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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Zach surprises everybody by dropping the charges against Erica in court. But she does not buy his generosity and believes he's only doing it in order to manipulate Kendall. The toxicology screening is completed and reveals that Erica was drugged so she's off the hook for stabbing Zach. Immediately, she casts suspicion upon Amanda for drugging her. It looks like Babe, JR and Jamie also suspect Amanda for all of the crimes. She still refuses to implicate her mother. Babe tells JR that she might be pregnant. And if he does not stop pulling his stunts, she will never let him see his child again. Di gets Marty to hack the computer systems of a diamond store. But she knows since he works for Zach, he might not want to know that she and Tad are helping Ryan investigate him. Di and Ryan get Marty to admit that he is up to dirty dealings by recording him. And Ryan tells Marty he will tell Zach what he's up to if he does not admit to whether he helped Zach cause the power outage at the fertility clinic. Lily informs Jonathan, Erin and Aiden that she found out a lot of information about this crazy woman with all the costumes who is setting up Jonathan. At that point, they know that Jonathan has been framed. But they only suspect Amanda and have no clue that it's Janet.

Erin and Aiden go to see Jonathan and ask him why he doesn’t want Livia to ask for bail so he can get out. He tells them that it’s not that bad in jail. He likes it there and enjoys their pizza Saturdays. Erin tells him they can have pizza at their home. He tells them he’s very used to closed spaces. He remembers living in that small closet of hers’. He tells them that maybe he is dangerous and staying in jail will protect society. And besides, he tells them, while he’s in there, if these bad things keep happening, nobody can falsely accuse him. Right then, Lily enters and informs Jonathan that she just found out some very important information.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke arrives at the rooftop party, but quickly starts to feel guilty about lying to his parents – again. Kevin ties to goad him into continuing his lying ways. Luke would rather go elsewhere with Kevin, but Kevin wants to stay at the party, drink and have fun. Luke wonders if it ever gets to him that he constantly has to lie and no one knows the real him? Holden continues to worry about what is going on with Luke, while trying to bury the thoughts bubbling to the surface about what Luke is really struggling with. He is worried that he was a failure to Luke, and that is why he is struggling now. Is he a poor substitute for Luke’s read dad? Lily assures him he is Luke’s real dad in ever sense of the word. She thinks Luke is just like him, but Holden shakes his head saying that he is not. Lily and Holden decide to cancel their dinner plans and head home to see Luke. They call him to tell them they are on the way, and Luke leaves quickly from the party to beat them home. On his way home in his car, Kevin calls Luke and offers to stop by later with a six pack, but Luke tells him he can’t do this anymore. A distracted Luke throws the phone down and then hits someone in the road. Paul hallucinates that Emily is coming to kill him. Emily hears Paul’s voice say hello and tries to get him to talk to her when she calls using Meg’s phone. Emily realizes where Paul is hiding. Paul realizes Emily knows he is alive, and realizes he has to leave the cabin. Emily and Henry arrive too late at the cabin, but find a clue in the embers of the recently extinguished fire. Paul names Jen executor of his estate, but also warns in his ‘death’ that he doesn’t want Barbara anywhere near his finances or estate. At Paul’s apartment, Jen finds a heartfelt letter from Paul, which brings Jen to tears, as Paul secretly looks on.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tries to win Brooke back but Brooke stands firm. Taylor continues her break down and Hector calls her to see her. Nick and Bridget pick a name: Nicole. Bridget goes into early labor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi is horrified to realize the real reason Kate offered such a great honeymoon and declares that she can’t marry Shawn now. Bonnie urges Mimi to lie but Caroline overhears Mimi vow to tell Shawn the truth right now when she stops by to bring an engagement gift. Carrie tells Lucas that Sami still has feelings for him but Lucas refuses to give the relationship another try. Lucas asks Carrie to come work for Titan. Carrie agrees to the deal. Austin regrets not listening to Sami’s warnings about taking over High Style. Sami claims to Austin that she tried to talk Carrie into taking Austin back. Austin vows to not give up trying to win Carrie back. Austin warns Sami that if they compete against Titan, she could lose Lucas forever but Sami feels confident that she’ll end up with Austin.

Despite Bo and Billie’s warnings, Patrick tells Hope that Chelsea was the driver. Billie tries to convince everyone that Patrick is lying but Hope demands to see Patrick’s proof. Hope is furious that Billie was willing to cover up for Chelsea. When Bo yells at Patrick for revealing the truth, Patrick realizes that Bo already knew the truth. Chelsea runs into Max as she storms out of the courthouse and she begs him to run away with her but Max insists that she face the consequences. Chelsea returns to Billie and Hope calls her a murderer.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Skye and Alcazar take their relationship to a new level. Sonny fights his desire to tell Emily the truth. Jason and Sonny don't enjoy being in the predicament they are in. Lucky plans a romantic getaway at a secluded cabin for him and Elizabeth.

Lulu, Sam, Skye, Alexis and Sonny become ill to a mysterious virus. Lucky succumbs to the fever while alone at the cabin. Robert and Robin meet and he tries to explain to her where he has been but she was very angry with him

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley wakes up in Mallet’s bed and realizes what they did. She tells him that she just wants to forget it ever happened and he agrees, although he tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad about it. Dinah has coffee with Blake where she admits that she is still seeing Mallet and that she is happy. Blake tells her that she reminds her of herself when she was falling in love with Ross and tells her to go for it. Harley later tells Mallet and Dinah that she is going to do this on her own and they need to live their own lives, together. Reva arrives for her first day back at Lewis construction. She admits to Billy she is only back to keep an eye on Olivia, but once she is there realizes that she really wants to work and she doesn’t want Olivia to be her reason. She tells this to Josh and later tells it to Olivia. Bill tells Josh that he should go after Olivia and let Reva start dating also. Alan and Gus argue over who is to blame for their being held captive, and Beth congratulates herself on being able to run a house on her own. She goes to town where Buzz tells her that he is sorry since she is a widow now also. As she is leaving, Beth runs into Harley who is crying outside.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Marcie and Michael have an argument over the fact that he hadn’t told her about the hostage situation, and the shooting. Natalie talks to John about Michael, and his father. She questions him about the promise that he had made to his father. Michael and John have a discussion, and resolve their differences. Nash still can’t find Tess. Tess comes to the conclusion that Nash loves Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa is thrilled to be heading up Crane Industries and starts using her new-found powers immediately. She grounds the jet, takes the job offer in India off the table, and offers Ethan a job as her assistant, running the company. She also takes away all Ethan's credit cards and freezes Gwen's trust fund, trying to get them to stay at the mansion. They decide to stay in Sheridan's room at the B&B, however, since she's away in Hawaii. Theresa still swears to Little Ethan that she, Ethan, Jane, and he will all be real family some day. In the Book Cafe, Pilar and Martin talk about their upcoming vow renewal ceremony. He tells her he is as excited as she is about it. Paloma and Simone are still in the room under the basement, going through the boxes of Alistair's paperwork, but so far have found nothing of interest. Paloma knows there must be something or it wouldn't all be hidden away like it is. Going back upstairs, she tells her mother she will be in the renewal service, which makes Pilar very happy, but later Paloma sees Martin outside the Cafe embracing Katherine. She had been coercing Martin into leaving Pilar and going back with her, but he doesn't seem to want to - yet.

Maya wakes up and tells Noah she was attacked because of what happened with them and he man in the attic that got shot. She warns him not to tell Fancy anything about it because that would put her in danger, too, and even though he was just getting ready to tell Fancy everything, he decides it would be best not to. Rachel and Katherine visit Alistair at the hospital and "celebrate" the fact he can't move, speak, or threaten anyone any more. Rachel says rude things to and about him, not realizing he's hearing and understanding all of it. He is so happy at the prospect of what's going on with Theresa, Julian, Ethan, and Gwen since they saw his video condicil to the will that he begins laughing to himself, although it's only in his own mind, and Rachel remarks that it almost looks as if he is laughing.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is unhappy. “Giving Newman to the children has been good for them but bad for me. I wake up every morning wishing that I had something to do in business. I envy Nikki. I really do. You have that project to work on and I wish that I had something like that.” Nikki has a great idea. “Why don’t I make a proposal for you to come and work with me?" Victor promises to think about that. “Do you think that Phyllis will be happy with that idea?" Nikki is sure that she will be happy. “She wants to be successful and with you as a part of the team, we will be!" You will see. Phyllis wants success and when Phyllis wants something, she gets it!" With that said, Victor accepts her proposal. It’s a deal! JT and Mackenzie are having dinner at the club. “Where were you earlier JT?" He only says that he was at a meeting. JT sees that Daniel and Colleen have come in and wants to go over to say ‘hi’. Mackenzie doesn't want to do that. JT knows that this is because she and Colleen feel differently about Kevin. “Why can’t you understand her Mackenzie? She almost died!" Mackenzie says that she understands Colleen’s feelings but Kevin is her friend. JT decides to go over to say ‘hello’ to Daniel and Colleen whether Mackenzie comes or not. By the time that he makes it to the table, Mackenzie is by his side. Daniel smiles at them and apologizes to Mackenzie for what happened at his place earlier that day. Colleen says that she too wants to apologize for the way she acted. “…But I feel better now. Thanks to JT. He came over and now I feel much better.” By the time that Mackenzie gets back to her table, she is furious. “You lied to me. I don’t care that you were there for her, I care that you lied. We just moved in together and you are already lying. I need to get out of here and be alone.” She gets her coat and walks out. Colleen sees her leaving alone and she smiles quietly. John confesses to the man from the DA’s office. Jack, Ashley and Gloria show up. John is angry that he will not be arrested for his crime. The man from the DA’s office says that what he sees before him is a man who is doing his best to protect his daughter. “I don’t believe you Mr. Abbot.” Nick and Phyllis are in her office standing too close. Someone knocks. Phyllis moves quickly away from Nick to her desk, putting distance between them. “Come in!" Sharon enters and pauses when she sees that her husband is there alone with Phyllis. “I am glad that I found the both of you together. I have something that I have to say… I have to clear the air. I want to apologize for what I did earlier. Nick I know that you run the company and have your reasons for rejecting my idea about tying the Wellness Centers in with Newman. And Phyllis I put you in an awkward position. Sorry.” Phyllis tells her that she really shouldn’t feel bad at all. Sharon turns to Nick. “I would like to spend a nice quiet time at home tonight. You know we haven’t had much alone time since I came back from my trip.” Phyllis interrupts. “Ah… I have some things that I have to take care of. I will see you later.” She leaves the office. Sharon turns to her husband. “What is that all about?" Nick denies that he noticed anything strange at all. “Was she upset with you because you rejected my idea about the Wellness Spa?" Nick says that they weren’t even talking about that and he makes up a flippant story about something else that he says they were talking about. She really hopes that he will have a romantic time with her that night. He begs off. “I have a lot of work to catch up on and will be here for a while.” She accepts that and starts walking off alone. “Wait Sharon! I have an idea. Let’s have a late dinner tonight!" She loves that idea and offers to order from that new place on Union Street. Nick heads back to work. Phyllis returns and is surprised to find Sharon still in her office alone. “I was waiting for you. I want to talk about you, me and my husband… What did you think about my idea before?" Phyllis seems relieved when she says that she loved the idea. Sharon can’t understand why Nick is so adamant about not pursuing it. “I love the idea of women helping woman and that is what the Wellness Spas do. It is women working for the betterment of women. Raising them up… Lifting them high.” Phyllis is uncomfortable and turns from Sharon as she says this. Sharon is just glad that Phyllis likes the idea and she even suggests that Phyllis try talking to Nick about it. Phyllis tells her that she won’t be able to do that. Sharon says that she should try. “I am actually being a little selfish here. You see… I want to be the spokes model for both companies.” She soon leaves and Phyllis is alone with her thoughts. She looks at her 'see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil', monkey on her desk and she thinks back to those steamy, insatiable sex liaisons she shared with Nick. He walks in and finds her in a cloud. “Are you alright?" She tells him that she had a very bad conversation with his wife just now. She was apologizing for her behavior again and she was worried that Phyllis was feeling awkward around Nick now. Nick and Phyllis smile at that idea. “Do I," Phyllis asks? “Do I make you feel awkward Nick?" He knows that she should, but she doesn't. “You make me feel…” She can’t find the right word… “You make me feel hungry.” Nick tells her that he is starving. “What are you going to do about it," she queries? He turns to the door and locks it. He returns to Phyllis and they are at it again. He kisses are rough this time, but she likes it. Downstairs, Sharon gets off the elevator. “Damn! I forgot my keys on Phyllis’s desk.” She turns around and presses the button to the elevator impatiently to get back upstairs for her keys.

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