Monday 2/6/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/6/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The mardi gras ball is underway hosted by Erica and Josh. Unknown to Erica, Josh is up to no good. A guy named Jesse comes and tells Erica that the only way for New Beginnings to prosper is for Josh to co-host the show. And Josh lies by telling Erica that he'd never ask for such a "privilege". Everybody believes that Amanda has drugged Erica and done all of the other dastardly deeds. But Babe secretly informs Jamie that she has reason to believe that Josh is framing Amanda. While Amanda is in jail alongside Jonathan, Janet enters in another disguise and is determined to protect her daughter from charges. Jonathan gets released and wants to take Lily to the ball. But Erin and Aiden tell him he needs to keep a low profile while that crazy woman is still on the loose. Ryan is still wondering when and how to drop the bombshell upon Kendall about Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Casey continues to try to dodge the reason why he thinks Nate is wrong for Maddie, and winds up only angering Maddie further. She finally blows up at him, sending him out the door. For a couple that have strong feelings for one another, they seem to be farther apart then ever. Gwen calls 911, as Will worries that he might have killed his mother. When Gwen won’t leave his side, they decide to leave since they have done all they could for Barbara. Jen continues to worry about Barbara, and when she can’t reach her by phone goes up to her suite, surprising Will and Gwen who are about to leave. They hide out as Jen finds Barbara’s unconscious body. They call 911 but are surprised to see the EMT’s show up while they are on the phone. Barbara is whisked away to the hospital as Jen wonders who could leave Barbara in this condition? Jen calls a guilt ridden Will and pleads with him to come to the hospital. Later, Will talks with an unconscious Barbara hoping that she won’t remember what happened, but wishing she would be ok. After he leaves, Barbara’s eyes suddenly open wide. Carly eavesdrops on a conversation Jack and Nick have about going undercover at a strip club to bust the mob. Carly is determined to get Jack’s job back for him and to run Nick out of town in the process. When Nick arrives undercover at the strip club, Carly isn’t far behind. Lily, Holden and Luke wonder about the mystery girl Jade. She seems overly happy to see Lily, but Lily doesn’t know her. When they locate the girl’s backpack by their driveway, they ask why she was there? Jade seems evasive at first, but when they press her, she blurts out that she is looking at the face of her mother.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Hector rescues Taylor from her car wreck. Takes her home and scolds her. He gives her some ideas on how to move on and help others. Thorn let Ridge have it on his personal life and how he treats others. Thorn is glad he isn't like Ridge and has a happy personal life.

Ridge comes to Brooke's rescue when she needs medicine for RJ. He pleads again not to let their love die. Brooke listens as he makes promises to her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn almost overhears Mimi talking with Bonnie about Claire’s parentage but Bonnie explains it away. Bonnie makes Mimi promise not to do or say anything that would upset her under the guise of her newly fragile health. Bonnie asks Shawn and Mimi to get married quickly by claiming that it could be her dying wish. Belle seeks advice from Caroline on how she deals with being with one man while still partly loving her ex-boyfriend. Caroline questions whether Belle thinks marrying Philip was a mistake and Belle admits that she may have married Philip for the wrong reasons.

Lucas decides to team up with Sami to keep Austin and Carrie apart. Austin offers Carrie the chance to run High Style’s former product line under the management of his company with the hope that it will also lead to a romantic relationship between them. Lucas counters Austin’s offer by adding that Titan would give Carrie the opportunity to hire back her old employees to work in a LA based division while she stayed in Salem. Carrie chooses Lucas’ offer and Sami badmouths Lucas once they leave to convince Austin to go after Lucas and Carrie with a vengeance. Hope refuses to believe Chelsea’s claim that it was Bo who enabled her to drive the night she killed Zack until Bo admits that it’s true. Hope is enraged at Bo’s admission and storms out of the courthouse.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason and Carly manage to escape and contact Justus to find out who shot at them. Emily refuses to leave the hospital. Luke agrees to let Robert and the doctors use his blood to try and save lives. Ric and Alexis both collapse and are found by Kristina. Jessy finds Lucky, but Lucky is kidnapped.. Priorities over who gets rooms and so forth come into conflict. Alexis and Ric are brought to the hospital where Alexis and Sam are forced to room together. Jason and Carly go in search of medicine. Justus' research suggests the virus came from the Markham islands. Sonny and Nik are roommates. The serum is prepared and decisions on allocation are made.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Trying to find something on Sandy, Jonathan goes to the house where he finds a “shrine” of Tammy’s things. Sandy admits to Tammy that he isn’t taking her back to the farm and tells her to call Jonathan. He instead takes her to meet Nicole who says she is his girlfriend. When Jonathan meets up with them he tells Sandy he found Tammy’s stuff and Sandy just laughs that Nicole is a fill in until he gets Tammy back. Jonathan takes Tammy to see what Sandy still has of hers, but Sandy is too quick and boxes it all up and pretends he was bringing it back to her. Cassie insists that Jeffrey tell her all of the times he posed as Richard. He tells her that he fell in love with her while pretending to be the prince. This doesn’t phase Cassie until he brings Dinah by who tells her that Jeffrey used to pretend that she was Cassie while having sex with her. The kids ask Frank about Gus and Beth saves him, he thanks her for helping out and she says that it is a shame the kids are always the ones who get put in the middle. Frank is impressed later when he runs into Dinah who says she isn’t jealous at all of Harley and Mallet’s friendship. Mallet tells Harley that he can’t let what happened between them go, and wants to know if there is any possibility of a future with them. She says that she can’t replace Gus and tells him to go and be happy with Dinah. She then tells the kids that Gus isn’t coming back. Mallet finds Dinah outside of a store where the clerk has accused her of shoplifting. He claims that as a cop he will take care of it and picks her up and carries her away, again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd is sentenced to death by lethal injection. He lashes out at about everyone in the courtroom. Blair lashes out at the jury, the judge, Hugh, Vangie and mostly at Todd. She then collapses from a panic attack, and is rushed to Llanview Hospital. Todd is transported back to Statesville. John and Natalie mend fences. Spencer, along with Paige, deliver Margaret’s baby.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Ivy have a heart-to-heart, and it seems Theresa finally got through to the woman. Ivy wonders if Gwen and Rebecca really are the ones who sent the information about Ethan's paternity to the tabloid, so much so that she goes right to them and asks if it's true. They deny it, but Ivy isn't so sure anymore, and warns them what will happen if she finds out they did it. Ethan is busily preparing to move his family to New York and begin his new job, while Gwen and her mother wonder if Theresa will manage to mess it up somehow. Theresa knew nothing about it, but when one of Alistair's men brings her an update on Ethan, she learns he's leaving and vows to stop him. Fox is upset that Kay rejected his proposal, sure it means she still loves Miguel, but she tries to explain it's because of the way the planets are aligned, not Miguel that keeps her from accepting. Fox finds that funny. Tabitha tries to convince Kay to just forget Fox, but she can't do that because she loves him.

Sheridan and Chris wonder how they can find Marty now that their leads are all gone. He decides he can ask for help from his former mob friends, and although Sheridan tells him not to do it, he finds them and asks for their help. They have something to take care of first, they say, and then beat the tar out of him, leaving him beaten and bloody at Sheridan's hotel room door. Fancy is upset at finding Noah in the shower with Maya and refuses to listen to him. Finally he convinces her what she saw wasn't what she thinks it is, so she decides to give him a chance to explain it. Maya warns him not to tell her anything, but he feels he has to be honest with her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is in Phyllis’s office bright and early. “I thought that I would be the first to tell you that it turns out that you, Nikki and I will be working together. “What?" Phyllis learns that Nikki signed off on this idea without talking to her and that it is a done deal. “You were supposed to be like an advisor to us and that ‘s all. Why didn’t you just take up golf?" Victor promises that he will not overstep. “You and Nikki will run the creative side and I will take care of the business end. This injunction with Jack, will take care of that too," he promises. Phyllis’s real concern is that she will turn into a fifth wheel when she was a pioneer for the whole project. Victor tells that she will only be a fifth wheel if she allows herself to be. After he leaves, Nick and Sharon arrive for a short visit. That is when Phyllis learns that Sharon will be going on another trip any minute for Newman. As if on cue, Sharon’s cell phone rings and Drucilla tells her to go downstairs so they can get to the airport. Sharon kisses her husband goodbye and leaves. Phyllis is having a good day now, not like she was having before she learned that Sharon was going out of town. She tells how Victor is in on the project now. Nick says that she should have told him 'no', but she couldn’t do that as no one says 'no' to the great Victor Newman! Phyllis really has to get back to work, so she and Nick make a date to meet up later at 3pm at the hotel and they go their separate ways. John is frantic. Paul told him that he wouldn’t take the case to find John guilty of shooting Tom. John phoned and phoned Paul and now Paul has returned to the hospital saying that he will not take the case as he really doesn't believe that John did this shooting. “Prove it to me," Paul demands. John can’t do that. “I have memory loss… I don’t know how to prove it. Look Paul! You do this for me or I will just go out and find someone else.” Paul thinks for a minute and the decides to help the old man out. “Do you have any clues that I could follow-up on John?" John tells that he remembers that Tom fell on him after getting shot. “He stumbled forward and fell into my chest.” Paul will see if that turns out to be a clue that can tell them anything. Devon walks in the door. “Surprise!" Neil and Drucilla have set up a birthday party for him. He is eighteen years old today. He hugs his parents. There is a strange giant gift box beside him and he looks at it curiously. Suddenly it collapses and Lily is standing before him. “Lily!" The teens hug as their parents watch. They all have stuff to eat and drink and Devon opens his presents. His mother sent him a sweater, and his foster parents give him a new computer for college. Drucilla looks at the time and sees that she has to leave to meet Sharon for their trip. Neil too has to go. Lily asks for permission to go to the coffeehouse but it is only after Devon offers to go with her that the Winters give their blessings. Lily promises to make them proud and to stay away from Daniel. As soon as the door closes, Lily turns on Devon. “What did he say about my letter Devon? I mean… the real letter?" Devon says nothing. She gets her coat. She can’t wait to see Daniel and ask him about the letter trick herself. Ashley is alone in the Athletic Club having coffee. The door bursts open and a blast from the past breezes in. “Ashley! Just the person I wanted to see," Leanna Love says sitting down across from Ashley. Her camera operator stands poised and ready behind her. Ashley doesn't even blink. Leanna wants an exclusive. “And why would I speak to you of all people,” Ashley asks her? Leanna tells Ashley that everyone knows that she has been charged with a crime but no one has heard anything from her. “…And quite frankly Ash, you need to get it out there. Look Ashley. I know that I hurt you when I wrote that book, RUTHLESS some years back. I was wrong and I am a different kind of reporter now. Let me do this Ashley. It will be my way of making up for what I did to you in my book. I will paint you as the victim… of course. What do you say?" Ashley agrees to the interview, and the questions start flying. In the middle of the interview, Brad walks in and gets angry when he sees that Ashley is talking to Leanna Love. Leanna takes full advantage of the situation. “Well look who it is. If it isn’t the husband of the accused… I hear that you are pushing for a divorce during this very trying time… Is that right?" Brad will not answer her questions but he does get angry and Leanna gets all of it on film. The bashes Brad for not being more helpful to his wife during this time. Ashley stands very quiet and still while Leanna and Brad go at it for all the world to see. Finally, Brad has had enough and he swipes at the camera, knocking the camera operator off balance for a minute. The interview is over. Leanna steps before the camera now. “There you have it! The husband of Ashley Abbot… Hurrying to get out of his marriage… Showing little support when his wife needs him most. Self-Defense? YOU decide. I’m Leanna Love signing off…” Lauren lights a fire under Michael. She demands to know what he and Ashley did to Tom to get him up on drug charges. Michael keeps quiet but says that whatever he did was necessary as Tom was a terrible man. Lauren reminds Michael that Tom saved her life. Lauren is afraid because for Michael to do whatever he did, he had to have reached deep down inside himself, into his dark place and now because of that Ashley is in trouble and it looks like no one will be able to get her out of it. Bardwell the DA arrives at Michael’s office and Lauren rushes out of there to head out to work. Bardwell the DA looks smug, but Michael isn’t phased. He tells that anyone knows Ashley will tell him that she is a pillar of society and no one will convict her. “My wife alone will get on the stand and tell the story of how Tom kidnapped and terrorized her. The public is going to love that," Michael says smiling. Bardwell will take his chances. “I think that you should know that we have found out that this pillar of society you talk about isn’t as pure as you think. We looked over the saddlebags on Tom’s motorcycle and Ashley’s fingerprints are all over them. Now what do you think the jury is going to think about this pillar of society who obviously was in cahoots with Tom operating a Meth ring?"

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