Friday 1/13/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/13/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Janet has a plan to use Jonathan in his fragile state to set him up to take the rap for her crimes so that Amanda won't have to. She's still up to no good and causes shoes to appear in empty spaces after people disappear. Josh is ready to fire Amanda. She begs for her job back and he complies. Jamie seems supportive to her and tells her she need not grovel to Josh. Erica informs Tad and Jack that she knows Dr. Madden performed her abortion when she was married to Tad's brother, Jeff. And it's beyond a coincidence that he engineered Kendall getting pregnant by Ryan. They ask Dr. Madden, yet again, what's up and he does not give them the answers they seek. He's ready, however, to tell Erica about his son's "secrets". She does not listen and tells him that she trusts Josh and she walks away. Tad then puts 2 and 2 together about Erica and Josh. Kendall goes to tell Ryan that she's having the baby without him and she plans to stay with Zach. He tries to talk her out of it but she reminds him that he's interfering in her life with Zach the same way she did in his life with Greenlee, not long ago. JR decides he will stay on the beach with Babe, apologize to her and not listen to his father's suspicions about her. Krystal knows that Adam might have a trick up his sleeve to get revenge upon her. She informs her "husband" that in the event of her untimely death, she will make sure that he gets investigated and that her Will says only Babe will inherit from her. Unknown to everybody, it looks like Janet's latest victim is Adam. And she takes him to join the unconscious bodies of Brooke, Joe and Opal.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily renew their vows in a beautiful and Simple ceremony. Carly wants to start designing wedding dresses to help with the household expenses. Jack tells her she can do what she wants but she shouldn't worry because he can handle the bills. Jack plans to tell Hal some dirt about Nick's past in order to get him fired. Nick asks for Carly's help with the Paul Ryan case. Paul's condition gets worse as he starts to hallucinate. Paul runs out of the cabin and passes out in the snow. Meg finally arrives and begins searching for Paul once she discovers the cabin is empty.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Taylor continue their argument. Stephanie tries to get Ridge to go home to Taylor. Stephanie goes to Taylor and tells her not to let Ridge near Brooke. Ridge goes to see his RJ at Brookes.

Ridge laments about how happy they were together. Felicia begins making her tape for Dominick. Stephanie tells Taylor I TOLD YOU SO. Ridge vows never to let anyone abuse Brooke again,

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin blindfolds Carrie and leads her to their favorite fish shack. There they find the same lobster they named “Austin” and set free years ago but discover the “Carrie” lobster gone. Austin gives in to Carrie’s pleading, bribes the buyer to get “Austin” back, and he and Carrie set “Austin” free in the river. Lexie examines Claire and warns Belle that Claire’s body may be rejecting the liver transplant. Zach comes to visit Shawn and Belle to assure them that he is okay. Jennifer comforts a grieving Hope. Hope refuses to rest until she finds out who killed Zach but eventually gives in to sleep. Bo confronts Chelsea about killing Zach. Chelsea tearfully defends her actions and insists that Bo can’t tell Hope what she did. The cops warn Max that Bo’s car will be impounded. Chelsea spots Max talking to the cops and beg him not to turn her in.

Lois’ next attempt to kill Alex is thwarted by John bringing Abe into Alex’s room. Alex tries to mentally warn John of Lois’ plans. Lois calls attention to Alex’s moving hand but convinces John that Alex needs to be restrained. Marlena decides to catch some sleep in her office after visiting with Belle and Claire but dreams that Alex warns her about Lois. Lois heads to Marlena’s office to kill her. Marlena unknowingly knocks the syringe out of Lois’ hand as she turns over in her sleep and thus ruins its potency.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily yells at Sonny for threatening Patrick. When she tells him he's sending mixed signals and she knows he does not return her feelings, Sonny tells Em she's wrong. Luke panics, thinking Tracy may really have ingested rat poison and driven to the police. When it appears her car has gone off the road, he dives into the river to try to rescue her. He finds the car empty, but no sign of Tracy. Nik proposes to Courtney. Sam asks Jason for his real feelings about having a baby, and he admits to some concerns. Jax looks for Emily. Emily goes and asks Jason to quit interfering and keeping her and Sonny apart. Liz asks Sonny not to hurt Emily. Courtney and Nik plan to go to the Dominican Republic so she can get a divorce. Luke prepares to vanish. Dillon suffers guilt. Skye is angry with Luke. Emily demands Sonny tell her the truth and when she starts to walk away, he stops her with a kiss.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Reva decides to fight to keep Olivia away from Josh although she can't admit to herself she wants Josh back in her life. Jonathan and Cassie finally tell each other the truth. Cassie tells Jonathan she will fight to save Tammy from him. Jonathan tells Cassie he will fight to be with Tammy. Harley refuses to lose hope that Gus is alive despite the evidence that Gus is most likely dead. Mallet finally tells Harley how much he loves her. coming up next week Mallet and Harley share a kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Tess has the test performed to determine the paternity of her baby. Nash explains all to Tess about Claudia. Tess forgives him and they reconcile. Michael stitches up Rex’s head when Christian hits him. Michael and Marcie go out on a date. Michael confesses that he still loves Marcie .Natalie catches Vangie in John’s arms. She wonders what she ever saw in him.   

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair took a turn for the worse today, unable to write the name of the person who stabbed him and then going into heart failure or something twice. The last time Theresa pushed the paramedics out of the way, jumped on top of the old man, and started banging on his chest while yelling at him not to die, that he has to tell them the secrets, etc. Fancy thought she was killing him, and Rebecca and Gwen joined in, trying to make her seem dangerous, but she managed to get the old goat awake and talking dirty to her. However, he still hasn't told anyone who stabbed him, nor any of the secrets he vowed to share with everyone. Pilar complains to her daughter that she lied to God by making a promise to leave Ethan and Gwen alone if he would only live, but Theresa explains it's not her interfering, it's the truth coming out so Ethan can decide for himself.

Sheridan and Chris continued their bubble bath rendezvous, giving lip service to her search for Otto but doing nothing about it. Rachel decided to go help her and finally got them out of the tub and back to business, but so far, no luck. She tried to remember things Alistair had said that she overheard, but could make no sense out of any of it. As they continued to try to figure out Al's password, she tried to remember more of what she'd heard while roaming around unseen. At Tabitha's house, Kay finished revealing that she helped Ivy get rid of her mother, and Fox simply couldn't forgive her for not being the perfect person he thought she was. After he stormed out, Kay tried to come up with some way to fix it and hit on having Endora turn time back an hour. However, it seems she went further back, or something, because Fox is simply confused about what is going on when she's through.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is over to visiting Ashley. There is paparazzi all over the front lawn camped out. A reporter tries to get in the house and Victor promptly drags the man out front ordering him and the others to get out of there now! “You got that!" Victor didn’t realize that things were this bad. He returns to Ashley in the living room of her house and tells her that he wants her to move into the ranch. Phyllis wakes with a very happy Jack. He has had a great idea. He pitches it to Phyllis. “You will be the overseer of everything to do with Chancellor and Jabot, and you will have a creative edge and be an idea person, as well as continuing with the computer programming as you see fit. Phyllis thinks about this and actually thinks that it could be the challenge in her life that she has been looking for. Nikki is nervous. She has a meeting with some manufacturers today and she and Phyllis will be pitching their idea. She is worried as these people are high-profiled and don’t work with just anyone. Later, at the office, Phyllis shows up to talk to Nikki. She tells that she is backing out of their partnership. Nikki is furious. “I can’t let you do this Phyllis. We have a meeting in an hour and I need you.” Phyllis is sorry and will not be continuing. “I have to worry about my relationship with Jack and we have a real chance to make it this time. I hope that you understand. At some point the man that you love should be more important than a project.” Phyllis hurries home after that and changes into a bright red dress. She will be accepting Jack’s proposal for the job. She goes to his office but no one is there. Beep! The fax goes off. She goes over to the fax and reaches for the first piece of paper. “…will keep them in litigation indefinitely…unable to use ideas that originate while employee works for Jabot…” Jack walks in. “Well hello!" Phyllis turns on him. “Jack… What the hell is this?" Jill goes into the boardroom and finds Nikki in there with papers all over the desk. “What is this?" Nikki is fit to be tied. “I am a major shareholder in this company and if I feel like using the boardroom for something other than work, that should be okay!" Jill wasn’t about to pick on her and tells her so. “What is the matter with you," Jill asks. Nikki tells how Phyllis just quit on her and she has a meeting in an hour. Jill smiles when she hears this. “So Phyllis quit on you eh?"

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