Friday 1/27/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/27/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Amanda is trying frantically to contact her father because she knows her mother is losing it. Janet is ready to get revenge upon Jamie because she believe he's going to break her daughter's heart. JR and Babe admit that they might have some trouble completely trusting each other but they want to get back together. She discovers, however, that he's written something, in a prenuptial agreement that is very suspicious. Ryan asks Tad to help him get to the bottom of the mysterious blackout at Dr. Madden's clinic and find out if Zach has anything to do with it. But he has his doubts when he finds out that Di is helping Tad, remembering that she has also helped both Zach and David Hayward. Kendall tries to get the secret out of Zach. Josh has drugged Erica, without anybody knowing, before her big shooting. She starts freaking out and behaving irrationally and nobody knows what has happened. She believes she sees Michael Cambias and people believe she's drinking again. And she threatens Zach with a knife.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul's family gathers for a tearful and heartfelt memorial service but what everyone doesn't know is that Paul is hiding inside the church listening to his own memorial service. Jack gets drunk and Nick challenges him to a fight at Mike and Kate's engagement party. Jack isn't happy that Hal wants him to partner with Nick on the gambling case. Emily runs out of the church crying and thinks she hears Paul's voice as well as sees his face outside the church.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia thinks it would be nice to all talk about what their parents mean to them and all the siblings and Darla share how they feel. Felicia is visibly pleased at how everyone is getting along. She tells her parents they don't have to get re-married unless they want to. They opt to do so.

Nick and Jackie talk about the re-marriage of Stephanie and Eric. Jackie is sure they won't stay married and Eric will be hers.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate pulls Mimi and Bonnie aside to go over details of Mimi’s wedding. Bonnie is skeptical that Kate doesn’t have an ulterior motive and confronts her about knowing Claire’s true parentage. Marlena insists to Alex that while she will always share a child with John, Alex is the man she wants to spend her life with. John decides, despite Kate’s warnings, to question Lois again. Lois warns that John should listen to her about Alex being the bad guy. Lois and Kate argue over whether Kate is really after John or not. Kate goes in to see Claire first, now that Claire no longer needs life support, to give Marlena and John a chance to talk alone. Alex instead heads to talk to Lois where upon confirming that she is going to tell people what he told her to say, he kisses her. Marlena tells John that she doesn’t want to be alone with him and they join the group gathered in Claire’s room. Marlena remembers rushing Belle to the hospital when she had a fever as a baby but becomes angry when Belle and John see it as their precious “Doc” coming back to them.

Patrick tries to get the cops to go over the case facts again but the cops see no point. Bo speaks up after overhearing Chelsea claim to Hope that Billie was the one at fault. Hope defends Chelsea before Bo can speak the truth. Alone, Chelsea begs Bo to let Billie take the blame but Bo doesn’t want to do it despite the risks to his marriage. Hope greets Patrick angrily because of his association with Billie but allows him to comfort her. Hope tells Patrick to be there for Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke's gift to Lula was a monkey head. Tracy, sure that it contains a clue to Luke's whereabouts, has Dillon take it to the hospital, where Robin recognizes it as something like the one Robert once sent her from an adventure with Luke. Luke, meanwhile, is forced to pretend to be a doctor in a tribal village. Tracy dares Skye to bed Lorenzo. Manny begins his hospital work. Just as Sonny is planning a romantic interlude with Emily, Jason tries to talk him out of it, and nearly succeeds. Patrick and Carly flirt. Sonny and Emily are heading towards the point of no return, when Jason comes in with a gun. Lulu overhears Skye and Lorenzo discussing how Luke will never get over Laura. Then, she finds a number to call Luke, but can't reach him. Luke rescues a native from a fire.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Dinah and Mallet try to have a real date, but end up back in bed together. Frank finds out some information on Gus and lets Harley know but tells her to take her family on vacation like she planned. Frank calls Mallet to get to the crash site and when he jumps in the shower Dinah inadvertently tells her about the news at the crash site. Harley turns the jet around and meets up with Mallet at the crash site where they find his bloody coat and his wedding ring. Sandy spies on Jonathan and Tammy and when Jonathan calls her on it, he tells them he is moving out west. Later while Tammy is away, Sandy tells Jonathan that he is closing on the house “just in case”. He also rubs in that it was his doing that got Tammy back into school and lets Jonathan know that he has a job in the office. Reva questions Jeffrey if he was ever playing Richard while with her and he tells her that his time was later than when Reva was there. He jokingly tells her that she can’t blame Jonathan on him. He remembers a time though that he had sex with Cassie while she was intoxicated. Josh gets a hold of a high school friend whose agency is the one that Jeffrey worked for. He tells Cassie that the information she is wanting about Jeffrey is classified, but she tells him that by being a member of the royal family she can insist on the information and demands it of him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair becomes angry when Vangie informs her that she is going to appeal Todd’s case murder trial. Blair feels that Todd is guilty, and she never wants to see him again. Starr overhears their conversation, and becomes angry with Blair for feeling that way about her father. Viki visits Todd in prison, and they discuss Jessica/Tess, and how that if Nash is the father of Jessica’s unborn child, they will have a fight on their hands.

John shoots and kills the junkie, who is holding Michael at gunpoint. John is ordered to turn over his gun to Bo, and is taken down to the station for questioning. Once at the station, he is ordered by Cosby to turn over his badge. John is reluctant to give it up, by telling them that he has a lot of work to do. John starts to leave, but Cosby threatens him that if he makes another step he will be put in lock up. John is suspended from active duty, and is forced to clean out his desk. He is forced to clean out everything, but leave the files.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen is glad to be going to India and daydreams about how she and Ethan will live happily ever after, without Theresa. She conjures up a Bollywood dance routine where she and Ethan are happy together and Theresa tries to split them up, but Gwen wins in the end and Theresa is left behind as they ride off into the sunset. As she hugs and thanks Ethan for taking her away from Theresa, he looks as though he'd rather stay near her. Theresa visits a spa with her mother, the Christmas present she gave her, but can't enjoy herself knowing Ethan and her daughter are leaving and she'll never see them again. When Pilar goes for a massage, Theresa meets Hannah Nicola Smythe, a southern blond, who advises her to find out what her powers are in her marriage to Alistair and what she'll end up with in the end.

Fancy and Noah continue to argue about Maya, with her wanting to know everything and him not willing to do that. She let's it slip that she found the letter in his wallet when she asks if Maya is the woman who wrote it, and he becomes angry with her for not telling him she saw it and for snooping in his wallet. They decide to end it - again. Sheridan and Chris are leaving for Hawaii, to look for Marty. Katherine is with her and warns her to be very careful. James worries that when they bring Marty back Sheridan won't want him anymore, but she assures him she will, and says he and Marty will be best friends. Katherine is waiting to hear from Martin as to whether he will renew his vows with Pilar or leave her again and stay with Katherine.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack has just learned the truth. His father is the one that shot Tom fisher! He is suddenly upset that Ashley has to deal with all this. Gloria points out that John can’t know the truth. He could die and we can’t have that. Jack’s mind travels. “Oh no! This could be a disaster not only for Ashley but Jabot!" Gloria’s mouth drops. “What are you saying? Are you more concerned about the company than you are about your father?" Jack only replies that someone has to watch out for the company. “It takes care of all of us Gloria…” Gloria gets angry now. She points a bony finger in Jack’s face as she talks. “You listen to me Jack Abbot! You will Not TELL YOUR FATHER ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Do you hear me?" Jack responds in his own scary way. “There is something that you need to learn about me Gloria, and that is that I don’t take orders from anyone!" Sharon is looking for Nick. She goes into the office but neither Brad nor Victoria have seen him lately. “He was at the Athletic Club with Phyllis earlier," Victoria tells. “What was he doing with Phyllis?" Sharon asks. Victoria tells how she was having a meeting with Victor and Nikki bout office space. “Phyllis is going to be working here again?" Sharon asks incredulously. Victoria confirms that she will be very soon. Sharon calls Nick from home. “Where are you?" Nick has a conversation with his wife while naked under the sheets with Phyllis. She wants him to come home and talk about her trip. He will be right there. When Nick gets home, Sharon is all warm and fuzzy but Nick is standoffish.

She hugs him but he moves to the fire. When she moves over close to him, he steers the conversation to the office. When she asks where he was when she called, he asks about her trip. He suggests getting some hot chocolate or wine to have a drink, but she wants to go upstairs. He holds her face in his hands and says, “You know what Sharon? I would really just like to sit and hold you close if that is okay.” Sharon settles for that and they walk hand-in-hand over to the couch. Jill is worried. She and Gina are talking. It seems that Jabot is really doing badly because of all this mess with Ashley and the shooting. “Orders are dropping like flies. If this trend keeps up, we are going to be in serious trouble over at Jabot.” Jack is walking in and He wonders why he is just hearing about this now. Jill says that it has just started spiraling out of control. She has to hire someone and do some damage control. Jack tells her to spend as much money as she can. She points out that John should start coming into the office again. “People like him and he has good morale…” jack tells her that his father is to be kept out of this no matter what. Jill doesn't understand why but then attributes Jack’s reaction to concern about his father’s health. Jill wants to hear that this thing with Ashley is going to get better. He tells that the truth is that it seems like it is going to get a lot worse first. Jack is having a bad day. He sees Phyllis in the Athletic Club. “Let’s forget about everything and spend the night together. I really need you. My family is about to lose everything and I just really need you.” Phyllis tells him that there was a reason why their marriage failed. He promises to do better. She tell shim not to make promises that he can’t keep. “Please Jack… Please… Just move on!" Michael ends up filling in some blanks for John when he realizes that the man fully has his memories back. John is shocked when he learns the truth. He knows that Ashley’s life could be over and she could lose everything because of her attempt to protect him. He starts rushing to the car. He tells Michael that he is going to set things right. Michael stops him telling that Ashley will still be in trouble if John goes shooting his mouth off. Michael’s answer for now is for John to pretend that he still doesn’t have his memories and stay that way until Michael can figure something out to get them both out of trouble. John agrees to go with the plan. He and Michael head to the Abbot house where Gloria is waiting. She rushes to her husband but when she hugs him, she feels that something is different. John wants to rest upstairs. Gloria offers to go with him but he prefers to be alone. After he is gone, Gloria asks Michael what happened while they were gone. Michael says that she had better prepare herself as he isn’t sure that Ashley will get off her charges. Gloria gets upset. She wants to hear that Ashley will be free. John quietly comes to the top of the stairs and listens as the two talk. Michael sees him but keeps his presence from Gloria. Michael then asks his mother, “Are you sure that you are really concerned for Ashley’s freedom, or for how it will affect John?"

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