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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

In the truck, unknown to the captives, Janet has installed a gas pipe for them to inhale. It's laughing gas and they all get silly, have fun and forget that their lives are in danger. Babe, JR, Tad, Di, Palmer and Jamie are all trying and failing to come up with a clue as to who kidnapped the five people. Babe and JR suspect Amanda and assume she might want ransom for taking JR's dad, Babe's mom and Jamie's mom, knowing that the three of them all have money to cough up for their parents. Jamie tells them he seriously doubts it's Amanda and Tad agrees. Nobody can figure out who would want to take all five of those people or where any of them could have disappeared to, together or separately. Janet overhears Amanda talking privately to Myrtle about how she might be ashamed of her mother and the reputation of Janet from another planet might cause Amanda to be unpopular in Pine Valley. Janet asks her daughter if she is ashamed of her and is able to manipulate her with a guilt trip. Julia goes to talk to Kendall telling her she needs to de-stress herself while pregnant. Ryan also goes to see Kendall. He surprises her by telling her that he wants to marry her in order for the baby to have a stable future. The two women do not get along but both care about Ryan. Julia goes to inform Zach that Ryan is returning to Cambias, knowing he will not be ok with that or the fact that Ryan and Ethan are friends. Ethan still hates his father's guts.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack continues to be disillusioned about his part time work as Nick works his old job, specifically the Paul Ryan case. Soon there is also a break in the case that prepares to send the police to the location where Emily shot Paul. Will and Gwen are trying to figure out a place for them to stay after being evicted by Burt, but keep coming up short. Even the agreeable Kim turns down Will’s plea for them both to stay there…. one night is all he gets, then one of them has to look elsewhere. Carly looks for Gwen at Java, assuming she got the job, only to find out the manager passed her up, because of their confrontation. Carly finds Gwen packing and wants to help so she offers her and Will the spare bedroom at their house. Gwen almost takes her up on it, but at the last minute turns her down and away, as she can’t get past all that she feels Carly has done to her, even if it was unintentional. Carly calls Barbara about her job offer, seemingly desperate to make herself better in Gwen’s eyes. Maddie finally comes clean, with Casey’s support, to Katie and Mike, about her role in bringing BJ to town. They clear the air after their initial anger, and Mike makes her promise to tell the police what she knows. Later, Mike asks Katie to marry him, and an emotional Katie of course says yes. Casey asks Maddie to a party, but when she realizes one of Casey’s blonde friends is also joining them, she turns him down realizing it isn’t really the date she had hoped for. Henry is trying to hide his suitcase full of money when he sees an expensive abandoned car, thinking it might be BJ’s, he goes to check it out. He finds out it is Paul’s, and is excited about the possibility of turning this information into the police to get the reward. Another car arriving sends him hiding. Emily is there to get rid of Paul’s car, but finds the battery is dead. A hiding Henry falls which draws attention to himself, and Emily catches him. She is acting erratic and they both spar back and forth about what the other is doing there? Soon, Henry figures out Emily killed Paul, but when the suitcase flies open and cash flies everywhere, Emily figures out Henry has taken BJ’s money. They both begrudgingly decide they need to work together before the police arrive there in the next few minutes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor reflects on what has just happened, the end of her marriage to Ridge. Brooke is in a panic when she can not get Ridge on the phone. She wants to avoid this disaster, that he not leave Taylor thinking he's coming back to Brooke. And she's worried for Taylor's children.  Ridge tells Taylor the kids will be there soon. In denial, she doesn't want to tell them anything. However, Ridge does and Thomas and twins are devastated. Brooke announces her intentions of going to Big Bear to see Ridge. Nick thinks that is a bad idea; one Taylor will not appreciate since it was Brooke that walked in on her and Hector in the first place. She tells Nick that they both love Bridget very much, but that doesn't mean they have to pretend they don't have feelings for each other. She'll never regret one moment they spent together. Thomas hugs his dad and tells him he hopes both he and Taylor will be happier now. The kids leave. So does Ridge as he and Taylor say their sorrowful good-byes. Stephanie laments to Eric about the problems and that Brooke will get her hooks back into Ridge again. He advices her to let their adult son make his own choices. Brooke slips into the cabin calling Ridge's name, but Taylor emerges from the bedroom. She sarcastically tells Brooke to take her victory, dance on her grave, but don't play Little Miss Innocent. And she asks does she really know how much she hates her?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin brings Carrie back to Sami’s apartment to toast the takeover. Sami tries to convince Nicole that they should both bow out gracefully in their quest for Austin. Carrie asks Austin for help in stopping the takeover of her company and Austin advises her to think more of the company as a business rather than a group of loyal employees. Sami encourages Carrie to go after the source of the takeover with a vengeance. Jennifer is furious that Frankie didn’t show her Jack’s DVD and wasn’t honest with her. Frankie admits to Jennifer the entire truth about Jack’s request but claims that the decision to stay was all his own.

Lois tries to push Marlena off the hospital roof. Marlena breaks free and tries to leave the roof but Lois knocks her out. Alex frees himself from the restraints and reaches the roof as Lois is trying to roll an unconscious Marlena off the ledge. Alex is unable to stop Lois from pushing Marlena off the edge. Chelsea rationalizes Billie’s claim but Max threatens to tell the truth if Chelsea doesn’t confess on her own. Bo confronts Billie but Billie insists on taking the blame. Hope begs Lexie to help her find out who killed Zack but ignores Lexie’s advice for her to rest. Hope confronts Billie when she overhears Billie claim that she killed Zack.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Manny's trial begins. Lorenzo's testimony slurs Jason, inciting Carly's anger. Thanks to Alexis pushing the actual trial up, Jason fails to appear in court on time, risking being cited for contempt. Sam sneaks in to see Manny, and rouses him to anger, nearly getting herself hurt. However, when Ric and Alexis walk in, he plays innocent, but Ric has doubts. Courtney takes Carly's advice and disappears for a while after clearing the air with Jax and trying to break up with Nik. Maxie learns Lucas is gay, and Jesse goes undercover to try and catch the gay basher who attacked Lucas. Emily's family continues to worry about her involvement with Sonny. Robin states on the witness stand she believes Manny was transformed into a good man by the surgery.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

In a Dinah centric episode, we begin with a Dinah voice over telling us that she is beyond needing a man in her life. She can’t help but still want Mallet after seeing him in Company and when he calls her and invites her to dinner after she dumps him she finally agrees. She is just about to call him and cancel when Blake shows up and after they talk, Blake decides to help her get ready. She calls Olivia into help, and after deciding they need a man’s point of view call Rick and Frank over. Mallet picks her up for their date and kisses her in the hallway. He goes to kiss her again later but Dinah tells him that they went to fast before and should take it slower. Mallet gets a call from Harley needing help and he goes to help her but to her surprise invites Dinah along. Dinah is left out by their reminiscing and goes to Spaulding where she runs into and comes onto Alan-Michael. He is all for it until Dinah breaks out in hives from her dinner. Mallet finds her and calls Rick to her apartment to check her out. He then offers to stay with her until morning. In a final voice over Dinah says she still likes her independence but it is nice to have someone to be with, although she tells Mallet that there are some ground rules.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Nash circulates a pix of Tess to find out if anyone has seen her. Nash questions Chris about Tess’ whereabouts. Natalie comes in, and joins in the investigation. Tess visits Claudia at the sanitarium. After a brief conversation with Claudia, Tess lets it slip that she is pregnant with Nash’s child. Claudia declares that she hates her for stealing the life that should have been hers.

Blair seeks solace in Spencer’s arms. Spencer calls David, and orders him to talk to Blair for him. Todd talks to Rex about obtaining information against Denton in the murder of Margaret. Dorian and Adriana take over the reins of “Craze”.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Tabitha talk about the dark cloud that hangs over Fox and Kay, and Tabby’s reading of her tarot cards shows Kay can’t accept a proposal from Fox until the planets realign or it will spell doom for their love. Kay is fine with that, since she figures Fox is nowhere near ready to propose yet. However, he walks in the door with Fancy, and with the engagement ring she helped him pick out, then starts to propose to her right there in Tabby’s living room, with everyone there. Fancy pulls him into another room and tells him he needs to do it right, with champagne, caviar, and romance, so he decides to take her to dinner at the Seascape and do it there. Kay is totally in the dark, thinking their love is safe, and agrees to go to dinner with him. Sheridan is still trying to find Beth and Marty by finding Alistair’s henchman, Otto, but she’s having no luck. Rachel comes over and remembers his last name, making the search easier, and soon they have a picture of the man. They go to the mansion to do some further research, and Julian begins to help them.

Pilar is worried that Martin might go back to Katherine, but he swears he loves her and will never leave her again. She wants to hurry and make arrangements for their renewal ceremony, but he seems not to be so anxious for that. Meanwhile, Rachel is talking to Katherine, telling her that she deserves happiness as much as Pilar does, and urging her to get Martin back. Katherine agrees, and heads to Pilar’s house to confront her. Fox’s desire to propose to Kay has got Fancy thinking she’d like to have Noah do the same, but the more she hints about it to him, the more he says it’s not the right time. She feels if they love each other they should get married, but he says there’s no need for that, at least not this soon. She wonders why he’s avoiding it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria’s juices are flowing. Jill catches her in John’s office reading about the Wellness Spa. Jill tells her about it and says that she wishes that John could work on it with them. Gloria loves this idea that Phyllis and Nikki have come up with and misses being in the office. She tells Jill that she will go home and talk to John about this great idea. By the time that she has gotten home, John already knows about the project and in fact stands behind Jack about the risks and the costs of it all. Jack and Gloria strongly disagree about this project. Jack will have a chat with Jill about discussing this project as if it is still something that is up in the air. Jack tells Gloria strongly that from now on he will be the one to relay information to his father and she is to stay out of it. JT and Mackenzie are out having a fancy dinner. JT is making up for having to take off one night when Mackenzie had made him a fantastic dinner and he had to rush off to work. She knows that he likes his job. He admits that he isn’t the type to sit at a desk all day. She says that she worries over him as his job is dangerous and she wouldn’t want to have to face living without him. His phone rings. “I have to go Mackenzie.” He kisses her and then leaves her in the restaurant. Yolanda is in Neil’s office while he is talking business. She loves the business world and finds it very exciting. Neil tells her that a lot of successful people start off working from the bottom to the top and that she too could do it if she really applied herself. “In fact," he confides. “I am starting a new project and I could really use some help with it Yolanda.” Devon comes to the office to visit. Neil congratulates him on going to Boston to school, but the truth is that Devon hasn’t decided what he is going to do yet. Yolanda takes that moment to drift off and have a private fantasy. In it, She would be dressed to the hilt with Devon at the table. Neil would come to meet them for dinner in his tux and he would go on about how he loves having them as a family. He would pay all his attention to Yolanda and even kiss her hand over the table. The phone rings and Neil has a conversation with Human Resources. When he gets off the phone he asks Yolanda why she asked for an advance on her cheque. She explains that she really wanted to get an apartment. He tells her to wait until the right time so that she will not end up being short of money later. He assures her that staying at his house is not a problem. She agrees then to forget about the advance and stay longer with the Winters. Brad brings Colleen up to speed on his engagement and Ashley’s charges. Colleen finds it really weird that Victoria is going to be her stepmother and she hardly even knows her. Brad tells Colleen not to worry as Victoria is very likeable. Victoria comes to the house and when the door opens, she rushes into Brad’s arms and kisses him passionately, not even realizing that Colleen is in the room. “Hi Victoria!" Victoria stands back. “Oh… Hi Colleen…” Victoria tells Colleen that they should go out for coffee real soon and have a talk and get to know each other better. Colleen says that will be fine. She then heads out to go and visit with friends that she hasn’t seen in a long time. When alone, Victoria asks Brad how he feels about having his older daughter back home. He likes it. She can come whenever she wants he explains. “Still," Victoria continues… “It can’t be a very good time for her to be visiting can it?" Brad wrinkles his brow at Victoria. “I am getting the feeling that you have some problem with Colleen being here," Brad says. Victoria denies that. “Oh no! Don’t worry about that! We are going to get along just fine! I promise that I will not try to be her mother and I will try to be her friend instead.” Brad still feels that Victoria needs to realize that he comes with a ready-made family and that he and Victoria had better talk about what that means. Nick and Phyllis talk about their lives. She thanks him for the help with Daniel and he says that he was glad to help as it made him feel good to do something to prevent someone else from getting in trouble. He tells that Noah is staying with a friend that night and that Sharon is out of town. “I am going to be finishing off celebrating Cassie’s birthday by taking a horse out tonight for a night ride. Come with me," Nick says to Phyllis.

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