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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The kidnapped people in the truck are afraid they're going to die when Janet drives the truck into quicksand. Janet persuades Jonathan to go and "save" them. At the same time, Tad, Jamie and JR are able to figure out where Joe's cell phone is coming from and they find them and catch Jonathan at the scene of the crime and ask him what he's doing. Amanda is able to figure out that it's highly likely that her mother is the one who is responsible for the disappearance of the five people, although she does not admit it to Jamie or to Tad. Ryan, Ethan and Simone are privately investigating Zach. Zach still wants to be with Kendall and exclude Ryan from the picture and Ryan returns those feelings about him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly's plan to use Barbara to help Will and Gwen backfires when both Barbara and Gwen find out the truth. Will and Gwen face more rough times when they end up sleeping on a park bench with a huge snow storm headed to Oakdale. Holden continues to worry about Luke and tries to find a way to help him Meg gets caught by someone while searching for the gun Emily used to shoot Paul. Jack and Nick continue to have friction with each other at the station.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows up and it playing with R.J. in Brooke's house. She is surprised as he tells her what happened the night before at Big Bear. She tells him she was there. Clearly she is not interested when Ridge makes his move to tell her he tried, but his heart belonged somewhere else. He admits he knows he hurt her and he has no right to ask, but can she forgive him and take him back? She turns a deaf ear and tells him to go back to Taylor and pray that she will take him back, because she won't. Stephanie visits Taylor and begs her to fight for Ridge. Taylor tells her she is through fighting; she won't do it. Ridge pleads his case. Leaving Brooke was the biggest mistake of his life (he blames Stephanie's manipulations). He made the wrong choice but he made her happy once and he knows he could again. They are interrupted by Nick and Hope. She manages to get Nick to take Hope to Jackie's Boutique and she will handle it with Ridge. Nick spills all to his mother, how Ridge is trying to worm his way back into Brooke's life. She tries to calm him down, not to get caught up in Brooke's drama. He needs only to focus on his wife. Stephanie pleads with Taylor who says she will treasure her time with Ridge, but it's over. They both need to make new lives for themselves. They embrace and part still friends. Dante show up with a red rose. He's sympathetic; he knows how hard she fought to come back from the dead to be with Ridge. She smiles that he helped her then and here he is again. Brooke asks Ridge to leave. He confesses again his big mistake, but this is where he belongs. Out of the blue, he asks her to marry him. He points out his home is with her, R.J. and Hope. He kisses her and she rather weakly tells him don't do this to her; just leave her alone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami is against Austin’s plans to go back to LA with Carrie but still urges Austin to tell Carrie all about the takeover. Sami pretends to be shocked when she shows Austin Carrie’s business card stating her as the CEO of High Style. Lucas offers his resources in hopes of going back to LA with Carrie but Carrie turns down the offer especially after she receives word that there is no chance of saving the company. Carrie reads through nasty emails from her employees while Lucas badmouths the way the takeover was done. Sami silently gloats as she and Lucas watch Austin admit to Carrie that he was behind the takeover.

Roman stops by the hospital to share his condolences with Bo and Hope. Hope can’t understand why Bo and Roman won’t prosecute Billie for murder. Bo pulls Roman aside to admit that Chelsea was the driver. Shawn questions Kate’s motives for offering the expense paid honeymoon. Shawn helps console Hope. Lois tries to run away but John grabs her. Lois breaks down and confesses her true intentions. Marlena and Alex refuse to press charges since they’d rather send Lois for psychiatric help. Alex offers to not press charges against John if he allows Lois to go for psychiatric help rather than imprisonment and John reluctantly agrees.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason takes the stand but is not an ideal witness. Sam is removed from the courtroom. Later, Manny is shot. Once again, Nik tries to warn Emily about Sonny, but she won't listen. This causes him to have a tantrum at Wyndermere, just as Lulu lands on his doorstep after being kicked out of the Q manor. She eventually returns home and decides to work with Skye against Tracy. Lucas attacks his assailant, and is arrested. When Bobbi comes to bail him out of jail, Lucas outs himself.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Doris drops the charges against Tammy but refuses to do the same with Jonathan. Tammy wonders out loud if Cassie had anything to do with it. Doris calls Tammy to the stand to testify against Jonathan and Jonathan admits to take full responsibility if she will just stop hammering Tammy. Sandy interrupts saying that he was the owner of the house and that he knows what happened. On the stand, he admits it was actually his fault after getting angry by seeing Tammy and Jonathan together again. The judge dismisses the charges against Jonathan and Tammy thanks Sandy. Jonathan also thanks him but Sandy tells him that he owes him. Reva correctly guesses that Jeffrey had something to do with Sandy’s testimony. Harley and Dinah discuss Mallet and Harley’s past while in Mallet’s house in Florida. Harley tells Dinah that they both are different people now and although he cheated on her, she doesn’t think he would do the same to Dinah. A man shows up claiming that he gave Alan money, but when he asks for the money back in return, Harley throws him to the floor and tells him that Alan is claustrophobic and his story doesn’t ring true. Alan lies unconscious on a floor somewhere. Edmund tells Cassie more about Jeffrey’s past posing as Richard and asks her if he ever pretends to be Richard in bed. Cassie slaps him and Josh must pull her out of the cell. Jeffrey comes home from the trial and walks into a dark house to find Cassie waiting for him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Vangie and Hugh deliver their closing statements in Todd’s murder case. Chris, with Carlotta’s help, cons Natalie into coming to the diner. Once there, Chris confesses that this was all a set up to get her there. She starts to leave. But Chris talks her into having one cup of coffee.

Spencer visits Blair at the condo. He mixes her up one of his special portions for her hang-over. He kisses her on the cheek. She pulls away from him, and he leaves. She wonders what her life would be like without Todd. Jessica finds out from Clint that he has invited Nash to stay at Asa’s for a few days.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy talks to the woman in the bathroom about men, and is surprised when she tells her what the letter Fancy found in Noah’s wallet said. She claims it’s because all men write letters like that, and Fancy accepts that. She decides to go sit with her grandfather, so she leaves the Blue Note. Meanwhile, Noah, who got a couple extra hours work, runs into the same woman Fancy was talking to, and he knows her. Sheridan, Julian, and Chris continue to search for Otto Krause, but have little luck.

Gwen is very smug with Theresa, telling her that her threats have no meaning now, since Alistair can’t talk. She hints at something else, but doesn’t come out and say what it is, only that she’s no longer afraid Theresa will expose her for her lies. She finally tells the woman that she, Ethan, and Jane are leaving, and will never come back. Kay manages to stay away from Fox once he gets to Tabitha’s house, and between that and Endora’s magic he never gets the chance to propose before he falls asleep. Kay is thrilled with the ring, and hopes to be able to accept it one day, but just not now.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis comes home after her late night romp with Nick. She sees Daniel and greets him warmly, but then she sees Jack. “What are you doing here?" jack said that the just stopped by to see how she was doing. She says that she is fine. “Where were you mom," Daniel asks. Jack chimes in. “Yes Phyllis. I too would be fascinated to know where you have been all this time.” Phyllis says that she was shopping. “Well where are the bags?" She tells that she didn’t find anything that she liked. Daniel can see that things are going to get tense and so he starts leaving. His mother tries to stop him as it is a school night but Daniel leaves anyway. Jack says that he came over to see her to smooth things over between them. “You might want to start leaving your phone on more often so that you won’t be surprised when I want to drop by with a little food.” She says that the next time he decides to drop over for any reason he should call first. “Are you done Jack? I am tired and I want to get some sleep.” Jack will not leave yet. She gets really angry now. “You think that because you come over here with take-out I have to be friendly? I just quit my job because of you, I come home and you are sitting here with my son. Don’t you put him between this. Don’t you do this.” Jack tells her that she doesn't have to worry about him coming over to surprise her anymore but before he leaves, he really would like to know what really is going on here. “What is it? You are bitter, and violent. This isn’t regular. This is something different! Neil orders Yolanda to put her clothes back on. She continues to stand naked in the middle of the living room. “I said get your clothes on!" Neil shouts. He stoops and grabs Yolanda’s clothes handing them to her. “what do you think that you are doing?" he asks. She tells him that she knows that he wants her. “I see the way that you look at me. Look at the things that you do for me and the way that you love my son! And Drucilla… I have been watching here and she isn’t right for you. You understand my addiction because you have an addiction too and so we have more in common.” Neil gets angry with her and tells her that she shouldn’t have done this. Now she has changed everything. She worries that he is going to kick her out of the house. He tells her to get dressed so that they can talk about this. The phone rings. It is Drucilla. She has called to touch base and apologize for the way that things were when she left. Neil makes sure that Yolanda is looking at him when he tells his wife that he loves her and misses her. When he gets off the phone, Yolanda can’t help but notice that Neil didn’t tell Drucilla about what happened. Neil tells that the minute that she gets home, he will tell her everything. Yolanda panics now. “Can’t we just keep this quiet? Wouldn’t that be the best thing for everyone?" Neil says that keeping things quiet is actually the best thing for her! Neil’s mind is churning now. “What were you up to Yolanda? Were you trying to please me all along while you were here so you could do this? Did you really mean it when you said that you wanted your son to go away to school, or did you just say that to please me? Why did you get a job at Newman? Was that to get sorted out to get an apartment or to get closer to me?" Yolanda decides to go and get dressed now, but Neil grabs her arm telling her that she came into their home and now she is trying to destroy it. Devon walks in and sees his mother in her robe, with Neil holding her tightly by the arm. “What is going on here?" Neil says that he and Yolanda were just having a talk. Devon knows that this can’t be just nothing. “My mother looks like she is about to cry. Now what is going on here?"

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