Wednesday 2/1/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/1/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall is very angry at Erica for what she did to Zach. But Jack is determined to get the tox screen to reveal that she was drugged. Di tells Tad that Marty is the man for hacking through computer and whom can find out for them if Zach caused the power outage at the fertility clinic. Kendall knows that Ryan is investigating her husband and demands to know what he suspects. He tells her and she does not buy it. But he tells her he will prove it and let her know when he does. She tells him if he does not drop it, he will lose all rights to his son. Babe tells JR she will never forgive him for the pre-nup and tells him for all he knows, she could be pregnant. Janet knows that she better move out of her room in the warehouse. She finds her way to the Chandler house and overhears Babe and JR's conversation. Amanda still covers for her mother and tells Babe JR and Jamie that it was she who knocked Jamie out.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden reads part of Luke’s blog, but is caught. Luke is furious and tells Holden he no longer trusts him; Holden persists, but dances around the issue of his son and Kevin. Luke covers saying his negative thoughts posted on his blog were because he feels as if he is being watched 24/7 and he is having a hard time with the pressure being put on him. Lily and Holden decide to go out for the night. While out, Lily questions why Holden still seems bothered by Luke’s behavior? What is he keeping from her about Luke? Later, Luke finds his way to the rooftop party where Kevin is. After Lisa fires Gwen for supposedly stealing a guest’s diamond necklace, Gwen confronts Barbara about setting her up. Barbara denies any wrongdoing, but panics when Will tells her to open her purse. Lisa interrupts telling them Gwen has to leave the hotel now. A dejected Will and Gwen vow to stay together, and Will concocts a plan to steal from Barbara, because as he sees it, she owes them. Lisa admits she checked out Barbara to make sure she wasn’t involved in setting Gwen up to take the fall over the necklace. Barbara secretly wraps the necklace in tissue and puts it on a maid’s cart. Paul sends Meg away; Meg fights him, telling him they should go to Waco to get care. Paul refuses and Meg finally agrees to go. Emily and a female maid impersonating Henry break into Meg’s room and see daily gas receipts for Meg, as Emily becomes more convinced she is meeting up with Paul. They are interrupted by Meg coming home and are forced to hide. Meg talks with Paul on the phone, when he realizes he misses her after reading the funny notes she left for him. When she goes to pack, Emily grabs Meg’s phone and realizes there is the same number being called on it over and over. Henry replaces the phone with an untraceable one he had, so Meg is not suspicious. Meg starts to leave town, and Emily calls the number on Meg’s phone, and is shocked to hear Paul’s voice say hello.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor "celebrates" her new found freedom with Hector. She breaks down later and sends Hector home. Ridge and Nick argue again. Ridge demands Nick keep his mother away from Eric and himself away from Brooke.

Eric assures Jackie he plans to have a life with her after Felicia passes. Ridge turns Brooke's backyard into their honeymoon paradise.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Claire has been discharged from the hospital. Belle doesn’t like hearing about Marlena and Alex’s plan to renew their vows. Marlena overhears Belle slip and say that she and Shawn will protect Claire. Belle tells Marlena about Zack’s dream prophecy and Marlena asks if Belle wants it to come true. Bonnie eavesdrops as Mimi and Shawn talk of postponing their wedding until the family is no longer mourning Zack’s death. Bonnie drops by after Claire is brought home and warns Mimi to get married quickly before she loses Shawn. When Mimi won’t heed her warning, Bonnie blurts out that Claire is Shawn’s daughter. John tries to get some alone time with Marlena but Alex insists on staying. Alex decides later to oblige the request but instead of going home, he goes to see Lois. John finds Alex in Lois’ room and confronts him about seeming so affectionate toward Lois. Alex claims that he was acting that way toward Lois because she was his patient but John doesn’t buy his excuse. John brings his suspicions to Marlena but she trusts Alex.

Frankie tries to talk Billie out of taking the blame but Billie sees the sacrifice as fulfilling a promise to be there for Chelsea. Frankie reluctantly agrees to keep Billie’s secret. Patrick confronts Chelsea with his new proof of her guilt. Billie overhears Patrick threatening to tell the truth if Chelsea doesn’t come forward herself and argues with him over her desire to take the fall. Billie fires Frankie as her lawyer. Hope confronts Bo about telling her the truth. Bo evades telling Hope the truth because of her fragile emotional state. Hope sees the evidence from the accident brought into the courtroom and faints in Bo’s arms. Hope overhears Patrick urge Billie to stop lying and demands to know the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Luke's illness turns out to be mostly fake. Lulu finds her chimp at Jason's, then has a dizzy spell. Noah refuses a live donor liver transplant. Jessy wants Maxie to quit the hospital as long as Manny is there. Emily is depressed over Sonny still. Courtney sends Nik a letter saying she's fine, and Jax is with her. Lorenzo takes Skye to the ballet. Alexis and Ric quarrel over her consideration of Durant's offer. Robin comes face to face with her father. Lulu is really sick.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

While Juice Newton’s “Queen of Hearts” plays in the background Gus wakes up in his “prison”. He remembers the car crash, starting with when he picked Alan up. He told him that he was going to force him, by gunpoint, to sign a confession and then drive him back to Springfield where he would be put in jail. Alan refuses and when he grabbed for the gun, wound up crashing the car. Gus is left upside down and pinned in the car while Alan was unconscious in the back. A homeless man came and stole Gus’s wallet, but Gus in his state imagines the guy to be Mallet stealing everything from him. Alan woke up and left to get some water and came back for Gus. A stranger cloaked from head to toe came up to the men and then that was the last thing Gus remembered till waking up. In the present, Gus breaks through a door to find Alan in an adjoining room. He spots medicine and realizes that someone is holding them prisoner. They try to escape but Gus’s leg wound and Alan’s inability to move his left arm hinders them. They hear a noise and try to talk with whoever is holding them hostage but they get no answer. The mystery person locks the door and leaves, dropping her hood to reveal it is Beth. Back in Springfield Mallet sobers up a drunk Harley and fills her in on her actions. Harley says she knows that Gus is gone and Mallet asks her to let him help her through this. He comforts her, which leads to a kiss, and she pushes him down on the bed.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Rex visits Todd in prison, and they discuss Denton’s whereabouts. Adriana visits Blair at the penthouse. They discuss how things are going at Craze. Clint and Dorian take a room at the Palace where they are confronted by Bo as well as David. Bo fills Clint in that Viki and Jessica are missing. Antonio and Nash search for Jessica and Viki. Tess and Niki are held up in a cabin without any electric or telephone. Tess blames Niki for Tess being created. Niki is confused as to why this is all her fault. Tess asks her how could she have left her daughter in that bar.

Rex visits Blair, and tells her that Todd can’t do this without her. Blair goes to visit him, but backs out at the last moment. Vangie and Chris share a dance. Natalie manages to talk John into going back into therapy in order to get his badge back.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Gwen and Ethan are finally leaving the country, the Crane jet slows down and stops, leaving them wondering what's going on. Theresa, Julian, and a Crane attorney board the plane, bringing a DVD with them, which turns out to be Alistair changing his will. Instead of letting Julian run everything, he wants Theresa to do it, until Little Ethan is grown and can take over. Theresa is thrilled and tells them they are not taking her daughter anywhere, but Gwen is beside herself, and neither Julian nor Ethan are happy about it, either. Noah worries about Maya, so much so that Fancy wonders if he still cares about her. He takes the woman to his house when the ambulance takes too long to get to them, and calls Eve to come help her. He refuses to let her go to the hospital, preferring to take care of her himself, and Fancy begins to believe he still loves the woman and she'll be left out in the cold.

Sheridan and Chris try to find Otto Krause in Hawaii, with no luck. The find where records are kept and try to get computer access, but they are being fixed and can't be used. They agree to come back the next day, saying the information would still be there then. However, Otto is trailing them, watching all they are doing and ready to kill them, on Alistair's orders, if they get too close to finding him. He waits until everyone has left the records center and then burns it all to the ground. Fox and Kay are at the romantic hideaway, and Fox is ready to pop the question. Tabitha and Endora watch, and come up with a plan to keep their friend from ruining her life: Endora turns Tabby into bellboy and zaps her into the hideaway, where she causes havoc for them. Later, she is turned into a housekeeper, and makes more problems, but manages to remind Kay she can't accept Fox's proposal. When he finally asks the question, Kay tells him no.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon comes to see her mother-in-law’s new office. Nikki talks briefly to her but then Sharon remains. “Is there something that you would like to talk about Sharon?" she says that when she left for Detroit, she did so on a bad note and she wanted to come by and make sure that things are okay between them. Nikki says that she still isn’t fine with the way that things were handled on Cassie’s birthday. “If you want things to go well with Nick…” Sharon quickly tells her that she will be handling her marriage and she would appreciate it is Nikki would stay out of her marriage. Nikki remembers when she was careless with her marriage once and she almost lost Victor forever. Sharon’s mouth drops. “You think that I am being careless with my marriage? Why what do you know that I don’t?" Just then footsteps are heard. Nikki and Sharon turn to the door and see Phyllis standing there. “Hi! Am I interrupting something?" Sharon starts stomping towards the door, shouting that Phyllis hasn’t interrupted anything at all. After she has left, Nikki tells Phyllis that she and Sharon were just discussing family stuff and she got upset. Colleen has called JT as she is upset about what happened with Kevin over at Daniel’s earlier. JT shares her feelings but has learned to get alone with him to keep the peace all around. Colleen guesses that he is referring to Mackenzie when he says that as she can see that Mackenzie is Kevin’s biggest fan. She asks JT if she can count on him if she is ever in danger. He promises that he will always be there for her if she ever needs him. “What if he snaps and acts out again," she asks? JT says that he hopes that Kevin will not do that, but if Kevin does, JT will protect her. Phyllis is letting Jack have it until she finds out that John is in the hospital and that he is having a really bad day. She says that if that is the case, then he really shouldn’t be going after she and Nikki at this time to prove a point to Victor. Jack sarcastically finds her thoughtfulness for his situation to be touching when he hears how she twists things to show an advantage for her. She says that she is being sincere, but he is skeptical. Gloria arrives asking for John and Jack tells her that Phyllis was just leaving before talking to her about his father. John is working on his on plan to make things right. He phones the DA’s office asking to speak to Glen, but he can’t seem to get the man to call him back or talk to him immediately. John gets frustrated. Ashley walks in while he is on the phone talking and he ends the call quickly, saying that he had to speak to the office about something. Ashley tells him that she is happy that he has agreed not to talk to anyone about this until they can all figure something out. He yawns. She sees that she is keeping him up and so she leaves the room and will see him the next day. When she gets to the door to leave, he has his eyes closed and seems to be sleeping, but as soon as the door closes, John sits up and swings into action calling Glen’s office again. He tries his best to get the man to call him back and he says that he wants to talk about the Tom Fisher shooting but still he can’t get to Glen. Later on, a man comes to see John. “I hear that you have been calling the DA’s office to talk to Glen about Ashley Abbot’s case… Glen is not available, and so you will have to talk to me. Now what do you have to add to the information that we have already about her?" John tells the man that he doesn't understand… “She isn’t the shooter. I was the one that shot Tom Fisher!" Gloria arrives home in a not-so-good mood. Jack asks her what is wrong. She tells that she went with Kevin to get Tom’s ashes. “You will never know what that felt like having someone that you were married to handed to you in a box. Where is John, I want to be with him.” Jack says that his father is not in the house right now. Gloria demands to know where he went. “I saw his car out front," she says. Jack says that he went out with Mrs. Martinez. Gloria saw her car out front as well. “What is going on Jack? Where is John?" Ashley arrives home and they both talk to Gloria together. They tell her that John went to the alley and figured out that he was the shooter. She gets upset and demands now to be told where her husband is. Without being told, she knows that he is in the hospital. “Take me to him!" Jack tells her 'no'. You can’t go there right now. He is fine and resting. She gets immediately suspicious. “I know what you are doing. I know what this is. You are trying to keep me away from him," she says. Jack says that actually, his father is the one that asked that she not be told that he is in the hospital and he did say that he wanted to be left alone. Gloria is worried now. “You are blaming me aren’t you? You are blaming me for this happening!"

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