Wednesday 2/8/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/8/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Ryan, Ethan and Marty have dropped the bombshell upon Kendall about Zach's dirty dealings at the fertility clinic, she asks Zach what he has to say. And he tells her that he is guilty as charged. He tells her he now realizes that he made a mistake but did it because he thought he'd have to protect her from the possibility of Ryan coming back to Pine valley and hurting her again if she'd carried Ryan and Greenlee's baby for them. She tells Zach she cannot accept the fact that he lied to her regardless of his "good intentions". Jamie discovers that Amanda was falsely accused of drugging Erica and it was Josh who drugged her instead. Greg also knows that. Babe is ready to put JR in his place. Jonathan sneaks off to the ball to have a romantic dance with Lily.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack finds Carly’s Galaxy strip club outfit hidden in a bag, but she claims it was bought at a yard sale for them to use in role-playing (wink, wink). Nick interrupts by showing up at their house, much to the annoyance of Jack. Nick continues to flirt with Carly when Jack is out of the room, even claiming he is crazy about her. He taunts her about losing her bracelet at the club, but eventually gives it back to her. Carly continues to deny the attraction to someone whom she claims to hate. She is going undercover in her mind to get Jack his job back and to run Nick out of Oakdale. Gwen wants to leave Will in order for him to reclaim his life, but Will won’t let her go. They make plans to leave for Chicago after dark. Margo tells Casey and Maddie about Gwen and Will’s arrest warrants. Casey believes Gwen is capable of pushing Barbara, which leads to another fight between him and Maddie. She leaves with Nate but can’t get Casey off her mind, which does not go unnoticed by Nate, who later walks out on their date because of this. Maddie comes faces to face with Will and Gwen. Barbara continues to claim it was Gwen who tried to kill her, and pleads with Jen to make a public appeal for Will to come home. Barbara claims that Paul’s death has taught her that she is not doing enough to save her children, and she will risk losing Will forever to keep Gwen away from him. Luke and Jade bond over breakfast while Lily checks out her story. The nuns at the orphanage weren’t sure how Lily and her family would react to a mixed race child, but that clearly doesn’t bother Lily. It appears that Jade is really Rose’s child, and when she and Luke come home, Lily welcomes her with open arms.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget and Felicia continue their visit when suddenly Bridget's water breaks. Nick is at the beach house gathering some things for Bridget's hospital stay. Brooke stops by and compliments Nick's parenting skills. Nick gets an emergency call from Eric.

Felicia is about to leave when suddenly Bridget's water breaks. She goes into labor and the baby is stillborn. Bridget cries out to hold her baby. Nick arrives at the hospital to find Bridget crying over their loss. He tries to comfort her as the doctor informs Eric, Massimo and Thorn about the baby. Nick apologizes for not being there. Felicia comes back and promises to watch over Nicole in heaven while Bridget takes care of Dominick there.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie returns to Abe’s room and eavesdrops on Abe’s apology for being suspicious of Tek. Tek tells Abe that he has desired to go after Lexie but then claims that he respects their marriage too much to act on those desires. Privately, Tek admits to Lexie that he’s in love with her but Lexie stands by her marriage to Abe. Abe’s bandages come off and he is able to see again but the joy turns to sadness when they learn that Zack was the donor. Lucas takes Carrie out for a celebratory dinner at Chez Rouge. Carrie mistakes Lucas’ bashing of Austin’s work ethic as advising her to forgive Austin. Nicole takes Sami and Austin out to dinner at Chez Rouge to meet with their latest investor, Larry Tate. Austin takes Nicole’s advice of acting bloodthirsty to please the new investor and Carrie overhears him as she walks by their table. Carrie confronts Austin about his comments and tells Austin that she regrets not leaving their marriage sooner. Nicole offers to go home with Roman but Roman turns her down. Nicole visits Roman once he returns to his hotel room anyway.

Kate offers to use her connections to help lessen Chelsea’s punishment. Assistant district attorney Brent Weitz asks Bo to place Chelsea under arrest. Kate encourages Billie to use this situation to get back with Bo but Billie is furious at the suggestion. Hope is offended that Alice and Maggie are also defending Bo and they along with Jennifer urge her to talk things over with Bo. Hope declares that Bo must choose between her and Chelsea. They convince Hope to go find Bo. Hope returns to the courthouse but finds Bo and Billie consoling Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

The Council debates who gets what treatment. When it looks as if they will reject Sonny, Emily argues his case. Nik and Sonny have a heart to heart about Emily. Liz realizes that Lorenzo switched Lulu and Skye's charts. Sam freaks when Manny comes into her room because he's watching out for Alexis. Luke is too weak to contribute more blood for the serum. Luke and Lulu bond somewhat. Ric pleas for his brother's life. Robin nominates Patrick as the impartial judge over who lives and who dies. Alexis and Sam go delirious. Luke takes the council hostage to get Lulu serum.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Adriana and Rex share some quiet time together at Ultraviolet. They share a slow dance. Blair and Spencer arrive back at his hotel room. They spend some quiet time together which results in a kiss. Tess and Niki argue over the fact that Viki was to blame for what had happened to Tess at the bar. David has a talk with Denton, who offers to supply him with some valuable information for the right price. Paige and Bo discuss what Spencer has done to her now. Paige refuses to let him know what had really happened. Clint and an officer find some valuable information on finding Niki and Tess.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan and Gwen are all set to go to New York, but Rebecca worries about what Theresa might do. Gwen tries not to think about it, and Ethan is sure nothing can stop them now. Then he gets a call from the man who hired him, and when he goes to his office he's told there is no job. Ethan tries to find out whether Theresa is behind the withdrawal of the job, but the man swears she isn't. Ethan finds her bracelet on the man's rug, however, and realizes she was there. He goes to find her and have it out with her once and for all. Fox and Kay tell Sam and Ivy they are engaged to be engaged. Sam is thrilled, but Ivy is determined they will never get married. Kay warns her if she tries anything she'll tell what she did to get rid of Grace, and while Ivy seems to back down, she's still determined to stop them. Sam questions Maya about her attack, making her nervous.

Theresa begins to move into Alistair's office and has to put Valerie in her place. She explains to the woman that she is in charge, and Valerie DOES have to do what she says, even bring her coffee when she wants it. Fox visits, giving Theresa his support, telling her he's very happy she's in charge now. He also tells her about him and Kay, and once he leaves Theresa calls Miguel, telling him he should come home soon. Noah took Fancy to a restaurant for dinner and to explain his relationship with Maya to her, and once Fancy understands she is the only woman he wants now, she is very happy - until the car crashes through the window and runs into her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily sees Daniel over her friends’ shoulders. She calls out to him happily. He is not pleased to see her and tells her to just leave him alone. He walks off from her but she follows him until it is clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Finally she gets it. Devon didn’t give him the letter as he was supposed to. “That’s the best thing you ever did," she says. Michael has played all the cards that he has. He calls Paul as a last-ditched effort to get news that this thing with Ashley will be beat. Paul tells that he has no news. With tears in his eyes, Michael turns to Lauren and tells her that he has no choice. He has to do what he has to do. Lauren becomes hysterical. Michael simply kisses her hand and leaves. Brad is not happy. The DA is pushing him to tell Ashley to plead guilty. He will not do it. He learns that Ashley is going to be painted as a chemist in cahoots with the neighborhood drug dealer. He rushes to Ashley and tells her that he has told his attorney that they are staying married. Next he heads to the ranch to break the news to Victoria.

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