Tuesday 1/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad, JR and Jamie question Jonathan for what he might know about the five people getting kidnapped and locked in the sinking truck. He talks about a "crazy woman" who keeps appearing who told him he had to go to where the truck is. And he just wanted to save these people. JR calls the cops and they take Jonathan away. Jonathan is almost convinced with what Janet is telling him that he might still be "bad". Tad and Jamie wonder of Amanda could be responsible for all the unexplained things that have happened recently. Janet shares with Amanda that she has kidnapped the five people, pushed Di into the ice hole, put Kendall on the hammock hanging over the skye scraper, drugged David Hayward and had him put in the OR, pushed Babe down the stairs and poisoned the Chandler's Thanksgiving dinner. Amanda tells her mother she cannot keep doing these things and attempting to frame Jonathan Lavery for her crimes. But Janet manipulates her daughter by having a breakdown and telling her she loves her and she's a terrible mother and all. Amanda has a dilemma but calls her father informing him that her mother has really lost it and needs his help.

Ryan, Ethan and Simone are secretly investigating Zach. They conclude that he was responsible for the power outtage at the clinic so that Ryan's sperm cells would die and nobody could have his baby. That's the reason Kendall was forced to carry the pregnancy with her own egg instead of Greenlee's. That's what ruined Ryan's marriage and ended Kendall and Greenlee's friendship. They realize that Kendall loves Zach and will not believe their accusations without proof. But Ryan is determined to find a way to expose Zach to Kendall

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen and Will reluctantly separate in order to have a place to stay. Gwen then pleads for Lisa to give her a job, which Lisa does. Maddie pretends to be Casey under his comforter when Margo comes into Casey’s room to see if he is home from his party by curfew. Margo happily talks to Maddie, thinking he is Casey, telling him she is thrilled he is following the rules. Casey almost gets caught coming in through the window. Maddie lets him in, and then Casey suggests she stay longer under the pretense that she shouldn’t leave until his parents go to sleep. Jack and Carly have a fight about why she didn’t tell him that Nick was the one who helped her when she fell. Carly alleviates his fears by assuring Jack he is the only one for her. Later, when Hal calls Jack in to give him his input on the Paul Ryan case, Carly is convinced that is a good sign. Paul convinces Meg to go eavesdrop to find out what the police think. Nick finds the evidence Paul and Meg planted, and is convinced the bloody shirt, gun and car in the river proves Paul committed suicide. Jack is not so sure; he thinks it is too easy, and without a body they should assume Paul is alive, but Hal wants the case closed, which causes Jack and Hal to butt heads. Jack wonders if Hal wants the case closed and Paul dead so he can have another shot at Emily, which infuriates Hal. Hal tells Nick he has until tomorrow and then the case is closed. A frustrated Jack leaves with Carly hot on his heels. Meg reports back to Paul what she has heard and Paul can only hope Nick has more pull with Hal then Jack, and based on their argument, he might get his wish.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie and Eric discuss how they can't believe they are going to re-marry. They both love Felicia they decide and want to make her happy. They do plan to put an annulment clause when Felicia passes. Ridge goes to see Felicia and she tells him all about the baby, her cancer and how her baby will be raised by Nick and Bridget. Ridge isn't please to find out Nick is the baby's father.

Nick asks Brooke what happend between her and Ridge. She tells him he purposed and that she turned him down. He implores her not to ever go back to him. Ridge overhears and wonders what's going on between Nick and Brooke. He wants Nick to go home to Bridget and stay away from Brooke. Brooke asks Ridge to leave. Eric tells Jackie about how he is going to marry Stephanie as Felicia's dying wish, but then produces a diamond ring and asks her to marry him after Felicia passes. She joyously accepts.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nicole and Sami try to talk Austin out of trying to undo the takeover. Sami accuses Nicole of purposefully withholding the news that Carrie was High Style’s CEO but the tactic backfires when Austin agrees with Nicole’s point that the action is more Sami’s style. Sami denies having done that and turns the blame back on Nicole. Austin discovers that there is no chance of undoing the takeover. Lucas asks Carrie if she can really give Austin up and is angered to learn that Carrie is thinking of giving Austin a second chance. Carrie stops by to see Austin and Austin begs for forgiveness.

Abby and Max bring Chelsea to the police station to tell the truth but Chelsea changes her mind again. Patrick questions Chelsea about the accident again. Billie is booked and placed in a jail cell. Kate confronts Billie and Billie tells her the truth. Kate threatens to tell the truth when Billie insists on taking the fall. Billie tearfully defends her choice by claiming she has to protect Chelsea like Kate failed to protect her and Austin. Bo starts to tell Hope the truth but then changes his mind. Hope finds a drawing Zack made of them together. Alice, Maggie, and Julie stop by to offer their support. Hope isn’t pleased when Bo wants to go to the police station. Hope asks Julie and Maggie to leave her alone. Bo declares to Billie that he won’t allow her to take the fall for Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alexis warns Emily not to get involved with Sonny. Emily is hurt by Jason's coldness when he sees her and Sonny in a close moment. Sonny fears his involvement with Emily could end up threatening his working relationship with Jason. Emily confides to Elizabeth that she can't give up Sonny. Alcazar wants to team up with a surprising choice to destroy Sonny and Jason. Carly shares her suspicions about Alcazar with Jason. Jason warns Carly that he and Sonny will have to retaliate against Alcazar if he becomes a threat. Carly tells Alcazar she can no longer protect him. Alcazar assures Skye that Carly is out of his life.

Manny claims that a rival from Miami shot him. Ric wonders how far Alexis would go to win her case. Lucas is hurt when Bobbie wants him to get counseling. Georgie, Dillon, Lulu and Lucky offer Lucas their support. Dillon is disgusted by Tracy's prejudice. Patrick flirts with Elizabeth and continues to spar with Robin.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Cassie tells Tammy about Jonathan blackmailing her and Tammy goes to find Jonathan to see if it is true. Jonathan admits everything and tells her that he would do anything to keep the two of them together. Tammy forgives him but tells him that she needs her mom in her life and they need to make it work. Quinn gives Lizzie an expensive purse and while they are at CO2, observe Ava and Coop’s closeness. Ava complains about the way Lizzie treats him to Coop but he tells her about Lizzie’s history. Lizzie later gives Ava the purse that Quinn gave her, telling her she got it with her work discount. After Ava decides that the purse it too expensive decides to take it back and Coop wants to go with her. After a talk with Jonathan about Josh, Reva decides to go looking for him and runs into Olivia instead. Olivia rubs it in that Josh has asked her on a date, and Josh finding the two of them together confirms it. He tells Reva that she has said he will never be enough for her so he is trying to move on.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Viki goes to the chapel to light a candle and say a prayer for Todd’s safety. The girls, Natalie and Jessica, join her there, and they go to court together. Blair tries to explain to the children about Todd. She tells them to pack that they are going somewhere safe. Blair vows to Spencer that she will not ever take Todd back after what he has done. Denton calls Spencer, and leaves him a message.

Everyone gathers in court to hear the verdict in Todd’s murder trial. The judge convenes the court, and asks the foreman of the jury has he reached a verdict. The jury decides that Todd is guilty of murdering Margaret and his unborn child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay worries about what will happen with her and Fox, and really wants to be able to marry him and live happily ever after. Tabitha reminds her that if she accepts his proposal too soon, she will cause their love to die. She tries on the ring while Fox sleeps in the chair, and can't wait for the day when she can say yes and wear it for real, but when she tries to get it off, it's stuck and she needs Endora's magical help to remove it. Fox wakes up and wants to know what's going on, but Kay runs upstairs, saying Maria needs her. Fancy arrives, looking for Noah, and tells him to take her somewhere romantic and secluded and then pop the question. He invites Kay to a hideaway, and she accepts happily, but regrets it when Tabby reminds her he will be proposing to her. Fancy leaves Tabby's and goes searching for Noah, finding him as Maya leaves, and asks him why he's in a dark alley, talking to someone else. He does his best to cover. Maya had been trying to talk him into going back to her, but he let her know he belongs to Fancy now, and likes it that way.

Julian, Sheridan, and Eve try to talk sense into Theresa, but she refuses to listen, and finally storms out of the room, saying she will stop Ethan from leaving no matter what it takes. On her way to her daughter's room she hears Gwen and Ethan making love and stops to watch a while. Chris, after reassuring Sheridan that he knows how she feels about wanting to find her son and he's sure she will do so, pays a visit to Alistair and hopes he dies because of it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael walks into the Athletic Club and sees Ashley and Glen at it. He was questioning Gina and Ashley came up to confront him about asking questions when she has already given him the story of what happened to Tom. Glen soon walks off and Michael comes over. “What do you think you are doing?" She explains that she didn’t like Glen asking around about the case. Gloria appears suddenly and supports what Ashley has done. Michael finds this very funny. He warns the women about the charge, “Obstruction of Justice”. Michael tells Ashley that she has been holding back… “Actually, I think that you are lying to me. You can fire me if you want but if I can figure it out then someone else can too. Your father shot Tom. If you talk to me about this, I can work something out for you and your father. If you carry on like this you both will be in trouble and you will have more charges to deal with.” Ashley tells Michael to drop this. She warns him about pushing for the truth. “You will honor the Attorney/Client privilege rule or I will spend my life ruining you and making you pay. If anything happens to my father while you are alone with him, I will make your life a living hell!" John is torn. He is alone in the house and every little thing makes him think about the night of the accident. He is seeing increasingly all the time in his mind. Kevin comes over to see him. John is kind to the boy. Kevin’s cellphone rings and it is the man who runs the morgue calling to see if Kevin has made any arrangements for his father’s body yet. Kevin says that he can’t talk now and will get back to the man later. John guesses that the call was about Tom. Kevin soon tells about the arrangements that he has to make for his father’s burial. John offers to help. “I will pay for the burial. You just make the arrangements and let me know what to do.” The two men hug for the very first time. Gloria comes home surprised to find the two together. When Gloria hears what they were talking about, she is horrified but sees that John is not stressed at all which makes her happy. Kevin leaves happily. His stepfather has connected with him and he has even invited Kevin to breakfast sometime. Gloria goes to make tea but when she returns, John is gone. Ashley comes home as well and learns that her father is nowhere to be found. On the other side of town, Michael gets a visitor. It is John. “I keep remembering things… Seeing things. I need to know what really happened that night of the shooting Michael!"

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