Tuesday 1/31/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/31/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While in jail after stabbing Zach, the effects of the drug wear off on Erica. She does not remember what happened but believed she saw Michael Cambias and had to protect Kendall from him. Knowing that Michael Cambias is dead, she has no clue what happened to her. Jonathan, who is in the adjoining cell suggests that maybe somebody drugged her. Jack comes to see her and demands that Derek do a toxicology screen on Erica before it's too late. Kendall tells Ryan she believes that he and Erica set up a plan to murder Zach. But Ryan tells her that did not happen. She demands to know Ryan's secret suspicions about Zach. He doesn't tell her. But Simone does. While unconscious in the hospital, Zach is having a struggle with the ghosts of his father and brother telling him he needs to die and is as sick as they are. And he fights to be with Kendall. Janet is still up to no good. Amanda is torn between ratting her out to Jamie or being falsely accused, herself, of Janet's crimes. Janet makes certain that won't happen, however, and knocks Jamie out

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will worries that he tipped their hand to Barbara in order to rub her face in it. Gwen assures him that she can’t hurt them anymore. She then shows him that she went and opened a savings account in both their names. They feel untouchable, but they regret feeling that way later when Lisa is forced to let Gwen go because it appears she stole a diamond necklace of one of her guests. Little did Lisa know, Barbara found the necklace and set Gwen up. Gwen sees Barbara and accuses her of being behind it though. Emily and Henry continue to shadow Meg. Henry charms a maid and finds out Meg didn’t come home last night. Emily is becoming more convinced by the minute that Paul is alive and Meg is helping him. Meg is onto Emily and Henry and gives them the slip after picking up something in storage for Paul. Henry dresses up as a woman maid in order to search Meg’s room. Paul opens the box, which is overflowing with money, and gives Meg a huge amount. He tells her they aren’t leaving together; she is leaving alone. Luke gets agitated when Faith tries to use his computer, which Holden notices. Lily tries to get Luke to talk to her, but he can’t. Luke bumps into Kevin outside Java. He wants him to go to a party with him; he will bring the top shelf stuff. A frustrated Luke turns him down, but Lily seems to have overheard. Holden decides to try to log onto Luke’s account to see what he is so intent on hiding. He figures out his password of “hated boy” when he sees it written in short hand on his notebook. He starts to read about how Luke says his parents wouldn’t understand and they would kill him if they found out the truth, but then gets caught reading his blog when Lily and Luke come home.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor quits Forrester. She tells Eric that she and he were both pawns in the Ridge/Brooke thing. Eric tells her she'll always be a part of their family. Dante tells Bridget all about the wedding.

Ridge and Hector square off. Taylor gives Ridge annulment papers. They sign them. She asks him if it's really over and he apologizes and leaves.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The Brady and Reed families gather at the courthouse for Billie’s arraignment hearing. Hope’s cell phone buzzes with a recorded alarm message from Zack that they didn’t know he made. Caroline approaches Chelsea to warn that Billie could be facing jail time. Bo pulls Caroline aside to admit the truth about Zack’s death. Hope overhears Caroline convince Bo to tell Hope the truth. Lucas warns Sami against getting too hopeful for a romantic reunion with Austin. Sami gets Carrie’s blessing to go after Austin.

Kate wants to get Carrie and Austin back together after learning of the takeover but Lucas stops her. Austin overhears Lucas admit that he plans to be there for Carrie and argues with him. Once Lucas storms off, Kate assures Austin that he’ll get Carrie in the end. Austin warns harm to come to Lucas if he’s done anything to keep him and Carrie apart. Kate and Austin hire Frankie to take Billie’s case but Billie isn’t too happy about it. Billie agrees to let Frankie represent her but refuses to change her plea. Billie blurts out that Chelsea killed Zack in her effort to convince Frankie not to use his proof of her innocence in court. Patrick stops by a convenience store on the route that the killer would have passed and flirts with the male clerk in order to get the security tapes from that night. Patrick spots Chelsea driving Bo’s SUV on the tape.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Emily realizes it's over with Sonny after seeing him kissing Carly. Sonny regrets hurting Emily but realizes he had no choice but to end things with her. Carly assures Sonny that he did the right thing. Jason convinces Sam to wait for him at home and stop pursuing Manny. A heartbroken Emily confides in Sam. Jason is anguished over Emily and Sonny's pain. Luke returns to the mansion with his chimpanzee.

Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth think Lulu should move to Wyndemere but Lulu decides to stay with Luke. Skye makes it clear to Luke that she's moving on with Alcazar. The chimp runs away as Luke collapses from a fever. Patrick lashes out when Noah refuses to consider a liver transplant. Carly wants to resume her date with Patrick. Carly promises Patrick she will help him where Noah is concerned. Noah and Bobbie commiserate over Patrick and Lucas, respectively. Emily, Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth all end up at Kelly's just like old times.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

When Ava and Coop ask Hannah about Lizzie and she claims not to know who that is. Thinking her lie is being revealed Lizzie is shocked when Hannah recognizes “Elizabeth” and tells Ava and Coop that she is her best employee. Lizzie finds out later that Quinn was behind the whole thing and expects something back in return. She and Ava fight over the handbag again, but come to an understanding and apologize to each other. Olivia comes to Josh’s hotel room with ice skates saying that it is time for Josh to forget about Cassie and her problems and have some fun. Josh decides she is right and calls Cassie to tell her that she is on her own. While he is gone, Billy finds Olivia in Josh’s room and threatens to tell Josh about her switching his drinks. When Josh comes back, Billy doesn’t reveal anything and Josh kisses Olivia. Mallet is out looking for Harley at Company when he runs into Frank. Frank tells him to come to the station in the morning to meet his new partner. Mallet loses it and tells Frank that Gus is his partner and he doesn’t need a new one. Mallet apologizes and Frank tells him just to come back to work and they will worry about a new partner later. Harley gets drunk and imagines a stranger is Gus. She agrees to go home with him until Mallet steps in. Mallet takes her back to his place and puts her into bed. Thinking he is Gus, she kisses him. Gus in some strange room lies unconscious.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Vangie meets with Michael to help him resend the power of attorney that he had given to John. At first Vangie refuses, but then agrees. John and Chris meet up with each other at the gym. John confesses to him what had happened at the church, and then later at the station. Niki reveals to Tess that Nash is in love with Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan and Gwen are off to India, once Julian keeps Theresa from blocking their way. However, one phone call from her to the pilot and the Crane jet is grounded - at least temporarily. Now it's up to Theresa to prove she has the right to step into Alistair's shoes and push Julian to the side. Noah begins to tell Fancy about him and Maya, but they are interrupted by a scream nearby. They run to help and find Maya unconscious on the ground, with a woman trying to help her. Noah gives chase to the men who attacked her, not realizing who she was, but later he gets a closer look at her and tells Fancy it's Maya. Kay and Fox make it to the romantic hideaway he set up for them, and they talk about magic, astrology, and what the future may hold as they soak in a tub of lilac-scented water. Tabitha keeps an eye on them in her water bowl, and worries Kay might accept Fox's proposal and lose him forever. Endora tries to align the planets, just in case, but can't quite do it. Sheridan and Chris arrive in Hawaii and wonder if they will find Marty there. They decide to look for Otto Krause first, unaware that he has already found them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT is at the Athletic Club. Kevin walks in and sits with him. He tells what a disaster it was at Daniel’s that morning. “Colleen really has it in for me.” JT feels that Kevin shouldn’t be surprised. “She almost died. Kevin wonders if JT would mind talking to her for him and smoothing things over. JT will not do that. “I am not so sure that I disagree with Colleen about the way that she feels. The truth Fisher is that I only tolerate you because you are Mackenzie’s partner. As far as I am concerned the jury isn’t out on you yet.” Kevin is surprised at JT’s outburst. “Silly me. I thought that you were becoming a friend of mine, but it turns out that you are not a friend at all. I was just hoping that you would talk to Colleen since it is clear that you are close friends.” JT quickly corrects Fisher telling him that he and Colleen are just friends. He goes to another table to sit alone but Kevin follows him. Soon the cell phone rings. JT looks at the display and then answers as he is leaving his seat to talk private. “Hi Colleen…” In a few minutes. Colleen opens the door. JT walks in to see Colleen and she rushes to his arms hugging him. “Oh JT! It has been so terrible!" Victoria is still at Brad’s house watching Abby and waiting for Francis. She thinks about her conversation with Brad where it was clear that they disagreed about how Abby was to be dealt with where school is concerned. She feels that Abby should get back to her routine and Brad feels that Abby should be home indefinitely. “Honey, show me your pictures," Victoria says. She loves the pictures. “Would you like to go to school and see your friends and show them your pictures?" Abby would like that. Victoria promises to hold the girl’s hand the whole time so she will not be afraid. At the office, Sharon is telling Brad that he did the right thing when he put his foot down about Abby staying in the house. “Victoria is not a parent! This is just like her to do and say things like that Brad.” Suddenly, the door opens and Victor and Abby come in. “Daddy! We went to my school today!" Victoria explains that Abby indicated that she wanted to see her friends and so they went to the school. Abby seems fine though. She shows her dad her pictures that she drew of her friends, and she had a great time. “Daddy… Can I go back to school?" Brad will talk to her later. Sharon takes Abby out of the office. “Wow,” is all that Brad can say. He isn’t mad. Victoria was right after all. Sharon quietly eavesdrops at the door unseen and hears that Brad is praising Victoria for her decision to go against his wishes. Nikki walks into the office as Victor and Phyllis are talking about what Jack did. Phyllis is furious. She flies off the handle immediately. “He promised that he wouldn’t do this and he has done it! I could kill him!" Victor and Nikki stand quietly and watch how Phyllis handles pressure. She completely loses it! Nikki feels that there is nothing much that Jack can do to the Wellness Spas operation as he was offered the idea and he passed on it. Victor sees things differently. “If I were Jack, I would have put a clause in your contract that prevents you from taking new ideas to other companies for at least six months.” Phyllis says that wouldn’t apply to her as she quit her job. Victor feels that wouldn’t matter. “Where is your contract?" She tells how it was locked up in a drawer at Jabot when she walked out. She tries to get it online but the passwords have been changed and she can’t get in. Victor tells that he has someone already working on finding a copy of Phyllis’s contract. She thanks him for that but prefers to handle this herself. Nikki says 'no'. She wants Victor all over this to help them. There is an uncomfortable couple of seconds and then Phyllis grabs her purse. “Sorry guys but I am not the type to stand around waiting for results. I know where I can get my answers.” Nikki calls to her to stop but she is already gone. Nikki shakes her head when she turns back to Victor over the way that Phyllis has acted. Victor suggests that Nikki just let her go. Nikki can’t do that. Phyllis brings a certain, ‘something’ to the project. Victor feels that Nikki can do well whether she is with Phyllis or not, but he will support her no matter what. The doctor tells Jack and Ashley that John didn’t have a heart attack, he just collapsed and will be staying at the hospital for a while. Michael comes up asking how John is doing. Jack has to go but Ashley is there and she blames Michael for her father almost dying just now. Michael defends his part in all this. “You know that John was already remembering and was going to end up at that alley anyway Ashley.” She doesn't care. She jus wants to be convicted before John can do anything about it and possibly kill himself. Jack goes to see his father in his room. They discuss how things sit. Jack does his best to convince his father that he needs to sit still and not talk about this to anyone. “Ashley is a woman and she will get off. Michael will see to it. Tom used to threaten Ashley and she was scared of him and the jury will feel that she had to do this. All I am asking you to do dad is just do nothing until we all get to talk about this together first.” Outside the room, Michael is telling Ashley that this has blown up into a full family conspiracy and he can’t be a part of it anymore. “As a duty of the court, I have to reveal the truth to the District Attorney’s office Ashley.” She can’t believe that he is trying to take her in. “Oh right Michael! You are so morally upright. Is that why you help to plant drugs on Tom?" Michael quickly lets go of her when she says that. “Okay Ashley. I will give you some time to get this sorted but that is all that I am giving you and then I have to go public.” In John’s room, he is alone and on the phone. “I need to speak to the District Attorney about the shooting of Tom Fisher…” Jack is home when Phyllis shows up. “What is in my contract Jack? What did you do to me?" He only tells her that he can’t talk about this right now. She will not leave. She wants answers. “I need a copy of my contract. What did you have me sign?" Her denies that her contract has been changed in any way since the first time that she signed it. “Why don’t you go and read your contract and see what is in it yourself Phyllis?" She tells that she never printed it out. I need access to Jabot’s computers. “You never printed out your contract," he asks sneering? “Doesn’t matter I can’t deal with this right now!" She is still persistent with him and finally he snaps. “Phyllis! My sister has been charged with murder! My father is in the hospital and there are reporters on the lawn! What part of, ‘I can’t deal with this right now’, don’t’ you understand?"

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