Monday 1/30/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/30/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Josh has drugged her, Erica freaks out and stabs Zach. Tad and Di try to help. But the cops come and put Erica in jail. Jonathan is there nearby. He tells her he will make sure she's ok. Lily is determined to help Jonathan find the crazy woman wearing all the different costumes. Erin admits to Lily that she is not entirely convinced that this woman even exists and does not have as much faith in her brother as Lily has. Janet is determined to get revenge upon Jamie after finding out he may be scamming her daughter into believing he loves her. Jamie knows that there is this secret warehouse where Amanda goes. He finds her and asks her what is going on. She asks him why he's spying on her and acting like he doesn't trust her. He asks her to divulge the big secret. But she does not spill the beans about her mother and tells him another story. At that point, he goes with Aiden to check it out. They find all the costumes but still have no clue that Janet is the culprit. Babe is very upset that JR has a pre-nuptial agreement that states in the event of their divorce, he gets full custody of their son and she can never see little A again. She tells him she cannot deal with his distrust and she walks away.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Paul’s service turns into a screaming match. Emily hears Paul’s voice and reacts crazily. Meg covers as she ushers Paul away. Henry comes to Emily’s rescue, but later Emily is sure the Meg knows something about Paul’s supposed death. She wonders if Paul is in fact alive, but Henry thinks Emily is acting loony. Emily enlists Henry to act as a PI to follow Meg to find out what she knows. Emily tells Henry that they will have to shut her up for good! Paul is happy to see his family missing him at his memorial service. Meg convinces Paul that Emily should be handled cautiously. Paul thinks Emily won’t make any waves finding out if he is alive because it would implicate her. Barbara tries to get Will to come home, but he refuses. He even assures Barbara that he and Gwen will be living together by Valentine’s Day. Barbara is angry over Gwen coming in between her and Will again, and makes an ominous phone call to Lisa to talk about Gwen that next day. Maddie and Casey continue to dance around their feelings. A new boy named Nate shows interest in Maddie, much to Casey’s dismay. They both then have daydreams that they are sharing their true feelings with one another. Jack and Nick come to blows at Katie and Mike’s party. Carly continues to spew insults at Nick as she tries to deny what is going on with him. Why is she drawn to someone she detests? Nick continues to dangerously flirt with Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie and Eric are remarried. They all enjoy a lovely party. Dante comes to see Felicia as her date. They dance, Felicia dances with her brothers and her father and she asks him to sing to her. Eric sings to her and she collapses.

Taylor thinks back over her marriage with Ridge. Hector tells her she belongs with someone who will love her unconditionally and that person is him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Mimi dote on Claire. Mimi confides in Belle her desire to get married in Salem rather than running off to elope per Kate’s offer. Belle is taken aback that Mimi wants to wear Caroline’s wedding dress but claims that it’s fine. Shawn asks Philip to be his best man and Mimi asks Belle to be her matron of honor. Bonnie confronts Kate with knowing that Shawn is Claire’s real father and offers to go along with Kate’s decision not to tell the truth. Bonnie doesn’t let Kate off that easy and demands monetary compensation for keeping quiet. John tries to convince Marlena to return to him but Marlena is devoted to Alex. Kate overhears John tell Marlena that he doesn’t love Kate like he loves her. Lois and Alex revel in how well they are deceiving Marlena going so far as to reveal that Alex really hates Marlena. Alex and Lois talk about how Alex was the cause of Marlena’s first bout of amnesia and how they plan to finish the job this time by getting John to move on with Kate.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke heads home with a chimp. The reason Jason broke in on Sonny and Emily's romantic moment was he feared Manny was there because he found the ankle monitor. He does take the opportunity to yell at Sonny for still being with Emily and demands that they break up. Emily stands up to him, but once he is gone, Sonny admits that Jason was right. Noah slips and falls on an ice patch. Robin tends to him. The blood tests she runs reveal he is ill and needs a liver transplant. Carly does not buy the idea that Patrick doesn't want kids, but he tells her he never wants kids to be as ashamed of him as he is of his dad. Lucky agrees to look the other way if Jason wants to do something about Manny. Georgie worries about Dillon's fascination with Luke. Emily decides to fight for love after Sonny dumps her. Robert Scorpio shows up where ever Luke was. Noah does not want a transplant. Trying to push Emily away from Sonny, Carly forces a kiss on him where Emily will see them.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Since the agency that Jeffrey worked for won’t help them, Josh calls in some computer programmers to hack into the system after Cassie worries that since Jeffrey posed as Richard on important events, he may have posed the day of their wedding. Tammy talks to Jeffrey and offers to talk to Cassie on his behalf. She also remembers a memory of her father that seemed unlike him and hints to Jeffrey that she thinks it was him. Later she tells Jonathan that she has gotten back into school and thanks him for what he did, not knowing it was Sandy who actually got her back in. Marina and Buzz return to Springfield and tell Ava and Sandy the news about Gus. Sandy offers his condolences and help. Jonathan seeing this warns Marina that Sandy is only out to get Tammy back. Sandy tells Jonathan about his new job helping sophomores like Tammy at school. Dinah tells Alan-Michael about Gus and then later comforts Mallet when he feels as if there is nothing he can do. Buzz asks Alan-Michael to continue helping Harley out at Spaulding and Harley later comes to talk to A-M. Realizing that although they were brothers they barely knew each other, she starts to talk to A-M about Gus. Marina sees them and later thanks A-M with a kiss and suggests he throws a Valentines day party to cheer Harley up, unknowing that that is the day he plans on overthrowing her from Spaulding.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Asa finds out from the private investigator that the woman in the photo is dead. But he still wants to know who had left the photo in his cabin. Renee questions him about what is going on, but he refuses to tell her. After Asa goes to bed Renee rummages through his desk, and finds the pix of the woman. Kevin fills Kelly in that he is sterile. Spencer takes Blair out to Capricorn. Blair has a run-in with Kelly over not telling her about Todd and Margaret. Spencer remembers more of his last few hours with Margaret .

After a bitter argument with Clint, Viki lets Niki out. Niki goes to Capricorn and cons Jessica into coming outside with her. After goading Jessica, Tess emerges to take care of the situation.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen is happily packing to leave for India with Ethan and Jane, and doesn't want to hear that the woman will still be in their lives in any way. Theresa is talking to Hannah, learning how to find her power, and more importantly, how to use it to get what she wants. As they are leaving for the airport, Theresa shows up and informs them they are going nowhere. Ivy and Valerie team up on Fox, trying to keep him from proposing to Kay, as she watches from Tabitha's house and fumes. Fancy comes to visit, telling her it's over for her and Noah, and advising her to keep Fox at all costs. After thinking over all the pros and cons, Kay decides to go to Fox and accept his proposal, no matter how much Tabby warns her it will end their love forever.

Noah wants to tell Fancy the truth about him and Maya, but she says he can't do that or Fancy will be in trouble, too. He refuses to believe that, and goes to find her, leaving Maya alone. The mystery woman calls her, and when she finds out she has failed to get Noah to help her, tells her she's had her chance but it's over now. Two men show up, and Maya definitely seems to be in trouble. Noah finds Fancy after she leaves Tabitha's house and says he will tell her the whole truth about him and Maya, but she's not sure he means it, or that it will fix what's wrong between them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack finds Michael at a table at the Athletic Club. “What are you doing to get my sister free?" Michael shows him the research that he is looking at. “False confessions to homicide cases…” Jack is glad to see that Michael is on the right track. It isn’t long before both men realize that they are both privy to the information that John is the shooter and that Ashley isn’t. They talk about options but are limited. Michael has a duty to handle things a certain way or he too will be in trouble with the law. The biggest problem, Michael shares is that at this point Ashley is damned if she does, and damned if she don’t! The chances are pretty good that she is going to do time one way or another. Michael has to move on this soon. Jack begs him for a little time to talk to his sister and see how best this should be handled… Daniel is alone in the apartment. Devon and Sierra arrive. “Hey we haven’t spent much time together lately. What do you say we hang out?" Daniel lets the kids in. Then Mackenzie arrives, and the Colleen arrives. “Hi Mackenzie. Where is JT?" The kids have all arranged to be there as they know that Daniel is going through a rough time and Phyllis actually called to set up the meeting telling that Daniel would be alone in the house at that time. There is one more guest to arrive and Colleen is the one to open the door to Kevin. The party turns ugly. Colleen makes it clear that she doesn't want Kevin there. Mackenzie sticks up for her friend, reminding Colleen that this isn’t her house and that Kev has every right to be there. Devon, Sierra, and Daniel all tell how Kevin has changed and has brought meaning to their lives. “How sweet," Colleen says. “I should call the pope and tell him that there has been a miracle.” Colleen again asks Mackenzie where JT is. Mackenzie has to wonder if the only reason that Colleen came was to see if JT would be there. “I only ask as it seems that you and JT are joined at the hip every other time that I see you two," Kevin feels that he really should leave now that the girls are fighting. Colleen finally breathes a sigh of relief and takes her coat off. “Now we can really enjoy the party," she says. “Oh Daniel! I did try to reach Lily for you but I couldn’t get through.” Devon hears this and is angered. “What? You were pretending to be over Lily all this time and you were getting Colleen try to reach her?" Daniel says that Devon is misunderstanding his intent. Soon things get out of control and Daniel orders everyone out of the apartment. All are sorry that they have upset him and they leave. Colleen returns and apologizes, offering to be a friend to Daniel as he clearly needs one. Victor is alone at the house. He gets a visitor. A process server serves him with papers. Victor calmly reads the papers. “You have got to be kidding," he says. “Jack Abbot… If it is a fight that you want… Then it is a fight that you will get.” Victor takes the papers and head over to Phyllis’s new office where she is unpacking her things. He tells her that Jack has filed an injunction and is in the process of stopping them from working on the project even before they get off the ground. Ashley hears her father talking to Abby about her case. John promises Abby that nothing is going to happen to Ashley and he will make sure of it. She believes him. Later Ashley tells her father that he shouldn’t say things like that as there is no way that he can help her. “I can help," John says. “I know that you didn’t shoot Tom. I did! I went to the alley and all the memories came back to me. Michael followed me there and then brought me home. I am going to make things right Ashley. Promise me that you will not tell Gloria about this yet.” Ashley is upset. She doesn't want her father to confess to the DA. “I am a woman and I have a better chance at getting off the charges," she says. John will not listen. “I have to do this. What about Abby?" The cell phone rings. Ashley answers to Jack. He tells her to go into the study. “I have to have a conversation with you in private. Don’t say my name and make sure that dad stays in the house.” Ashley goes into the study to talk to her brother. While gone, John seizes the opportunity. He grabs his coat and walks out of the house. Ashley talks to her brother who tells her that the knows. “I know that you didn’t kill Tom Ashley.” Later when Ashley is off the phone she goes looking for her father to continue their conversation. She can’t find him anywhere. “Daddy! Daddy!" She goes to the door and sees him through the glass. “Oh daddy!" She rushes out to John. He has collapsed on the doorstep and is laying face down on the paved walk. Ashley tries to revive him but he doesn’t move. Brad and Victoria have brought Abby home to Brad’s house. They wait for Francis to arrive so that they can go to work. When Abby is not in the room, Victoria says that she can’t help thinking that it is time that Abby return to school. Brad disagrees. Victoria says that she was been a child of divorce and she knows how they think. “Abby has just been pushing everyone’s buttons lately. Every grownup around her drops whatever they are doing to cater to her if she says that she is sad. I think that she needs to get over what happened to her mother and go back to school. I am a child of divorce Brad.” Brad knows that but really has to firmly disagree with Victor on this. “You are not a parent.” Victoria knows that but is tired of keeping the dirty little secret of their engagement. “When is this going to be over so that we can get on with our lives?" Brad knows that Abby can’t deal with any of this right now and so has to delay the announcement of their engagement a little longer. Victoria is really felling like an outsider. “I think that Abby needs to see me as an equal partner Brad.” Brad can’t give Victoria that right now. “Well then," she says. “I guess that I will just go ahead to work…” Brad tells her that she can go if she wants. “Not because I want to Brad, but because I am afraid that I will say something that I will regret.” She starts leaving when she hears a tiny voice. “Victoria…” Brad and Victoria turn to see Abby making her way down the stairs. “I need help with my school project.” Victoria looks at Brad who gives his blessing for Victoria to stay and help out. He kisses Abby’s forehead deciding that he should be the one to go ahead to work.

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