Tuesday 1/17/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/17/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

All the people whom Janet has drugged and put in the truck are awake and wondering who's done this to them and how they can escape. Tad and Di are worried and ready to help Babe and JR find their respective parents. Tad finds out from Jamie that Brook is also missing. Julia tells Ryan to beware of Zach. Julia and Ryan seem to really like each other. And Kendall is disappointed at Zach's obsession to prevent Ryan from taking over Cambias.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jack brings in a nervous Henry to ask him about the illegal gambling ring he is investigating? After Maddie sees that Henry has bought a couple of gifts for Mike and Katie, she wants Henry to stop using BJ’s money unless they need to, and she takes his gifts and tells him she is going to return them. She also is really agitated when she finds out he gambled and lost $30,000. Later, an unknowing Henry is up on the same bluff where Emily shot Paul, burying the suitcase full of money until he can figure out what to do with it. Katie and Mike try to share a romantic evening but keep getting interrupted. Jen shows up wanting her and Mike to talk and get some closure they are overdue for. Mike signs their divorce papers so they can both get a fresh start. They leave each other happy. Then Maddie feels she has to make things right with Katie and Mike, and takes Casey with her as moral support to tell them the truth. After Katie and Mike apologize to her for treating her badly, Maddie loses her nerve and gives them the gifts Henry had bought earlier for them. After seeing the extravagant watches, Mike wonders where she got the money to make these purchases? Meg and Paul find some common ground as they talk in the cabin. Meg seems to be softening to Paul and vice versa. Emily talks to Nick about Paul’s disappearance and tries to direct him towards Paul leaving town to be with Rosanna in Switzerland, but Nick isn’t biting. The police are able to locate the area where the last call came from on Paul’s cell phone, and some officers head out to that location to Emily’s dismay.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor states to Ridge that she is fighting for them, for their family. She doesn't want to lose what they have. Is he saying he doesn't love her anymore? Stephanie visits Hector's abode and promptly tells him to leave Taylor alone, otherwise he'll regret it. He tells her that she does not control his life. Nick re-emphasizes he can not stand the thought of Forrester and Brooke together; do not let him back into her life. She confides in him she will not go back to Ridge and Nick knows why. During their talk, she realizes that Ridge is probably up at Big Bear ending his marriage as they speak. She calls but only gets his voicemail and she does leave an urgent message - do not end his marriage. Ridge tells Taylor it is not about love, but character. He reminisces about the past, losing her, seeing her again in the cemetery, but that wasn't reality. He'd moved on with Brooke and his son. Taylor cries and begs to no avail. Ridge doesn't want to hurt her, but feels he has to be with Brooke now and his son. In denial, Taylor doesn't want to tell the children anything. Ridge tells her he will help get them through this. She dissolves in a puddle in his arms, still begging him that God not to let this be over. She needs him!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie leaves Jennifer alone to rest and Jennifer turns on Jack’s DVD. Frankie returns as Jennifer finishes viewing the DVD. Sami secretly gloats while Nicole and Austin finalize the takeover of High Style. Austin sends an email to Becky to have her shut down the product line and lay off the bulk of the employees. Sami urges Austin to go tell Carrie the news. Lucas pretends not to know who is launching the takeover. Carrie suspects Titan but Lucas insists that neither he nor Victor have any part in this takeover. Lucas comforts Carrie after she has to tell Becky that there’s nothing she can do. Lucas vows to be there with Carrie when they find out who was behind the takeover and Austin stops by to ask Carrie to celebrate the deal with him.

Philip, Kate, and Mimi return to Claire’s room to hear the news that Claire’s fever broke. Shawn and Belle tell them about their mutual dream but Kate overhears them decide not to reveal Zack’s other prophecy about their relationship. Kate urges Belle not to believe what Zack said in the dream about her and Shawn. Shawn tells Mimi about what Zack said in the dream but insists that he still wants to be with her. Mimi tells Kate about her engagement to Shawn. Kate slips the news about Mimi and Shawn’s engagement to Belle and Philip. Billie sticks to her claim that she was the driver. Chelsea objects privately to Billie but gives in when Billie insists on taking the blame. Billie refuses her right to legal counsel. Hope wakes up as Bo is telling her that he gave Chelsea the means to hit Zack with his car but doesn’t hear what he said. Officer Hammond declares to them that Billie was the driver.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Courtney becomes angry when Nikolas is distracted by Emily. Carly and Jax watch Courtney and Nikolas' fight. Jax tells Nikolas he will get Courtney back. Courtney wants to take Carly up on her offer to disappear until the baby is born. Sonny puts the brakes on his and Emily's relationship until she sorts out her feelings for Nikolas. Dillon confronts Tracy about faking her death.

Skye fails to convince Mac to call off the APB on Luke. Skye accuses Tracy of wanting to stay married to Luke. Lulu hides her anger and wants to try and win Tracy's trust. While at Jake's, Dillon, Georgie and Brook Lynn convince Lucas to play a game of pool with Frank. Lucas ends up alone with Frank, who seems interested in him. Georgie and Dillon later find Lucas badly beaten.

GL Recap Written by Eva 

Ava decides not to tell Coop she saw Lizzie kissing Quinn because she doesn't want to hurt him.  Olivia decides to use Frank to make Josh jealous.  Olivia and Josh decide to take their relationship slowly.  Jonathan blackmails Cassia and threatens to reveal the truth about Jeffrey to everyone.  Josh and Cassie team up to discover the truth about Jeffrey's past.  Tune in tomorrow to see Dinah in the GL spotlight. 

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Adriana and Rex have a confrontation over the fact that he chases women .He meets with a man, who is going to begin the search for Paige’s son. Tess and Jessica have an argument over the amniotic fluid sample, so Tess throws it against the door, and it bursts. Blair testifies against Todd in court. Then Kevin is called as a witness about the night that Todd was strangling Margaret .

John and Natalie have a confrontation in the psychiatrist’s office when he thinks that Natalie is wanting pay back for what John had done to her concerning Chris. Natalie tells him that she would stand behind him. Later, John and Vangie have a cup of coffee together in the courtroom. Carlotta finds out about Natalie throwing away her wedding dress. Natalie comes to visit Chris, and tells him that she is going to donate the dress to someone who can’t afford a dress on their own.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah and Fancy were still ice skating, and Fancy kept feeling like someone was watching them. She saw someone in the trees and Noah gave chase, but found out it was only a man playing with his son. They decided Fancy was wrong and left, but the woman in the brown boots followed. Fancy got a call from Julian, telling her Alistair had a stroke and she needs to go to the office to help, so she does, and Noah heads for home. Fox was still in a daze, thinking about his love for Kay, and he couldn’t get the work done. Valerie chided him, reminding him he already lost the job once and can lose it again if he doesn’t get his mind off Kay and onto the business. However, he receives a visit from a jeweler, who brings a case full of engagement rings, and asks a jealous and upset Val to help him pick a good one for Kay. Fancy comes in later and helps him find just the right ring, and is very excited for him.

Kay and Tabitha see bad news for the couple in the magic water bowl, however, and Tabby consults her tarot cards to see if they can find a way to marry without having something horrible mar the day. Noah comes in and wonders why they are messing with magic, but they explain it away. Later, he and Kay reveal to each other that Alistair has secrets he’s holding about each of them. Theresa, Gwen, and Rebecca await word on whether Al will wake up and blow the two women out of the water, so news of his stroke and possible permanent coma cheer them up but leave Theresa feeling angry. Ethan sides with Gwen again, and decides they have to leave town so Theresa won’t bother them again. Pilar talks to Theresa, trying to get her to forget Ethan, but she won’t.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Yolanda comes to see her son at the coffeehouse. He tells her that he has been thinking about Boston and he might go to the university there after all. Yolanda gets quiet. “You won’t mind if I do that mom will you?" Yolanda says that she is fine. She wonders what Lily will be doing. Devon doesn't know. She feels that he deserves a nice girl to be with. Yolanda says that she would like to find a nice man like Neil but doesn't think that will happen for her. Later, Yolanda talks with Neil and she tells him that Devon has been thinking about the university and he might be going after all. Neil is happy to hear that. Yolanda says that she told Devon that ‘if the Winters think that it is so important for you to go then you should do it.’ Neil smiles. “I really hope that you keep pushing him in the right direction Yolanda. I am counting on you.” There is a knock on the door. Brad opens up to Colleen. She has taken time away from school to come and be with her family. Abby is so glad to have her big sister back in the house. They hug. When alone with her father again, Colleen asks about Ashley and then Victoria. She really feels that getting involved with Victoria heavily isn’t the right thing to do just now. Brad didn’t want to tell her this way, but he does. “Victoria and I are engaged.” Gloria is trying to figure out where the key to the drawer is. John knows that he always had the key and is now mystified as to how Ashley got in the drawer and got the gun. Gloria has to think. She has sent Mrs. Martinez to the drycleaners with John’s clothes from the accident and she know feels that the key has to be in the clothes. She calls Mrs. Martinez on the cellphone to stop her from putting the clothes in the drycleaners and to bring them right home. Meanwhile, John has Ashley in the dining room and he demands to know where she got the key to open the drawer. Ashley lies saying that she got the key from his room the night of the shooting. John can’t remember any of that. Mrs. Martinez arrives at the house. She tells that she didn’t get Gloria’s voicemail. “I went to the pharmacy first to get Mr. Abbot his medication.” Gloria tells her to leave the clothes and she will take them to the drycleaners herself. John and Ashley come into the room and ask what is going on. Gloria just says that she was concerned that Mrs. Martinez was cold and didn’t want her to go out in the cold to the drycleaners. John knows that something is up here and he demands that Gloria give him an explanation. Later when Gloria is alone with Ashley, she gives her the key. “Here. Now John will not be directly attached to the shooting cause I am giving you the key to the drawer.”

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