Tuesday 2/7/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/7/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Kendall has informed Simone that she's ready to marry Zach in another 24 hours, Simone informs Ethan and Ryan. And at that point, Ryan is ready to reveal to Kendall that he and Ethan have found out, with the help of Marty, that Zach turned off the power at the fertility clinic, with the help of Marty, the night when Kendall got inseminated. Ryan also informs David Hayward of his findings of Zach and tells him that's the reason why Greenlee is gone. Babe, JR and Jamie go to jail to attempt to find out the truth from Amanda and ask Derek to hear her confession. She informs them that Josh drugged Erica but does not implicate her mother for anything. Janet meets Erica in the lady's room and is ready to plot a plan. Josh is ready to railroad Erica although his father tells him he will not get away with it. Lily and Jonathan are both very bummed out not to be together. Jonathan is with Erin and Aiden alone in a cabin, where they are keeping him in secret so that he can have privacy and protection. But when they are distracted, Jonathan sneaks out to be with Lily.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie begs Henry to let her move in with him. When Henry hears why Maddie wants to move out of Tom and Margo’s house, he is convinced Casey is jealous of her relationship with Nate. Henry further has to cover with what he is up to with Emily and suggests that she make up with Casey. After he leaves, Casey and Maddie continue to deny their feelings and end up even further apart as they continue to bicker with Casey declaring that even though they live together, they no longer have to be a part of each other’s lives. Jade admits that to a shocked Lily that Rose D’Angelo is her mother. Lily is hesitant to believe her. Jade shows her proof with her birth certificate from an orphanage. Lily later offers her a place to stay for the night. Holden vows that they will find out the truth in the morning. Barbara wakes up in the hospital saying she remembers what happened to her. She wants the police called. Will goes to see her and walks in just as his mother is fingering Gwen in the assault and robbery. He vows to prove his mother is lying, but Margo wants a statement from Gwen. Will promises she wasn’t there or involved. She follows up at Barbara’s suite where she finds a barrette of Gwen’s. When she finds out that Will and Gwen didn’t show up to meet her at the police station, she reluctantly puts out an APB on them. Nick is shocked to find Carly working at the Galaxy strip club. She claims that she and Jack need the money, but he thinks she is lying to him. They promise to keep each other secrets. Nick pockets Carly’s bracelet when he finds it on the floor. Carly secretly vows to get Jack back on top and getting the upper hand in this case for him is how she intends on doing it.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia collapses and Eric helps her up. They make a pact that she has to tell him if she needs meds or is in pain she will come to him and Eric had to promise under no circumstances would he put her in the hospital. Felicia makes Eric bring her to the hospital in her wheelchair to see Bridget.

Brooke comes to the hospital to see Bridget. She tries to reassure her that Nick loves her and that the baby will be fine. Felicia also reassures Bridget.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tek pulls Lexie into Abe’s hospital bathroom to try and convince her to be with him instead of Abe. Lexie insists she will stay loyal to Abe. Abe, with bandages over his eyes following the corneal transplant, arrives at his room. Abe sends the nurse into the bathroom to retrieve his robe but Tek and Lexie hide in the shower. Lexie is able to sneak past Abe but Abe hears Tek walk by. Tek tells Abe that he came to see Lexie. Shawn wants to grant Bonnie’s wish of marrying Mimi right away. Mimi tries to tell Shawn the truth but Bonnie fakes another heart episode. Lexie warns that Bonnie needs to take better care of her health in order to prevent a heart attack and Mimi fears that this will result in Bonnie’s death. Mimi promises to honor Bonnie’s “dying” wish.

Hope rushes to Jennifer for support and consolation. Hope is offended when Jennifer tries to rationalize Bo’s decision to delay telling Hope the truth. Patrick is furious with Billie for her attempt to take the blame. Billie is furious with Patrick for ratting her out. Billie declares their relationship to be over. Patrick heads over to check on Jennifer and talks with her about how Bo could lose both his children. Hope overhears his comments and declares that Bo would only have himself to blame. Hope and Patrick argue over whether Chelsea should get the maximum punishment. Bo is unsuccessful in his attempts to reach Hope. Bo and Billie receive word that the charges against Billie have been dropped because they now plan to charge Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Noah and Bobbie save Luke's life after he goes into shock. Emily and Ric defend Sonny to the council of doctors who are trying to decide who should be given the antidote. Sonny explains to Nikolas he won't allow himself to get involved with Emily because of what happened to Lily, which Emily overhears.

Alcazar is flooded with guilt as Lulu's condition worsens. Elizabeth realizes what Alcazar has done but doesn't expose his misdeed. Lulu says a heartbreaking goodbye to Luke as she's sure she's going to die. Armed with a gun, Luke breaks in on the doctors' council and demands Lulu be given the antidote. Sam believes Manny has come to the room to harm her but Alexis defends him. Sam has a nightmare in which she relives losing her baby. Meanwhile, Alexis is plagued by nightmares about Kristina's fight for life. Danny attacks a delirious Alexis when he sees her acting violently towards Sam.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Coop is sick with the flu and a frantic Lizzie isn’t sure what to do. She goes out in search of everything that money can buy to help Coop and Buzz tells her that all Coop really needs is someone to be with him. Ava goes over to Coop and Lizzie’s with food and a dizzy Coop falls on her while getting out of the shower. Lizzie walks in on this and after getting Ava alone accuses her of going after her boyfriend. Ava admits to it and tells Lizzie that she won’t have to do anything, Lizzie will push Coop away all by herself. Bill and Reva discuss Olivia and telling Josh about what she did and Buzz overhears. He calls Olivia and gives her the heads up, which makes her go and come clean to Josh. He tells her he needs some time to think and then tells Bill and Reva that he will no longer answer to them anymore. Remembering his words to Cassie, he tells Olivia that she is going to have to live with what she did but he is not going to judge her. Tammy and Jonathan go to the farm to pick some stuff up and Jonathan goes skating with a confused R.J. Cassie comes home and is happy to find Tammy until R.J. and Jonathan come back after R.J. falls. She lays into Jonathan and when Tammy defends him and tells Cassie that the one who brings dangerous men into their lives is Cassie, Cassie slaps her. She apologizes but not before telling Jonathan that if he loved her he would let Tammy go.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Chris and Vangie arrive back at the loft. He proceeds to give her painting lessons which results in a paint fight. Natalie and John join the party at Ultraviolet which is given in Adriana’s honor. Adriana is offered a top modeling job. Spencer forces Paige to do his bidding or her happiness will never last. He informs Paige to check the confidential file in her office. She goes to her office, and finds out that he has framed Bo for this whole cover up concerning Margaret. Paige vows not to ever turn Bo in. Natalie visits Chris at the loft, and is covered with paint .Denton reveals to David that although he had testified against Todd doesn’t mean that Todd is guilty. Blair tells Spence that she wants to go home with him. Margaret names the baby Todd Spencer Manning, Jr.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan nurses the beaten up Chris, worrying about the danger they are both in now. He tells her his friends in the mob have gotten what they want from him, and now will be looking for Marty. Sheridan is very grateful and proves it in the hot tub. Fox wonders when they will be able to be engaged. He finally accepted that she refused to accept his proposal because of the planets alignment, but wants to know just how long it will last. Kay isn't sure, but says it can't be that much longer. Tabitha isn't so sure, and pretends to look it up in an astrology book. The Boys in the Basement raise a stink about Kay and Fox being happy, and Fox suggests Tabby invest in a new furnace.

Gwen is thrilled she and Ethan will soon be in New York and never have to see Theresa again, but Ethan's reaction to that upsets her. She demands he say he doesn't love Theresa and that she'll never see them again, but he can't do that. He can say that they won't see her until Jane marries, and that he will never leave Gwen for any reason, and that's enough to placate her. Theresa, meanwhile, goes up against the man who hired Ethan out from under Crane Enterprises. He thinks she's a pushover compared to Alistair and has no fear, but soon finds out how wrong he is. He tried to get the upper hand by reading her history to her, but she turned the tables and let him know she knows more about him than he does about her, and then tells him she's not too squeamish to use the Crane "Special Department", the one that assassinates world leaders and does whatever it has to in order to get what Crane Enterprises wants. The man is soon on the phone, calling to tell Ethan the job offer no longer exists.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel arrives at the coffeehouse. He finds Colleen on the patio. “Hi!" She sees he is happy as can be. He has good reason to be. “I was thinking about how you were talking about NYU and I want to apply there. I still have time. I want you to be my consultant and help me get in. I will get us tickets to see a band in town as payment for your help.” She offers to help him without getting paid back in some way. She is his friend after all. He doesn't mind. He still wants to go and see the band with her later that night anyway. She feels that part of him wanting to get away has to do with getting over Lily. “Lily who," he asks? Devon and Lily are at the coffeehouse. They order. Lily whips out her compact and starts powdering her nose and fluffing up her hair while they talk. She can’t wait to talk to Daniel. “Give me your cell phone," she says to Devon. “I want to call Daniel.” Devon tries to talk her out of it but she will not be stopped. She is about to dial when Sierra comes up behind her. She hugs her friend and tells that Colleen is in town too. “Here give me that cell phone and I will call her.” Lily says that they can call her later. “I want to call Daniel first," Lily says. Brad lays into Ashley after Leanna leaves. “How could you talk to her," Brad asks. She says that she was taking his advice… Getting the word out and letting people know about her and trying to get the public on her side. She sees now that using Leanna to do that was a terrible mistake. She apologizes to Brad. He sees that his divorcing her now will only make Ashley look guilty and he really doesn't want to do that. We have to stay married," he tells her. She can’t let him do that. Victoria will be so disappointed Ashley points out. Brad is sure that she will understand. Ashley says that she will not hold up his life any longer. I will give you the divorce right now. I will meet you back here later and we will go over to the courthouse together. Brad is torn. He sees Sharon later and tells her what happened. Sharon is all over it. “If you think that this is the right time, then Victoria will have to understand.” Meanwhile Victoria is off telling anyone that will listen that she is engaged. When Nick hears he says, ‘…great..” Victoria asks him to be more enthusiastic for her but he can’t be when he still thinks that starting a marriage off with someone who is all wrong is no way to start a marriage. Victoria points out that his marriage has had its rough spots and it seems to be surviving, Lauren returns to the office after Bardwell leaves. She wants to know more about the case and what Michael did to Tom. The office is a mess now. There are papers all over the place. She finds pout that Michael is more concerned about the case than ever now that Bardwell thinks that Ashley was involved in manufacturing drugs with Tom. Lauren is shocked to hear this. Michael admits that Ashley had a part in Tom getting busted. Lauren can’t believe her ears. “What else Michael? You promised me that you wouldn’t be keeping secrets anymore so tell me everything… Oh my God! Tom said that you set him up? You did didn’t you? Michael, you have ruined everything!" Phyllis is in the hotel room waiting for Nick to arrive. She is dressed casually now in jeans. She orders Sangria from the kitchen of the hotel and waits. The cell phone rings. She looks at the display. Nick is sending her a message. “I can’t come. Something came up.” Phyllis turns off the phone and looks at the bed longingly. She gets back into her corporate gear and heads back to the office. She finds Nick there. He tells that Sharon didn’t go on her trip as planned. She go snowed in. “That was why I wasn’t able to make it to see you," he tells. Phyllis shrugs her shoulders. “That is fine. No big deal. This is just an escape Nick and nothing more," Phyllis says confidently. While they are talking, Sharon comes in surprised to find her husband in Phyllis’s office. “Your secretary told me that you were here.” Nick says that he was leaving the office when Phyllis came in and so he stopped to talk to her for a while. Sharon points to the bag in her hand. “I have lunch, now come on.” They walk out together.

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