Thursday 1/12/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/12/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe and JR take little Adam on a vacation. She tells him she does not need him if he cannot get over his negativity. He apologizes and they reconcile. Kendall and Zach are not certain what they're going to do in their relationship and in regard to the baby. Ethan and Ryan decide to join forces in working at Fusion together, helping "protect" Kendall from Zach and in Ryan being Ethan and Simone's best man at their wedding. Julia leads the life skills class where they talk about boundaries and sexuality. Lily and Jonathan both express their views about sex. He asks her to be his girlfriend, admits he likes her and thinks she's beautiful. At first she believes it cannot work, knowing her father won't allow it. But she later decides she will date Jonathan whether others approve of it or not. Erin admits to Aiden that she has her issues with dating and sexuality. But they decide that they will have dinner together. Janet is still roaming around the hospital endangering more people. And it looks like her most recent victim is Opal.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily make preparations for their wedding. Dusty asks Jennifer to move in with him but she wants for them to have some real dates first and act like a normal couple. Meg has her nursing License suspended so since she has nothing more to lose she steals medicine for Paul. Later at Java Meg bumps into Emily and she drops all of the stolen medication. Paul accidentally gets shot by some hunters and can't stop the bleeding because his arm is also wounded. Paul fears that an infection may set in before Meg returns to the cabin.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie makes her way up to Ridge's office to try to fix things. She tells him Taylor made one mistake... go back home to her. Ridge say's he can't forgive the hypocrisy. The way they treated Brooke after the way they lied and kept secrets from him. Nick and Bridget show Felicia Dominick's new room out at the beach house. Nick encourages her to make a video for Dominick to watch when he's older.

Brooke pays Taylor a visit. She replays in her mind when she asked Taylor if she had slept with James. She condemns Taylor for her holier than thou attitude to her throughout the years when she was no better.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Sami’s lovemaking turns out to only be Lucas’ fantasy. In an attempt to get the other to admit first that they want to make love, they withhold their own desires for each other.

Lexie insists on performing the organ transplant surgery. Bonnie yells at Mimi for leaving Shawn alone with Belle as they wait for Claire’s surgery to end. Mimi takes Bonnie’s advice and returns to Shawn’s side. Claire pulls through the surgery. Chelsea admits to Max her suspicions that she was the driver who killed Zach. Chelsea begs Max to help her leave town. Bo and Hope refuse to believe the officers’ claim that Bo was the driver who hit Zach. Bo remembers that he lent his car to Chelsea. Bo pulls the cops aside to admit, after seeing their proof, that he wasn’t the one driving his car but continuously avoids revealing the driver’s identity. Bo seeks Abe’s advice. Hope demands to hear directly from Bo that he wasn’t responsible for killing Zach. Hope refuses to rest until she knows who killed Zach. Bo confronts Chelsea privately.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Justus gets Jason released from jail. Alexis shakes Sam's confidence about Jason and their future together. Sonny threatens Patrick and warns him to never hurt Emily. Carly clashes with Alexis.

Carly insists to Jax that she can get Courtney to reconcile with him. With the help of Lulu, Dillon, Skye, Georgie and Alice, Luke sets out to make Tracy think that he's trying to kill her.

GL Recap Written by Eva 

Marina tells her father that she is dating Alan - Michael and Frank reluctantly agrees to step back from the situation but warns Alan-Michael to treat Marina well or he will kill him with his bare hands. Blake advises Dinah to break things of with Mallet because his heart still belongs to Harley even though Harley is married. Dinah follows Blake's advice and leaves a message on Mallet's cell phone telling him they should take a break from each other. Mallet and Harley find a man who stole Gus's Wallet and credit cards and he tells Harley that when he saw Gus and Alan they were in bad shape and are probably dead by now. Jonathan and Jeffrey try to get Cassie and Tammy to mend the rift between them.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Kevin is released from the hospital, but has to return for more tests. Kelly wonders what the tests are for, but Kevin will not tell her. Adriana and Chris discuss Natalie, Duke, and mostly Rex. Chris and Rex spar at the gym. Chris punches him, and he falls to the ground. He finally manages to go outside, and Adriana finds him, and doctors his head with a snowball.

Antonio fills Clint and Viki in on Nash’ past. Tess goes to the hospital for the ultrasound, and for the test to find out the father of her baby. Antonio and Nash wait outside. A nurse brings them a picture of the baby. John comforts Vangie with a hug in his office.  Viki is extremely worried about Jessica after she has found out about Nash’s past.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair continued to breathe today, much to the chagrin of most of the people around him. He did try to name his attacker, however, but kept getting stopped by one thing after another. The police finally arrived, and soon after, the paramedics, but once they were all through doing their thing, the old goat tried to write the name on Sam's pad. Theresa listened in as Gwen seemed ready to admit her duplicity to Ethan, but Rebecca found her and attacked her, ending with the two of them rolling around on the floor, threatening bodily harm to each other. Ethan broke them up before Gwen had a chance to spill the beans, and then Pilar came to tell them Al was ready to say who stabbed him, so they all headed downstairs.

Kay did admit her part in breaking up her parents to Fox, and that his mother was the one behind it all. He was very upset that she could do such a thing, as well as that his mother could, too, and it seems their love might have been broken so badly it will never be repaired. Tabby seems to feel bad for the two of them, but she did try to warn Kay what would happen if she told him. Now it's up to him to decide what he will do, as Kay's heart breaks and her friend tries to comfort her. Sheridan and Chris have a romantic soak in the tub after having no luck finding the mysterious Otto on the computer.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick answers Sharon’s cell phone while she is getting coffee inside the coffeehouse. When she returns he tells her that her ticket to Denver is confirmed. She tells him that she was about to tell him about the trip. He suspects that she isn’t as committed to their family as she says that she is. The trip starts the next day which is Cassie’s birthday. She says that she told Victoria that she wasn’t sure whether she could go for sure yet. “Gees Nick I just found out about this a little while ago. If you don’t believe me then go and ask your sister and confirm it!" She is really angry with him and she gets her things together and storms out. Lauren is safe and sound and so Michael will not be alone anymore. That gives Scott to wonder what he and Kevin are going do now for a place to live. JT and Mackenzie are in the coffeehouse at the same time and JT comes over to tell the guys that they can stay if they want. He assures them all that things are going to be great living together. The guys then decide to stay. Jack is at Phyllis’s house. She is out of the room at the moment. He gets a call. “Hello? Did you get any information on what recourse I can take if the Newman spa project goes forward? Really? That is just great. Fax the information to my office and I will look at it in the morning. Kevin gets a strange call. “I have to do what?" he asks while talking on the phone. Next he hangs up and leaves Scott hanging without an explanation. Kevin arrives at the morgue. A drawer is pulled out and Tom is laying there. He is while as the sheet that covers him and he is scarred from his wounds. Kevin confirms that the man is Tom Fisher and he then sits wanting to be alone with his father. He has a heart-to-heart with the man about their lives and how he will be leaving all thoughts of Tom behind when he leaves this room. Next, Tom is not on the stretcher in the drawer but standing before him ghoulish and frightening looking. He tells Kevin that he is really proud of the man that he has become. “You have become the man that I could never be.” After Kevin is finished with his little chat, he signs for Tom’s property to take it with him. Among those things is a key. “Looks like a key to a security box…” Kevin tells the attendant to go ahead and bury the man and send him the bill, but after learning that there will not be a service for Tom, Kevin decides to claim the body. “I will be back to get him in a couple of days," he promises. Ghoulish Tom is in the corner standing again and he smiles warmly at Kevin for giving him a decent burial. Kevin smiles and then looks down at the key in his hand. “…a safety deposit box eh?" Daniel has been having a rough day. He chased Devon all over the place and finally cornered him asking about Lily. Devon tells that Lily wants nothing to do with him anymore and that there is nothing being hidden from him. Sierra rolls her eyes knowing better, but not wanting to intrude. Daniel is upset. He hangs out at the liquor store and pays someone to buy him a bottle of the good stuff. He puts that in his pocket and heads to the coffeehouse. He orders a coke and when he thinks that no one is looking, he pours booze in the glass. He stares at the glass now, ready to take a drink. Suddenly, Nick is before him. “What the hell do you think that you are doing? Do you know what tomorrow is? It is Cassie’s birthday. Did you forget that you are on probation? Did you forget that there are kids looking up to you right now? Give me that bottle!" Daniel hands it over. “I am taking you home.” Daniel doesn’t want to go home. “My mother will know that something is wrong and she will be all over me.” Nick offers to bring him home with him then. Sharon isn’t too happy about it but lets it ride. Later, Nick calls Phyllis to let her know that Daniel is staying at him house that night. She thanks him for that.

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