Wednesday 1/25/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Julia tells Ryan that she could adopt his and Kendall's baby. Kendall and Zach are ready to tell Erica that they are getting remarried knowing she will not take it well. Kendall and Ryan are ready to meet with Livia to discuss his parental rights. He does not know when or how to tell her about his suspicions of Zach turning off the power at the fertility clinic in order to prevent Ryan's baby from being born. She tells Ryan she will remarry Zach and he tells her she cannot do that. Jonathan gets taken to jail and doesn't know what to do about Janet who he does not know is even real. Lily comes to visit him and figures out for him that if this mysterious woman is wearing all these different clothes as disguises, then she must be real because an imaginary person does not need to hide from anybody and have a need for a disguise in the first place. Amanda urges her mother to get some help, take her meds and stay locked in the room where she cannot endanger anybody. But Janet finds a way out. And when Amanda goes to get her mother's meds refilled, she drops them out of her purse. Josh finds them and keeps them, assuming they are Amanda's.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry is forced to ask for $10,000 from Emily, who is holding his secret windfall from BJ, thanks to more gambling. She refuses and so Henry claims the mob could hurt him and Maddie, but when Emily won’t budge, Henry threatens to spill the beans about Paul. She relents and leaves to get the money when Henry overhears a bartender give a message to Jen that Hal wants to see her at the station regarding Paul. From the gist of the message, Henry guesses they found Paul and rushes off to warn Emily. Hal is forced to break the news of Paul’s supposed death to Jen, Barbara and Dusty. At first they are disbelieving, but when Hal relays the supposed irrefutable evidence they found, they realize it is probably true. Jen wants to be angry with Paul because he deserved all she said to him, but then falls to pieces with guilt, as Dusty comforts her. Barbara tries to stay strong for Jen, but inside is falling apart too. Henry finds Emily and tells her what he knows. Emily frantically packs to leave the country, as Henry harasses her about the money. She thinks he will turn her in so she tells him she will send it to him when she is safe. Henry bluffs that he is going to see Hal then, and as he opens the door, he runs smack dab into Hal. Henry covers for Emily, who then tells him where the money is. Hal breaks the news to Emily about Paul being dead, as she cries that she already knew. Maddie massages Casey’s stiff neck from sleeping on the floor after having fallen asleep there the night before as they waited for Margo and Tom to go to bed. However, before things get heated, Maddie gets caught in Casey’s room, and Margo is not pleased about it. Meg and Paul overhear on the radio that the police think he is dead. Paul then worries that it is too risky for Meg to stay with him at the cabin and tells her to leave. Finally Meg decides to, but Paul’s sudden persistent cough stops her. At first she thinks he is faking, but upon checking him out, she realizes he has pneumonia. She decides she needs to stay with him, but he needs more pills. She secretly meets with her friend Eli to get a stash, but just after she receives the pills, Dusty grabs her arm, wanting to know what she is doing?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick and Ridge fight over Brooke. Ridge threatens to go to Bridget and tell her Nick is still involved with her mother. Stephanie tells Massimo she plans to wed Eric as Felicia's dying wish. Massimo insists she doesn't.

Jackie and Eric make love. Eric assures Jackie he will annul the marriage when Felicia passes away. Jackie and Eric admire her ring. Brooke sends Nick home to Bridget. Ridge pleads with Brooke to take him back. She tells him she's different now and would rather have nobody than what she had with him. Always coming behind Caroline, Taylor and Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John is angrier than Marlena to learn that Alex didn’t warn Marlena about Lois because of confidentiality rules. Marlena stands by her love for Alex but John refuses to accept defeat. Alex agrees to Marlena’s request to renew their wedding vows. John and Kate stop by to see Lois but Lois only taunts him about losing Marlena and still claims that Marlena isn’t safe with Alex. John and Kate don’t believe Lois. John returns to Alex’s room and declares that he’s lost Marlena when he learns of Marlena and Alex’s vow renewal plans.

When Patrick’s questioning of Chelsea yields no results, Patrick questions Max. Chelsea doesn’t like having Max questioned but still chooses to deny knowing the truth. Patrick has Max take him to the garage to look for evidence while Abby urges Chelsea to tell the truth. Chelsea burns her temporary license. Jennifer stops by to console Hope and learns about Billie’s confession. Hope takes offense when Jennifer doesn’t believe Billie could be guilty either. Hope decides to go see Billie at the station. Bo wants to tell Hope the truth but Billie warns that it could mean the end of his marriage. Hope walks in just in time to see Bo comforting Billie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Manny's trial resumes. Lorenzo's men recover the chip from Sam's phone that proves Manny is psychotic still. Sam takes a front row seat at the trial to put a face on the crime. Carly urges Nik and Emily to get back together, and refuses to tell Nik where Courtney is. Bobbi encourages Lucas to get counseling for his condition. Tracy hires a detective to find Luke and bring him home and also lays down some discipline for Lulu. To get Lulu to tell her where Luke is, Tracy claims she faked the murder attempt on herself and drops the charges. Lulu's information is worthless. Lainey is able to help Lucas. Manny is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Manny is sentenced to therapy and community service. Nik tracks down Courtney's location, but finds her gone. Helena has Courtney and tells her that she will never raise her own child. If it's Nik's Helena will, if not, it will be adopted out. Either way, Courtney has to break up with Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Cassie wakes up next to Jeffrey and goes out to look at her pictures from San Cristobel. She compares pictures of Jeffrey and Richard. She goes to visit Richard’s grave and while there imagines that she sees him. She asks him to give her answers but he tells her that she has to find the answers herself. She then confronts Dinah who tells her that Jeffrey enjoyed playing the prince as much as she did playing the princess. At the farm Jeffrey awakens and sees the pictures. Cassie comes back to the farm and throws herself into his arms. She tells him she still needs time and asks him about the times he played Richard. They visit Richard’s grave together, where Doris finds them and lets Cassie in on the fact that Jeffrey gave his job up to get Tammy off. Cassie says that times like this are why she fell in love with him. While they are helping RJ learn to skate, Cassie flashes back to a similar time with Richard. She tells Jeffrey she needs to go and take care of some stuff and goes to see Tammy. Jonathan isn’t happy, but Cassie says that she needs Tammy to come with her for the day and Tammy goes. They go to San Cristobel and try to remember if there were times that they could have been with Jeffrey instead of Richard. Cassie does remember a particular kiss that she knows was Jeffrey now, not Richard. Returning to Springfield, Cassie goes back to the gravesite where she calls Josh to come and meet her since she says he is the only one she can talk to about this.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Todd is convicted on two counts of first degree murder. He is remanded back into custody to think about what he had done. Todd looks at Blair as she leaves the courtroom. He becomes angry, and knocks the defense table over. The officers has to hold him back. Marcie and Michael await outside to hear the news. Marcie fills Michael in that she is going to St James to practice for a concert. Matthew and Starr talk at the Angel Square Diner. They discuss Todd and Nora, and how that they both need a friend right now.

Blair and Dorian arrive back at the condo with David and Spencer. An argument erupts between Blair and Dorian .Blair instructs Dorian to go and pick up Starr, who is with Mary Ann. Starr hears on the radio that Todd has been found guilty of two counts of first degree murder. She runs out of the diner. Spencer goes to search for her, and finds her in the church. Blair visits Todd at the police station, to question him about Starr. They argue as usual over Spencer. She starts to leave when Todd tells her that she still loves him, and always will. Viki offers Todd assurance to fight for his freedom for his children and Blair. Rex informs Adriana that he has enrolled in the private investigator school. She is impressed until a woman comes up, and tells him that she has some new tricks to show him that night .

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Katherine visits Sheridan and tells her she is going to get Martin back because she knows he loves her and not Pilar. She hopes Sheridan understands, which she does. Once Katherine leaves Sheridan, she heads straight to Pilar's house to talk to Martin. He is telling Pilar that he loves her and will renew their vows whenever she wants to. Worried about what Katherine had said, she wants to do it today, and he agrees. She goes to try her wedding dress on to see if it still fits, and Katherine arrives, telling Martin she wants him back. Rachel remembers something while stopping Chris from killing Alistair at the hospital. It's a word that Alistair used to say when telling her she'd never get away from him - Kamakaykay. They go tell Sheridan, who looks it up on the computer and gets a number they believe to be the coordinates of the location.

Fancy and Noah talk over their differences and end up at his place, where they share a night of romance and love-making. However, it comes to a screeching halt when, in the throes of passion, he calls her "Maya". Simone and Paloma go to the cellar of the Book Cafe for supplies and discover a trap door. Going down into the room, they find lots of boxes full of tapes, etc, and marked with the words "Property of Alistair Crane". They decide it must be his secrets, and realize they've found a gold mine. Sam searches for Jessica again, hoping to find her before she gets in trouble or gets hurt, or worse.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Michael needs some help. He has this key and he shows it to Mackenzie. “It was Tom’s and I have no idea what it opens. Could you ask JT to help me figure this out?" JT is walking in the coffeehouse and he hears Kevin’s request. He looks at the key and will indeed help find out what it is for. Colleen has a one-track mind and it is on Kevin and how much she hates him. She is at the Athletic Club with Daniel and she complains about how everyone loves Kevin and seems to have forgotten the things that he has done. Daniel tells her that he isn’t so bad. “I wasn’t around when Kevin supposedly did terrible things but I know that he was the first person to befriend me when I moved to town.” Colleen is disappointed to see that Daniel loves the guy too. JT and Mackenzie come into the Athletic Club and see Colleen. Later when alone, JT goes over and has a private talk with Colleen. “Why don’t you just lay off the guy? Things have changed. I used to dislike him as well, but he is trying his best and he is different now. He is my roommate and Mackenzie’s partner and if he did anything wrong, I would take care of him myself," JT tells. Colleen just can’t bend her mind around this and the way that people are defending Kevin. “First his mother and now you," she says. JT isn’t asking her to forget he just wants her to try to get along. She takes that as a threat at first that if she doesn't get along with Kevin she will be an outcast, but JT tells her that is not the case. It just makes things easier for everyone. Colleen suddenly changes the subject. “You know JT… You look good. Do you remember when…” JT cuts her off quickly. “Don’t do that Colleen. You and I are friends now. I just want you to give Kevin a little slack that is all.” He then turns and walks off. Later in the club, Colleen is still going on about Kevin and how JT should know better as he was the one that carried her out of that smoldering building where she was almost killed. Daniel tells Colleen that she is a really beautiful person but that all this ‘stuff’ that she rambles on about makes her ugly and it doesn't suit her. Phyllis and Nick are alone in the gym talking about their friendship. She wants him to come with her to the hotel. He isn’t all that sure that they should do that and wants to know what she is thinking by suggesting this. “Look there will be no strings here," she promises. He says that his should be working on his marriage and that Jack is all busted up over his breakup with her. She wants him to never mention Sharon and Jack while they are together. He isn’t sure that he can do that. She apologizes is she has complicated things. Nick assures her that she has already. Phyllis backs all the way off now. “Sorry for mentioning this. Look why don’t you just throw the key away and forget the whole thing okay?" She walks off. Nick smiles after her. Later, upstairs in the club, Nick sits at the bar alone. He takes out the business card to the Genoa City Hotel with the key attached to it and he stares at it. Victoria comes up behind him and peeks over his shoulder undetected. “What’s that you got there little bro?" Nikki needs office space. She talks to Victor about that. “How would you feel about Phyllis and I setting up office in the Newman building?" Victor says that he would be careful not to be constantly looking over her shoulder, but isn’t sure that putting the Wellness Spas head office in that building would be a good thing for her. “Aren’t you concerned how your business contacts are going to perceive that?" Nikki isn’t worried about that at all. John knows that something has been kept from him. “Tell me what it is Michael," he demands. Michael tells that he can’t talk about Ashley due to their relationship as attorney and client. John tells how he has been having the visions and he knows something that can help Ashley but he doesn't know what. “I think that I was there. I can tell the police that Tom was attacking Ashley then if I was there…” Michael tells the man to calm down. He manages to sneak in a call to Ashley to tell her that her father has shown up at his office. Ashley demands that Michael bring the man home. Michael pretends that he is talking to someone other than Ashley and he ends the call when John walks up behind him clearly agitated. Michael gets off the phone and John demands to be taken to the crime scene…RIGHT NOW! Luckily for Michael the phone rings. Michael gets on the phone with an associate an has a big long call with his chair swung around so that John is looking at the back of him. John gets impatient and walks out of the office while Michael is having his call. Michael has no idea. When he finally gets off the phone, he finds John is gone! “I know where you are heading," he says grabbing his coat on his way out.

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