Monday 1/16/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/16/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Right when Kendall and Ryan are planning on spending the evening together, Julia comes to see Ryan, not realizing he has other plans and asks him to go out. Ryan is torn between being with the mother of his child or his potential new girlfriend but chooses Kendall since it's the courteous thing to do as he'd planned to be with her and Julia just unexpectedly dropped in on him. Julia tells Ryan she'd never prevent him from spending time with the mother of his child but reveals she hates Kendall. Kendall is not gracious to Julia nor Ryan's involvement with her. She tells Ryan she demands he stop socializing with Julia. He tells her that she needs to respect his right to care for Julia the same way he respects her right to care for Zach. She tells him it's entirely different and she storms out of Ryan's home, returns home to Zach and vents to him about the situation. Zach is there for her and they spend the evening together. Alone in his home, Ryan has the opportunity to be with Julia. She notices Kendall left so she returns and they spend the evening together.

Marion Chandler comes to inform Palmer and Krystal that Opal is missing as well as Adam, Joe and Brooke. Janet then adds Krystal to the list if missing people on the truck, drugs her and kidnaps her. Babe and JR are having a good time together and almost ready to reconcile and remarry when Winifred comes and informs them that they must go back because his father and her mother are both missing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie overhears the police telling Margo they are getting closer to finding out who wrote to BJ under the guise of being Katie in order to bring him to town. Margo intends to charge that person with attempted murder. A terrified Maddie pleads with Casey to help her wipe clean her computer. Casey agrees to help as the two of them continue to fight and deny their growing feelings. Will and Gwen get evicted by Burt who has been influenced by Hal, thanks to some convenient zoning laws. Will figures out his father’s role and confronts him. Hal wants him to come home, finish school, and get a good job before he gets in to deep. Will tells him off and leaves with Gwen. Nick goes to see Carly about Emily’s role in the Paul Ryan case. Jack walks in on them, and doesn’t like Nick’s presence, but Carly plays it off. Emily confronts Jen about why Paul sent her away, and realizes he did it to save her, which kills her more inside. Jen worries when she finds out Meg is moving into the Lakeview. Meg finds an unconscious Paul outside half buried in the snow. She continues to nurse him hopefully back to health, but when the cabin is freezing and Paul continues to burn up, Meg crawls into bed with him. Paul declares his love to her… thinking she is Rosanna.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge confides Taylor's transgressions to Brooke and tells her she is the only woman in his life he can believe in. She advises him to get past this marital problem and go home to Taylor. Jackie visits Nick on The Shady Marlin and excitedly wants to throw a baby shower for Bridget....and hear all the details of this Taylor scandal. Taylor puts Hector off, grateful that he is a good friend, but she loves her husband and hopes she has not lost Ridge for good. Brooke also visits Nick on the Marlin. She fills him in about Taylor with James Warrick. He is adamant that he doesn't want her to buckle under again; do not go back to Ridge. Ridge calls Taylor and asks her to meet him at Big Bear. There he concedes he can't get over her hypocrisy toward Brooke, who he still loves. Taylor spills her love for him and how sorry she is. She wants to repair their marriage and does not want the family to fall apart.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie and Austin make plans to celebrate the takeover later. Sami and Lucas pretend to be happy for Carrie and Austin. Nicole takes a more blunt approach with Austin but Austin doesn’t want to hear her commentary on his personal life. Becky calls Carrie with the news of the takeover. Nicole questions why Sami wants Austin to take all the credit for the takeover. Austin launches the takeover online. Lois decides that she only needs to kill Marlena to get Alex back and tries to choke Marlena. Marlena pretends to be unconscious to fool Lois into leaving her alone and then knocks her over the head with a glass bowl. Marlena and Lois struggle as Lois comes at her with her own letter opener. Lois knocks Marlena out with a blow to the head by a paperweight and then wheels an unconscious Marlena into the stairwell.


Chelsea begs Bo not to tell Hope that she was driving but Bo refuses to lie for her. Billie rushes home to hear the news about Zack’s death. Bo informs her that Chelsea was the one driving the car but Billie’s attempt to get Bo to lie for Chelsea fails as well. Billie, impressed by Chelsea finally thinking about how Zack must feel looking down on her, tells the cops that she was the one who hit Zack. Belle and Shawn dream that Zack comes to visit them and Claire. Zack explains that he came back to tell them that Claire is going to be fine and that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together. Belle and Shawn don’t realize the true meaning of Zack’s claim that Claire is the baby of the man Belle loves. Claire’s fever breaks.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Emily confronts him, Sonny agrees to pursue a relationship with her. In the Dominican Republic, Courtney's divorce is finalized, and she and Nik almost marry, but decide to opt for a real ceremony later in Port Charles. Dillon fears that his mother is really dead, but Alan knows she is not and he helps Tracy exact revenge on Luke and the teens. Sam wants kids, but fears that they would have the same problems her brother has, so she is tested, by Robin for the genetic markers. Fortunately, she is clear. Patrick attempts to help Liz out financially, but she refuses.

GL Recap Written by Eva 

Harley refuses to give up hope that Gus will come home even though all the evidence points to his death. Mallet tells Harley how much he loves her and gives her a kiss but Harley makes it Clear she loves Gus and is married to him. Ava sees Lizzie kissing Quinn outside Company but will she tell Coop about it? Josh and Olivia have a great time on their date. Jonathan shows up at Cassie's door with the file on Jeffrey he stole from Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair is served breakfast in bed by Dorian and Adriana. Blair asks them to take care of Craze for her while she spends more time with Jack and Starr. They agree. Nash and Antonio challenge each other to a game of pool--winner takes all. Tess escapes from Llanfair. She goes to the hospital where she steals the amniotic fluid from the lab.

Natalie throws away her wedding dress .She is called down to the police station to talk to the psychiatrist about John. John is called to testify in the Manning murder case .Then it is Blair’s turn to testify against Todd.   

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox and Kay are madly in love, and even tho he feels he’s lost some time, he can’t worry about that because he loves Kay so much. Tabby is getting sick at the sight of them being all kissy-kissy. Fox gets a call and has to go to the office to help cover Alistair’s real illness with the subsidiaries and stock holders, leaving Kay and Tabby to consult the water bowl, which shows Kay and Fox marrying, but under a black cloud that spells danger for them. Kay wants Tabby to help change the outlook, and promised her anything, so Tabby tries. Fox can’t think about work at the office, telling Valerie he’s too in love with Kay and has other things to do. She isn’t happy with that, but he assures her she can handle things.

Theresa tries to get Alistair to wake up and tell the secret he knows about Gwen and Rebecca, and he says he will do so, but he has another attack and is whisked to the hospital. Theresa tells the two women not to be so smug, because they aren’t out of the woods yet, and he will wake up and expose them. Fancy and Noah go to the ice pond and skate, trying to take her mind off her grandfather’s condition. However, Fancy soon feels as if they are being watched, and it makes her very uneasy. A woman wearing brown boots slinks around the area, watching the two of them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria brings John home from the hospital. Mrs. Martinez is there to greet them. She is so glad that John is okay. Mrs. Martinez sees the bag with John’s old clothes from the hospital. She offers to take them and wash them right away. Gloria remembers how Ashley told of there being no gun residue found to link her to the shooting directly. That gives her an idea. “Mrs. Martinez! Could you take those clothes to the cleaners and not was them yourself please? And take John’s overcoat that he had been wearing the night of the accident as well.” John sees no need for all that but Gloria insists and so Mrs. Martinez heads out as instructed with the evidence. John can’t sit still or keep his mind from churning. “Did you know that the Sheila person used to work at the hospital? I overheard the nurses talking about her. They also said that she had an accomplice. Do you know who that person was?" Gloria tells him that Tom was working with Sheila. John should of guessed. “I can’t understand where Ashley would get a gun if she did in fact do this shooting," John says. Suddenly his face changes. He rushes to the drawer where the gun that he owns is kept. He finds it empty. “The gun is gone! Is that the gun that Ashley used to shoot Tom?" JT and Mackenzie are at the coffeehouse together when Jill drops in. She would like to talk to Mackenzie alone for a minute, but Mackenzie tells her that JT can hear whatever it is. Jill presents Mackenzie with a letter. “It is from Billy in Venice.” Phyllis is pissed. She confronts Jack about this consultation with the lawyer about her project with Nikki. “So let me get this straight! If I hadn’t accepted your job proposal, you would have used this lawyer to prevent us from operating as a company. Is that right? You just keep trying to control me Jack!" Nikki is trying to handle the meeting over in the Jabot boardroom alone. She tries their best but the executives really want to meet with the other partner as well. Nikki says that this idea is hers in fact and that she can answer all their questions. The door then flies open and Phyllis walks in jabbering at a hundred miles a minute. “I am sorry that I am late. I had to make a stop of the printers to run off this presentation material for you all to look at.” She hands the booklets that she has put together out for the guests and she smiles worriedly over their heads at Nikki. They are great! The guests love the energy and ideas that Phyllis and Nikki put out to them. After they leave, Nikki demands an explanation. Phyllis tells her to drop it. “Don’t worry about it Nikki. It was all a fraud!" Out in the hall, a ruckus can be heard. “What the hell is going on around here?" The door opens and a very red-faced Jack enters. “What is this about? Oh so I see that you were having a meeting. Did it have anything to do with Jabot? Do you two realize that you are employees?" Nikki reminds him that she is a shareholder in the company and that she can do whatever she wants in the Jabot boardroom. Jack knows that she is right about that. “Okay, but you Phyllis! You are an employee! You have crossed your boundaries and if you are not careful, your job is going to be in big trouble.” She ignores him as she gets her papers together. “My job isn’t going to be in trouble. I quit!" She walks out. Nikki smiles raising her eyebrows, then she walks out behind Phyllis. Ashley is with Michael having a meeting in the DA’s office. She listens quietly as Michael tries to convince Glen that he has nothing to go on here. “The lab found no gun residue, lots of people pick up weapons after they have been used, and juries watch CSI. This is a waste of the taxpayers’ money.” Glen sees where Michael is going with this but he has some things in place that compel him to keep trying to convict. “We checked out the gun. It belonged to Paul, who gave it to John Abbot who then registered it. That is where the problem lies. The gun was in Ashley’s house, she had access to it and she is found with a dead man who has just been shot with it.” Ashley sees where this is going. “I did it!" She says. “I confess.” Michael turns to her in horror. “What are you doing?" Glen tries to get Ashley to put her confession in writing but Michael will not allow that. Later Ashley says that she had to confess as that is the truth. Michael will not accept that. “You didn’t even give me a chance to do my job Ashley.” She had to do this that way, she says. When she gets home, Gloria is waiting for her and she gets the bad news about how things went at the DA’s office. “I had to confess Gloria. The way that things are lined up now with the investigation, they are convinced that someone that lives in this house did the shooting. We can’t let dad hear anything about this gun and its connection to this case.” Gloria’s eyes grow big. “Oh no!" She tells that the drawer had apparently always been locked when the gun was in the house. “John will realize that he was the one that opened the drawer if he learns all about this. The person with the key is the one that did the shooting and John will figure that out!" Ashley demands that Gloria tell where that key is now!


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