Thursday 2/9/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/9/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At the ball, Janet is plotting a plan to get revenge upon all the people whom she's believes have shafted her daughter. But at that time, Greg and Jamie are able to prove to Erica that it was Josh, not Amanda who drugged her. Erica gets Amanda released from jail and apologizes to her. But Tad gives Erica the shock of her life by informing her that he's found out that Josh is her son. Jack catches Jonathan and Lily together and is furious. Ryan, Aiden and Erin tell Jonathan that it's unrealistic for him to have a relationship with Lily, given all that's happened. But the two of them are determined to be together and tell everybody that they should be together. Zach admits to Kendall that he shut off the power at the fertility clinic. He explains to her that, knowing Ryan was really alive and staging his death, he did it in order to protect her from what would happen if she was carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby and Ryan had decided to come back. But she tells him she will never forgive him for lying to her, regardless. Adam tells JR he needs to get real and not marry Babe without giving her the prenup. But JR tells his father he will not do that to her and that he will give Babe Dixie's necklace because he knows his mother would want the woman he loves to have it. Not far away, the real Dixie is watching all the people, unseen.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack tells Carly about Gwen having an arrest warrant issued for her, and naturally Carly wants to desperately help out, but Jack suggests this time she leave it to the police because when she gets involved things usually go horribly wrong. Carly has bigger fish to fry anyway with going undercover at the Galaxy Strip Club in order to get Jack’s job back. She agrees to go into ‘work’ that night, but when Jack surprises her by taking the night off, he is stunned when she tells him she doesn’t want him staying home! Barbara convinces Jen to make a public plea for Will’s return, against Jen and Kim’s better judgment. They think Barbara will do better with Will, and he will come home, if she drops the charges against Gwen. Barbara will not be deterred. A mysterious woman tells Jen that the grief for her older brother has been misguided. Emily continues to believe Paul is alive and well and Meg is the key to finding him. Emily cons Emma into telling her where Meg is. She forces Henry to help her find out which hotel Meg is staying at, by holding BJ’s money over his head. Henry locates Meg at a Mexican hotel and leaves her a message pretending to be Paul in hopes she will come home. Emily is right; Paul is close; he has disguised himself as someone from France, who is staying in a run down Oakdale motel, and is making mysterious phone calls. Maddie helps Will and Gwen find a place to stay while on the run. They end up holed up at the closed down Metro. Maddie goes and gets them lots of food from Java, but is forced to lie to Henry when he sees her with all this food and mistakenly thinks she has an eating disorder. As she is heading out the door, she runs smack dab into Casey who is also real curious at what she is doing with all the food she has.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget continues to grieve her loss. Nick sees his baby girl's body and is visably shaken. Ridge comes to see Bridget and her whole family rallies around her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie is “recuperating” at Mimi’s loft. Bonnie continues to guilt Mimi into marrying Shawn without revealing the truth about Claire. Kate stops by the loft to talk about the honeymoon and learns that Bonnie told Mimi about Claire’s parentage. Kate insists that Chelsea go to Zack’s funeral because it will help her case. Billie and Chelsea don’t agree but Kate also insists that Billie go to support Bo. Billie advises Chelsea not go nowhere near Zack’s funeral.

Jennifer loans Frankie a pair of Jack’s cufflinks. Frankie objects to accepting such a personal item but Jennifer sees a vision of Jack telling her that it’s okay for Frankie to wear them. Another vision of Jack urging Jennifer to move on with Frankie leads to a kiss between Jennifer and Frankie. Hope places Zack’s favorite things within his coffin. Maggie urges Hope to forgive Bo but when Bo arrives at the church, Hope tells him to get away. Once the funeral begins, all gathered help Shawn Sr. sing “Danny Boy.” Shawn delivers a moving eulogy and it convinces Mimi to tell the truth. Chelsea decides to attend the funeral anyway and Hope slaps her.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Luke turns to an unlikely source for help as Lulu hovers near death. Robin and Patrick work together to try and save more lives. Luke and Robert commiserate over being failures as fathers.

Jason and Carly get closer to tracking down Crylium Industries. Lucky's life is on the line as sinister forces decide his fate. Sam has a nightmare about her mother. Tracy puts a stop to Dillon and Georgie's plans.

GL Recap Written by Suzanne

Mallet and Dinah decide to date each other exclusively Mallet interviews for a new partner, but no one is as good a match as Gus. Reva and Cassie chat at R.J.'s Valentine's Day play, mending fences. Reva asks Josh if he wants to hang with her on the holiday, but he turns her down. Tammy and Jonathan decide to get a place together; Tammy fills Reva in on their plans. Sandy sends Tammy a valentine, but Jonathan intercepts it and threatens Sandy's life, which Sandy gets on tape. After Jeffrey has a horse-riding accident, he tells Mel (thinking she's Cassie) that he slept with her when he was posing as Jeffrey. Mel is unsure whether to tell or not.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair and Spencer make love. Margaret tells baby T.J. about how she had met Todd, and the things that had happened since. John asks Bo for his job back, but Bo refuses. Chris is offered a job by Lindsay, but refuses to take it. He is offered a job by the owner of the gym for the next boxing bout. Natalie tries to talk him out of it, but Chris wants to know why. While at the gym with Dr. Crosby, John begins to reveal some of his feelings. Dr. Crosby sets him up for another session. Vangie wants to appeal Todd’s case, but Todd refuses to let her. Bo fills Paige in that Todd has refused to let Vangie appeal his case.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan faces off against Theresa over her interfering with his employment plans, but she manages to calm him down and get him interested in working with her at Crane. As hard as he tries, it's obvious he only wants to be away from her because he doesn't trust himself, but he won't admit it. Gwen and Rebecca rejoice over the move they think Gwen and Ethan are making, with Rebecca advising her daughter on how to keep her man happy in bed. Gwen objects to talking about such things, so Becs stops, but they are still making plans for the trip that will never happen.

Noah and Fancy were in the direct path of the car that burst through the restaurant window. Noah was scratched up, but pretty much ok, but Fancy was pinned under the car and debris and had to be pulled out. Her injuries were very serious, with her vital signs unstable, and at the hospital the doctor tells Noah she may lose her right eye. He prays she will live. Sheridan and Chris try calling all the pediatricians on the island, asking to make an appointment for Marty, trying to find out where he is. No luck, however. They decide to go house to house, showing his picture, but Chris is still not well after the beating he took and stays to sleep. However, returning for her keys, Sheridan finds him up and on the phone, telling someone that he has to keep Sheridan in the dark about what he's doing until it's all taken care of. She whines that he's not the man she thought he was.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lily’s parents learn that Lily hates Daniel. They announce at the club that Lily will be home now. When alone at the club, her cellphone rings and she looks at the display. She goes to the adjoining room of the dining area and there Daniel is waiting. They smile moving closer and they kiss. Ashley is mad. Paul has sent her father’s clothes to the lab. Paul has to help prove her innocence, even if she doesn't want him to. John talks to her and convinces her that he is head of the family and knows best. They both go to the DA’s office so John can properly take the blame. Michael has no choice. Paul tells him that he has sent John’s clothes to the lab but hasn’t had word on if John is guilty or not as yet. Michael was hoping that Paul would have found something as that would free Ashley if John were found out. He decides now that he has to go see the DA. Michael gets to the man’s office and he looks at the envelope in his hand before shoving it into his pocket and entering the office. Michael tells Will that he has all the answers to the case, and it will prove that Ashley wasn’t a drug manufacturer, and that she didn’t do this. Paul’s phone rings. It is the lab. “What?" He is told that although the clothes were dry-cleaned, there was a spot found on them proving to most-likely be blood.

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