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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad drops the bombshell upon Erica that Josh is her son. She tells him that's impossible. She knows she only gave birth to Kendall and Bianca. But he explains to her that he examined the DNA of her, Josh and Greg and found out that Greg is not Josh's father but Erica is his mother. And Tad's brother, Jeff is Josh's father. He tells her that when she believed that Greg performed the abortion on her all those years ago, what he really did was harvest the eggs with Jeff's sperm and Greg's wife carried and gave birth to Josh. But the tells her that Josh knows nothing about that. Amanda gets released from jail and tells her mother she has no axe to grind with Erica or anybody at the ball anymore because they are no longer making false accusations of her. She also "disappoints" her mother by telling her she's crazy and that "Janet from another planet" ruined her life. She tells Janet she either turns herself back into the mental institution or she will tell everybody that Janet is responsible for all of the terrible things that have happened in Pine Valley throughout the last few months. Janet is not going to let that happen, however. So she knocks her daughter out and is ready to set off an explosion to blow up the entire building and all the people who are at the ball.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Carly insists that Jack go into work that night, he wants to know what she is hiding? Carly covers by saying she doesn’t want him losing another job because of her. After Jack leaves, Carly goes into ‘work’, where Nick is anxiously awaiting her. She needs to leave soon after though, because the babysitter’s child is sick. Nick gives Carly a ride home when her car won’t start. He accompanies Carly to her front door and is in the process of slowly wiping her lipstick off so Jack won’t see it, when Jack opens the door demanding to know what is going on? Margo comes face to face with Paul in his motel room, when searching for Will and Gwen, but he is disguised as a French man. He continues to fight his respiratory infection, which Margo picks up on. Casey attempts to apologize to Maddie, but his attempts cause another argument with her. He is curious as to why she has so much food? She covers by saying she is bringing it to Nate, but when Nate shows up he is obviously oblivious to his supposed date with Maddie, and she is forced to lie again. Maddie brings Gwen and Will their food at the Metro and then figures out a plan to keep Margo off their heels. Maddie later meets up with Margo and tells her that she was on the rooftop and found takeout food boxes and a bus ticket with departure times circled. Casey is confused as to why she would be helping his mom find Will and Gwen when she was defending them to him earlier? Mike tells Katie they have to postpone their April wedding. He has to go help his brother on an architectural project that fell through, but it has the potential to make them a lot of money. Katie agrees to let him leave for three weeks, but fights her feelings of superstition, when Mike knocks over and breaks a wedding object. Jen is tortured about Paul’s death and contemplates getting in touch with the psychic who had told her that her grief for Paul is misguided. She hides her feelings about this subject from Dusty, and later secretly makes plans to meet up with this woman, who we see is working for Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena and Alex decide to head home early from the funeral. The guard accidentally leaves the door unlocked and Lois escapes. Lois calls Alex and insists that Alex come release her from the hospital. Alex convinces Lois to go back to her room to wait for him. Lois makes it back to her room moments before the guard returns. Marlena has a flashback to a romantic moment with John. Alex tries to head for the hospital but Marlena refuses to let him leave. Abe advises John to use his leeway as an ISA agent to spy on Alex. Abe distracts the guard so John can go in and give Lois the truth serum.

Bonnie finds Mimi’s diary and decides to read it. Shawn is furious to learn that Chelsea was the driver and that Bo gave her the means. After a lecture on never keeping the truth from a loved one, Shawn sends Mimi home to be with Bonnie. Mimi finds Bonnie gorging on junk food and tells her that she’s decided to tell Shawn the truth. Bo gets so angry at Patrick’s attempts to console Hope that he pushes Patrick and sends Zack’s picture crashing to the floor. Billie has followed Chelsea to the funeral in an attempt to stop her and once there argues with Kate about using the situation to get closer to Bo. Billie finally gets in Chelsea’s face to make her see that no one is to blame but herself.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tony continues to fail even as more plasma is extracted from Luke to make serum. Tony makes his goodbyes, reminding his son he'll need courage and thanking Luke for keeping life interesting. When Jax gets back to town, he knows nothing about Courtney, but does find Mike sick at Kelly's. Lulu recovers. Emily pleads with Sonny to fight for his life. Tony "sees" B.J. as he dies. Carly pretends to be sick and is taken to the lab where Lucky is. Tony's death frees up serum for either Nik or Sonny. Patrick wants Emily to decide. She can't decide, so Patrick flips a coin. Carly is injected with the virus when the cure fails on Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Boo

While the Spauldings prepare for Alan's memorial, the Coopers prepare for Gus'. Harley starts to accept that Gus is gone during the family dinner when Zach shows her a picture he drew of Gus in heaven. Buzz tries once again to connect with Olivia, but is again interrupted by Frank. Lizzie leads Quinn on one too many times. After Lizzie leaves to go to the Cooper family dinner, Coop comes looking for her at the apartment. Coop is shocked to find Quinn there and learn that the apartment belongs to him. Gus and Alan continue to bicker about why they are where they are. Beth listens outside the door, pleased with herself before leaving. At Company, Alan-Michael refuses to go to Alan's memorial with Alex. Beth runs into Harley and Harley offers her a job back at Spaulding. Gus finds a window that has been painted over in the room and thinks he has escaped, only to find himself still inside the house. He tries to let Alan out of the room, but can't find a key. He sees a cell phone on the table and attempts to call Harley.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John comes to see Bo about his job. He was at the gym and some of his feelings came out. The doctor was very happy for him and John sort of felt good about it too. Bo says that the man canít have his job back yet, but he can do something close to it. "I want you to escort Todd to maximum-security prison." John isnít thrilled about that, but he agrees to do it. They will discuss his job again later and maybe he can be properly reinstated. Paige shows up suddenly at Spencerís apartment. He is in bed with Blair but he answers the door. Paige barges in. Blair comes out and sees her there and that surprises Paige. Spencer gets Blair back in the room and turns to Paige. She tells that she isnít going to help him live out his sick little fantasy with Blair. He reminds her that if she talks, then Bo is going to suffer for it. Blair comes out dressed now. She wants to leave. Paige says that she has something to tell her. "Donít do it," Spencer warns. Blair is really confused now. "What is going on here?" Paige thinks about what Spencer will do and then she tells Blair only that Todd has given up fighting and that he will be heading to maximum prison. "He could be executed any time now. Blair rushes to get to him. Spencer tries to stop her but canít. Margaretís wheels are turning. She is starting to think that Spencer is using her to that he can spend more time with Blair. "If he is doing that to us TC then I promise you that I am going to make him pay for it." She wants more details about the trial and Todd. She is singing to her baby when she feels a presence behind her. It is Spencer with groceries. She asks him some questions but he will not answer. "Let me worry about whatever else is going on outside of here. Niki tells Tess that they should consider taking off as they are bound to be found there. She gets supplies while a reluctant Tess goes out to check if anyone is coming to get them. When alone, Niki vows to get to the man that has hurt Tess so deeply and make him pay. "I have to stay strong and soon Niki will rise and finally be alone!" Soon they hit the road and get picked up by a trucker who gives the two women a ride out of Dodge. The roads are clear now. It is a good thing as Antonio and Nash are fighting over Jess/Tess again and it isnít pretty. Clint has to separate them in fact. Antonio and Nash make their way up the hill with the police and Clint. When they get to the top, they kick the door in and call out for Niki and Tess, but no one is there.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa seems to be making headway with Ethan. He is very impressed with how quickly she came up with plans to do all the things he ever told her he wanted to do when he was in charge of Crane Enterprises, and her offer to make him her co-CEO is more than tempting. He knows Gwen won't like it at all if he works with Theresa, but he really wants to do the things she has put in motion. Valerie hands in her resignation to Fox, which he doesn't want to accept. He leaves to take care of some business, leaving Kay to talk Val into staying. Once she makes it clear she knows what Val and Ivy have been up to, she tells Val she really wants her to stay on since she is very good at what she does. She needs to promise she will stay away from Ivy and stay out of Kay and Fox's business, which she does. However, as soon as she talks to Ivy and Fox is dangled in front of her, she goes right back to working with Ivy.

Fancy is still in trouble, with the very real possibility that she will lose her right eye. Noah prays to God to save her eye. He calls Sam and tells him the news, and he and Ivy head to the hospital. Ivy regrets not being a real mother to her kids while they were growing up. Maya is there, too, and tells them all it wasn't an accident. Sheridan is angry with Chris, thinking he's playing her for a fool because he works for Alistair, and she follows him to see what he's up to. When he talks to a little boy, she assumes it must be Marty and scares the little guy to pieces by grabbing him and refusing to let him go. She gets even more angry at Chris for her own stupidity, then faces him down. He shows her an engagement ring, then asks her to marry him, saying that's what he'd been up to all afternoon.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad returns to Victoria’s. When he gets back to the house, she has already regretted ending the engagement and they both decide that they are going to tough it out. The couple turns to find Victor behind them. He is upset that Brad is going to leave his daughter hanging indefinitely. Brad admits that he will have to do that, but that they have decided as a couple that they will handle it. Daniel and Lily are alone in the Athletic Club. He bought into the idea that she dumped him, but when they were arguing earlier that day, she told him about the 2nd letter that he didn’t get. They agree to keep pretending to hate each other for now. After he leaves, Colleen comes out after having seen them together. Lily asks her to act as Daniel’s girl so that she can see him but Lily won’t do it. Victor tells Phyllis that he’s been working on the injunction. His lawyers are working in court right now. Phyllis realizes that if Jack stops her from working on the project, it will probably go on anyway. Phyllis knows that Victor probably likes that idea anyway. Later Victor arrives at Jack’s house. “I have news and I wanted to deliver it personally. Your request to stop the project was denied in court.” Will is with Michael when there is furious banging on the door. “It is me John with Ashley and we need to come in!" Will lets them in and John confesses and tells how his daughter is there to back up his confession. John takes a polygraph and passes it, but Will still will not let up on convicting Ashley. John even threatens to go to the media. Paul expresses to Lauren, his regret for what happened. She smirks. She knows Paul is feeling happy somewhere inside. Paul feels Michael screwed Ashley, but Lauren feels Ashley screwed herself. Paul tells blood was found on John’s clothes. Lauren freaks. “We have to get to the DA as Michael is confessing. Paul disagrees. Later they burst into the office. “We have evidence that proves who is the killer!"

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