Thursday 1/19/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/19/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily and Henry team up to hide each other's secrets. Holden is troubled by the close relationship between Luke and is best friend Kevin. Lily refuses to realize that Luke is still unhappy. Paul comes up with a plan to stop the police from looking for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke can't fathom why Taylor is so mad at her. Taylor is insulted that Brooke is trying to be the rescuer now and pretending to be her friend and not the vulture she really is. Nick slips into the beach house, unwittingly waking up Bridget and tells her it is probably over between Taylor and Ridge. Ridge lets himself in Stephanie's house and he tells her he broke Taylor and all the kid's hearts tonight and now he is there to break hers as well. Taylor refuses to believe Brooke doesn't want her husband. She's made a life out of wanting him; it was what she did for a living! She mocks her that her DESTINY is knocking, go let him in. Bridget is sympathetic but doesn't understand why Nick is so adamant that Brooke not get back with Ridge, if that is the way it plays out. Stephanie tries to convince Ridge he needs to work this out with Taylor. She's aghast when he tells her it's too late; he's still in love with Brooke. They have been waiting decades for their moment and it's NOW. Brooke IS going to be his wife and as such his mother will give her the due respect and consideration. Or if hating Brooke is more important, then tell him now and if he has to choose between the two of them, she won't like the result. Taylor and Brooke have it out. Taylor is full of venom and Brooke counters with she used to think Taylor was nice, but she never realized that she and Stephanie are the exactly alike. They are both going to end up old, bitter and alone. Taylor chastises her to go to Ridge, give him all her warmth and comfort. She even slaps her wedding ring into Brooke's palm. She'll make it real easy for her. She claps - all the years of flirting, begging, wiggling and jiggling will finally pay off. Take Ridge and score one for the WHORES of the world, and God help the rest of them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle fakes her approval of Shawn and Mimi as a happy couple. Belle asks Shawn if Zack’s other prophecy will come true but Shawn vows that his old life is gone. Kate tells Mimi to elope with Shawn on Basic Black’s bill with the idea that the experience would be documented for a magazine. Frankie admits that he came back to Salem to see Jennifer only to find out upon arrival that Jack was really alive. Frankie regrets not going right back to D.C. Jennifer admits that she has always cared for Frankie but will also always love Jack. Jennifer refuses to move on with Frankie so Frankie packs his bags.

John is alerted that Alex has escaped from his room. John checks Marlena’s office and finds it ransacked. Marlena is able to hang on to the ledge but is left dangling. Alex struggles with Lois in his attempt to save Marlena. Alex is able to stop Lois from undoing Marlena’s grasp on the ledge by threatening to hit her with the same pipe but John walks in and assumes that Alex is out to harm an innocent Lois. John helps Marlena back onto the roof and she stops him from tossing Alex over by admitting that Lois was the real threat. Billie maintains her claim that she hit Zack despite Hope’s emotional wrath. Hope orders Billie to be arrested but Bo tries to stop the arrest. Bo admits that he’s protecting someone other than Billie and Hope thinks that Bo is protecting Chelsea from learning that Billie killed Zack. Bo tries to talk Billie out of her claim but Billie refuses. Max has called Abby to help convince Chelsea to tell the truth. Chelsea agrees to talk to Bo and Hope but then changes her mind when she sees Billie lead off in handcuffs.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Manny takes action when he realizes what Sam is up to. Sam tries to convince Ric and Alexis that Manny hasn't changed. Sam loses her temper on the witness stand. Courtney says an emotional goodbye to Nikolas. Jax appeals to Carly to tell him where Courtney is. Courtney's life is in danger. Jesse sets up a sting to catch Frank, the guy who attacked Lucas. Lucas punches Frank at Jake's.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Cassie and Josh go to San Cristobel to talk to Edmund. While there, Edmund tells Cassie that Jeffrey has been impersonating Richard for many years, even in bed with her. Doris the prosecutor offers Tammy a deal if she turns Jonathan in. Tammy refuses but when Jeffrey tries to get Tammy off later, Doris reminds Jeffrey that she was passed over when he was given his job. The trial doesn’t go well and Jeffrey offers Doris his job if she will drop the charges against Tammy. Harley announces that she is taking her job back until they can find Gus. Alan-Michael isn’t happy and later has someone call Marina with a fake lead to get Harley back out of the office. It works and when Harley decides she is going down to Florida to chase the lead, Dinah tells her that she will accompany her. Feeling generous and safe with her relationship with Mallet, she also agrees to stay at Harley and Mallet’s old house.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

A photographer arrives at Craze for a photo shoot for the new cover, but he becomes upset when the model for the shoot doesn’t show up. Adriana has to fill in for the model. Tess after a brief conversation with Claudia about Nash, has a headache, and becomes Jessica again. Jessica, immediately wants to know where she is, and what is going on. Nash has a meeting with Claudia, and then she orders him out .It is found out that she was the one behind him getting beaten up.

Todd has his turn on the witness stand. He recounts in every detail what happened the night that Margaret died. Blair leaves the courtroom, leaving Spencer there to find out what Todd had said. Todd denies that he had killed Margaret and his unborn child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Katherine and Pilar argue about Martin. Katherine asks Pilar if she really wants to spend her life with a man who loves another woman, and Pilar tries to make her understand that he loves her, not Katherine. The older woman is insistent, even becoming rude, and when Pilar tries to slap her she grabs her arm and warns her not to. Kay and Fox are having a wonderful time at the restaurant, with Tabitha watching on her TV at home. She wonders what Fox is up to, with all the champagne, etc, and sees he has something in his hand. She wonders what it is. Finally she sees it’s a ring, a very nice one, but she realizes what it will mean if he gives it to Kay and she accepts, so she contacts her to let her know.

Kay begins to try to keep Fox from proposing, finally leaving him looking for the ring that was taken back to the kitchen with the dirty dessert cups as she runs home. Fancy continues to try to get Noah to commit to her, but he won’t. They go to the Blue Note and she runs into two women, both of whom warn her about trying to hang on to a man who won’t commit himself to her fully. Fancy begins to wonder about Noah and his intentions.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen is at the coffeehouse. She has just bumped into JT and had a very nice chat. She invites him out but he can’t go. “I have something to tell you. I am living with Mackenzie.” He leaves and she is alone. In a few minutes, she looks over at the counter and her heart runs cold. She is staring at the profile of Kevin Fisher! Gloria has a terrible feeling. She talks to Jack about the Wellness Spas and he will not listen to anything that he says. She wonders if he has been letting John know everything that he should know about the business. Jack says that maybe he forgot. Doesn’t matter. Gloria suggests that he revisit the idea and think about it. Jack tells her to stay out of it! When talking to Michael later, Gloria tells how she really feels that Jack has not been taking care of things properly, or looking out for John’s interests, which have now become her interests as well. Michael cautions her to stay out of it and not make an enemy out of Jack. She will not listen. She decides that she will be the eyes and ears for her husband’s legacy. Neil has taken Devon and Yolanda out for dinner. They have a great time together. Devon leaves early to meet with Sierra to work on some stuff for school. Neil and Yolanda head home. She goes to shower. He goes to read the mail. It is late now. Neil sits by the fire in the living room yawning and trying to keep awake. Yolanda comes into the room in her robe. Neil hears her. “Oh! I am just on my way to bed now. You can watch television or whatever. I will soon be out of your way," Neil says sleepily. “Actually," Yolanda says undoing her robe. “I was hoping that we would do whatever it is that you want to do Neil.” He looks up at Yolanda and finds her naked before him. Nick and Phyllis have just finished riding and they return to the stable to put their saddles away. Phyllis loved riding with Nick. She felt so safe with him. He liked having her and tells her to come back anytime. She decides that she really has to go now. She is on her way out the door when she realizes that she has the boots she borrowed for riding still on her feet. Nick gets her shoes, but she can’t get her boot off. Nick grabs a hold of the ankle of the boot and starts pulling but the book still doesn’t come off. What is does is drag Phyllis from her seat to the ground, and it causes Nick to fall backwards to the ground as well. Their eyes lock again. They Nick is on her like a wildcat. Phyllis falls backward ready to accept him. They stay that way kissing and writhing around on the ground, unable to stay away from each other.

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