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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After instantly assuming that Amanda must have drugged her, Erica goes to confront her at the Chandler house with Jack and Derek. Babe, JR and Jamie all agree that Amanda must have drugged Erica, as she drugged Jamie, pushed Babe down the stairs, kidnapped little A and did all of recent crimes in Pine Valley. Hearing that, she's almost ready to tell them that it's her mother that did those things but she cannot. She tells them that because she did not do what she's accused of, if she goes to jail, she can charge them with false arrest. They take her away. She goes to confront Jonathan when she's in jail. He recognizes her by her picture and knows she's not the woman who's been bugging him and trying to frame him. Janet overhears the confrontation and is not ready to get revenge upon all the people who have hurt her daughter. Kendall wants to elope with Zach. But Ryan is determined to expose Zach to her before they do that. Jonathan finally tells Livia he wants to post bail to get out of jail so he can take Lily to the mardi gras ball. Livia admits she has a problem with enabling Jonathan to date Jack's daughter. But she tells her client she will do her job for him although she warns them both to keep a low profile, knowing that nobody wants to see Jonathan Lavery on the loose. Lily tells her not to worry since everybody can wear costumes and not be seen.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke hits a woman in the road, and desperately yells for help. Lily and Holden happen upon the scene and call for an ambulance. At the hospital, Luke admits he was at a party; Holden and Lily light into him for lying. Holden thinks he was drunk when he hit the woman, but Luke maintains he was not. Margo shows up to issue a Breathalyzer and Holden and Lily panic, but Luke agrees to it, and much to their surprise passes with flying colors. Holden presses Luke to tell them what is wrong? Holden announces he thinks he knows what the problem is but thinks he should tell his mother himself. Just as he seems to, a doctor tells them the woman is awake and asking for them. Lily, Holden and Luke file into the mystery woman’s cubicle and when she opens her eyes, she smiles at a confused Lily and says, “It is you.” Jen is heartbroken over Paul’s letter. Paul is watching this and decides to come out and reveal himself to Jen but Dusty interrupts. Dusty is angry that she feels so guilty and upset; he believes what Paul did was selfish and she should forget him. They end up working through their impasse on the subject and leave to go have dinner with Barbara. Paul later leaves his apartment dressed in a disguise heading for a new place to hide out. Maddie goes on a date with Nate and when she brings him home Casey doesn’t know what to do with himself. He constantly interrupts them, as Maddie and Nate have a great and affectionate time, and when Nate gets a phone call, Casey claims it is other girl he is seeing. A self-conscious Maddie believes Casey and backs off of Nate, but then asks him point blank if he is seeing someone? He assures her it is his sister and she can call her if she wants. When they are saying goodnight, Casey finds a reason to take out the trash, further interrupting them. Margo comes home and Casey pushes her to make Maddie come in, and Margo realizes he is jealous. When Nate finally leaves, Maddie demands to know why Casey did everything in his power to ruin her date? Lisa apologizes to Barbara for accusing her (rightfully so) of setting Gwen up. She wants her to see the good in Gwen, but Barbara refuses, still adamant she will ruin Will’s life. Will decides he is going to take $1,000 from Barbara. Gwen tries to talk him out of it blaming herself for the predicament they are in, but when she can’t, she goes with him. Will and Gwen show up at Barbara’s and take the money only to get caught by Barbara, who then goes to call the police to teach them a lesson. Will and Barbara struggle and Barbara ends up falling and hitting her head on the side of the table.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor continues her melt down crying over Ridge and smashing his photo. She downs a glass of wine. Hector calls worried about her wanting to come over. She tells him no and takes off in her car. The hospital stabilizes Bridget's contractions. Nick assures her things will be ok with Nicole.

Thomas goes to Ridge and asks him if he cares about Taylor at all. He is concerned about his mother and not happy Ridge is looking at Brooke's photo. Taylor gets a check up call from Ridge. She hangs up her phone and veers into the path of a truck.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas is determined to use Carrie coming to Titan as a way to make Austin’s company pay for taking over High Style. Carrie reconsiders her decision to work at Titan if the main goal is to get revenge on Austin. Lucas asks Carrie to move in with him under the guise of saving money. Austin refuses to give up on a relationship with Carrie but Sami stops his attempt to give Carrie the job of heading the High Style product line division. Austin questions whether Sami is stopping him because she doesn’t want Carrie in his life. Sami denies it and advises Austin against the idea but Austin still insists on posing the offer to Carrie. Mimi refuses to listen to Bonnie’s advice to lie to Shawn about Claire’s parentage. To distract everyone from Mimi’s attempt to tell the truth, Bonnie fakes a heart attack. At first Mimi guesses that Bonnie is faking but Bonnie insists that she’s really in pain so Mimi and Shawn rush Bonnie to the hospital. When Lexie leaves the room, Bonnie fools the monitors by working up her heart rate. Mimi, driven by Shawn’s constant promises to spend his future with her, declares that she can’t stand not telling the truth anymore.

Caroline finds an old diary of Belle’s where in it she wrote that if she and Shawn ever had a baby girl, they’d decided to name her Claire. Belle admits to Caroline that she wishes Claire was Shawn’s baby. Bo and Patrick argue over Bo’s decision to put off telling Hope the truth. Hope confronts Chelsea but Chelsea denies having been the driver. Chelsea finally admits it when she’s shown the picture from the security camera. Chelsea tells Hope that Bo gave her the license and permission to drive his car.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu, Skye, Nik, and Sam are among the ill at General Hospital. Robert takes on a managerial role in the chaos. Liz can't find Lucky. Sonny collapses in front of Carly and the boys. Patrick tries to force Robin to leave, but Sam's condition worsens, and she refuses. The hospital is under quarantine. Mac arrives to help with crowd control and punches his supposedly deceased brother out. Sonny is brought to the hospital; when Em sees him, she breaks down into tears. The monkey gets loose, again, but is found and is not the carrier. Luke is. Liz tries to sneak out, but Patrick stops her. Dillon collapses. Lucas tells Tony about his orientation before he can get sick and delirious and says it accidentally. Sonny confesses that the kiss with Carly was a fake. Carly and Jason sneak out but are shot at as they try to escape.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Jeffrey finds Cassie with the PI she hired who tells her that all of Jeffrey's files have been destroyed. She asks Jeffrey about it and he tells her that she needs to start trusting him or else he needs to leave. Jonathan offers to drive Tammy to register for classes but she tells him she will be fine. He gets a call from Billy that he needs to meet him and Jonathan leaves. Sandy shows up at the farm and offers to drive her to school. She refuses but when her car won’t start, due to the piece Sandy took out of it, she takes him up on his offer. Things go fine until on the way home Tammy realizes that Sandy is going the wrong way. When Jonathan meets Billy, he finds out that there were underage drinkers using fake id’s at Outskirts. Billy points out one of the culprits and Jonathan bullies him into getting information. The guy describes the guy at the college who sold it to them and the description fits Sandy’s. Jonathan starts to freak and Billy calms him down. Harley tells Cassie she hasn’t been able to tell the kids about Gus yet. Alan-Michael tells Harley that some people want her out and offers to take over for her for a while to calm them. She refuses and after she leaves Alan-Michael starts throwing things. Marina sees him and thinks he is just upset about Alan. Alex overhears them and accuses A-M of working with Alan this entire time. Dinah and Mallet argue a little bit and Dinah offers to back off. Mallet tells her that he doesn’t want that and they go back to his place, where they run into Harley who has left her PDA there. Dinah tells Mallet to go after Harley, where he tells her that for everyone’s sakes they have to deal with what happened between them.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian finds out that Spencer had spent the night at Blair’s. When Dorian leaves Blair admits to Spencer that she thinks of him as more than a friend. Vangie calls Blair to see if she will be in court for Todd. Blair agrees. Niki tries to pressure Tess into telling her the secret that she has hid all these years .The state police find Niki’s abandoned car. Todd is sentenced to death by lethal injection. Spencer goes to an abandoned building to meet a woman, who turns out to be Margaret, and she is ready to give birth.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa is feeling comfortable in her new position as head of the Crane Empire. She assures Fancy she will not make her leave, as she likes her and she's part of the family, but when the girl smarts off at her, she reminds her that she is the one who controls all, and Fancy's upkeep is included. Rebecca, on the other hand, starts her rude remarks to Theresa as soon as she enters the kitchen, and only a confirmation from Fancy convinces her that the woman truly is in charge of everything, and she really does have to leave. She asks Theresa to get her some grapefruit, and Theresa does, smashing it into her face. She then heads to the B&B to talk to Gwen, and finds out they really aren't going to India after all. Ethan goes for a job interview, and while he's gone the two women talk about getting rid of Theresa. When he gets back, however, the two are thrilled by his news, that he's been hired by someone who is scared to death of Alistair, but fears nothing about Theresa.

Paloma talks to her father, asking him what he's going to do about Katherine and Pilar. He says he will keep his promise to her mother and renew their marriage vows, but the girl warns him against breaking her heart again by going back to Katherine. At the mansion, Theresa wants to take care of them now that she is in the position to do so, but they don't want any part of it. Sheridan and Chris go to the records department and find it's been burned out, losing all the paper records as well as the computer backups. They realize Otto knows they are there, and is watching all they do. Noah and Maya talk about the shooting years ago, and the fact that's why she was beaten up. She warns him not to tell Fancy, since that will put her in danger, too. She goes to take a shower but hollers to Noah, telling him her back is going out and she can't stand, so he gets into the shower and holds her up - just as Fancy comes to find him and tell him she won't be jealous of the other woman any longer. One look at the two of them in the shower and that all goes right out the window, however.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis are kissing in her office. Someone knocks on the door. They ignore it for a second but the person is being persistent. Nick and Phyllis separate. Who could that be? “Phyllis! It is me Sharon! I left my keys in there, are you there?" Nick and Phyllis freeze, not daring to breathe. Sharon is still there but has stopped knocking. They hear her voice again. “Hello! Security? I am Sharon Newman and I am upstairs at Phyllis’s office and I have left my car keys in there. Could you come up and let me in?" Nick and Phyllis look at each other. They are trapped. She will be there until the door is opened and she will find them in there together. How will they explain the door being locked and not answering it? Sharon continues. “Oh… Okay then. I will come down and get the key then…” Nick and Sharon breathe a sigh of relief. Later, Sharon returns and the door is open. Phyllis has her back to the door and she is typing like a demon. “Phyllis! I was just up here and the door was locked.” Phyllis tells that she was gone for a bit and so she locked the office. “I just came back to get my keys that I left here… Do you know where Nick is," Sharon asks. Phyllis says she has no idea. “Isn’t he having a special dinner with you tonight?" Sharon suddenly remembers that she has to go and heads out. Once Phyllis is alone, Nick comes out. She tells him to get home as Sharon is planning something. He worries about how Phyllis is dealing with this and she assures him that she is fine. They share one last passionate kiss; the she leads him to the door, peering out first to make sure that the way is clear. Nick slinks out of there and is gone!

Jack enters the Athletic Club and finds his niece in there. “Colleen! I am so glad that I got to see you. I heard that you just popped into town.” They hug. She asks about her grandfather and learns that he is back in the hospital but only overnight. She blames everything on those Fishers. “I wish that they would just go away. Do you realize that all the trouble in our family is because of them? How can we get rid of them? And that Gloria… My grandfather deserves a woman better than her.” Jack is shocked at what he hears and he even sticks up for Gloria when he hears how venomous Colleen is about her. Nick and Sharon have just had dinner. Noah is at the main house and they are alone. Sharon tells that she thinks that they should take Noah skiing this year. “And why don’t we bring Phyllis and Daniel with us? Daniel helped Noah with his snowboarding…” Nick smiles faintly and agrees quietly nodding. The phone rings. Sharon tells afterwards that she has to go on another little trip the next day. “It will be short… In and out.” She gets her coat on and heads to the main house to get Noah and bring him home. As soon as she is gone, he picks up the phone and calls Phyllis. “I have to see you. Meet me tomorrow at the same place. I have to go now. Goodnight.” The DA is at the club having a meal. One of his associates sits at the table with him. “We lucked out. Ashley Abbot’s fingerprints were found on the bag.” Bardwell smiles. John is furious. No one will believe that he was the one that shot Tom. Bardwell the DA leaves unconvinced. Michael is there and he is not happy. John has made Ashley look guiltier by doing this. John keeps ranting and it takes all that Gloria, Ashley and Jack can do to calm him. He is a ticking time bomb. Gloria learns that John will be released in the morning but she plans to stay the night to make sure that nothing else happens. He wants her to leave but she curls up in a chair to stay. A nurse comes in and gives John a sedative that the doctor ordered for him. He takes it as Gloria watches. She knows that soon he will be asleep, and so she kisses him and leaves. Once alone, John spits out the pill and grabs the phone. In a little while Paul arrives. “Something that I can do for you John?" He has an assignment for Paul. “I need you to prove that I was the one that killed Tom”.

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