Wednesday 1/11/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/11/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall goes to the hospital with Zach afraid she will lose her baby. Ryan comes to see her and they relive old memories which causes Zach to feel alienated. Dr. Madden comes and tells Kendall and Ryan that she and the baby will be fine. But he tells Zach he cannot have sex with Kendall throughout the pregnancy. Krystal is able to convince the shrinks that Adam is dangerous. He gets put in a room in restraints. Joe then tells them they better get out of his hospital and stop playing their games. Everybody is wondering who pushed Di into the ice fishing hole. She meets Jonathan and does not believe he'd hurt her although Tad suspects him. Jamie suspects Amanda after he overhears her threatening Di in her hospital room. But nobody can prove anything. Little does anybody know who really did it. They discover the mysterious pair of boots without the woman who wore them. They are probably Brooke's. Dr. Joe tells David Hayward he will get to the bottom of what has happened. Later we sees men's shoes after Joe has disappeared.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen applies for a job at Java, but when she runs into Carly, fresh from hearing she can’t have anymore children, she inadvertently ruins her chances to get the job. Gwen confronts Carly angrily about ruining her life and causing her to not be able to have another baby due to Carly pushing her down the stairs in New York. Carly is beside herself and wants to help, but Gwen pushes her away. Carly tells her she will go now, but she will never walk away from her for good. Will has a discussion with Hal about Barbara’s interfering, and Hal agrees that Barbara needs to cut the apron strings, but also sides with Barbara on some points which send Will running out of there. Hal catches up with him later at Java and tells him he thinks he is confused with what he wants in life and is hiding behind Gwen. Gwen overhears their talk and makes a half hearted attempt to break things off, but Will goes after a relieved Gwen, and they patch things up and promise to stick with each other no matter what people say. Barbara tries to coax Carly onto her side by offering her a job, but Carly isn’t biting until Barbara says a few words that cause Carly to listen. Nick gets evicted after a day from his apartment and winds up back at Katie and Mike’s. Nick asks Katie about Jack and Mike’s relationship and is surprised and interested to find out Mike had a relationship with Carly previously. Jack and Mike discuss Nick, as Mike feels uncomfortable that his cousin took Jack’s job. Jack gets some insight into Nick. Holden asks Lily to renew their vows, and decide to do it that very night. They share their news with a thrilled Lucinda, Luke and Faith. Lily asks Lucinda to give her away; Faith asks to be flower girl and Holden asks Luke to be his best man. Holden suggests strongly after that Luke talks to a therapist because of his drinking and outburst with the knife and Keith, to which Luke agrees.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Massimo and Nick discuss how they run the company with someone from the EPA. Nick convinces Massimo for the sake of the kids and grandkids to do things for the good of the environment. Stephanie goes to see Taylor to find her an emotional mess. Stephanie vows to fix it and promises Ridge's return.

Ridge goes to Brooke and tells her about James and leaving Taylor. She is astonished to learn Stephanie hid that too. She encourages him to go see RJ. Stephanie comes in and tells Brooke to stay away from Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami sleepwalks to Lucas’ apartment and climbs into bed with him thinking that he is Austin. Still dreaming of making love to Carrie, Lucas unknowingly acts out his feelings with Sami. Sami and Lucas wake up and realize whom they are truly with but not how they got there. They accuse each other of malicious intent against the other. Their heated argument turns to heated passion. Kate refuses to let Victor tell Shawn the truth about Claire’s parentage. Lexie delivers the news of Zach’s death to Philip and Belle. Belle refuses to take the liver once she learns that it’s from Zach. Shawn tells Belle that Zach would want to save Claire and Belle gives her consent for the transplant.

Chelsea begins to wonder whether she’s the one who hit Zach but lies to Max about her suspicions. Hope and Bo force themselves to say goodbye to Zach. Hope desperately demands that the cops tell her who killed Zach. When the cops hesitate to answer, Bo sends Hope away with Jennifer so he can confront the cops. Chelsea overhears the cops tell Bo that they found the car at Max’s garage but Bo thinks the cops have made a mistake. Hope confronts the cops again so forcefully that the cops reveal that Bo’s car was the one who hit Zach.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Jax cancels Carly's partnership with him since the truth about what he did has been revealed. Sam has nightmares about Manny. Coleman and Lucky tell Nik about a bar fight Emily got in on her date with Patrick. Lainey analyzes Manny. Alexis asks Durant to arrest Jason for attempting to kill her client. Nik comes to the hospital to deal with Patrick and winds up being punched. Tracy finds out about Luke's blackmail scheme, and that removes the power he has over her. Thus, she lays down the law to Lulu, Luke, Alice, and Jax. Carly urges Courtney to leave Nik and go back to Jax. Jason is arrested right after Sam tells him she wants a baby. Lulu gives Skye her blessing. Dillon turns to Hitchcock for inspiration on dealing with his mother. Sonny sends Emily flowers.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Reva Shane is in the Guiding Light spotlight as we spend a day in her life. Reva and Josh try to make a Hello from Home tape to send to Marah and Shane. Reva and Josh both are sad that their family is falling apart but in the process of making the tape they discover that even though this has been a hard year for their family love is still the bond that holds everyone together. Reva and Josh wonder if they should tell Marah and Shane about their separation but finally decide to be honest with their kids and tell them the truth on the tape. Reva discovers Billy slipped of the wagon again. Billy encourages Reva to make up her mind if she wants Josh in her life before its to late and she loses him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Nash has a conversation with Spencer in the bar of the Palace Hotel. David comes in, and wants to talk to him. David confronts him about why is he involving this woman in his vendetta against the Buchanans. Natalie brings Tess some food, but it only results in an argument between the two. Natalie orders her to eat for the welfare of the child that she is carrying .Antonio comes to visit them. Natalie leaves Antonio and Tess alone. Antonio tries to convince Tess into agreeing to integration.

Clint and Dorian eat dinner together. Dorian begins to antagonize Clint by putting Viki down. Clint gets up to leave. He has a conversation with Lindsay, Chris, and Nash. Nash fills him in on what had happened with Claudia, and taking her money. Blair overhears Todd talking to Denton about keeping his mouth shut about killing Margaret. Blair confronts him which only results in an argument with Blair walking out on him. Blair goes to the Palace Hotel where she sees Spencer. She slaps him so hard that it send him reeling. Blair confronts him about his testimony in court, and thought that he was her friend. Spencer tries to defend his actions. Blair comes to the realization that Todd has killed his own child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Another day of wondering who tried to kill Alistair, with another blatant attempt thrown in for good measure. Just when it looked like Alistair was getting better, and about to name his attacker, Rachel stabs him in the heart with a needle full of whatever they use to kill animals with when they are too old or hurt to live. She swears, however, that she wasn't the one who stabbed him in the first place, saying if she had he'd already be dead. She tells them how, after she escaped from Alistair, she ended up living with a veterinarian and his wife, and learned all about taking care of animals, and how to kill them humanely. Eve tries to counteract the drug she gave the old lizard, but instead of curing him, it sends him into cardiac arrest. She and Fancy fight to save him. Now it becomes imperative that they find a way to get the old goat to the hospital, even tho the roads are still icy and impassable.

Tabitha finally makes her way home and is overjoyed to see her little Endora. The babysitter, the Tooth Fairy, is disheveled and irate because of all the dirty tricks the little witchling played on him after he filled in for the original babysitter. Endora had given her an extra head, and she was busy trying to get that spell reversed, so the Tooth Fairy stepped in. But never again, and Tabby is worried that the word will get out in the "underworld" that she can't control her own child, causing more problems for them. Fox and Kay use snowshoes to walk back to Tabby's, and once there, Kay is shown something about her wedding to Fox which looks good at first, then shows her something awful. Chris and Sheridan use a toboggan to get to the B&B, then drink hot chocolate and surf the internet, looking for info on Otto and hopefully how to find Marty. Gwen decides to tell Ethan the truth, and Theresa is thrilled, thinking she is about to get him back.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brad and Ashley are together with Abby at the Athletic Club. It is late but they have brought her there as she has been having nightmares and is afraid that her mother will be taken from her forever. Gina gives Abby ice cream and then is taken to play in another part of the club. Ashley tells that she knows that he has been getting closer to Victoria and that concerns her. “Abby is going to need you more than ever, and the last thing that she needs is to be competing with a jealous girlfriend.” Kevin and Gloria go to the police station as soon as they hear that Lauren is there. They hug her and kiss her and catch up on news briefly. Michael and Lauren leave to head home. When Kevin and Gloria are about to walk out, the lieutenant calls to them asking to speak to Gloria for a minute. “When is your husband getting out of the hospital," he asks. Gloria lies saying that she has no idea. The lieutenant would like to talk some more, but an officer brings him a file telling that nothing showed up with the gun residue testing. Gloria pushes Kevin out of there and runs home. Kevin is upset that she lied to the police. “You know that John is getting out tomorrow, so why did you lie mom?" Ashley overhears them talking as they enter the house. “You lied to the police?" Gloria has had enough and throws herself in a chair. “Kevin it is late. Can we talk more about this tomorrow," she begs? He leaves. Gloria turns to Ashley. “We have a problem. The police found no evidence on you regarding gun residue.” Ashley was wearing gloves and isn’t surprised to hear that. She thinks for a minute now. “That is the problem isn’t it? If they don’t find me to be a possible suspect, then they will have to start looking for one and dad will be in danger…” Phyllis bumps into Sharon and they sit for a coffee. Phyllis remembers Nick telling her that Sharon had a moment when she almost crossed the lines with Brad not long ago. Sharon and Phyllis talk about the engagement and how that came up so fast. Sharon too agrees that it was too fast. “What do they have to build a relationship on anyway? Sex doesn't make a marriage work. Love does.” Phyllis asks how things have been going with Nick. Sharon says things are fine. “I couldn’t help but notice that you and Nick were really ‘together’ on New Years Eve," Phyllis says. “Together?" Sharon asks. “I didn’t realize that we seemed apart!" The conversation gets weird after that and so Sharon suddenly gets up and leaves saying a short, ‘Goodnight Phyllis.” Drucilla and Neil talk about Yolanda and Devon and how they have to work on the two to get Devon finally to the University of Boston. Drucilla says that she can’t help with that. “I have to leave on tour with Sharon the next day, but that might not happen anyway. Tomorrow is Cassie’s birthday and Sharon might end up not going.” Yolanda in the meantime is at the coffeehouse with Devon telling him that maybe she has been selfish and putting her needs before Devon’s. Neil told her earlier that she hadn’t been a good mother until only recently and that she has a history of thinking about what she wants instead of what is best for her son. When Yolanda tells that she was hurt by Neil’s words, Devon gets a mean look on his face.

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