever be the same or she can be a mother to Dominick. Brooke meets Nick on the boat and he explains to her that Bridget still has her insecurities where they are concerned. She reminds him that Dominick is going to be their source of joy, their "road to recovery". He muses it is much like her and R.J. and Forrester. But, she says she can not live always putting her needs first. R.J. has to come first now, Bridget too.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena agrees to let Alex leave because he claims he’s going out in search of her Valentine’s Day gift but then insists on coming with him. Alex claims it would ruin the surprise so Marlena agrees to let him leave on his own. Marlena finds a picture of her and John and flashes back to a past Valentine’s Day with John. Lois tries to choke John but John pins back her arm and injects the truth serum. John doesn’t notice when Alex looks in on them. Marlena arrives at the hospital and confronts whom she mistakenly thinks is Alex. Alex spots Marlena before she can really see him and stays out of sight. John taunts Lois with the threat that Alex plans to keep her locked up to get her to admit that she’s plotting with Alex to kill Marlena. Alex uses a secret two-way mirror and intercom to listen in on John and Lois.

The guard questions why Abe really wanted him to leave Lois’ room but agrees to run the fake errand when Abe threatens to report him to Roman. Tek corners Lexie in Abe’s room to plead his feelings for her but Lexie insists that she will stay loyal to Abe. Abe walks in and wants to know what they were talking about but they explain it away. Abe sits Marlena down to advise her to get back with John and to stay alert when it comes to Alex. Marlena refuses to leave Alex without proof of his ill intentions. Zack’s immediate family says their tearful goodbyes before Zack’s casket is lowered into the ground. Kate approaches Billie and Chelsea with an idea to keep Chelsea from going to prison. Victor threatens to make Kate pay should she try and use Bo and Hope’s rift to bring Bo and Billie back together. The cops respectfully wait until the end of the funeral to arrest Chelsea but Bo insists on being the one to read Chelsea her rights. Patrick reaches out to a grieving Hope. During an argument over Mimi’s insistence to tell the truth, Bonnie admits that she’s been faking her heart condition. Bonnie uses the Cinderella fairy tale to entice Mimi to keep quiet. Mimi tells Shawn that she now wants to get married right away.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Dillon manages to convince Tracy to give her "blessing" on his marriage. Sonny argues about taking the serum. Jason gets into a gunfight at the lab, and Carly collapses. Patrick lies to Sonny, telling him that his bloodwork reveals that Sonny is worse off than Nik, to force him to accept the medicine and so that Emily does not have to make the choice. Courtney is admitted to the hospital. Maxie convinces Mac to sign permission for the wedding. Courtney says Jax was not with her. Helena kidnapped her, but Courtney escaped. Jason captures a Crylene doctor and turns him over to the police. Carly rouses and wants to shoot pool, thinking they are at Jake's. The doctor says if Courtney does not have a C section the baby will die. Emily affirms her love for Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Gus tries to call Company, and Zach answers the phone. He says Gus out loud and Beth grabs the phone. Beth tells Harley, Frank, and Buzz that there is just a dial tone. Billy tells Reva that he thinks that there is more to her than just “Reva and Josh” when she says that Josh told her that he wants to spend Valentines Day by himself. Buzz comes by and tells them to leave Olivia alone and Reva correctly guesses that he is interested in her. Billy and Buzz discuss being interested in women who are interested in other men. After finding Olivia telling Emma about finding a guy eventually, Josh and Olivia share a kiss. Josh tells her that he isn’t ready for anything serious and doesn’t want to let either her or Emma down. Olivia says she understands and calls Frank to invite him and his family out for Valentines Day. Harley decides to go to the Spaulding Valentines Day party after all, where Alan-Michael has admitted to Alexandra that he is all set to take over as CEO. Alex starts to announce Alan-Michael’s takeover, but he interrupts and offers a toast to Harley instead, telling Alex that it will look bad to take the company away from the grieving widow while she is there. He tells Marina that he had to cover for a million-dollar mistake that Harley made. At the party, Mallet tells Dinah that she can introduce him as her boyfriend if she wants. Later, Dinah tells Mallet to go dance with Harley to “save” her and she thanks him for always coming to her rescue. He tells her it’s just the type of things that you do for people you love. Harley gets upset and runs off to say goodbye to Gus one last time.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair visits Todd in prison. She encourages him to fight for his life for the sake of their children. He refuses to fight since Blair doesn’t believe that he is innocent. He calls for the guard. Margaret and Spencer argue over the fact that he had Todd set up in order for him to get Blair. She remarks that it isn’t like he would kill her. Spence puts on a pair of black gloves. She screams. Michael tries to propose to Marcie by putting her engagement on her sundae, but changes his mind at the last moment. He pours the sundae all over her trying to retrieve the ring. She becomes furious with him. Nash reads a letter from Tess. He goes looking for her, and finds her walking on the side of the road. Niki has been picked up by a truck driver. She inquires of him about a place called the “Hot Spot”. She encourages him to take her there.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa continues her full-court press on Ethan, trying to convince him to come to work for her at Crane and be her co-CEO. He is totally tempted, finding it hard to turn down the offer of the life he's always wanted to have, but he still refuses to leave Gwen. Theresa says that's ok, he can stay with Gwen and she'll be his mistress! The offer has caught his attention. Noah still wants to tell Fancy the truth about him and Maya, but Maya is worried it might put the two of them in even more danger. Sam is beginning to get the same feeling. Julian, Eve, Sam, and Ivy wonder about who it was that shot Julian and tried to kill Alistair, and whether it's the same person.

Liz paid a visit to the comatose Alistair, reveling in the fact that the powerful and evil old monster is a weak, helpless invalid now. She remembers the threats he made to her at the party before he was stabbed, about how he would tell Eve what Liz had done to ruin her life. He said it will end up with Eve being thought an angel, while everyone will know what a wicked woman Liz really is. Liz will have none of that, and laughs as she pulls the plug on his machines, then watches him struggle for breath. Sheridan tells Chris she can't accept his proposal, and while he was upset and sure she doesn't return his love at first, her explanation calmed him down and he agreed to wait before asking her again.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is ready to give Nikki another of his famous gifts. Uncut diamonds. He tell Nikki to save them and when she is ready to have her grand opening, she can take them and get a piece made. “I have given you the materials and you can make with them what you wish,” he promises. Colleen finds JT at the boutique. He is going to a party later. Colleen isn’t. She offers to help him find Mack a gift but JT wants to do this himself. He buys a bracelet and goes to another part of the store. Lily enters and Colleen tells that she will pretend to be Daniel’s girl if Lily wants. They hug as Colleen eyes JT in the corner. Nick runs to the office while his family gets ready for dinner. He finds Phyllis. Flowers and a gift arrive. She thinks Nick sent them, but it is from Jack. Nick that she will not let him off easy after the way that he treated her before. When she suggests that he is jealous, he leaves. He heads to the ranch with tickets to Paris for Sharon. Colleen enters on Daniel’s arm. Colleen goes to Mackenzie to hint that the bracelet looks almost as good as a gift that JT bought her once. Mackenzie says she is selfish dating Daniel who isn’t over Lily. Colleen thought Mack would be glad to see her dating. When JT and Mackenzie leave, Colleen watches, saying, “Enjoy it while it lasts…” Drucilla finds a moment to corner Colleen asking about her dating her best friend’s ex. Colleen says that isn’t strange as she has known Daniel as long as Lily has. Neil in turn heads to Daniel to ask about Colleen. Daniel tells him that is none of his business. Neil says that he is making it his business.

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