Monday 1/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Right when Jonathan is ready to rescue the five people in the truck that's ready to sink into quicksand, Tad, Jamie and JR appear and ask him what he's doing there and how he knew were to find them. He looks suspicious to them although he tells them about the crazy woman who keeps following him and who told him to go to find the truck at that location. Amanda is not far behind. She discovers an earring on the ground. She then calls her mother and confirms what she suspects when she notices Janet wearing the other earring and missing the one she found by the scene of the crime. Kendall tells her mother she wishes she would support her in her decision to stay with Zach. But Erica tells her daughter she has difficulty with that and she reveals to Kendall for the first time that she had an abortion years ago and Dr. Madden performed it. Zach wonders how he's going to deal with not only his son but Simone and Ryan. He watches them all carefully with his surveillance camera.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Holden talks to Jack about his concern over Luke and his friend Kevin. After talking, Holden’s uneasiness is alleviated by Jack. They assume that Luke feels pressure about dating due to his parents love story. He probably feels pressured to live up to that. Happily, Holden heads home to ask Luke if he wants to go to the Sox’ spring training for a couple days? An ecstatic Luke tells him yes. Lily wonders if he wants to invite Kevin? Both Luke and Holden look uneasy, as Luke tells her he would rather go with just his dad. Kevin later persuades Luke to leave the house and go drinking with him for their own private party. Meg almost gets caught with the gun Emily used to shoot Paul, and Paul almost gets caught looking for Meg, but they are saved when another officer arrives saying they found Paul’s car in the river. Paul was worried about her, and that is why he came looking for her, but Meg is worried about his well-being. Paul takes the gun, wipes off Emily’s and places his own fingerprints on the gun. He hopes the police will deduce from the evidence that he killed himself. Meg and Paul continue to unwittingly become closer as they survive together. Mike and Katie find Carly and Nick on the floor together. Carly explains she fell after she twisted her ankle. Katie corners Nick after Mike leaves to go bring Carly her scarf. Katie tells Nick to lay off of Carly; she is in love with Jack. Nick tries to blow her off with jokes, but Katie is concerned with his persistence. Carly dodges Jack’s questions about how and where she got hurt. She tells him Mike helped her. Mike returns Carly’s scarf to Jack and tells him laughingly how he found Nick and Carly. Later, Jack confronts Carly as to why she neglected to tell him about Nick’s role in when she fell? Kim finds Will and Gwen living outside near Java and takes them to the Lakeview for hot chocolate and something to eat. Lisa offers Gwen a room to stay at the Lakeview as her guest.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke is adamant in her decision not to take Ridge back. Ridge presses on though trying to convince her he, they are what she wants. Nick and Jackie discuss Brooke and Ridge. Jackie tells Nick to stop worrying about Brooke and worry about Bridget. Nick says he is concerned about Hope and tells his mother her loves Hope like his own. Nick inquires to Jackie about her relationship with Eric. She talks about how he makes her happy and how he hasn't been around much as he is losing his daughter and wants to be with her. Jackie is pretty confident Eric and Stephanie would never reconcile.

Stephanie tells Eric her battles with Brooke are over. She laments over how much turmoil and pain could have been avoided in her family had she not meddled so much into their lives. Felicia over hears this and sees her parents interacting that she begs them to remarry. As her dying wish she wants to dance at their wedding. Eric agrees to it and hesitantly so does Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer decides to go after Frankie only to find Frankie on her doorstep. Jennifer declares that she wants to be honest about her feelings for Frankie and asks him to stay. Sami pretends to be surprised at the news of High Style being Carrie’s company but Nicole isn’t as caring. Carrie sees the takeover as proof that Austin never really cared about her. Lucas accuses Austin of knowing all along that Carrie was the CEO and though Austin and Sami deny knowing, Carrie slaps Austin. Lucas helps instill doubt in Carrie’s mind as to whether Austin would have stopped the takeover had he known Carrie was the CEO. Austin offers to undo the takeover but Nicole insists that isn’t possible.

Roman admits to Billie that he knows Chelsea was the driver who hit Zack but Billie still wants to take the blame. Billie defends her choice out of fear that learning the truth will end Bo and Hope’s marriage but Roman warns that Hope will find out the truth eventually. Patrick refuses to believe that Billie could be guilty and confronts Chelsea about what she knows. Patrick asks Billie for the truth but Billie maintains her claim. Patrick can tell Billie is lying and vows to find out the truth. Hope continues to grieve as she and Bo return home and to Zack’s room. Bo has to carry Hope to get her to leave Zack’s room. Hope declares that she hates Billie for murdering Zack.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu handles Lucas' coming out a lot better than Bobbi does. While Manny is rushed to the hospital, Jason is arrested and the cops go to bring Sam in. Patrick refuses to operate on Manny unless Robin goes out with him once. Sonny asks Ric to throw the case. Patrick saves Manny's life. Tracy bans Lucas from the Q manor. Jason tests clean of powder burns, and so, Sam is arrested. Bobbi threatens to beat Tracy to a pulp if she doesn't lay off Lucas, then suggests Lucas go to counseling. Emily defends Sonny to Alexis. Skye agrees to date Lorenzo. Lorenzo visits Manny, who recognized one of his men as the shooter.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

A reporter tries to get a story from Jonathan and Tammy but Jonathan stops her. Tammy says she doesn’t want to hide anymore and tells the reporter that yes she and Jonathan are half cousins and yes they are in love. When she starts to go into more details about Jonathan he stops her again and sends the reporter away. He tells her that he will tell the world and changes the movie marquee in the square to say Jon Lov s Tammy. Tammy says that only one thing would make this better and Jonathan sends her to talk to her mom. Tammy wants him to go with her but he says she should go alone and wait for him. Cassie waits for Jeffrey and then confronts him with the news that Edmund told her about him pretending to be Richard. He doesn’t deny it and tells her that it was all for work. He tells her that they can move past it and she tells him that is what Edmund always used to say. Cassie says she doesn’t know if she can forgive him and he decides to stay at the Beacon for the night. Mallet goes down to Florida to help Dinah and Harley and Harley correctly guesses that he gave up his badge to help her out. He also admits that he missed Dinah also. The three put their heads together and decide to try and scam the scammers. They toast to their friendship and tell stories about Gus. Frank follows Marina and spies on her with Alan-Michael, when she confronts him on it he warns her that A-M may be trying to take over Spaulding from Harley. She sticks up for him and tells him that she is going on a date with A-M. Alex overhears A-M discussing the emergency board meeting to overthrow Harley and warns him he is playing with fire, both with that and with Marina. He tells her to mind her own business. On their date, Marina is having a good time, but when A-M leaves for a second, she finds the letter declaring the emergency board meeting and runs out. Alan starts to awake in his mystery location.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd awaits the verdict in his murder trial. Blair receives a phone call from Todd, but she hangs up on him. Bo calls and explains to her what Todd wants. Blair tells him that she will think about it, but later agrees to let the children see Todd. Paige finds out that Rex knows about her baby, but swears him to secrecy. Layla asks Duke for a job at B.E., but he is reluctant to give it to her. Kelly is anxious to get started on making their baby. Kevin gets the news that his sperm count is too low to allow him to get Kelly pregnant.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen enjoys rubbing the fact she and Ethan are leaving with Jane and Theresa will never see any of them again into her face. Theresa swears she won't let them go, and begs Ethan to stay. He is determined to leave, however, and they finally end the arguments by going to bed. Julian finds Theresa, calms her down, and tries to talk sense to her, but she is very distraught at the thought of never seeing her daughter or Ethan again and swears to stop them from leaving. Fancy visits Alistair in the hospital and believes he's trying to wake up and tell her something about Noah, even though the nurse says he is still comatose. Noah meets up with Maya and they discuss their past and the death of a man that broke them apart. She takes him someplace that she says will help her explain things to him. He, however, wonders just why she's come to Harmony and why she's taken him to the secluded place.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Paul and Michael are pow-wowing to get Ashley off her charges. Paul tells Michael that he is the one that got Ashley in this mess in the first place. Michael says that he has been working his butt off for Ashley but she isn’t helping. “She confessed to the DA," Michael tells. Paul is shocked. That is strange. Paul figures that they must have overlooked something here. He will go and check out the crime scene again and call Michael in the morning. Mackenzie comes to see Kevin about some not-so-happy news. “Colleen is back in town.” Too late. Kevin knows that. He is sad about that, but seeing her makes him wonder if he could revert into the nasty, terrible Kevin again. Devon is angry. He turns to Neil asking what was going on when he walked in finding Neil manhandling his mother while she is wearing nothing but a robe. Neil tells Devon that nothing was going on just now. Yolanda talks up quickly. “I made the mistake. I got caught up with being in a family and misread a few things.” She walks out of the room. Devon is angry. “She hasn’t changed one bit! She is just the way that she always was. Whenever she is about to get herself together she screws it up!" Yolanda comes out of the room dressed now. “I am leaving. I know that you all can’t trust me anymore and so I will be going.” She hasn’t got an apartment yet but that isn’t important right now. “I am going to Seattle to stay with my cousin Stacey. I will be on a bus that is leaving tonight. There is room enough for the both of us Devon.” Neil starts shaking his head. “No this isn’t the right thing for him.” Yolanda tells that this is her son. “You can go to school in Seattle Devon. Just transfer and pick up from there. We need to start fresh.” Neil stands by quietly. Then he tells Devon that he will be eighteen in a couple of weeks, so if he wants to live with his mother then it is his decision. Devon thinks. Yolanda promises him a whole new life. That is when Devon realizes that he has a life. He refuses to go with her. Neil says that there is a Newman office in Seattle and he will be glad to put in a good word for her there. Yolanda cries and hugs him, promising to keep in touch and then she is gone like a puff of smoke! John is with his granddaughter catching up. He tries to make her understand that Kevin has changed but she will hear nothing of it. Gloria is at the coffeehouse and she hears from Kevin that Colleen dropped by and now Kevin is down in the dumps. He fears that John will dislike him now after Colleen has revisited the past. Gloria tells Kevin not to worry. “I will take care of her. You just stay away from her.” Gloria comes home and gushes happiness and warmth when she finds Colleen in the house. Colleen just stares at her. Gloria hugs the girl and Colleen just stands like an icicle while it happens. Later when they are alone, Gloria takes the girl into the study to talk privately. “I heard that you have some issues with my son. I want you to drop that attitude. You know he saved your grandfather’s life once when he fell down the stairs. John wouldn’t be here with us now if it weren’t for Kevin.” Colleen doesn't care. She will not be warming up to Kevin at the breakfast table although everyone else is. John is deep in thought. He can’t stop thinking about the night of the accident, and lately he has been getting flashbacks of things that he can’t put into proper perspective. He sees the alley, but in his mind, everything is blurry. He sees a face, but not really… He hears a man’s voice, but it is distorted. In a few minutes, he has a clear memory that returns to him. He sees Tom in an alley. Tom turns to him and says, “What the hell are you doing here?" Then Ashley walks in. “Hi daddy! I heard that Colleen is here. I will have to go and see her soon.” John tells her that his memories are coming back. “I have a terrible feeling that I was with Tom the night that he got shot!"

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