Thursday 1/26/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/2/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh is up to no good. In Erica's office, he tells her Amanda is responsible for all the screw-ups because of her black-outs. And he's drugging her without her knowing. She tells Kendall and Zach that she does not approve of them getting married but does not plan to do anything crazy about it. Kendall and Ryan meet with Julia who informs them that by law, Ryan has no parental rights unless Kendall grants them. She signs the papers for Ryan and he feels compelled to tell her what he suspects from Zach but does not know how to tell her. Zach reveals to Kendall that he is watching Ryan on a surveillance camera and knows that Ryan is spying on him also. She demands that Zach tells her his secrets telling him she cannot accept any more cover-ups. Ryan goes to talk to Dr. Madden about what he knows in regard to the blackout that one night in his clinic. And Dr. Madden informs Ryan that there is no logical explanation for why the power went out that night except that somebody was tampering with it.

JR proposes to Babe and gives her the necklace that Tad gave to Dixie on their wedding day. She tells him she cannot accept it and reveals her guilt. Babe takes little A to the park alone and runs into Janet from another planet. Janet tells her she believes her daughter will soon marry Jamie, knowing that Jamie has asked Amanda to move in with him and is acting like her boyfriend. Babe reveals to Janet that she knows they will never get married. Janet asks Babe why, suspects her of knowing something she is not telling her and suspects Jamie of scamming her daughter because he accuses her of doing all the crimes. Adam tells JR he might want to find out if he can really trust Babe.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden forbids Luke from seeing Kevin after Kevin's father forces Kevin to apologize to Lucinda and Holden for getting Luke drunk and keeping him out all night. Barbara and Jennifer plan a memorial service for Paul but Will refuses to go because he fells like Paul abandoned him again. Emily and Henry are relieved that nobody knows she shot Paul because everyone thinks Paul killed himself. Paul makes plans to go to his own memorial service.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Kristin comes to town for the wedding. She visits Felicia and is teary eyed. Felicia reassures her. Nick is horrified to find out Eric is marrying Stephanie while being engaged to his mother. Felicia asks Kristin's help in getting her hair done.

Nick confronts Eric and demands he call off this fake wedding. Nick visits Felicia and doesn't have the heart to ask her to have her parents call it off. She falls and he helps her get ready for the "wedding". Nick walks her into the main home and wishes her a great night. Eric thanks Nick for allowing Felicia to have that night she wished for.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin asks Carrie for her forgiveness but Carrie is still furious with him. Lucas delivers the news about Zack, Billie, and Claire to Sami, Carrie, and Austin. Lucas and Austin argue about Carrie. Lucas guesses that Nicole and Sami both knew that Carrie was the CEO but Austin refuses to believe that. Austin refuses to walk away from Carrie especially after Lucas admits that he wants her too. Sami claims to Carrie that if she'd known High Style was Carrie's company, she would have tried to talk Austin out of the takeover. Sami accuses that Nicole could have known and purposefully not said anything. Carrie buys Sami's claims that she backed off of her own pursuit for Austin.

Max is angry with Chelsea but Chelsea still refuses to tell the truth. Patrick questions Max about the lack of record as to who called for his towing services but Chelsea steps in before Max can answer. Patrick realizes that Billie must be covering for someone she loves and questions Max again. Patrick decides to question the cops Billie confessed to but they consider the case to be closed. Hope is furious at the sight of Bo comforting Billie. Bo starts to tell the truth twice but Billie interrupts each time still sticking to her claim. Bo tries to convince Billie that the truth should be told but Billie insists on sticking to her claim. Hope consoles Chelsea who has followed Patrick to the police station and Chelsea blurts out that she never meant for Zack to die. Hope doesn't realize what Chelsea really means and Chelsea claims that she would never have let something happen like what happened to Zack. Bo overhears Chelsea lie to Hope's face and declares to them both that he can't do this anymore.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny wants to prove that a connection exists between Manny and Alcazar. Alexis forces Sam to face a painful truth. Manny confronts Sam.

Carly presses Sonny to end things with Emily. Emily stands up to Jason. Skye and Alcazar spend a romantic evening together. Robin and Patrick begin to open up to each other. Noah reaches out to Patrick. Justus and Lainey's date is interrupted.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Tammy invites Sandy over to thank him for saving her and Jonathan in court. He tells her that he didn’t do it for Jonathan but that he is over her and even thinking about leaving town. Jonathan waits at CO2 for Dean Bordereaux and when he arrives for lunch pressures him to let Tammy back into school. Ava has to pull him away before he does any more damage. Tammy is not happy to hear what Jonathan has done and tells him she was thinking of taking some time off of school. Sandy tries to make peace with Ava and later talks to the Dean himself. The Dean is impressed with Sandy and even talks with him about a job. Alan-Michael finds Marina in his room and she lies about why she is there. When he starts to kiss her though, she pulls away and accuses him of trying to take the company from Harley. He lies his way out of it saying that he had nothing to do with it, but instead it was one of the shareholders. She believes him but must leave when her family calls her to come to Company. Frank and Buzz worry about Harley, who doesn’t want to believe that Gus is gone. When she receives a gift basket from him, she is ecstatic, sure that he will meet her and the boys in Hawaii for their trip they have planned. Buzz finds out that Gus arranged to have it sent before New Years and Harley breaks down at the news. She says that she needs to believe that Gus will return to her though. The entire Cooper family decides to go on the trip with Harley and the boy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

A junkie is released from custody. He first, makes a lude advance to Natalie. John pushes him up against the wall. He then goes to the park, and confronts Carlotta. Chris pushes him away from her, and orders him to get gone. He then goes to the hospital where he tries to steal some drugs for pain. Michael orders him out before he calls the police. Michael goes to St. James to look for Marcie when he is once again confronted by the junkie. The junkie holds a gun on Michael. The Father comes in a back way, and sees what is going on, and calls John. John arrives, and holding a gun on the junkie demands him to release Michael. John begins to fire his gun. Lindsay overhears R.J. telling Nora that he was going to ask Lindsay to marry him, but when Lindsay confronts him about it, R.J. tells her that he had only done it to shock Nora out of her coma. Dorian and Adriana find out that Rex was behind telling the model that she was going to pose with snakes is what made her leave the photo shoot.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Julian got Ethan assigned to the New Delhi office, so he and Gwen are leaving for India, as soon as possible. However, he has to tell Theresa they're leaving, and isn't looking forward to it. Julian tells him to not tell her where they're going, but she overhears them and gets upset. She begs Ethan not to go, not to take her daughter away where she'll never see her again, but he says he has to. Once Julian leaves, Theresa locks the doors to the library and drops the key in her bra, daring Ethan to get it. She says if he really wants to leave her so badly he will get the key, but he doesn't. He calls Gwen, telling her to start packing and asking her to send a maid with a duplicate key to let him out. Once he leaves, Theresa collapses, crying, on the floor. Fancy and Noah argue about Maya. He tells her what he wants her to know about the woman, but she's not satisfied, and it looks like they might break up over it. Meanwhile, Maya speaks on the phone to a woman who urges her to finish her assignment, while she begs the woman not to make her do it because she still loves him.

Sheridan, Chris, and Rachel find the latitude of the place they believe Marty is being held at, but don't know where it could be because it's so vague. Eve hypnotizes Rachel so she can remember her time there, and what she remembers leads them to believe she was in Hawaii, and now they know where to look. Tabitha watches all of them, chuckling over the problems they are all headed for.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The good lieutenant comes to the Abbot house and wants to talk to John. Gloria says that this isn’t a very good time. Jack is milling about in the living room as Gloria talks to the cop. The lieutenant insists that Gloria go get John. She says that she can’t do that. She even offers to answer questions on John’s behalf but the officer will not settle for that. “For God’s sake Gloria! Just tell him where dad is. Look… Officer my father is-” Gloria jumps in. “Sleeping! John is upstairs sleeping.” Jack knows that Gloria is lying. He knows that his father isn’t in the house. He tells the lieutenant that his father has heart problems and Gloria is acting funny as she worries about his father’s stress levels. The lieutenant agrees to see John at another time and he leaves. Jack turns to Gloria now. “What is going on? Why did you lie to the police?" Gloria tries to say nothing. Jack smells a rat and after a while he gets the answers that he needs. “Dad shot Tom?" He doesn't understand this. “He shot Tom and he is allowing Ashley to take the wrap?" Gloria clears things up. “No! John doesn't know that he shot Tom. If he finds out it could kill him and that is why we have been acting so strange.” JT has the key from Kevin and he discusses it with Paul. “We have to find out where the key fits and see what it is all about. Paul gives the boy some ideas on where to get answers. “Try some banks. Tom was from Detroit right? Try there too.” Mackenzie comes into the office interrupting Paul’s instructions to JT. “Hi! Are you going to help Kevin with the key?" JT says he is. Mackenzie doesn't think that they should do that. “I don’t know. Tom has not had a great presence in Kevin’s life and he is so sad. What if there is something really bad in that safety deposit box? It will make things worse for him than they are now," Mackenzie says. JT says that Kevin is their client and that he has to do what he says. “But don’t worry Mackenzie. I will let you know if there is something important to deal with first.” Paul rolls his eyes. Mackenzie has to go back to the coffeehouse. JT wants to go with her but Paul wants to talk to JT alone. “Don’t do that ever again! Don’t tell about the client’s business or discuss it with your girlfriend! You work for the client and Kevin in this instance makes the decisions.” JT indicates that he understands and then leaves. By the time that JT and Mackenzie get to the coffeehouse, they have news for Kevin. JT tells him that he called Tom’s bank in Detroit and that they did indicate that Tom does in fact have a safety deposit box. “All you have to do is get a plane ticket and go out there to see what is in it," JT explains. Kevin says that he won’t do that. “No money for a plane ticket right now.” Victoria and Nick sit at the bar in the Athletic Club. She is very surprised that their mother is going into this venture with Phyllis of all people. “She is so… volatile. And remember how she was never in the office when we needed her and she always needed all kinds of time off?" Nick doesn't think that Phyllis will be a problem for their mother. Victoria isn’t thrilled about her and even calls her volatile. Nick doesn't agree. She wonders when it was that he became Phyllis’s biggest fan. Later Nick finds out from his parents that the Wellness Spa offices will be in the Newman building meaning that he will be seeing Phyllis and his mother in the halls daily. “No dad… I don’t think that is a very good idea.” Nick can’t explain to them why but then comes up with the excuse that his father will hover over his mother and what she is doing all the time and she will really hate that. Victor says that he will not do that and has promised Nikki already that he will support her but not run her company. Later, when Nick has a moment with Phyllis, he asks her if it was her idea to have the Wellness Spa offices in Newman’s building. She says that it was all Nikki but she doesn't mind being able to see him walking the halls everyday. He smiles. “What am I going to do with you," he muses. She said that if they were in the hotel room, she could think of a few things that he could do with her… then she quickly says, “Well…never mind. It was fun while it lasted!" Then she is out the door. Nick goes to the hotel room with the key that she had sent to him earlier that day. He pauses for a minute and then enters the room. Phyllis is standing there. “I just came to pick up the champagne I had bought for us. It was very expensive. I didn’t think that you would be here.” Nick says that he just came to chill out. She tells him to go ahead. “The room is paid for and I was just leaving.” She walks to the door and opens it. Then she quickly closes it turning to him. “Why did you decide to come and chill here," she asks? Then they are on each other fast. They are kissing and they are joined at the hip. John is at the sight of the shooting. Just being there brings back all the memories that he couldn't reach before. Michael figures that he has gone to the alley and comes running up. One of the memory flashes almost knocks John to his knees. Michael runs to the man to help pick him back up but John pushes him off. He will not get back in the car. “I want to know the truth.” Soon it comes to him. John remembers everything. He sees something dark on the ground. He thinks at first it is spilled oil, but then he realized that it is blood. “Tom was surprised to see me and he asked me what the hell I was doing there. He moved closer to me and he suddenly lunged at me. Then the gun went off. I killed him! I killed him!” Tears come to the old man’s eyes. Michael keeps trying to get the old man away from there but John shouts that he is not an invalid. “All I care about is why my daughter is taking the blame for this!"

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